Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Stuck....

Today I wanted to write about how I feel like a race horse stuck in the starting gate. It's like I'm loaded in the gate, I'm ready to run, I want to win the race, but the gate won't go up. I'm Stuck!!

Well...I thought that was where I am. I thought that before I did my research on race horses and starting gates. Hey, guess what? I'm not ready to win the race, I'm not even ready to run. I'm not ready, because I'm barely in the gate!!!

I found the following information from (Horse Racing Tips - Editor - 22 October 2007)

I have modified the article to fit where I am today:
Unfortunately, all the sales talk that the gym representatives use to sell gym memberships does not guarantee that a person is going to enter them. Trying to reassure someone that the gym has been out fitted with the best equipment and safety, does not always convince a person of why he or she wants to go there. We have all seen sights of rearing athlete wannabees, bucking and reversing away from the gym doors before a workout. Most people put it down to the person being difficult, but many people have either not been been given the necessary instructional training, or they have had a bad experience in the gym and refuse to enter them again.

Some people are not bothered by the gym, while others are terrified of them. It is solving this phobia that is the key. Working out in the gym is an important part of our health and fitness training. When training, the aim is to ensure that the athlete move towards and into the gym, calmly and unafraid. While in the gym, the athlete, should be still and quiet, as not to cause injury to themselves or others. All this is accomplished by patience, reassurance and trust of their personal trainers.
It is important to first lead the athlete to the gym. Let them sniff around...NO NO NO that is bad!!! Let's just let them gain confidence that nothing about the gym poses a threat. Then start walking them through the machines, weights and treadmills and let them put some time in. After the athlete is comfortable going through their routine, have the athlete do it again. Let them walk through the open gates. Now they are able to go inside the gym and workout for a while before moving on to the next level. All that is left to do, is to close the front gate, they will exercise; walk or run on the treadmill, lift weights, ride the bike or row on the rowing machine. Once they are in the gym, giving it their all, the gate is closed.
When the athlete is completely comfortable to working out in the gym, their trainers often introduce other more strenuous exercises and routines, to simulate the atmosphere of race day. The athlete will then start to learn how to leave their idle ways and be ready for when the gate swings open, first at a walk, then a run and so forth, until he/she is able to break away from the starting gates at a gallop ~ ready to win the race!

That's it my friends, before I can win the race, I have to at least be willing to get in the gate. I've got one foot in, but have not been willing to go to the next level. I put in my time at the gym, but have not put in my best effort. I'm not satisfied standing outside the gate. I want to be in the gate, ready, filled with anticipation for when those gates open, so I can run, run like the wind and win this race!!
Are you with me?

Keep focused!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Loss for words...

Last Monday my trainer asked me what clean and healthy items were we serving on Thanksgiving Day....I was embarrassed because, honestly, I had not even given that a thought. I did not know what to say...

First of all my hubby and daughter were planning our menu, as the week before I was up to my eyeballs in making cookies for the homeless shelter. Anyway, when she asked me the question, I got to thinking about this whole weight loss and fitness journey and wondered if it was really necessary to change our whole tradition just because I'm the only fatty in the house.

Because of my lack of involvement in the meal planning and because the food was already purchased, I decided that I could not change what we were serving, but I did decide that I could and would change my usual Thanksgiving behavior.

Instead of doing what I always do on Thanksgiving, which is overeating and inactivity...this is what I decided to do instead.

First things first....I made sure I had a healthy breakfast and lunch and I drank a ton of water all day. Then, while setting the table, I made sure I found the smallest plate for my place setting. The plate was just a little bit larger than a saucer. When the meal was finally served, I had a little bit of everything. Probably had no more than 1-2 tablespoons of each item and gratefully I had only 1 roll. The only thing that I struggled with, during the day, was potato chips. Don't even know why they made it into the house, but there they were. I had too many. It's not that I sat down and had a was that every time I went by the table, I had one. Usually a small piece, just to get the taste, but definitely more than I needed. Do you know that potato chips make my throat hurt and today, it still hurts and there's been nothing I can do to make myself feel better. I hope I will remember this for future use....potato chips are not good for me!!

The the other thing I did for myself was walk. My hubby and I took a 2 1/4 mile walk in the morning and then we went again with my daughter in the evening. That's 4+ miles for me...on Thanksgiving....I've never done that before. Also, I probably ran about 1 of those miles, as my daughter was challenging me to push myself. Kind of proud of that!!

Finally the absolute worse thing I did was I did have a piece of cheese cake. Thankfully it was a very small piece and I enjoyed every bite of it. I mean it is Thanksgiving after all ~ Geez!

All in all, I did pretty well, certainly a ton better than prior times. I am just glad it's over and I'm happy to be back on track today!

How did you do?

Keep focused!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I thankful for my Father in Heaven, for He is so good to me!!!

I think about, and pray for those who don't know Him.

I am thankful for my beautiful family ~ Hubby, 2 Sons, Daughter in Law, Daughter and Son in Law, 2 BEAUTIFUL grand baby girls, 3 moms, and T :-), Sister and her family and Brother and his family, and my awesome friends!!
I'm thinking about my friend Darren, who right now is in Haiti, on a missions trip, helping those who have suffered so much from the earthquake. He's missing Thanksgiving with his family to help others who are in desperate need!

I am thankful for my warm beautiful home, the things that I own and my refrigerator stuffed with delicious healthy food for our Thanksgiving meal.
I am thinking about my friends at the Portland Rescue Mission, who have just suffered through the night in freezing cold weather. They have no home, no job, no money, no food, no comfort what so ever.

I am so thankful for my new, healthy and fit lifestyle. This morning I only counted 6 small things that hurt or are uncomfortable on my body. (Stuffy nose, ear is bugging me, paper cut on my thumb, cut on my foot, sore muscles from exercise and the Tennis Elbow)
I am thinking about my beautiful Sister in Law who is fighting stage 4 brain cancer. She's courageous and a fighter! She inspires me!!!!

I am thankful that I woke up this morning and weigh 4 pounds less than I did in 1992.
I think about last year....about how sick I really out of shape...had Hemi Facial Spasms, High Blood pressure and Cholesterol, Sleep Apnea, chronic ear problems, could barely walk from my car to my office, and had high fatigue.

I am Blessed and so about you?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Keep focused!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Injury!!

Went to the doctors the other day. First time I saw her since May. That is an all time record for me, as last year I was in her office at least once a month or more for one ailment or another. I was trying to hold off from seeing her until the first of the year. I wanted to wait until my physical so I could dazzle her with how I look after losing 50+ pounds.

Unfortunately I was unable to wait. For the past month or so, my right elbow has been causing me some trouble. It hurts right on the bone that sticks out. Well you can finally see mine, no more fat there!! Anyway, the pain kind of gradually increased to now, if I bump it, it almost sends me through the roof.

I suspected I had Tennis Elbow and wrote to my doctor to see if she could give me a home remedy. And wisely, she said I had to go see her for an official diagnoses. Bummer!

So off I went...I'm sitting there waiting for her, anticipating her response to my new found health and fitness and she finally flies into the room and says, "Well, stand up and give me a twirl." Which I happily did. She gushed on and on and said how proud she was of me. We talked a little bit about my goals and my blood pressure which has not gone down. Perplexing...I thought with weight loss and exercise I'd see improvement. Not the case at this point.

After her thorough examination she said, "Well had the right have Tennis Elbow." Bummer.....

So she's shipping me off to my friend, the physical therapist!! We are quite familiar with each other....

After my doc gave me the official diagnoses, I said, "I've had 3 exercise overuse injuries in eleven months....knee, chest wall contusion and now Tennis Elbow....What's up with that?"

She said, "Well what you are doing is a whole lot better than getting...sitting on your butt, watching TV injuries. Those lead to death!"

Well said!!!

So I have a choice to make. I can be bummed out because I have to take the time and money to get my wing fixed. And/or I can turn back to my old ways and just give up ~ I mean I have more parts I can injure, if I give up now, I would have less chances of having more injuries? Save me the trouble!!!

Or I can buck up...get to my Physical Therapy and do everything they say to do. And I can continue to strengthen my body (to hopefully prevent more injuries) and keep pushing through!!!

I chose the latter. I'm gonna fight through this thing. I gonna get to that finish line. I don't care what it takes!!

How about you...are you fighting through injuries. If so, keep focused!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I was recently tagged by my blog friend Kimberlynn over at mindingmyweigh. I've never been tagged before, but the rules of this 'Tag' are unique in that I get to pose four new questions to four new people when I'm done. Sounds like fun, huh? Well, first things first.

Here are my answers to Kimberlynn's four questions.

1. Once you hit goal, are you worried about gaining the weight back? Why or why not?

No, because what I'm doing I can do for the rest of my life. I did not start a new diet, I changed my lifestyle ~ FOREVER!

2. What is your favorite vegetable and how do you prepare it? I love a lot of vegetables, but if I have to choose's cooked carrots. I cook them until they are just soft, then I add a smidgen of butter and I mean a smidgen, then salt & pepper. Real simple, but they taste like candy to me. Oh and I also love, love, love beats!! YUM!!!

3. How does blogging help or hinder your weight loss efforts? I love talking to people, getting ideas and sharing what's going on in my life. Sometimes I put too much time into my blog and neglect other things or even my health. There have been nights that I stay up too late to get caught up on reading blogs and then I'm too tired to function the next day. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BEHAVIOR!!! . What, if anything, are you giving yourself as a reward once you've reached goal? I am working for a Charm Bracelet from Tiffany's. It cost around $400 or so. I would never, ever buy something like this for myself. So when I get it, and I will, it will be a treasured gift, because I know how much effort and sweat went into getting this prize!

Now, here are four new questions...

1. What has been the most difficult thing for you to overcome in losing weight?

2. What's your favorite form of exercise, how often do you workout, and how long do your workouts take?

3. Do you take time to pamper yourself, and if so, how?

4. If you could change only one bad habit, what would it be and why?'re it!!!

Finding the thin within

For Real, This Time!

Hello, to the real me

More Love per Square Inch!

I don't think I followed Kimberlynns instructions, oh well. Have fun with this!!

Keep focused!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Do you need to change your story?

Every day we hear and see millions of things, people, trees, flowers, words and phrases. Most of them we register in our brains and file away the information we hear and see. Some of the information is useful, some not. I saw this phrase the other day, that stuck out and registered something big in my brain. So big, I had written it down. It was something I needed to reflect on, something that might change my life. This phrase held something I needed to face...something big...I just could not face it...not that day!

Since then, that phrase has been bugging me...

I've had it on a little Post It Note in my schedule book and I see it everyday. I just keep shuffling it around all of the other "important" stuff I have to do. Every time I see it, I'm like, "Not today, can't face it", and I reshuffle it back to the bottom.

Well today, is the day ~ I'm going to face it. No longer am I going to push it back under the other things, that are "less" important than this one phrase. Now I have a burning passion to really look at this and analyze it ~ Once and for all....

And that phrase is....

(Holding Breath!)

"Do you have a story in your head about why you can't lose weight and achieve your health and fitness goals?"

Oh boy, do I have stories....I have some real ones that I've lived with for almost 45 years. Mostly the self talk of why I can't goes way back to my childhood - I have to tell you I am far from that time - no need to hang on to those stories anymore!! And I have made up some stories, some real whoppers, to keep me safe from doing the work I need to do to really reach my potential of what I was created to do. Easier to hide behind a ton of weight ~ no risk there, than it is to put myself out in the world and achieve what I'm SUPPOSED to do.

Do I really need to list all of my stories of why I can't do this? Do I really need to or want to drudge them up, once again...validate them again...relive them again? NO! I don't have to do that. You could probably write mine. I'm guessing we have a lot of the same ones!

Let me just list a few.....

I'm not worthy...

I don't deserve to be healthy...

My mom/dad did not like me...

I was molested as a child...

My parents got divorced...

My husband left me...

I'm not loved...

I'm not lovable...

My husband tells me.....

I don't have the support I need...

If I lose weight, I might not remain faithful to my spouse...

My husband likes me fat....(REALLY?)

I don't deserve it....

I'm too busy...

I can't do it...

I'm not that big...

If I do get healthy, I will be expected to do more...

I don't think I look so bad...

Fat Grandma's / Grandpa's are better...

I really like my armor of fat, I feel protected...

Being overweight is not a BIG DEAL...

I'm too embarrassed to go to the gym...

I don't look so bad...(At 274 pounds there were times when I felt tiny - WHAT A LIE!!!)

I don't know how to lose weight...

I don't have the energy...

I'm sick...

There are so many more stories I could list. But you know your story. You know what you're thinking. You know what you're holding on to and what's keeping you from achieving you health and fitness goals. I know mine!

The thing that I've been thinking about and what is bugging me is ~ Is my story true? Do I really believe it? Is it reality? Do I really want to hang on to it for one more minute?

NO!! My story is a lie!!!! I'm holding myself back! There is no compelling reason why I can't get this done. There is nothing in my way...nothing but me!!!

It is time for me to face this issue. It's time for me to put my old story away. I need to rethink the way I think about myself and I need to change my story ~ Forever!!

How about you? Do you need to change your story?

Don't forget to check out my guest post at Sarah's blog!!!

Keep focused!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guest Post

I am so honored that Sarah from Fat Little Legs asked me to write a post for her Healthy Living During the Holidays week. Check it out!

Be sure to follow her, you won't be sorry!! Sarah, is a wonderful person! She has lost over 100 pounds. She's healthy and fit and runs 5k's . She is such an inspiration to me!!! You will be Blessed to know her!!!

My post is scheduled to run tomorrow. My topic is about...Making the Holidays about People not about food.

Check it out!!

Oh yeah....and KEEP FOCUSED!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Walking the Talk!!

You have not seen me around lately because I'm doing what I'm always preaching about. And that is...

I'm taking care of myself!!!

Things have been nuts around here!!! A couple of weeks ago, I got this crazy idea, that I should bake and decorate cookies for the Portland Rescue Mission, as a Thanksgiving gift to the homeless and less fortunate people of our city.

Great idea!?!

When I had a meeting with our church group leaders and the leaders of the mission, they thought it was a FANTASTIC idea and they asked if I could make enough for all of the people who will come to the mission on Thanksgiving Day. And I said "yes". Ahem..."and how many would that be?"

Oh....about 500 people!!!

Can I just say YIKES!!!

Originally I thought I would make them myself....but the wise wisdom of my team and my hubby and of course God (who knew I could not do this on my own) decided I needed help.

So this has been a week long process. Last Monday I made 33 batches of dough, then last Thursday, I spent my holiday, at our church, rolling, cutting and baking the cookies. Fortunately I had 4 fantastic helpers and we whipped em out in no time at all.

Then the big day came....Saturday. There were four of us and we piped the edges of the cookies (which is basically creating a dam for the runny frosting), then we flooded the cookies (with the runny frosting) and then we put decorative swirls on each one. We were able to complete 320 cookies that day. Whew!!!!

Then Sunday we were scheduled to complete the rest. Unfortunately, one of my helpers cancelled and the other helper had been with me through the whole process and was looking a little peaked by this time. In addition, she's planning on preparing and serving 80 people for Thanksgiving (for the step up group from the mission). I could tell she was starting to unravel, so I told her I would finish it up myself.

No sweat right?

Well....Sunday, I bagged and put ribbon on all of the finished cookies ~ all 320 of them!! And then I piped, flooded and swirled about 80 more!!

Then Monday, I was back at it and bagged and tied ribbons on the 80 I did on Sunday and last night I frosted 44 more. And finally tonight I will bag em!!

I did not quite make my 500 cookie goal. But I think it's what God wanted us to have and I'm happy with what we got accomplished!!!

Hey, I did not really know how this was going to come around to weight loss, but here's something that just occurred to me.

Since January 2010, I have set two goals. The first one was, I wanted to lose 60 pounds from January to the first of September ~ for our sons wedding. Well, I did a great job, I put in a ton of focus and I really worked it, but I came up 10 pounds short of my goal.

Then after that goal, I decided that I needed to set a new goal. So I announced here, to everyone, that I wanted to lose 20 more pounds by Christmas.....

Crickets Chirping....

I have lost 3 so far and I have a month to go. I don't think I'm going to make this goal. "Sniff!"

Part of me wants to stop setting goals. I'm mean what's the point, can't achieve them anyway. Can't even do it with the cookies.

But here's what is just coming to me. I think it's necessary to set goals. I need something to focus on, to strive for. Then I need to do the work, do the best I can and then some. And then the rest is really up to God.

I was disappointed that I did not hit the first goal. But it did not stop me from feeling great at my sons wedding. He was so proud of me!!

I am disappointed that I did not get 500 cookies made. But you know that I have worked myself as hard as I can to get this done. Not to mention that I've worked a full time job, had family over to my house one day, gone to church and helped serve there...And I've kept my eating and calories under control, got my water in, exercised all week and got to bed on time each night. Did not let the stress of this whole thing take me down. I did what I had to do, but I also took care of myself!!! I put myself first!!!!

I am really proud of what I got done. I know that there will be just enough cookies for all of the people who come through the line for their Thanksgiving meal. I trust God, he knows exactly what we need. I trust that he won't disappoint those who need a little extra love!

So for this Christmas goal of losing 20 pounds.....Probably not gonna make it. But I'm going to give it my all, I'm going to keep pushing and keep focused on this goal. Who knows, I might just make this one happen!!

How are you doing during this busy season. Are you focused???

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Keeping Up

Just got back from my cardio class ~ I had a blast!!!
The class is packed with people of all ages. There are teenagers, young moms, older mom's like me, some really old mom's and one guy. I'm right in the middle.
I had a blast tonight because I was able to keep up with the teenagers, while some of the young moms and people my age could not keep up. That makes me sooo happy!!
My fitness level is increasing every day. I am pushing myself harder and harder and I'm really starting to see some results. My trainer weighed me today and said I was down 3 pounds from last week. I think her scale is whacked because I'm still holding at 221 according to my scale. Anyway...It does not matter what it says, things are happening, I'm losing inches and I'm feeling great!!
How about you. Is your fitness level getting better every day?
Keep focused!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reving UP

Is your calendar filling up? Do you have a lot to do and not enough day? Are already feeling the holiday stress? Are you sick? Are you tired? Are you already sick and tired?

If you said "YES" to any of the above. It's time to slow down, I know that a nutty thing to say, but it's time to slow down and "Evaluate" what's most important!
And that most important thing right now is "YOU"!!!!

Sure...sure, I know you have 30 people coming over to your house in a couple of weeks. Oh you're cooking your first Thanksgiving meal for your new husband and his "MOTHER"!! Yikes!!

Or maybe you're going through a tough time right now ~ your finances are tight, there is no money for a Thanksgiving meal...or there is someone in your family who is sick...maybe you're sick right now. Too much to face right now.

And some of us have Thanksgiving under control and have already moved on to Christmas. The frenzy has begun!!
Whatever it is...take some time for you. Get out your notebook and "STRATEGISE" the holidays. See what really fits into the festivities. If that thing does not fit, DON'T DO IT...It's OK!!! While you are strategizing, make sure you get your health and fitness onto the list!!
I have a festive notebook that I keep my "To Do" items in. I have numbered each 1, day 2, day 3 and as it goes until the big event. On the inside cover of the notebook, I list all the things that need to be done. Then I take those things and list them, in priority order, into my schedule. I probably have 25 things I need to do for my event. If I list "some" of them down each day, it does not make the task so daunting. It's very manageable. When I think of new things, I just put it on a day that I can "HANDLE" that item.
After the lists are done and I'm faced with a new day. I always make sure I take care of myself first. Up at 5:00am for exercise. I take time to spend with the Lord ~ praying and reading my Bible. I make sure I have a bottle of water and my breakfast and then I get ready for work.

On the way to work, I drink another bottle of water. During the day, I have a snack and water, a good lunch ~ Oh yeah, I work my butt off for my employer and on the way home I have another bottle of water.

After work is when I get the bulk of my "To Do" things done...and I always...well if it's out of my control I don't...but I always have myself in bed by 10:00pm or sooner!! I make sure I get enough sleep!!
Weekends can be nuts. Keep the same exercise, food and water routine. And for goodness sakes, don't stay up too late. Get your rest!!!

Bottom line is...if you don't take care of won't be good for anything or anybody. Look how bad off we were before we started all this. We don't want to lose any ground or go backwards. We want to get done, what needs to be done and do it without compromising ourselves.

For the first time in our lives, lets be stress free, organized, have fun and really enjoy the holidays.

We can do it!!

Are you with me?

Keep focused!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I get to be 49 today!

I get to be 49 today and I could not be happier!!! I feel and look better than I have in years. Probably in the best shape physically since I was a child.

Nothing but hope and excitement ahead!!

Have a great day my friends!

Keep focused on your health & fitness!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Celebrating & Still Losing!

It's my birthday tomorrow and for some reason, maybe this is the same for everyone, but when it's my birthday, it turns out to be a week long celebration!

This is what the week looks like so far. The celebration started yesterday with goodies at work and dinner and movies with hubby, I don't have any anticipated goodies coming in today, hubby is making a special dinner for tomorrow and I have a couple of lunch dates scheduled for next week - Phew!!

My strategy is....Just because it's a special day or time, it does not give me license to abandon my plan!! My strategy is...I am staying focused!!

So far I have had success and here's what made the difference for me ~ careful planning.

Yesterday was the start of the celebration and this is what I knew ahead of time. We were going out to dinner and a movie.

So I got up and did my usual time on the Treadmill, except this time, I added an extra 10 minutes and ran a little. Made sure I burned at least 200 calories...Then I planned my usual breakfast, snacks and lunch, not knowing that there would be birthday pumpkin bars at work. So instead of bowing out of this delicious goodness. I googled the calories, for the pumpkin bars, and replaced one of my snacks. I was totally happy and excited that I could still indulge in my birthday treat, fit it into my plan and have it without guilt!!

Then it was off to dinner. I tried to google the restaurants menu calories, but nothing was listed. So I relied on what I know. Instead of ordering a fat juicy steak or a huge pasta bowl, I opted out for the grilled halibut, veggies and no bread. It also came with about a 1/2 cups of pasta. I tried to resist, but it was just too wonderful! The flavors of everything together was amazing! Then of course, they found out it was my BD so they served a complimentary Creme Brulee. Now normally I would not be happy to do this, I would want my own, but I decided to share my delicious sugar with my hubby. He got the lions share of this deliciousness, but what I was able to get to my mouth was amazing!!!

After dinner, we were off to the movies. For the first time in my life, I went to the movie theater without buying popcorn, soda, or candy. It felt great to be satisfied and filled up enough, that not even the smell of the popcorn was enticing enough for me to overindulge!

Here's what happened next. So hubby and I are sitting in our seats in the theater. We are not eating or drinking anything. (Well I did smuggle in some bottled water ~ I know....bad, bad girl!!) Anyway, we are sitting there, the previews had not started yet, and all we could hear was paper ripping, chomping and chewing all around us. It was the most disgusting sound ever! Then the smell of popcorn, not the good popcorn smell, but this, I don't even know what you call it smell, came over the room ~ it was awful. I had to cover my nose with my shirt to help keep me from wanting to hurl. So I am sitting there looking ridiculous and I'm observing the people all around me. They were talking and drinking and cramming their popcorn and candy into their mouths so fast, it make my head spin. Hey I'm not judging....I used to be just like them. But as the outsider of this thing, looking in, it was gross and disgusting. Hubby and I both noticed this and were wondering how we had never noticed this before. I said, it was because we were just like them. We did the same thing. We were so busy with it, we did not even notice what we were doing or how we looked to others. Kind of like when you eat garlic with your spouse, you can't smell it on each other. But if one person eats it and one doesn't, it is offensive to the other person. Know what I mean?

Anyway, the group finally ingested their goodies and the theater quited down. It was a great movie and hubby and I had a fantastic time!!

Here's the real point. It's a celebration week. Yes, there are foods coming at me, some expected, some not. But each day I plan to do what I usually do ~ Keep meals within my calorie range, allow a smidgen of indulgence, continue exercising and getting my water in. Status Quo!

And you know what. If you stay on your plan, you will get your reward. My reward came to me today with another pound lost. I'm at 221!!!

I am finding that life can still happen and I can still lose weight!! The key is careful planning and staying focused!!!

What about you....Are you still losing weight during your celebrations?

Keep focused!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Plateau BUSTED!!!!

Finally after 2 months the scale has moved! I am down to 222.8!!!

All during the months of September and October I have been fluctuating between 225 & 224 pounds. I've done a ton of things right and made some mistakes. Attitude was kind of frantic and frustrated. Just a couple of days ago, I decided to change that attitude. I decided to just do what I know to do, keep fighting the good fight and look what happened.....The scale moved!!!!

Am I fired up ~ YOU BET!!!

Got to go, I have a date with my Treadmill!!!

What about you...have you changed your attitude?

Keep focused!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are you stronger than you think?

Every day I find out new things about myself. It's like when you go from an infant to a toddler, all of a sudden, the whole world opens up to you and you begin to explore.

That's what's happening to me, again!!

I don't know what happens in life, but it seems you go from a child to a teenager, so full of expectation and excitement for life. I remember thinking I could do anything I wanted to do and felt like I could conquer the world. Then I got married at 18 and had 2 kids by the time I was 22. Then the next 27 years of my life, I filled my time with being a wife and a mother.

Not really conquering the world, but definitely making a difference.

Now that the kids are gone, my world has opened up again and I'm able to explore.

Fortunately because I got smart and started working on my health, I have the energy to get out there and do things.

From the time I was about 30 until last January, I allowed my health to deteriorate. I had Hemi Facial Spasms, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, both knees and feet problems, chronic ear problems, iron deficiency, Endometriosis, Carpal Tunnel, bunions, sleep apnea, and of course I was 130 pounds over weight.

Because of my health problems and length of my sedentary lifestyle I forgot how to, squat, kneel, do jumping jacks, run, sit like a lady, and many other things. Quite often, I will do something and realize that I could never do that thing prior to January 2010. I was either too fat or too weak to do it.

Prior to last January, the best I could be was a good wife, good employee, good mother & grandma, and the greatest TV watcher in the whole world. That was me. That was the best I could do.
Now.....Because of the weight loss and my new fitness level, the WHOLE world has opened back up to me!! I am able to do so many things!!

Now I am a great wife, great employee, great mother, and grandma. Plus I can now be a good friend, volunteer my time, be creative, run errands, spend a lot of time on my health & fitness, do fun things and explore the world. I am having a blast!!!

Here's where the stronger than you think thing comes in....Every day I get a little stronger, every day I push myself to a new limit, just a little at a time. However, last Tuesday, I decided to try something new....

I think I've shared my experience with the Elliptical. Not a friendly machine to me. The first time I got on the thing, in just about 2 seconds I experienced extreme pain in my hip and could only do it for a short time. Then my AMAZING trainer kept after me to try it again. Reluctantly I did. That time I was able to do it for 5 minutes, still experiencing pain in my hip, but I did it. Then she asked me to do it again. This time for 10 minutes, doing intervals ~ 15 seconds at super speed, than back to normal speed. Well I did it and lived!! Whew!!

So last Tuesday, I needed to burn about 200 calories and I had a limited amount of time. I could do it on the Treadmill, but it takes me 40 minutes to get there. I searched out the other machines in the gym and realized that my salvation lies within my "NEW" friend ~ the Elliptical.
Without hesitation, I approached my friend, got on it, gave it all I had.....and I was able to do it for 30 minutes without stopping, without pain, sweating like a pig and achieved my 230 calorie burn I needed!!!
Do you think I busted a new belief barrier? YOU BET I DID!!!
I did not think I could do it. But I did!!
There are so many things in my life, that I "THINK" I cannot do. However, I am learning that when I change my "ATTITUDE" and set my mind to it. I CAN DO IT!!

How about you "Think" you can't do things? If so, change your ATTITUDE!!!
Keep focused!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Attitude ~ How's yours lately?

Is the stress of daily life, the holidays and this weight loss journey getting you down? Are you feeling a little anxious or agitated? Do you have uneasy feelings ~ maybe feeling a little edgy? Do you feel unnerved and snappy? Do you have the feeling that you want to run and never come back?

Me? Nope I'm doing great!!!

Not ~ I am feeling many of those things....
I usually have an easy going, "joyful" attitude. I just take what being dished out, make my lists, set to work and get the job done. I don't usually let things slide. But lately I have allowed the pressures of everything to get to me down.
When I go to this place, I usually shut down. Unfortunately I don't have the luxury to do that right now. I need to be on top of my game, focused and ready for whatever comes my way.
For the most part, I can't really change anything that is going on right now. I can't make things better or easier. The only thing I can do is change my attitude!!
So today, instead of feeling gloomy, stressed, angry, and frustrated that there is so much to do. I'm going to change my attitude. I am ready to take on the challenges with enthusiasm and gusto!! I'm going to get organized and prioritize my day. I'm going to get to work....make things happen....and I'm going to be joyful, happy, helpful, encouraging, successful and live this life to its fullest. It's my choice!!

No more grumpy pants for me!!!

We have a choice to make. We can choose to tackle our life with joy and enthusiasm or not. It's that simple.

How about you...How's your attitude?

Monday, November 1, 2010


Here are my weight loss and 10k stats....

Starting weight ~ 274 / BMI 47 (Morbidly Obese)

As of 11/01/10 ~ 224 / BMI 38.4 (Severely Obese)

19 Total Inches Lost

Chest - lost 4.5 inches
Waist - lost 5 inches
Hips - lost 4 inches
Right Arm - lost 2 inches
Right Leg - lost 3.5 inches

Would I love to be further along in this journey ~ YOU BET!!! But I have learned to love every baby step toward great health and fitness!! I don't take anything for granted!!!

I have come such a long way....From the best TV watcher in the someone who finally cares enough about herself to do what needs to be done to get fit and healthy!!! After 10 months, I'm still focused and excited about this journey and can't wait to get up in the morning to live my life!!

Just a couple of things I have got to do this year...things I never thought I could do!!!

1.) Rowed a Dragon Boat for over an hour and was not tired!
2.) Went swimming with my grand kids!!

3.) Went on lots of camping trips!!!

4.) Went on many bike rides and one day rode over 28 miles on one trip!! (And I did not even fall down!!!!)

5.) Can sit in an airplane seat and still have room on both sides!!!!!

6.) Participated in 2 5k's and 1 10k!!!!!!

7.) I can wake surf!!!!!!!

8.) Can shop in a regular store - Wearing size 16's!!!!!!!!

There are so many things to be excited about!! So many changes. I am really not the same person I was last year. I just keep getting better and better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for the 10k info.....This was my first one. Now mind you, this was a "Run"...Not really a walking event. However they allowed people to participate, even if they only wanted to walk. So out of the 20 - 25 of us who walked (cuz I could see them all - the rest of the pack left us) I finished at 1126 out of 1139. My official time was 1 hr 41 minutes!!

I think I did well for my first time!! I had a blast!!!

Just look at my happy face!!!

How about you...How are you doing on this amazing journey?

Keep focused!!!!