Monday, January 30, 2012

Are you thinking....or doing?

Joy it is not about what you's about what you do.......

You think you're an athlete, you think you are healthy and fit, you think you're following your health and fitness plan and doing exactly what your trainer asks you to do, you think you're a great Wife, Mother and Grandma (Baboo), you think you're a great housekeeper, you think you're a great employee, you think you are creative, you think you're a great neighbor, you think you are a giver......

You think...

You think....

You think.....

This is what you think.....But is it what you do?

How about you...are you just thinking about things or are you doing all you can to achieve your goals in life? Are you all you want to be?

Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking....Now it's time to do!!!

How about you....Are you with me?

Just do it!!

Keep focused!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Play this first ~ then read......

What a Wonderful World!!!

Been humming this all morning. I'm grateful to be a live and for all things I have.

Feeling a little better. Home all cozy and taking care of myself. Still have all the symptoms, but I'm hopeful to be better tomorrow!!!

Something I learned recently....In order to get to your have to have passion. While reading articles of others who have achieved big things in their lives, the common thing they all had was they had passion. I honestly have to say, that I have had a lot of passion for a lot of things. Usually these things don't have anything to do with me and what I want or need. It's always for someone else. It's time, for me, to put some passion into living MY life and accomplish things that are important to me. I'm going to be more passionate about my health and weight loss plan...more passionate about my marriage and family and finally more passionate about my writing (the novel stuck in my head) and for my crafts!

How fun is that?

Stay focused!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Well no wonder....

I have had a hard time this week getting it together. I worked out only one day and the rest of the week, I was home from work and into bed early. I have not been very productive. Well today, I'm down with a bug. Squeaky voice, sore throat, headache and congestion. I want my Mama!

Anyway, just knowing that I was fighting a bug, all week, gives me a little hope, because I'd thought I'd lost my mojo for working out. Thankfully, even though I'm not doing much today, I have a spark of excitement growing.....Just knowing that maybe tomorrow or the next day, I will be back in the game.

Honestly.....I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

Take care of yourself today...

Stay focused!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh my Goodness!!

I just heard something on Dr. Laura's radio program that so spoke to me. A woman called in needing help with an issue that has been going on for a while. She was unable to complete some certification for her work. She had been sabotaging herself. She's paid for the classes, she'd do the work, but then she would not complete the course.

Even though, I was not the caller and really talking to Dr. Laura and even though our problems are really different, I totally could apply this conversation to my own weight loss and fitness journey.

I feel like I've done an OK job with my journey so far....but in the back of my beady little brain...something is niggling at me and I really feel like something is stopping me from reaching my goals.

So here's the call....with me inserting my info and and my situation into the transcript....Read on to see how it applies and how maybe this new knowledge will help get me on the road to success.....

Dr. Laura: "Joy, welcome to the program."
Joy: "Hi, am I on the air?"
DL: "Yes you are Ma'am."
Joy: "OK, my question is.....How can I stop self sabotaging myself during my health and fitness journey?
DL: "I don't know what that means. Self sabotaging yourself...what does that mean?"
Joy: "Ummmm.....I've been on this health and fitness journey for over 2 years now and if I could quit sabotaging myself and get to business, I would be at my goal weight. I'm mean, I only needed to lose 124 pounds to begin with. I've lost 70 so far and I could be at my goal weight if I would quit messing around. I've put a lot of time and effort into the gym and eating well (most of the time), but I keep doing things that stall my progress."
DL: "Well you know that if you got to your goal weight, you'd have a lot more responsibility."
Joy: "I know."
DL: "Now think about that. That's important. If you followed through and got to your goal weight, you would have a lot more burden on your back and a lot more responsibility and some people find that scary."
Joy: "I actually love the added responsibility and I would love to be able to lose the weight so I could help others...."
DL: "No, no, no, can't say you love something that you are avoiding."
Joy: "Well I've been doing a lot of good things to work toward my goals, because ultimately, I want to help others with their journey to health and fitness, but I've just stalled myself out."
DL: "Yes, see you'd have more responsibility.
Joy: "OK"
DL: "Well what else would you have more of if you reached your health and fitness goals? People would have higher expectations of you?."
Joy: "That is true."
DL: "So, you'd have more responsibility and people would expect more."
Joy: "Yes"
DL: "Anything else that would change?"
Joy: "I'm not sure."
DL: "Well think a little bit....if you lose the weight, get healthy and fit, some things would change. What would increase is you'd have....More responsibility....People would expect more.... What else would increase?"
Joy: "I think that's all that would increase."
DL: "So lets look at what would decrease. If you lose the weight...what would decrease in your life?
Joy: "My fear!"
DL: "What else?"
Joy: "Disappointment from my family and friends....and co-workers!"
DL: "Uhuh"
Joy: "And I would have to keep my fitness up and not gain the weight back. That would be awful!"
DL: "No, that would be an increase!"
DL: "Ok, there's fear....and've disappointed other?"
Joy: "Right!"
DL: "Ok, I'm going to list 4 big things and you're going to tell me which one you are avoiding....and this is not going to be easy! Are you avoiding responsibility? Are you avoiding greater expectations on you? Are you avoiding disappointment of others? Are you avoiding regaining the weight?"
Joy: "Ummmmh?"
DL: "You have to pick one."
Joy: "Expectation of others....."
DL: "And that's the flip side of disappointment..."
Joy: "True"
DL: "So, on the one hand, people are disappointed with you and that hurts you. And on the other hand, if you lost the weight and kept it off, all of that would stop. So what would be a good reason to not let go of people's disappointments? How does that protect you?
Joy: "They don't expect me to get this done. I mean, I've tried many times, I'm sure they are waiting for me to fail. So...."
DL: "Which means, that protects you how?....It makes life a lot easier if you don't reach your goals. Life is going to get tougher if you succeed."
Joy: "Yeah, I know."
DL: "Sympathy will be gone....A lot of sympathy gone!"
Joy: "True."
DL: "See you are used to being "kind of a loser".
Joy: "Well sort of....I have had some success!"
DL: "Just listen to me, I said, "sort of a loser"'re "familiar" with that know how to play it. Being a success, the power that goes with it, the expectations that goes with it, the potential for failure that goes with it.....It's easier to just disappoint others."
Joy: " the past...."
DL: "We're not talking about what happened in the past. Because wherever you've been, you've left and you've returned to disappointing others.... because that is your familiar place."
Joy: "But I don't want to disappoint...."
DL: "It doesn't matter what you want....this is what you DO
Joy: "OK"
DL: "We all can say things....I want to be thin, I want to be fit, I want to write books...whatever it is. What we do, tells us what we fear and what we love."
DL: "Now sit and think about what is the worst part of getting more powerful and successful."

Commercial break.....

DL: "OK, Joy, you've had some time to think about my question."
Joy: "OK, the worst part about getting more powerful and successful is......If I fail, then my fears of being a failure and gaining all the weight back will be true."
DL: "Bingo! That's exactly right!
Joy: "Yep! Because if I don't try and get this done and then if I fail then I'm a loser!"
DL: "That's right"
Joy: "Yep!"
DL: "So I guess we should not try!"
Joy: "That's what I've been doing by sabotaging myself."
DL: "Yeah, it's a good plan, but lets do it without stalling your progress."
Joy: "I know....well I try, but I deliberately eat stuff I shouldn't or avoid my work outs, you know....I guess I just deliberately don't do it!"
DL: "Well you fake it with these other people. So they will think well of you."
Joy: "Yes!"
DL: "Here's the deal.....the first day that I went from a local radio show to an international one, it was over night. Friday was local, Monday was international. I sat by my phone over the weekend, hoping someone would call me and tell me they changed their mind. Because I thought, you know, if you fail locally, less people know about that than if you fail internationally. So I thoroughly understand as does every other human being reading this...that taking risks exposes you to some failure, some embarrassment...but it is the word "some". Because you have had enough life experience and you're smart enough that if you made some mistakes that wouldn't make you a loser and a failure, that would make you a successful person, who like everyone else, made some mistakes. I think you're assuming that it has to be all or none! You either have to be perfect at it or you seriously suck! And there's nobody you know, in a position of power, who has not goofed. Do you?"
Joy: "No"
DL: "Does that make them a loser?"
Joy: "Some do!"
DL: "Only if they don't learn from it and repair it."
Joy: "True!"
DL: "So if you make some mistakes, you'll go....Oops and you'll learn something from it and you'll repair it  and that's what makes a successful person, not somebody who makes no errors......About six years ago I was learning how to sail, and I was doing a race and we had to change a sail....there's one in the front and there's one in the back. We had to change the sail in the front. That's not my job is to steer. I'm supposed to pay attention to may job and ignore everybody else. Sometimes that's hard, but I'm getting better at it. And this guy who's had 35 years of experience hoists the sail up....upside down! OK...and I'm looking up and I'm thinking....that looks different! Laughing.....but I figure, I'm just a novice, I must not know something. I'm doubting myself, right? So I don't say anything. Well the guy who hoisted it looked up,  and said, "Oh, my God" and had that sail down and flipped over so fast it was amazing. And what impressed me was I did not think that he was a jerk or a loser because he hoisted it upside down....stuff shouldn't but it does! What impressed me was how quickly he knew how to remedy it! And that's what I remember from the story of how impressed I was that he knew what to do. So when you get your power and you get successful, you're going to make mistakes! And the big thing is, are you just going to collapse? Are you just going to hate yourself? Are you going to throw yourself out of the window of your mind? Or are you going to fix it?
Joy: "Well I know what I've already done, so I guess I will fix it then."
DL: "Yes...and you're going to join the rest of us who struggle."
Joy: "Oh...OK!"
DL: "See you've been thinking that there's something usual about you and there isn't! You're just like the rest of us. Scared..."
Joy: "Yeah.."
DL: "That's the think that you're alone. I mean I sat there...."I" sat there and hoped that somebody would fire me over night so I would not have to take the risk. But I tell you, I turned on that microphone and I felt wonderful, because I was in the position to help more people. It's all in how you look at it. But I spent the weekend with the same worries that you've had for decades. So I'm trying to tell you it's normal. What makes the difference is you excepting it as normal and moving ahead anyway."
Joy: "OK"
DL: "So, get your self back in the game, make some mistakes, learn how to remedy them and keep going up that ladder!!!"
Joy: "OK"
DL: "Because that will ultimately make you happy!"
Joy: "Yes!"
DL: "Being here does not make you happy....I want you to be happy!!"
Joy: "OK!"
DL: "So call me when you, lose the weight and reach your health and fitness goals!"
Joy: "I will!!!!"

Keep focused!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Are you Inspired? you need it? Are you looking for it? Are you inspired now?

Have you ever wondered how those who have gone before you found their inspiration? I suppose there have always been others around who could have inspired them. Just like today, with the wonderful tool of the Internet, we can Google up all kinds of inspiration with the tips of our fingers. In seconds our computer screen can be filled with hundreds, maybe thousands of inspirational messages, stories and tales from those who have gone before us. Believe me, I've sought out a lot of them!! And yes many inspire me...there have been people, inspirational sayings, posters, writings and advise that have helped propel me on my health and fitness journey. Truly without them, I may not have even started. So I am most grateful!!!

But yesterday, I was really looking for something to get me revved up.....and frankly, nothing was doing it for me. I was as blah and uninspired as I've ever been. Please know, my non-inspiration did not have anything to do with the people who's stories I read, because they are truly inspiring. What it had to do with....was me!

I guess I am just tired of looking for inspiration from others. Finally yesterday, I decided that instead of me always looking to others for inspiration....I decided that I wanted to be the inspiration! Not that I haven't inspired a person or two, but what I'm looking for is this.

There are so many people out there who have giant obstacles in their life, and when they put their mind to it, they overcame those obstacles and achieved amazing feats, that most would say was impossible!

So I'm thinking....yes I have obstacles.....and I have things I want and need to do. But today, even with the success I've had so far, I'm still hiding behind this wall of fat and I have been too afraid to really put myself out there to reach my goals.... to afraid to break the wall down....

I guess I've been searching for the next new phrase or comment, or suggestion that will help me to be willing to go to that next level. I think I'm still looking for the easy answer, or a sign, or something that will help me. But for me, the reality is....there's nothing stopping me from busting down all of those bricks in that very thick wall. I'm free to bust them down....I'm free to takes steps toward my goals....There is nothing holding me back...except me! The other thing's not going to be easy, yes I will have obstacles and closed doors....but that does not need to stop me. There is nothing stopping me from the impossible!!!

What I'm supposed to do is to keep pushing through, every day!! Doing all I can each day, not taking my eyes off of my goals. I'm to push forward...all the way...without stopping! My attitude needs to be that, nothin's stopping me! I'm going for it ~ TODAY!!!

I am ready to push down the entire wall...I am ready to do the work...I am ready to make things happen...I am ready to be the inspiration!!!!

The things you do today are an investment for tomorrow.

The greater the price you are paying, the greater the potential dividends you may receive.

If you want to know what your future will look like, find its pattern in the present.

Becoming a Person of Influence

 Are you ready to be the inspiration? Lets do it!!

Keep focused!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You were right!

I have such wise and amazing friends! On my last post I shared that after getting home from Austin, I had gained over 9 pounds in a week. Even with heavy exercise, good food choices and water consumption, I had a gain. I was really hoping for and pushing for a loss. Instead when I jumped on the scale I saw this disappointing gain of 9 pounds.

I was feeling really frustrated, mad and defeated!

Honestly I had a great week, last week, and I did not think I'd see this happen.

Well my wise and encouraging friends helped me make it through the day with all of their love and support and I am happy to report 3 of those pounds are gone ~ Just like they said they would be!

Getting back to my normal routine is awesome! I feel so much better and "in control" of things.  I had a great food day, drank all my water, did 5 minutes treadmill, 15 minutes jumping rope, 10 minutes rowing machine 30 minutes on the bike and  45 minutes of weight lifting. I felt great when I got home!

So happy to see that scale moving in the right direction!

How are you doing today? Are you working your plan?

Keep focused!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Bit Discouraged!

Being away from home is difficult for me. During my journey, I've had several vacations and been pushed out of my routine many times and I've never come back this off track!

I am up 9 pounds. Is this possible in one week? For those who travel, do you experience this?

Of ALL the vacations I've had, I was the most focused and determined to stay true to my plan. I had two flying days and 5 vacation days. The flying days only having access to restaurant or airplane food and during the vacation we had access to a grocery store, but was unable to cook anything in our room. We had some fresh fruit and yogurt in our room. I am so thankful to live in Oregon, our fruit and veggies are so fresh and wonderful. Even in the winter. The fruit and veggies in Austin were not good! Well at least they were not good at the hotel.

Anyway, I did not have a whole meal the whole time I was there. I halved everything and my Hubby and I either shared or I had the other half for lunch the next day. And a lot of our meals were salads, or a meat with veggies. No sauces, red meats (except one time) and very little bread. I only had two desserts (half servings) and a little candy.

I exercised 4 of the days during the week, not including all the walking at the airport for two days. Of those 4 days, I spent 4 hours the first day, about 40 minutes the 2nd day, 2 1/2 hours the 3rd day, plus we walked another 4 miles that day in the park, then the last day I was in there for 1 1/2 hours.

I drank a lot of water.

I even ate off of small plates. Were my half serving sizes still too big. Did not always look like it to me.

(I did have alcohol each evening - I don't usually do that)

So what happened?

What would have happened if I did not do what I did?

Frequent travelers....any thoughts?

Really disappointed. I never wanted to see 213 again. NEVER!!

I'm back at it today, but not very enthusiastically....

I guess I have a little motivation to keep going. Because if being focused like I was did not help me, what would I be like if I just let myself go...Geez, this is frustrating!

Here's a little Nugget from my toolbox...

Before you can proceed on any great journey, you must have a dream. 

The promise of the dream helps you take the first step.

The hope of achieving the dream keeps you going, day after day, even when you feel too tired, too sick, disappointed, or discouraged to take another step.

Source: Becoming a Person of Influence

Keep focused...rah rah.....

Friday, January 13, 2012

I got Tagged!!!

Tagged: I was tagged by Michele and Jessica! Thank you so much!! This is a fun way to share a little bit more about me and to learn a little more about some of you, too! There are a few rules about being tagged:

From Michele at Ruminations and Uncovering: Toward a New Me!

1. Post these rules. 
2. You must post 11 random things yourself. 
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. 
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer. 
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you've tagged them. 
6. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately have to tag 11 peeps! 

Here are my eleven random tidbits:  
  1. The freezer in our house is like a vault and I can't remember the combination. Anything that goes in there, I totally forget about. Great place for Hubby to store his stash of goodies. 
  2. I cry when watching sappy movies...sometimes commercials.
  3. Love the color purple.
  4. Want to go to Haiti to help with the earthquake restoration.
  5. Love gardening!
  6. Wanna row in the Senior Olympics (I'm old enough now)
  7. I was asked the other day if I was over 21....I'm 50! I asked my Hubby if the guy was just being nice. Hubby said, not sure, but take it as a compliment anyway. I did!!
  8. I pick up trash. A little OCD about trash. Makes me crazy to walk by and not pick it up! 
  9. I think my hair color is really brown.
  10. This must be a growing older thing...but I'm losing my eyebrows!! They are there, just really blond and short. I will be all pencil soon! Not sure if I can do the tattoo thing.
  11. Love love love my Hubby, Kids, Grandbabies and little bubs~My puppies Bentley and Beemer.

Now on to  Michele's questions:

1.    Did you play a musical instrument in school? Which one? Do you still play? I played the Clarinet in high school (for a short time), then learn how to play the piano. Of course, I quit playing. I really enjoyed it, might pick it up again.
2.    Do you collect things? What? I've collect Snowmen, Santa's and now I'm into unusual egg timers. I have a pepper, tomato, pig, owl, strawberry....looking for holiday timers!
3.    What was the last sporting event that you attended? High School football game.
4.    Have you ever seen brilliant night sky stars? Where were you? At Lake Powell while we were on a houseboat, we saw the most beautiful light show. There were so many stars it took your breath away.  
5.    What would a perfect day be for you? Every day that I wake up is a perfect day! Bonus days is when my Hubby and I sneak away to a coffee shop before work, get grand baby hugs and kisses, have an excellent food day, hiney hicking workouts, hard work, good books, making cookies....
6.    What is one of your latest book reads? What kept you reading it? Currently reading Kick-Ass Creativity.  Motivated to read it because I want to get my creativity fired up!
7.    What kind of pen do you use? Gel pens - purple ink :-)
8.    Apple or PC? Well I have a PC, but really really really want an Apple!
9.    What magazines or weeklys do you read or subscribe to? I subscribe to Taste of Home and Fitness. (Funny all about food and exercise)
10.  What satisfies you about the work that you do? I get to make a difference in young people's lives. I want them one day to sit on their front porch, rockin' in their rocking chairs and remember that woman (and I don't even care if they remember my name), but I want them to remember that woman who made a difference in their lives, with some little Nugget of Truth, that I was able to share with them. How cool would that be?
11.  What do you hope for yourself in one year? I hope to be down 35 more pounds, I am determined to get in that row boat! Want to have my novel started....or maybe done (wouldn't that be cool?), I want to get up on my water ski, want to run a couple more 5k's, want to incorporate time for my crafts, want to mentor women. 

Now, passing on the tags. Loads of you have already been tagged, so I extend the tags to the following blog author's and welcome responses from ALL readers of this (my!) blog:

with these questions:
1.   If money wasn't an option, what would you really want to do for a living?
2.   What is the one thing that you are really afraid to do?
3.   What brings you the most joy?
4.   What exercise is your favorite? 
5.   What is the one thing that pushed you to start your weight loss and fitness plan?
6.   What keeps you motivated?  
7.   Who inspires you?
8.   Is there anything holding you back from achieving your dreams? If so, what?
9.   Are you a hugger? When was the last time you got hugged? 
10. What would your perfect day look like? 
11.  Are you going to reach your goals? If so, what's your plan?

Here's the questions from Jessica....

21 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me!

I was so excited when Jessica from See How She Runs tagged me in her post 21 Random Bits Post! I love learning new things about my bloggy friends! Here are my 21 things..

1.) Got B's and C's in school
2.) Was on the swim team and was a really good swimmer in Jr & Sr high school. Got lots of awards and lettered 6 times.
3.) Taught myself how to snow ski by sitting on the mountain watching other people ski.
4.) Love flowers and butterflies.
5.) Would love to have a million dollars to give away!
6.) Would love to be a housewife and not have a full time job! I would have a super clean house, cook awesome meals for my Hubby, go to the gym, do crafts, volunteer and work part time at a craft shop or florist.
7.) I love to organize things.
8.) I'm not a shopper and would not know a bargain if it slapped me in the face! 
9.) My most favorite time of year is summer! I guess I love all seasons!
10.) Would love to live in a small town in the  mountains. Lakeside house would be great, with just enough sun to have a garden and fruit trees.
11.) Always wanted a horse. 
12.) I am not book smart at all...but very resourceful!
13.) I loved playing with my Barbie when I was a kid. I had a Barbie house, furniture, car, pool and horse. Of course, she had lots of clothes and shoes oh of course she had Ken!
14.) I love to play games ~ Dominos, Phase 10, computer games, Rummy, Apples to Apples, and many others.
15.) I have a treasure that I put way up in a tree when I was a kid. I would love to climb up there and see if it's still there. I can't remember what I put in the box, but I'm sure it's a treasure!
16.) I started my "Hope Chest" when I was 10. I was lucky enough to see it when I was older and got a look at the treasures I stored there. Oh my goodness! What was I thinking?
17.) My first dog when I was a kid was named Elroy. He was so mean! Used to bite me all the time.
18.) I will be married 25 years in August. Hoping to fit into my wedding dress. I can get it over my head and just past my shoulders....Goal is to lose 35 more pounds before then. I can do it!
19.) Being 50 is awesome! I feel better now than when I was in my 30's and 40's! (I don't really remember my 20's - too busy with my kids!)
20.) I actually went to the movies and did not buy popcorn, candy or soda. Amazing how much crunching is going on when you are not one of the crunchers.
21.) Really love to color.

Wow - that's it. My brain is mush!

I look forward to reading and learning more about all of you. Thanks for sharing a bit of your day by stopping by. Have a great day everyone and stay strong in your journey to be fit and healthy!

Stay focused!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Working Hard!

Had a great day yesterday. Spent a lot of time in the gym. Did 65 minutes on the Treadmill, 30 minutes on the bike and 45 minutes lifting weights. Here's what the gym looks like....

Here's a picture of me.....

That workout outfit is an original...I wore this when I was 274 pounds. At that weight the shirt was skin tight. Now it hangs on me and there's plenty of room. Still got big boobs ~ will they ever go away? Don't like em!! Sorry guys - TMI!!! (I will post a picture in my regular clothes soon)

Then when my Hubby got home we went for a walk in the park. We were gone for an hour and a half and walked about 4 miles. It was beautiful.

 Look at my inspiration...

SOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a great food day....well except for the piece of chocolate cake and ice cream (1/2 of it - Hubby got the other half)....well I am on vacation. It was delicious!!!

Unfortunately I was up a pound from yesterday. Ack!! Of course I was fully dressed and weighing on a different scale. Will be fun to see what my scale says.

Anyway, no matter what it says, I made the best choices I could with what I had to work with. I ate good food, moved my body and drank a lot of water!! That is success for me!

How are you doing?

Keep focused!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'm on the weirdest vacation ever!!! My Hubby is taking a class in Austin Texas, that's where I am today! It's so beautiful!

Anyway, as usual, I had my mind made up on how I was going to spend my time....Lounge by the pool, soak up some rays, shop etc. Except it winter here too!! Why did I think just because it's Texas it should be hot. Anyway, the weather is just like at home, so I'm in for most of the day. There will be no lying by the pool or catching rays. Drat....

So I had to switch gears. In my mind, I envision myself a different person. You know, someone a little more refined. Someone who listens to Classical music, reads the Classics. I'm a wanna be. The reality is...I think that radio and TV talk shows are the best and I read Christian murder mysteries. Humph!

So on Monday, I decided to change my perspective on life and see what it's like to do something different. So instead of having the TV on or listening to my podcast radio show, I would find a Mozart radio station. You know they have them on Pandora. I turned it on and it was just lovely. So that morning while reading my Bible, I listened to Mozart. It was kind of cool having back ground music, it seemed to follow the story line and it really made the reading much more interesting!

Then I hit the gym. I have always wanted to hang out in a gym and just do what I wanted to do, with no time limit and that's exactly what I did. I spent 65 minutes on the Treadmill, did my whole weight routine, including planks and push ups, then I did 30 minutes on the bike, did some stretching and then went to the pool for some laps, ending up in the hot tub!! Three and a half hours later I was done! I really did something I've always wanted to do and it was certainly different than my normal workout routine.

Then the rest of the day was spent reading blogs and working on my Bobybugg.  I don't think it's tracking my steps correctly, so they asked me to do another 30 minute walk, which I did. After that was done, they wanted another 30 minutes. I said, "Look lady...I've now spent 4 hours in the gym today, and I'm not doing any more. I will do it tomorrow!" Which she agreed would be a good idea.

We are staying at the Embassy Suites and they are doing major renovations on 3 floors below me. So every day between 12:30 to 2:00pm they turn the water off. Oh and of course, they are making tremendous noise from about 9am to 6pm. So my Hubby gets back from class around 3:30 or so, so after my workout, I thought I had time to get into the shower before he comes home. But nope...the water was still not on at 4:30pm. So I had to use wet towelettes to clean up. Thankfully I smelled more like chlorine than anything else. My hair was a wreck, but what can you do? We went to dinner and thankfully Hubby is willing to split everything. So we got a sandwich and a salad. I really had an OK food day, except we got a little bag of pistachios and we mostly ate the whole thing that night. Geez!

So after a great Monday, I thought I would repeat it again on Tuesday. Nope, not such a great day! I did not get up to read my Bible or to listen to Mozart. I spent a lot of my day working on the Bodybugg instructions...They wanted 10 minutes walking warm up, then 20 minutes on the Treadmill, then 10 minutes rest and then 2 hours of normal activity. I was still stuck to my room, because I could not take the armband off and of course there was no water for a shower.....Then after that I spent a good part of my day talking with the tech people, who were running diagnostics on Bodybugg. Still don't know if its working or not. I will find out in 7 days. Needless to say it was a wasted day for me. Also, I spent the whole day watching crime shows. Which did not really help my disposition! When I was done with my tech person, I went to get a shower and the water was on, but cold. Augh!! When Hubby got home, after a very short time, he said, has this noise been going on all day. And I snapped "YES". I mean yes....I have to admit it was getting to me. Then he made the great decision to see if we could move to a different floor to which they agreed. So we spent a good part of our evening moving and then we went to dinner. Again splitting the meal.

My food was not that great yesterday. I went to the little store and got a rice crispy treat and Rollos. I don't know why I did this. I guess I needed something familiar...something I could control.

I totally got home, had my healthy lunch and ate both of my treats...super fast!! Augh!

So my perspective showed me, that when I put myself first and do the right thing. Great things happen. I have a successful day, I feel good about what I got accomplished. When I choose to let my circumstances get in my way, then I fall back to my old habits, which does not make me feel accomplished or successful. Just makes me feel bad. Real bad!!!

So this morning, I got up and had my healthy breakfast and then promptly fell asleep until 9:00am. I thought, well since the morning is almost gone, I might as well turn on my crime shows, you know...give into the circumstance. I almost went there, but instead, I got up and turned on the A/C and got the room really cold -- that got me revved up! Then I got myself dressed, cleaned up my room, wrote this post and then I'm off to the gym. I'm going to do a similar routine as Monday, then if the water is on....which I hope it will be, I'm going to shower and I'm getting out of this room for the afternoon. I'll walk to wherever is safe to go to and I'm seeing some stuff. Then when Hubby gets home, we are going on a 8 mile trek around the lake. I guess there's a  Stevie Ray Vaughan statue he wants to see. Then it's off to dinner.

Hope you are doing something different with your health and fitness plan. Are you getting a new perspective?

Keep focused!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Fit With Room To Spare

I am on a plane right now - crying!!!!!! I have a window seat and I fit with room. I tried the middle seat to be sure and I can do it without leaking over the edge. Oh my goodness the journey is so worth it.

More to follow!!!

Keep focused on your journey!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Health & Fitness Journey Continues....

January 1st starts my 3rd year of my health and fitness journey and I'm still fired up and excited! I can't believe it!!! Never would have believed that I'd still be here at this time. I have never been this focused on my health ~ ever!!

Things I've accomplished these past 2 years...

  • Lost 70 pounds
  • Gone from sized 24-26 clothes to sized 14-16 ~ sneaking into 14's!! Shirts used to be XXL, now I can fit into my daughters medium sweaters.
  • I actually shop at more than one clothing and shoe stores. Possibilities are endless.
  • I exercise 4-6 days per week. I can walk for miles.....At one point, when I was so heavy, I had trouble walking from my car to the mall entrance. No endurance! I have participated in five 5k's and one 10k so far ~ running and walking! The last 5k I ran the whole thing without stopping!
  • I can run with my Grandbabies!
  • My life went from feeling almost bed bound with limited possibilities to a whole world of things to do. 
  • I track my food and calories. Still doing it - Never thought I could be so disciplined! 
  • Drink tons of water. Now I crave it like crazy!
  • I don't fear that I will break chairs and/or furniture. I don't fear that I won't fit in a booth or theater chair. I am anxious about the airplane seat (I'm going to Austin next week). I have not been on a plane for a long time, so I can't wait to see how it goes!
  • I actually got a coat for Christmas and it fit. That never happens. I always had to take things back. After a while, my poor Hubby quit buying me clothes for Christmas. Too disappointing.
So I'm looking forward to 2012. I have so many tools in my toolbox. I've been through this a while. I know what to expect from myself and my body. I know I can do better and push harder and this year, I am ready to do just that!!!

I am ready to jump in.  NO MORE FEAR!!!

How about you.....are you ready to get this done?

Keep focused!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Crossing the Threshold...

Do you have something you want and need to do?

Are you at the crossroads?

Is it either put up or shut up time!

If you are at that place and you're ready to cross the threshold and take a hold of life. Then let's do it!!

I'm am so inspired by those who overcome amazing things in their life and who succeed ~ no matter their circumstances.

I want to be one of those people!!!

And yet...I've refused to cross over ~ to take a chance!

Yeah....I've put my toe in the water, I've put my neck out a ways, I've opened the door....just a crack ~ only to jump out of the water, reel my neck back in and I've slammed the door ~ HARD!!!




Because why Lord?

I'm afraid!!!

Are you afraid? Are you afraid to take that tiny baby step toward an amazing life. I am....

Why Lord?

I'm afraid of failure.....

Are you afraid of failure too?

Lord how do I over come this?

Trust me first....And BELIEVE you CAN!!!!

Are you willing?

I'm willing!

Lets make this the best year ever!!!

Lets finally live the life we desire...lets try, lets be willing, lets take some risks (legal and healthy ones!!), lets reach our goals, touch lives, make a difference!!

We can do it!!!

Keep focused!