Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just Do It...

Just Do it.....I wish I would have thought up this slogan first!! It is AWESOME!! Such a simple, but powerful statement!!! If only we would ~ Just Do It!

I've been reading your posts ~ reflections on 2010 and goals for 2011 ~ There was so much hope for 2010!!! Some of us had success, while others of us have fallen short of our goals. I certainly did not achieve all I wanted to this past year!! It's fun to see the expectation and hope for 2011. I personally am looking for really big things to happen!

I've been thinking about the past year, for the most part it was an OK year. I mean I did lose 54 pounds - never done anything like that before!! Plus there were so many other changes that were beneficial that helped me to achieve losing the weight. However, I did have my share of things that were not achieved. In thinking about 2011, instead of the dread of making new goals only to not achieve them ~ I see success!!! Because this year, instead of making goals and waiting for something to happen. I'm going to set my goals and Just Do what it takes to make them happen!!!

I'm reading a book about creativity. It talks a lot about the energy that we put out and the energy that is all around us. Sounds a little weird, but I kind of get it. One of the things the book talks about is putting my energy toward the things I want to do. Then it struck me that I've never really thought about what I terms of something big!! I know there is something more for me to do, it's big, but what is it? I am a fairly successful person, I have a great husband and family, beautiful home and a great job. But other than that, that's what I have. I know there is more for dogs me every day...but I've never really stopped to think about what that something is.

Something said at Bringing Pretty Back got me to thinking. In her December 28th post about "Who do you think you are", she said, "I need to take the ideas floating around in my mind and make them concrete". That statement got me all excited because I do have ideas, a lot of them, in my head, that I want and need to get done!

Up til now, I've never stopped long enough to really formulate what they are. I think it's time for me to get them out of my head and on paper and once that's done ~ I just need to do it!! Whatever the goals are...whatever I have to do...I just need to put my energy there and make them happen!!

The fun thing is...and the only thing I know for sure is that I can see that my weight loss and fitness journey is the first thing that needs to be accomplished. Because reaching that goal will help me go on to the next one!! I see there is a grand plan designed, just for me!!! It's out there, but I have to do the work, one step at a time, to get there.

No more waiting around and dreaming about my goals, it's time to JUST DO IT!!!

What about you? Do you feel there's more out there for you? Are you going to be in the same place next year or are you going to do what you need to do to achieve your goals? MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Keep focused!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finally - I'm Back!!

Wow I have been struggling. Not so much with the food and exercise, it's been what I've been thinking! If I could just do what I know to do without analysing it and worrying about everything I would be so much better off!! I've been struggling since last September!! So frustrating!

The past months, I've been going through the motions, doing what I'm supposed to do, but I've had the biggest ugliest cloud handing over my head. It's like the biggest sense of dread ever!! Daily I was having trouble facing the grind of it all!!!

Today it feels like the clouds of depression have lifted off and I'm seeing nothing but blue skies ahead!! Thank God, because I could feel that I was slowly losing myself to the dark side!!

Now I feel like I can do what I need to do. Already I got one thing done that I wanted to do and that was getting a new workout outfit!! I found the cutest top and jacket!! They are form fitting and very comfortable!! Of course the shirt is pink and very bright. This is usually not a color I would pick, I'm an all black girl!! You know, because black makes you look slimmer ~ right? Anyway, wearing this shirt will be a stretch that I'm willing to take!! Oh and then it's tight fitting that's another stretch!!! (Get it?) Anyway, just finding this stuff in a regular clothes store is encouraging!! So much fun!

Even though I'm still injured, I can just barely get out of a chair without screaming, I am excited to get back to my exercise. Fortunately I'm able to walk, so I will be able to hit the treadmill ~ well at least do what I can. So happy that I at least want to exercise and I'm excited to get back to my routine!!

Also, I'm already back to my regular food, which is making me feel a lot better. It's not that I had too much food, just a little richer than I'm used to. So glad to get back to normal!

Anyway, I don't know what was up with me or why I had to go through this, I'm excited that I finally feel like I did prior to September!! I have hope again, I CAN DO THIS and I will achieve my goals!!

How about you? Are you doing well?

Keep focused!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Bandaids to Back Braces!

This is getting ridiculous! Another stinkin' injury!! Yesterday was my first day of vacation where I could do something fun. I was in my craft room working on my friends quilt and I reached over my worktable to get something and all of a sudden I experienced extreme pain in my lower back!!!

So here I am, totally extended over the table and I try to stand up but the pain was immense!! The only thing I could do was stand hunched over and to try to slowly lower myself into my chair...once I got there, all I could do was just sit ~ I was unable to move! It took a long while before the extreme pain subsided. But it did finally and I was able to walk, gingerly.

Today my back is a little better. I was able to get on the treadmill for about 38 minutes, at a very slow pace, but I got on the dumb thing!!

I am so frustrated with injuries!! This past two years has been one thing after another! First it started off with the Hemi facial Spasms, which included months and months of doctors and tests. Then since last January I got a knee injury (still healing), chest wall contusion (healed), tennis elbow (still working on this one) and now my back.

It was strange...because just the other day I was thinking how "lucky" I was that nothing has happened to my back. I've always felt strong there. Hummm...wonder if I jinxed myself!

Anyway, I am truly at a loss as to why I keep getting these injuries. It's not like I'm doing stupid things and I'm getting what I deserve. No these things (the knee, chest wall and tennis elbow) were from exercise over use and now the back problem is from just moving my body.

I often think the reason I have bad experiences or times of trial is because my experience will eventually help someone else out. Because I've been there, I will be able to be more compassionate, understanding and an encouragement to others while they go through the same experience. Most of the time it is true and am able to help and most of the time I'm OK with this process.

However, for whom ever I'm going through this trial for, I wish you would get it, so I don't have to keep doing this!!

No really, this is probably for no other reason then I'm just getting old and I have to realize I still have 70+ extra pounds on this body and I'm just not ready to put it to test like I've been doing in the past. I really push too hard!!

Anyway, just as always, I'm not going to let this injury get me down. I mean, gosh...I know the drill...Anti inflammatory, rest, ice, heat, taking care of myself and time. I've done it all before, I will do it again!!!

What about you...are you staying injury free!! I hope so!!

Keep focused!

Hey - word of warning!!!!! Just because a tiny chocolate santa looks innocent. Don't believe him!! I just ate 2 - 170 calories each!! Yikes!!

No really you have to keep focused ~ ON EVERYTHING!!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Pants Again!!

Bummer...I had to go shopping again for another new pair of pants. Just went a couple of weeks ago and purchased a pair of size 18's (Could not fit into the 16's). Well now the new pants are way too big already. I can slide them off without unbuckling them!! Woo Hoo!!!

So today I went to the store, blew right in, grabbed a pair of size 16's right off the rack, put them on and they fit - GREAT!!! Then I found this great black sweater, sized 14-16. It's form fitting and looks wonderful! I actually have curves!!! In all the "RIGHT" places!!!

What a great place to be for Christmas Day!! I have not been this weight for years!! Finally I think I can allow pictures taken of me without running from the room. Can't wait for the family to see me in my new outfit!!!

This....this is just another great reason to keep going, to stay focused and to reach for and achieve my goals!!!

I'm going to do this thing!! How about you ~ Are you with me?

Keep focused!!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Since about September, I have been pushing myself beyond my limit!! Funny thing is, I did not really know it until last night...

I have to tell you ~ I cracked!!

Because of my lighter body and new found energy, I am finally living my life. I want to do EVERYTHING!!! Unfortunately I have learned that I can't do it all ~ even if I WANT TO!!

Since September I have not stopped. I have always put my exercise and healthy eating first, and then I've kept up with my home, super involved with my family, involved with my church and worked a full time job. And then the holidays came.

Then not to disappoint, ANYONE, I maintained my usual routine and added the holiday festivities. ALL OF THEM!!! STUPIDLY I forsake allowing myself any free days, and or hours, or maybe even minutes for some down time. It's been non stop...push...push...push!!!! Not only did I not get my down time, my activities started to eek into my sleep time. Then I noticed that even meal time was filled with reading, paying bills or doing something else other than taking a moment to relax.

My home life has been so chaotic and stressful and a lot of that is my mistake. Unfortunately I have not even had the luxury of going to work to rest ~ not that I would do that or recommend doing that. Work has been nuts too!! It's just one thing after another!! No down time at all!! Even church has been stressful ~ There is always something to do!!!

All this has brought me here today!! My fatigue level is over the top. I am so tired and stressed that I'm not coping well. Finally got through work last night, knowing that the next thing on my list was....gym time with my trainer (45 minutes - at least), then I need to finish my Christmas cards (about 25 or more), then I need to bake my special cookies for the people at work (usually a 2 evening process), next I need to wrap one more present (will it ever stop?), probably should pay some bills, and finally start the fleece blanket for my friend (who I will see this Wednesday). Can I just say "YIKES!!!!"

You know I love the holidays. For me it starts in September where I decorate my house for fall, then it pumpkin patches every weekend, my work harvest party, then my family harvest party in October. Then November it's my birthday, Thanksgiving and prep for Christmas and then it's Christmas time!! For me I love to drive around and see the lights, go to Zoolights, see the lights at the race track, see a play, go see Santa with the grand babies, shop, have a cookie day with my sister, a Ginger Bread House "Smack Down" with my kids, etc. I usually have a blast. This year, it's been stressful!

Anyway, after work, I was faced with all of the things I had to do. I so did not want to do any of them. I almost cancelled my trainer. I said, almost! But I decided to go. I figured I would go through the motions with her, get done with that and get to the other stuff that needed to be done. Unfortunately, my trainer had other things in mind. We did not go to the weight room where we usually go, we went to the dance studio instead, where she had dragged out all of this stuff....She had plans for me! I saw a jump rope, medicine ball, a ladder type thing (that sits on the floor), a weight bar, and a mat. First thing she asked me to do was jump rope.

Honestly I have not jumped rope since 6th grade....and I'm old!!! She said to get to it and I really could not remember how to do it. So I did the best I could. Then of course my knee did not like that activity and started to hurt. So five minutes into my work out, I'm frustrated!!!!

Then it was skipping (with large legs - only way to describe it) and grapevines and lunges and funny feet things. Then it was fancy footwork on the ladder, up and down, then up and down again. Then it was curls with the bar front and back. Then it was throwing the medicine ball. I kind of liked throwing it at her!!!! And then it was push ups and planks.

Can I tell you it was like a Jillian Michael's moment on the Biggest Loser. I was a blubbering puddle after I was done!!! She broke me~~~I cracked!!!!

Either it was by design or just stupid luck, that this was the day, she changed up my routine and pushed me to a new limit. On one of the worst days ever, where I had nothing left. It happened.

After the workout was over, I was really able to share with her what was going on. She said she's known for a while that I have been pushing too hard. Said she knows that I want to get this weight off so bad, but there's a block there that's keeping me from reaching my goals. Said I'm putting in so much effort for everyone and every thing except where I need to put it and that is in myself. Said I needed to make some changes and put things in the proper order!

So on the way home, I was able to reflect on this day and the past months. And I made a decision, that I did not ever think I could ever do. And I've decided to quit my weight loss and fitness journey. No no no!! I am joking (got to get in my comedy relief somewhere!!) No I decided that I am going to put me first. So tonight, instead of tackling all the things on my list. I'm going to enjoy the evening. Right now, as I was typing this, I had a Christmas movie on. The house was warm and cozy. I've had all the Christmas lights on, fireplace and candles lit and I enjoyed my evening!!! I enjoyed Christmas!!!
Some of the stuff on my list is just not going to get done and you know what? I'm OK with that!

I am asking the Lord to restore my peace and Joy and I'm going to spend the rest of the week enjoying the reason why we celebrate Christmas!!!
There is always next week to do what has to be done.

Keep focused on your weight loss and fitness journey. Do what you need to do for yourself and your family. Enjoy Christmas!! Really everything else can wait!!

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Focus or Quit?

What does it mean to focus? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, (Point #5), Focus means:

Point #5

a: a center of activity, attraction, or example:
great health, fitness and weight loss>

b : a point of concentration

That's right we are focusing on ourselves, doing the work, paying attention and concentrating on getting this weight off.
I've read many blogs lately where people are giving up. I've heard things's too hard, I'm too plan is not working...I can't/won't do it...It's not for me...I've lost some, I can maintain it...This journey takes too much time...I just don't want to do it anymore!!!!
I hear ya, I don't mean any disrespect. But I would like to remind you. If you don't focus on this journey, on getting fit and getting this weight off, I can guarantee you, you will be focused on something else.


1.) All the new clothes that you just bought because you've lost some weight are getting too tight. Now you have to spend time, energy and focus to get bigger clothes. Can I just say, you will need to put some focus and creativity into your budget. New clothes are expensive!Remember buying your clothes at the fat lady store? Do you remember how expensive they are. Even with a sale?

2.) Another new focus will be....Fretting and worrying about fitting into the airplane and theater seats, worrying about breaking furniture, worrying about your kids and being a poor role model for them, worrying that your kids are being made fun of because of you, another budget food is expensive!!!

3.) Oh how about the doctor....What's it going to be like when you go for your annual visit? How happy will your doctor be when they see that you've gained your weight back and then some. Oh, don't tell me that won't happen....How many times has it happened in the past? Oh and what about the costs of the meds you will have to go back on. Hum....lets see....Blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, thyroid meds, diabetes...Just to name a few!!!

4.) Remember when you focused on your health and had so much energy!!! Remember that? Well just think about how you're going to feel when your friends want you to go hiking or water skiing, or your kids want you to play outside, or you want to run after your grand kids, or you want to ride your bike. Sadly you won't be able to. You took your focus off of your fitness goal. Now you "GET TO?" sit in front of the TV all day eating junk food. I remember thinking, at my highest weight, that the only thing I was really good at was watching TV and playing video games. How sad is that? Now I can do many things...ride bikes, water ski, surf, run!, shop til I drop, clean my house without dying, climb stairs, keep up with everybody, go to shows, and explore the world ~ Could not do that from my couch!!!!

5.) Remember when you first wanted to change your family wanted to stop this heinous beast of obesity... you wanted to create a new legacy for yourself!! Remember ~ ~ ~ you wanted to make a difference in this world!!! What happened to that? Do you think you can do that sitting on the couch or isolated in your bed, depressed and so unhappy with yourself? I don't think so!!!

Now pick yourself up, dust yourself off and re~focus!!! Lets do what we have to do to make it through the holiday. Eat as clean a diet as you can, move your body ~ minimize the damage the best you can. I mean it is the holidays, but it does not mean you have to take big steps back. We can do this and maintain what we have accomplished this whole past year!!!

Now lets focus on the new year...Get your GAME PLAN ON!!!! Set new goals...set yourself up for success...AND LETS GET THIS THING DONE!!!

ARE YOU WITH ME!! Dang it ~ I want to hear from you!!!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Still Human!

Lately life has been stressful for me!! Too much to do and not enough time to do it. Work is busy, which is good, but there are no breaks there. Home life is very busy with Christmas preparations, cleaning, making cookies (for others), events, paying bills, laundry etc......So there's no break there!! Then of course I have to add in my health and fitness plan. Still putting that first, even while struggling with injuries (Tennis Elbow and sore knees). So no break for enjoying the season! Just too much to do!!

Yesterday I did something that I don't ever remember doing...

My sister was coming to my house for our annual Christmas cookie baking day. We usually make enough cookies for her friends and co-workers and for my friends, neighbors, co-workers and for the rest of the family. So that's a lot of cookies!

I got up at 6:00am and got started. First of all my house was a mess, I was wrapping presents so there was wrapping paper, ribbon and boxes everywhere. So I hurried and got that cleaned up. This year, we were baking sugar cookies, so my plan was to get the cookies baked before she got there, well most of them anyway. I thought I would get most of them done and then when she got there I would continue baking while she decorated. The next thing I needed to do was make lunch and finally I had to get to 3 stores.....all before 1:00pm.

I was doing pretty well until she called at 11:00 to let me know that she was leaving early and would be at my house at noon. ONE WHOLE HOUR EARLY!!!

Now I'm the kind of hostess that when I invite you to my house, everything is done so that we can just enjoy ourselves. I never want a guest, family or anyone, to come and see me cooking or cleaning while they are there. That just never happens!!

Her phone call sent me into a super ultra fast frenzy mode!!! At the point of her call, I was just finishing up my house stuff and I had most of the cookies baked and was getting ready to go to the store. So I put it in fast mode, got myself ready and was out the door. I was on the road and a couple of blocks away when I remembered I needed something from the house. So back I went. Then I was back on the road again and just got out of our neighborhood and remembered I forgot something really important and I went back again!

Can I tell you that by this time, I was a little stressed!!!

So I prayed and prayed to God to help me.....I prayed that at the first store, my favorite parking spot would be available, it's right next to the front door....Nope!!! It was full and I had to go to the big lot....So I ran to the store...Rushed in and one of their workers greeted me at the door and started to ask me if she could help, but I guess the look on my face said it all, because she just let me fly right on by!!!

I got my business done there and went to the next store, just praying they had everything I needed. I walked the entire store and did not find one thing I was looking for.....Then an answered prayer came and I saw the section I was looking for. It was really like a bright light came on and showed me the way. I was really excited!!! I got my stuff from there and went to my final destination. Again, I prayed for an up front parking spot. So I got closer to where I wanted to park and I see it, I saw MY SPACE...It's all mine....I'm in the clear.....It's MINE...and then...and then... and then.....this big ole SUV rushes in and takes my spot!!

Can I tell you....that made me MAD!!!!

So I get into the store and the next thing I know I'm in the car. You know I was in such a state that I don't really remember anything about my shopping experience...

Some how I got through the store, paid for my stuff and was in my car without me even realizing what was going on. The only thing I became aware of was a cheap bag of generic Cinnamon Bears. Dun Dun DUNNNNN!!!! (That's my dramatic music ~ Get it?)

Here's where the human part comes in and the part where this never happens to me (at least not in the last year)......I tore open that bag of Cinnamon Bears and stuffed them one after another into my mouth. I literally went from an out of my mind high stress, to a place of consciousness, an almost serene state, a place of peace in seconds!!! (Birds would be chirping at this moment) I could feel myself calm down. The Cinnamon Bears were like a crazy red squishy drug!!! Quite wonderful at the time!!!

After about 12 bears, I finally woke up and realized what I had done. I was shocked and embarrassed!! I wondered what others may have thought of this crazy women stuffing bears into her mouth...of course while I was doing this, everything and everybody were invisible. In my manic episode there was no one else around, cept me and my bears.....

Anyway, I recovered from that, raced home and started cooking my soup. My sister arrived while I was in the process of that and the rest of the house was a mess!!! Probably a little shocking to her, but it's not my fault...she was early!!

We ended up frosting 49 fancy cookies for her and did not even get mine done. All that work, all day long for her to take home her fancy little treats....Hummmmm!!!! (The music from Friday the 13th comes to mind)

Needless to say, I cleaned up a little after she left and sat in my hubby's chair, with my blankie and a movie. (Why do guys always have the best chair in the house?!?) Anyway, about 2 nano seconds later I was asleep. Hubby comes home from work a couple of hours later and the house is a disaster!!! Usually I would have had it all buttoned up and shining before he got home. I'm sure HE was a little shocked by what he walked into. Oh well!!!!

All this to say.....Are you taking care of yourself during this busy season? Obviously I did not take care of myself yesterday. Let me tell you that won't be happening again!!! I need to put myself first. Fortunately I did read my Bible, exercised and I ate good food ~Except for them bears ~ Ahem!

I thought I would list some things to think about and areas that might need some attention. Getting these things done may help smooth the rough patches in your day. Help you feel like you've accomplished something for yourself. Help you so things won't pile up and make you crazy. Those bears are always calling your name!!!

Here's some ideas.....

  • Fix your boo boo's ~ Do you have hang nails and paper cuts on your hands? Get the ointment out and bandaids and take care of them today!! Hey how about some lotion? Not a bad idea to slather it on!!!
  • Bills ~ Do they need to be paid? Get them done early, so you don't have to run around and get them paid later!!
  • Laundry ~ Is it over flowing? Do one load at a time. Wash then fold. Don't do what I used to do...Wash a ton and then fold the mound. That is discouraging!!
  • Gas in your car? Are you getting close to empty? Go now and get it filled up!!
  • Injuries - Nurture them!!!
  • Food out of whack ~ Take the time to plan your food. Don't hit the fast food drive thru - EVER!!!
  • Exercise ~ Are you doing it? Keep your focus!! It really helps to relieve your stress!!!
  • House Clean ~ Get everyone in your household to help!! Keep it picked up daily!!
  • Work ~ Work as diligently as your can, don't let things pile up. Keep focused!!
  • Pets in the house ~ If so, pet them, they are great stress relievers! Make sure to give them a bath if needed and a good brushing. They will love you for it!
  • Give and get hugs ~ Makes you feel warm and squishy inside!!
  • Time ~ Allow yourself some "YOU" time to rest, read, get a pedicure, maybe a massage. You need it!!
  • Do old fashion stuff with your kids....string some popcorn, make paper chains, make ornaments, go caroling, bake...cookies...hum..., make candy, put on a Christmas play, visit someone in the hospital, visit your neighbor - get to know your neighbors, make things for people, let the kids send the Christmas cards. Just do it together, have some fun and enjoy this amazing season!

I almost cracked yesterday....Not a good thing! I know I am doing a lot of good things for myself, but obviously need to take a closer look at what I have on my schedule. Definitely over worked with too much to do. Not enough fun stuff!!

For the rest of the season, I'm looking at what's most important, cutting out the rest and I'm going to ENJOY myself!!

How about you? I would love to hear your comments on how you are doing!!!

Keep focused!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Fit with Room to Spare!!!

I kind of lost my mind yesterday....after visiting my wonderful mom in law....It was her birthday...(she's so cute - she always says, I get to be whatever her birthday is. So yesterday, with a big ole' grin on her face, I heard her say, "I get to be 79 today!!" So stinkin' cute) Anyway, we went to her favorite restaurant ~ Red Robin.

We used to go there almost weekly before I started my weight loss and fitness journey. Yesterday was a "Treat!?!", so I was excited to go. She always wants to sit in a booth, which prior to losing 54 pounds, would almost send me into a full blown tizzy....I was always scared that I would not fit!!!!

At my highest weight, I could fit ~ barely....with just enough room that I could breath!!

So yesterday, I approached the booth....held my breath...then slid in......and guess what???

I FIT!!!!

With 5-6 inches to spare!!!


While I was enjoying this new freedom.....I looked around and saw others in the restaurant who
are in the same state I was last year. Stuffed into the booth....Boobs on the table....slopping stuff on their shirts.


I pray they will turn their lives around...get healthy...get fit and get that weight off!!!

So glad I did!!

I have a lot of weight still left to lose, but I'm focused and I'm going to get this done!!!

How about you....Are you doing it?

Keep focused!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Inky Black Fingerprint

In looking for inspiration for my blog, I was walking around my house, asking the Lord for a topic. I walked by my beautiful glass table and I heard the word ~ Fingerprint....

What in the world? What could I write about fingerprints that would correlate to my health and fitness journey?

After some thought, this is what I came up with.

This kitchen table is beautiful. It has a sturdy oak base, case iron legs and a beveled glass top. Really not practical for a person with 2 grand babies or the gremlins in my house who like to put their marks upon the glass.

Every day, sometimes multiple times, this table needs to be cleaned. This can be quite a chore, as this table is usually set with some sort of holiday dishes or centerpiece. So many times, all of this stuff needs to be taken off, glass cleaner is sprayed, then all the smudges and prints are removed and then everything is put back in its place.

Unfortunately there is a perpetual smudge of prints. Inky black ones. Seems they are there everyday. Don't know who puts them there or how they get there, but every day, they present themselves for me to see.

The table is me...I have a strong foundation in my life, I'm sturdy, purposeful and beautiful. However I can get very smudgy with the dirt and grim of life!!

I liken the daily, sometimes multiple table cleaning routine to my fitness and weight loss journey. It's a daily inspection to see if I'm on task. I'm looking for the smudges of things that need to be cleaned up, removed or wiped out of my life. Things that hurt me and don't help me on this journey. They are rubbed out and removed from my life. This is done every day!!!

Daily I look to my "Center Piece", which is the Lord. Am I serving Him as I should? Do I get my alone time with Him, read His word? Do I rely on Him to help me through this journey? Need to keep focused on what's most important!

I look at my "dishes" ~ My plates and cups...What do I have going on. Do I have too many things to do? Am I over extended? Am I stressed? Am I on task?

My "Glass Cleaner" which is my food and calorie book. It helps me plan and strategize my day and helps me to stay on track.

The dish towel "My Decisions". It is used to help me decide to make good choices. It helps me wipe away the mess of life and restore it.

But some times that Inky Black Fingerprint lingers. It just won't go away.

That's how I've been feeling for a while. Still fighting the Tennis Elbow ~ Going to physical therapy 2 times a week, and it still does not feel better. Now both knees are acting up. Having pain and a lot of popping and snapping! Then I got my first ever tension headache. Never had one before. My head feels like I have a tight cap on the back of my skull. Some times it feels like I have a face mask on. The pressure is intense!! No pain though...which is good, but the sensation of the pressure in my head feels horrible!!! Things feel cloudy and I feel disoriented. Not a fun thing!! Then finally, stress. I am so trying not to go there, but, unfortunately, I'm stressed!!!

I am still focused on my plan. I examine my routine of exercise and food intake daily. Nothing has changed there....It's just the gloom of injuries and sickness that I am having a hard time shaking off.
This Inky Black Fingerprint of pain needs to go ~ NOW!!!!

So in the whole vast configuration of Inky Black Fingerprints.....The solutions is....

Do what you know you need to do ~ Daily!!! Push through the hard stuff. Eliminate stress where you can. Keep focused....And don't EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER GIVE UP!!!

We can do this!!!

Are you with me?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Face in a Window...

A while back, on my way to work , I was stuck in gridlock traffic by the school near my house. As I was "happily" sitting there waiting for the traffic to move, I looked over and saw a school bus that was stuck in the same traffic, only it was going in the opposite direction. It was a cold frosty morning that day, and as I looked at the bus all the windows were frosted over so I could not see any of the faces of the kids who were on the bus, except one.

This particular window had a perfectly clear circle, and through that circle I saw a face. It was the face of a very round teenage boy. You see, this boy was sleeping and his head was tilted toward the window and as he breathed, he created enough warmth to clear the window of the frost. I have to tell you that the circle in the window was quite large. This was a very big boy. Very Big!!!

It sadden me so, as I drove away, I thought about that big boy in the window. I wondered what in the world his life must be like? Why would he want to get so big that he could not even take a ride on a school bus without falling into a deep, long sleep?

Now I know there may be many things that would cause a young person to do this. Maybe he stayed up all night studying or playing video games. Maybe his parents were fighting the night before or maybe he's homeless and this was the first warm place to sleep. Or maybe he was just too physically out of shape and exhausted by the extra weight he was carrying around.

I don't know....just made me feel really sad for that young man.

Then a couple days ago, I saw that same young man again. This time the school bus was waiting for him, holding traffic with the flashing red lights. He was walking or should I say shuffling toward the bus. Don't think I've ever seen a young person move so slow! He finally arrived to the bus and boarded. Seems we were waiting for him ~ forever! Once he was on board, it took more time, before the bus driver would turn off the red lights so we could go. You see, he had to make his way down the narrow aisle to his seat. Finally the red light turned off and we were ready to go.

I have thought about this boy so much. My heart breaks for him. I am sad his youth has been stolen by obesity. He probably does not know or can't remember what it's like to run, ride bikes, sit and play on the floor, play sports and just do the normal things kids do. Now he's facing dating, college and the rest of his life. Fat, barely able to move and/or stay awake!

What's it going to take for us to realize what's happening? For parents to intervene and help their kids, for us as adults to help ourselves to beat this monster of obesity? What's it going to take?

I am passionate about getting this weight off and helping others to do the same. Please know that I am not judging this young man or others like him. Believe me, I pray like mad for them and ask the Lord to intervene in their lives. I'm not judging him, can't judge him, because you see I was once that face in the window....

What are you doing today to make changes in your life and lives of your family? Are you making the right choices to change yourself and your family tree? Can we get this done? Can we change a nation? Can we help young people like my friend in the window?

I think we can!!!

Do whatever you can today, to reach your health and fitness goals. No matter what happens, and I mean what EVER happens. DO NOT QUIT!!! Keep focused!! Do it for yourself first, then your family and then others. We can do it!!!

Let's get this thing done!!!!

Are you with me?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Are you Busy?


Me too!!! So busy...but I'm focused!!!!

During this busy season, be sure to keep close to your health and fitness plan.

Put yourself first!

Get your exercise....

Plan healthy meals....and eat them!!!

Drink plenty of water....


We can go through Christmas and New Year's strong, losing no momentum, losing weight, and getting fit.....if we just stay focused!!!

Lets finish this year strong!!!

We can do it!!!

Are you with me?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Get Sassy!

Something happened to me last night that sparked a new thing!

For the first time in my life, I went to a dance class. Well it was a cardio dance class, kind of like Zumba. This teacher was AWESOME and I had a blast!!! She had me doing moves that would make my grandmother roll over in her grave!!

Anyway, I did my best and was able to keep up for the most part. There were only a couple moves that I could not figure out, but I am very....very....very determined to master moving my body to the groove.

The class was so fun and so totally out of my comfort level. To me I think I looked like a hip grandma shakin' her groove thang, but mostly others probably thought I was a mess. I did not care!! Oh and by the way, I was the largest person in the class!! Did mind it at all!!

The other fun thing is the class sparked a sassy part of me and got me to thinking about my wardrobe. I remembered that I had a sassy black skirt that I could not previously wear. I dug it out and tried it on. It fit beautifully!! Then I matched it with a tight fitting black sweater and accessorised it with a beautiful red scarf, tights and cute shoes. I look SASSY!!!

I love the way everything feels. The tight fitting clothes feel great ~ No more yards of fabric to deal with. I love the swishy skirt. Makes me feel fun, cute, sexy (oh....that is so funny!!) and just plain Sassy!!

I would highly recommend doing something that puts a little spice and sass back into your life! It's great fun!!!

Keep focused!!