Friday, June 7, 2013

My Downfall....

Where I went wrong with my health and fitness plan, is I lost my focus. Geez for years I was so focused on my goal, focused on what I put in my mouth, focused on what exercise I did...I was focused on everything.

Then somewhere along the way, I thought..."I got this!". I know what 3 oz of meat is, I know how many calories are in that. Sure I exercised 5 times this week. You bet, I got my water in.....When in reality, I was not tracking anything and obviously I was thinking wrong!! I was not eating in proper portions, I was not exercising 5 days per week, I was not getting all my water in.

Because you can't, at least I can't gain 12 pounds if you are doing everything right...right?

So I've been back on track.....really for the past couple of days. I've REALLY tracked all my food and kept my calories in line with my plan. I've exercised at least 3 days per week (hoping for more soon). I got all of my water in. Plus I've had a great attitude and in 3 days I've lost 2 pounds.

Not a lot, yet....but just putting the focus back on my plan and keeping my eye on what I'm doing is helping. Seriously, the past months it would take me a full week to lose 2 pounds.

So I'm encouraged. I have learned my lesson. I know now, that I will always have to focus and keep sight of what I'm doing to have success.


How are you doing?

I'm going back to my....

Keep focused!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pep Talk

Miss Joy.....Right now you are in a tough place. I know you are disappointed....You are not doing what you should, you are not where you want to be, you've added some pounds back....12 of them! You are mad at yourself.....ashamed.....sad.....embarrassed....and you are feeling like such a failure.

But you know...the only time you are a real failure is if you quit!

In the past...dark....8 months you have not quit. Far from it!! Even though, it's not been still were fighting. You're still here! You still have your focus, though off track at's still there! YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN UP!!

So be kind to yourself today......Give yourself some grace and get back to your plan!!

For those of you who are in the same boat as me. It's not the failure that is the worse part. It's the quitting. You just can't let that happen. Even if all you can do is make one small good choice each day. It's better than nothing. Before you know it...if you keep at it...that one small choice will grow. And if you don't quit and you stay diligent, those good choices will grow and soon enough you will begin to see success!

I'm on my way back up! I've been at this climb for a while....each day I've added back my healthy choices....just one at a time and now....I'm back to where I was prior to the grand ole slide that I've been on. I'm tracking my food DAILY! I'm drinking my water DAILY! I'm exercising at least 3 days per week, sometimes four! (Not quite to where I was 8 months ago, but I'm getting there) Side note.....I have to brag on myself just a bit. Even though I've been really unhappy with myself and I lost my way for a while, and I added some pounds....I did not give up on my exercise. I still met with my trainer weekly and I kept running. I've done a 5k and a 15k race and I did one half marathon already this year. And even with the extra pounds I'm running faster than I did last year. Just think when I get this weight off, I will be even faster ~ so cool. OK enough bragging....anyway, back to the healthy things I've put back in place. Attitude...instead of fretting about where I'm not. I'm giving my plan and my body to the Lord and letting Him help me to make my goals. I have realized that I cannot do this journey on my own. The minute I yielded my plan to Him, I mean the instant I did this, I was so filled to overflowing with His peace and joy and it seemed the dark blinders fell off and I could finally see my direction. This is huge for me!

So I want to encourage you, should you need it, to just do one thing at a time and get back to it. Don't fail backwards....go forward and reach for your goals.

We can do this!!

No FEAR!!!