Monday, January 31, 2011

Finally feel like I'm back...really this time!!! Head is in the game, got my systems in place, going to the gym ~ working hard!! Also working hard in my home gym ~ must be because hubby came in while I was working out and he said it smells like a gym in here! ~ And I'm like, um "thanks!?!" Anyway, things are in order at work and at home. 
Everyday I'm pushing toward my goal. Finally hit 221 again (after gaining 4 pounds over Christmas - that is gone!!!) Now I'm 3 tenths away from my low low!!
Hate to keep talking about the Bodybugg, but it has really helped me stay focused these past few weeks. It is a great tool!
Working hard for a 2 pound weight loss this week!!

How about you? How are you doing?

Stay focused!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pushing Really Hard

Today I'm off to a great start!! Exercise, Pray, Bible and breakfast done ~ Now I off to work!!! Pushing really hard on the exercise and watching everything I put in my mouth. Getting 1000+ calorie deficits the past 4 days. Finally getting it!! Feeling really strong!! 

Gotta go!!

Keep focused!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aiming for the Target

Did not want to do it...too tired and feet hurt...but I got up and did it anyway. I got this all done by 7:30am

  • Walked 3.1 miles
  • Got in 32 oz of water
  • Ate my Oatmeal
  • Prayed and read my Bible
  • Blog time
Looks like it's going to be a great day!

What about you? How are you doing?

Keep focused!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Working It!

It's been awhile between posts! Super busy!!!

Working my plan and staying focused!!

How about you?

I will write more when I get a chance!

Keep focused!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Shakin' Going On,,,,

Well I just visited Tricia and she gave me a good shake!!! Check out her blog today and come back.....I'll wait for ya!

Well Howdy...Welcome Back....

Did she rough you up? Yeah me too!!! I posted the following comment on her blog and realized I just discovered something I had not thought about....Check it out...

"Sometimes I have thought if I could just go through life and this journey without my head I would do a lot better. I have stalled my progress, sabotaged my dreams and just plain stopped myself from achieving what I was created to do.....Because I AM AFRAID!!!

You know I never realized, until now, how afraid I really am to succeed....You know hiding behind a wall of fat has kept me very cozy, shielded from the world, from success, from failure, from everything!!! Being fat helps me have an excuse not to do what I am supposed to do, what I was created to do....You know the drill....I can't do it because I don't feel good, I look horrible, I don't have anything to wear and/or anything to say, nobody likes me ~ well that's OK because I don't like them either - so there!! I don't deserve to achieve my dreams, or have success or happiness... I JUST DON'T DESERVE IT!!

Have you ever thought or said anything like this?

Well you know what? I'm sick of this and I'm not going to let anything hold me back from what I am supposed to do! I'm am reaching for success. I'm going to do what I need to do to get fit and lose this weight. Then I'm going out there and I'm going to achieve my goals and dreams. I am going to TRY, probably fail a time or two, but I'm going to do it!!! You know what? At least I won't be sitting in my fat cave of death anymore!! I'm going out in this big ole world and I'm going to make a difference!!

So there you have it...

What about you....Do you need a little shake up?

Keep focused!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inspirational Messages

I am such an inspiration message girl. I love them!!! If I did not think people would think I'm nuts, I would have them all over my house. Here's a couple I really like:

  • Dare to Dream
  • Make a choice to move forward
  • Just do it!
  • You can do it!
  • One day at a time....
  • Be positive
  • Love everyone

Here's one I got from last nights Biggest Loser Show....

Champions don't make excuses!!

Have you ever found yourself wanting to make excuses for why you have not reached your goal? Or why you've not done everything you can to get this done? Or why you have not exercised, kept your calories in line, consumed your water...Ever wanted to make excuses about that?

I have!!

It's been almost a month since I've seen my trainer. For one reason or another our usual time to get together has not worked out, either she's busy or I'm busy or I have an injury. Whatever!!!

So next Monday, we are scheduled....and I am finding that I want to make excuses as to why I did not get to the gym as much as I should have. Now I have had a back injury.....See how easy it is to make excuses. Yes I've had a back injury, but I could have gone to the pool or walked on the treadmill. I could have even gotten into the hot tub, that might have made it feel better or it would have at least been enjoyable!!

I've also been thinking that I want to have a conversation with her to let her know that it feels like I need to start step back into the torture!!

I have been really wrestling with that...I just don't want to have pain!

But after hearing that "Champions don't make excuses", I have changed my mind. I am going to my workout with her prepared to work harder than I've ever worked. I'm not going to shy away and make excuses and ask her to baby me. I'm going to go in there and fight....because that's what I'm doing!! I am fighting for my life...I'm taking it back.....because I'm.....


How about you...are you making excuses?

Keep focused!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Obstacles, Set Backs & Frustrations

OK I am really trying to figure out why I have to go through this. I just had two of my best days in a long time - Exercised, calories under my goal, water in, 2 pounds down, pampered myself (pedicure & tan) and having fun...and today, I am paying for it. Seems I take two steps forward and one step back. All day long my head has been hurting. I have this tremendous pressure all on the right side, I was dizzy and I have pressure and tingling in my face. Got so bad today, I thought I was going to toss my cookies. (No I did not really have cookies!) I spoke to my neurologist and she said I have a tension headache. Advised I get my eyes checked. My eye appointment is this Friday. If the eye doc does not see anything and after getting new glasses, if I'm still having this problem, I am going back to my neurologist. Just don't feel right!

This obstacle does not set me all back, just limits what I can do physically. SO FRUSTRATING!

I need a break! Had 4 injuries last year and now this. (I've been having this issue, with my head, on and off for a couple of months)

Really anxious to be able to put my whole focus on my weight loss & fitness journey ~ Not on injuries or sickness!

OK no more whining!

Anyway, I'm not going to let it get me down. I pushing through!

Keep focused!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It Works...It Works...If you Work IT!!!

Well if you reduce your calorie intake and exercise you lose weight!! Who'd a thunk it?

For a while there I had thought I had lost my mind! Nothing I was doing was making a difference on that scale! I was stuck...until I got my Bodybugg working and "decided" to really get busy. The Bugg really helps me see what I'm doing, where the extra calories are coming from and I can also see the best or worst nutritionally valued foods I am consuming. Also it shows me the benefit of exercise. If I do my the calories I'm supposed to I will lose weight. I am down 2 pounds!!! I need to lose just two more pound to my lowest of 220!! (Unfortunately...I am catching up, I had gained 4 pounds at Christmas)

Yesterday I had an absolutely perfect day!! I slept in a little, well until 8am. I needed some rest! Had a wonderful breakfast of ~ Oatmeal! Then I did some house stuff, went to the pool and swam for 45 minutes!!! Then came home had my lunch, got ready and went to a bead class and made a really pretty necklace, then went to Target and then I was off to church. The only down side was I got to bed way too late...11:30am. I'm old...that's late for me!!

Today, I have a great attitude. Ready to get my exercise in...I'm going to eat well, get a pedicure, get a tan (I know bad...but I need some rays...we've had nothing but rain forever!!) and do some crafts. Should be a fun day!!

How about you....are you getting it done?

Keep focused!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Well did I ever get my eyes opened!!! Finally took a minute to figure out my new Bodybugg system. I've been wearing it every since 12/23/10. All I've done is allow it to track my daily activity. Well so far, I have not hit my activity goals yet (mostly due to my back problem)!! Not moving enough!!!

Then...and here's the bad part. I just put in my calories for the day. Guess what, I'm about 500 calories over where I need to be!! Also, waaaayyyy over on my fat, cholesterol and sodium intake. What an eye opener!!! Yeeeikkkess!!!

Now by the information I've entered into the Bugg, if I would hit the goals on both my activity and calorie intake, I should lose 2 pounds per week. Obviously I'm eating exactly what it takes to maintain, because I have not lost a pound for quite some time.

So guess what? It's time to get REAL serious about what I put into my body and what I do with it. Obviously less and better quality food and more exercise!!!!

With this new information, I am more focused and I'm going to get my butt back on track!!!

Do you need an eye opener?


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am feeling better! I guess the hardest thing for I am so hard on myself!!! If it's not perfect, then it's crap....But I'm finding that I don't have to be perfect, well who is anyway? (I only know of one person who fits that description ~ and it's definitely not me!!!) Each day I need to keep my focus, do a little better than I think, stay consistent, (keep to my routine), and push through ALL obstacles!!!! If I do that, then things happen!!!

Attitude is better today. It's 6:45am and I've put in 40 minutes on the treadmill, had breakfast and read my Bible. Now I'm blogging and later I'll get ready for work. That's a lot to do in a short time. But I'm doing it!!

Last Sunday I made a calendar of what I need to do each day. Geez you'd think I was in Kindergarten with all the reminders I need to have to just make it through the day with some success. Oh well, instead of fretting about it, I'm embracing the fact that it only takes a little reminder and if I'm diligent I will have a successful day!!

So far....this is a great day!!!

How about you? Are you on track?

Stay focused!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Am I The Only One?

Am I the only one struggling out there? I have found that I don't want to write on my blog anymore, because I don't want to admit that I'm in a bad place. Am I the only one?

For me it's hard to admit that I am weak. I have way too much pride to let you know that I am struggling. I guess I've just wanted to give you nuggets of truth, when the truth for me, is positive and motivating. But what about the truth of depression...of injuries...failure...disappointment...weakness...and the lack of strength to fight through this journey? What about those things?

If you don't know what I'm talking about and if I am the only one struggling, then don't read any further...

The past few months have been hard for me, I have had depression, injuries, frustrations...all of the above things I mentioned above and more. Yet here I am....

If you are in the same boat as me....what are we going to do about it?

Some easy to stuff to do...



We can FIGHT!!!

Even though things have been hard...not perfect...not working how I want...not going the way I want or even achieving anything....I am still pushing forward. Everyday I do things to help me get to my goal. Some days it's just one thing, but at least I pushing through.

Each day I feel a little stronger, get a little more clarity on what I'm supposed to do, a little more energy and a little more desire to get this done....Today is a good day!

So even don't feel good, feel like it or want to....Stay on your plan, keep going, and don't ever stop!!!

Stay focused!!


Friday, January 7, 2011

So Special

Geez, thank you guys for your sweet & encouraging comments. Really every one of them made me cry. It's amazing the support we get here!!

Went to the doctor today. She did not give me anything for the pain in my back or tennis elbow. She advised I should rest, take ibuprofen etc...I will do that. I told her about my mouth, dry patches & pimples and said it's probably from the stress I have been under. Again, she advised me to rest and take it easy! So my prescription...Rest and take it easy!!!

She did confirm there is something going on with my ears and recommended another specialist. Geez I hate that! Also, she asked me a ton of questions, gave me a "thorough" exam, gave me a tetanus shot, burned off two mole things and took my blood. I have to tell you I felt a little roughed up when I left!

Anyway, I do feel a little better today! Attitude at least - body not so much! Couple more days I should be back to normal!!

This body is tough to take care of. So much to do. Here I was thinking that pushing myself to my extreme was a good thing. However, my body speaks to me when I've gone too far. I need to listen a little sooner, so I don't have these types of melt downs. Honestly this is why I'm so fat now. Prior to my new focus on my health, I would have quite by now. Managing this body is hard!! Fortunately because of what I've learned and experienced this past year and because of the awesome support I have I'm still on task. Although a little cautious with the exercise. So I'm not quitting!! Whew!

I was watching a movie preview and heard this statement that I thought was great and kind of resonates with where I am today....

"My focus needs a little more focus"!!

For me that means...EVERY DAY I NEED TO...Eat the "right and healthy" kinds of food, drink all my water, exercise ~ push myself, but not to fatigue (that causes injury for me), get plenty of rest, reduce my stress and HAVE SOME FUN!!

So my friends, thanks again for your support. You are awesome!!

Keep going with your journey, don't stop ever!! And remember....Keep focused!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trying to Hold ON!!

This will be short! I have no energy, my body is riddled with pain and I feel I'm slipping away from my desire to get this weight off and to reach my health and fitness goals. I am in a battle for my life right now!!!

I have struggled for some time to get my attitude in the right place. Now I'm feeling better there, but my body does not want to cooperate. I am in some serious pain all over!!

Head still feels funny, kind of like the tension headache feeling. It's so distracting. I have 2 pimples on my face (I know I'm almost 50 why do I keep getting them!?!?!!) they hurt so bad. I feel like they are beacons they are so bright red and very painful!!! My sinuses are blocked and I have had a seriously painful sore in my nose that will not heal. Then the roof of my mouth is raw and sore and to top it off both ears are plugged one minute and draining the next. The inside of my ears are very raw. And I have 2 dry patches on my eye that will not heal up!!

That's just what's happening on my head!

The tennis elbow and knees still bothering me. Some good days, most bad. But the worse problem is my back. I can hardly move! Well I can move, but it's extremely painful. I have a dr appt tomorrow. Hope to get some relief.

I have had 4 injuries since last January and I'm am just tired of fighting through. Really not a lot of strength left. I'm feeling my body succumb to the stress and it's puffing up and I'm still up 5 pounds. (Well I would lose a couple, then gain them back - augh!)


I don't like to complain about this stuff. I am the encourager....I don't like to share my pain. But I'm in serious trouble and have to let you know what's up.

Not looking for sympathy. Just giving the state of what's going on in Joy's world.

Want you to know....that there is a minimal amount of desire to keep going...but it's dwindling.


Trying to stay focused!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

10 Honest Things About Me!

So honored!! I received this award from Ellen on December 17th.

Ellen thank you so much for thinking of me. I truly appreciate your support!! You are doing a great job with everything - keep it up!!

So my job is to post 10 honest things about myself and give this award to 4 other bloggers who have shown tremendous honesty through their blogs.

Here you go!!

1.) I want to help others! I would love to be this inspirational person who imparts wisdom to other people that will help change, shape and mold their lives. I would love for people, who when they are old and gray and sitting on their porch, rocking in their rocking chairs and rethinking their lives... I would love for them to remember, and I don't even care if they remember my name, but I would love it if they would say, "that woman, way back when, she told me something that changed my life." To be honest...I have so many fears, road blocks and things in my life that make me feel like I could never be that woman. However, I am learning how to bust through those things to achieve this goal!!

2.) I would really love to love God's people more than I do. I watch Dog the Bounty Hunter on TV (well they said to be honest) and he loves the people he deals with. Some of these people are drug addicts, thieves, murders etc. But he loves them. Some how he sees beyond the mess that can be seen on the outside and sees right through to their hearts. That's what I want to do. He loves them and wants to help. To be honest....I have a long way to go on this one! The good thing is, every day I feel more and more love fill my heart!!

3.) I want to be a woman of my word. If I say I'm going to be there at 10:00am. I want to arrive at 9:45am. If I say I will do that for you. I want to do it with joy! If I say you can count on me...I want to be able to do it. To be honest. I need to work on this one....Especially the on-time thing. I'm getting better :-)

4.) I want to get this weight off and live a normal healthy lifestyle. To be honest. I'm getting there!! So much further along than ever before. I am hopeful for 2011! I want to see results - no matter the obstacles (Like my hurt back!)!!!

5.) I feel like the Lord has placed a big task before me. I so want to believe He really has that for me and that I'm capable and prepared enough to do it. To be honest. My belief in myself is low regarding this area. The task just seems too big and laborious for me. HOWEVER, I'M THINKING MORE AND MORE THAT THIS IS WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO DO...More on the later...much later!!

6.) I want to be this amazing wife...Kind of like the super mom, but I want to be a super wife!! I want to be able to show love and affection, even if I don't want to. I want my hubby to come home to a clean, warm and happy home (Even if I don't want to do the work to get there) and I want to be the woman he can be proud of!! To be honest....I'm working on this and find this a fun goal to work toward!!

7.) I want to be an amazing mother and grandma (Baboo as my Gbabies call me). To be honest. I absolutely love being both a mom and grandmom. Those babies (all of them - big and small) fill my heart with joy!

8.) I want to be a creative person. I want to be a good & healthy cook. I want to make amazing sugar cookies (for friends & neighbors), I want to paint, craft and write. To be honest. I used to just think about these things. Now I'm dragging my stuff out and just creating. Some of the stuff is good, some not, it's the experience that makes me sooooo happy!!

9.) I want to be a very fit and healthy person. I really want to row in the Senior Olympics when I'm fifty. One more year to go!! Woo Hoo!! (I'm mean what are you gonna do - you will get old and that is just the way it is) Anyway, I also want to ride my bike, water ski, snow ski, ride a horse, play racquetball, golf, lift weights, swim and dance. To be honest. I had a blast in 2010 - I did some of these things and look forward to trying many more in 2011!!!

10.) Finally I want to be an awesome women of God!! I want to follow him with all my heart. I want to serve and love his people. I want to go when he says go! I want to be the child of God that he intended me to be. To be Honest. I am ever growing in this area and look forward to achieving this goal more than any of the other goals I have in my life!!

Now for the awards...I am to pick only 4, but I have to say, you all have inspired me and helped me through this journey. I will be forever grateful for you all!!!

Ruminations & Uncovering: Toward a New me - Michele is awesome, she makes me smile!! Every time I visit her blog, I feel like I'm going to a friends house. She is really making a difference in her life and the lives of others ~ she definitely makes a difference in my life!!!

Minding My Weigh - Kimberlynn is another friend who is making things happen!! She and I have a lot in common and I appreciate her support!!! She has a lot of wisdom and she is a person who is very organized and get things done!!!

Bringing Pretty Back - Kirstin is my new friend and she is amazing!! When I first ran across her blog, I did not want anything to do with anything that was pretty. After seeing her blog around, I decided to stop by. I am so glad I did!!! She is funny, insightful and encouraging!!!

A Deliberate Life - My friend Chris is inspirational!! She has a ton of wisdom, insights and advise. I love her straight forward, no nonsense approach to our weight loss and fitness journey. She will tell you like it is and even kick you in the hiney if you need it!! She has lost over 100 pounds and is close to her goals.

Congratulations to all!!

Keep focused!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Just The Facts Ma'am

Hubby got me a Bodybugg for Christmas ~ hey don't get mad at him, I asked for it. Don't think many ladies would appreciate diet and exercise stuff for Christmas, but in our household we get things for Christmas that we would not normally buy for ourselves. So this is what I got.

So far I like it....However, I can already see some of the problems with my current activity and calorie intake.

When I got the thing I was at 221 pounds. Woo hoo for me - That's the lowest I've been at Christmas time for years!!!

Good news right?

So I get everything set up in their system and I wear it the first day. It's kind of neat because it tells you if you need to get more exercise in or if you've had too many calories etc. When we finally got it figured out, I realized that I needed to get in 7000 more steps for the day and it was 10pm at night!! So hubby and I got our clothes on and went for a walk....a 4 mile walk. That day we got my needed steps in and then some!!!

For the rest of the weekend I just wore the Bugg and did my normal exercise and food intake. The Bugg records the exercise and movement, but you have to enter your food into the system. It was just too crazy with Christmas and stuff that I did not get the food part done.

Monday came and that's the day I hurt my back....So no exercise for the rest of the week. Just "normal" food intake or so I thought!

Today I do the big weigh in and dun dun donnnnneeeee!!!!

Up 5.4 pounds!

Just looking at the activity portion of the Bugg I can see that I was down almost half of the steps/activity necessary to at least maintain my current weight. Then obviously I had additional calories that contributed to this weight gain. If I could have at least moved more I would have been a little better off! Sadly I can see why this weight gain happened.

Before looking at the results of the Bugg, I would have thought I did pretty well. Obviously I have a little amnesia problem, because I did not do well at all. I think that's a lot of my problem. I "think" I do well and obviously I'm wrong....In looking back I thought I had moved enough to at least maintain my weight. Oh and I "remember" that I did not have big meals....I ate small portions. But the reality is, I did not move enough and yeah I probably had small portions but just too dang many of them!!

I have been wondering why my weight loss results this past 4 months weren't going as well as I would have liked. I mean I've exercised like a fool and counting my calories...but the stupid scale just does not move.

Here's a little information from the Bugg that I found interesting and thought might explain why I'm not getting the results I want. They say...

"If you're consistently in a calorie deficit, you're losing weight and/or body fat. The problem is you're only looking at your results based on the calories you've logged and research shows that people generally underestimate their calories intake by 20 to 40% (That's almost a quarter to half of one's total calories)."

That is most likely my problem folks!!

So here's the deal.....In order for me to lose this weight and reach my fitness goals.....I need to....

  • Be honest with what I'm actually putting in my mouth ~ EVERYTHING. (My goal is to use this Bodybugg to it's fullest and frequently check to see if I am accurately entering the calories information into the system)
  • Move this body everyday and hit the exercise/activity goals set on the system.
  • Drink all my water

This is my life...I want to make things happen. I want to JUST DO IT and get to my goal.


Are you with me??

Keep really...Just do it!!!