Friday, December 30, 2011

So you think you can't?

I have no words of my own....but I can share what I saw from a movie I just saw. It's called....Soul Surfer. If you want to be inspired to do the impossible....Watch it!

It's an inspiring true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack and courageously overcame ALL ODDS to become a champion again, through her SHEER DETERMINATION and UNWAVERING Faith. 

In the wake of this life-changing event that took her arm and nearly her life, Bethany's feisty determination and steadfast beliefs spur her toward an adventurous comeback that gives her the grit to turn her LOSS into a GIFT for OTHERS!!!

A quote from the move.... "I don't need easy...I just need possible!"

You can change you life!!

Are you ready for your possible?

Lets do it!!!!

Keep focused!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Gift

My Hubby and I rarely go to Starbucks for coffee. First of all it's too high in calories for me and too expensive, so we only go on special occasions or if I have a gift card. Lucky for us it was both. So this morning we donned on our workout wear and hit the streets walking to the coffee shop. Our round trip is a little over 2 miles and it's just a great time to be together and enjoy our beautiful Oregon weather. Today it was cold and crisp, the sky was blue and the sun was shinning. We were in great spirits anticipating all of our Christmas festivities that we were about to enjoy!

My Hubby and I ordered our drinks and found a cozy spot for us to enjoy our special treat. Of course we ordered thinking about our waistlines. I ordered a tall, "skinny" Chi Tea and Hubby ordered a tall "skinny" Peppermint Mocha - Yummy!!!

As I was waiting for my Hubby to bring back our coffees, I was just sitting in my comfy chair thinking about the many Blessings I have in my life. I could really feel the love of the Lord this morning and I was filled with joy!!

Soon my Hubby had our drinks and he was standing in front of me trying to figure out who's drink was who's and as he was handing me my drink an older gentleman came into the store and came right up to us. Without any word from him, he threw his hat on my Hubby's chair and started to get in line.

I simply said, "Sir, that is my Husband's chair."

Then the man snapped angrily at me and said, "Well I don't see him sitting there!!" I tried to explain, that he just got back with our coffee and he was getting ready to sit.

Without another word, the man grabbed up his hat and stormed toward the order line.

I was floored!! First of all, the man came in and did not assess the situation around him. He just bullied his way toward the chair. Secondly, he could have said sorry and found another seat. But no, he had to be mean and spoil my day.

Well after he did what he did, I called out to him....."Well Merry Christmas to you!"

That was when something came over me that I cannot explain......Without a word to my Hubby, I got up from my chair and went to the man. I said, "Sir, I am sorry, you can have my chair."

When our eyes met, I saw so much sorrow and pain. We made a connection that I cannot explain. It's like he transferred his pain to me....we exchanged something! Because he gave me a tiny smile and he said, "I'm sorry!.

I then said, "Merry Christmas", to his reply he said with a joyful smile, "Merry Christmas!"

Before I knew what I was doing, I grabbed my Hubby and we started back home.

The minute I left the building I started to cry....I had to really think about what the tears were about. Because I was so overcome I could not talk. It was one of those cries that hurt in your throat...You know when you get so choked up you can't talk. That's what it was like.

At first I thought I was crying because of the injustice done to me. Here I was enjoying a Christmas morning with my Hubby and this man spoiled it for me.

But after some time, I realized that I was crying for this man and his pain ~ I could feel it to my core. The other reason why I was crying was because we exchanged a gift. I was able to give him something that morning. I gave him joy, love...and compassion.

As we were walking, holding my Hubby's hand, I wept and wept.

Since I could not talk to my Hubby, I decided to talk to the Lord. He told me that this man's name is Charlie and that I should pray for him. That's all he told me....And that's exactly what we did!

So this Christmas day, would you please give a gift to my new friend Charlie? Please pray for his pain and sorrow to be released and for him to be filled with joy!!

I love you my Friends. Be kind and compassionate to those who harm you. You have no idea where they are coming from. Always expend a gift of love and compassion wherever you go.

Love love love you!

Friday, December 23, 2011


Take a good look at this picture.  Have you ever felt like this before? Do you feel like this now. Here you are looking firm, sturdy and in good shape....Even kind of shiny! Feeling good! Oh yeah, you've weathered the storms, fought the good fight and you've made it to your destination. You are ready for your purpose......

But have you ever thought of the journey to get there? To reach those goals? Maybe you are in the midst of your journey ~ you are in process...You are on your way....

Just like this fine desk. Before it was a desk it was once a tree. Can you even imagine what the effort it took to get to the finished product? Well first, we need some dirt, then a seed, then water and sunshine and time....plenty of time and patience. Do you suppose there might be some perseverance and some grit to weather the storms? How about being frozen, scorched, parched, lived in, rubbed up against and maybe even pooped on. Have you ever felt like that?

Well then after a lot of time, the tree is ready for harvest. The once majestic, is drastically cut down, hauled off in a truck to the mill, where it is debarked, cut up and whatever else they do to make a tree into lumber.

Then our once tree, now lumber, is off to the carpenter who crafts the raw material into a fine school desk.

Now look at the picture again. It is a really fine desk. Pretty cool!!

But not only did this desk have to go through the PROCESS of going from a tree, to lumber before becoming a desk. Once it was had to survive the batterings of life. I mean this ole desk was battered!!! Not only by the numerous amounts of kids who used it....but this desk was found, in November, by my Friend, who found it under a mound of rubble, in a destroyed school. This school is located in Haiti and this desk has been under the rubble since the earthquake.

My Friend said he was helping remove rubble from a building, where he found this now fine piece of furniture in pieces. At first he did not know what it was, but he kept finding more and more of the desk, and after a lot of searching and time and patience, he was able to recognize what it was and he decided to REBUILD the desk and RESTORE it to it's original state.

Can you imagine? That something that was almost beyond recognition has been restored!?!?!

You might be wondering what does an old desk that was reconstructed in Haiti have to do with weight loss and fitness?  

I not really sure either, but something is niggling at me....That old desk is like many of us. We were born and we grew into something beautiful, just like the desk. And just like the desk, we've weathered the storms of life, we've been battered, shook up,  and some of us, even destroyed!!! Look at some of our bodies. They are broken and misshaped just like the desk. Some of us are beyond repair, because of the choices that are made, the excuses that are used and the lies that are listened to. Others of us are in the PROCESS of being recreated, reconstructed....RESTORED!!

Just like that ole desk, it's taken time, love, care and patience for its journey from wholeness, to brokenness, to restoration....just like it's going to take time, love, care and patience for our weight loss and fitness journey. But if we are diligent.....we will make it....if we keep our focus on the goal and keep pushing forward no matter what.....we will reach our goals!!! We too will be strong, solid, beautiful, purposeful....RESTORED!!

We get to make the choice!

Keep focused

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Craziness is Almost Over!

One more tree to decorate...

A bunch of cookies to make...

Fifteen more Christmas cards to fill out and mail...

Some stocking stuffers to pick up...

A couple of more presents to wrap...

Christmas Eve meal to make...

Three bathrooms to clean...

One and a half days of work...



Still eating well, drinking my water and exercising. 

Down one more pound......

70 pounds lost!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo Hoo!!

Even with all of the busyness ~ you can still make a difference in your health and weight loss!! Don't give up and wait for the New Year. We still have time!!

Keep focused!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Loving the Season!

I am absolutely loving the Season! I feel so much joy in my heart, loving my family and friends. Just grateful for all the Blessings the Lord has given me this year! I am hanging on to every minute this season brings. So grateful!!!

Being at 205 pounds is such a Blessing. Yeah I know it's not 150 pounds, but I will soon be there! Last Christmas I was heavier and not as in good a shape as I am this year. Can't wait to see what next year brings!

Even with the busy schedule I am still working my plan. This morning, I was up bright and early and my Hubby and I went for a 4 mile walk in the crisp and foggy Oregon weather. It was wonderful being together and exercising!

Still striving to get more weight off before Christmas!! I can do it!

How about you? Are you still focused on your weight loss and fitness plan!


Keep focused!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Are you waiting?

Are you waiting for the New Year to get started on your weight loss and fitness plan? Or maybe are you coasting on your plan until the New Year or are you even thinking about quitting your plan until then?

Now is not the time to quit!! Now is the time to focus!

Even though my schedule is packed, my list is long, and my to do's are many I not waiting for the New Year to keep going on my weight loss and fitness plan.

The worst thing for me would be to wake up on January 1st and have to face pounds added back on. I would hate that! I'm striving to have a loss! I lost weight during Thanksgiving...I can do it again during Christmas!

I am working my plan in spite of everything else I need to do. I'm not stopping! I'm still exercising, keeping my calories at 1600 (using my small dishes - they work!!!), drinking my water and keeping a positive and joyful attitude.

You can do it too!!! I encourage you to make this December the best one ever! How cool would it be to wake up on Christmas morning smaller than you were last year? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!

There's still time to get this done!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Keep up the good fight and stay focused my Friends. Lets end the year with results!!

Keep focused!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Easy Fix???

I have found a wonderful weight loss tool that has really helped me. The sad thing is, that every time I share it, I get the deer in the head lights look. I can almost here the thoughts....Yeah, that works for you, but I'm not trying that. Nope not me!!! I have not had one person even say they were interested.

I bet though, if I would share a fun and easy fix to this weight loss problem, they'd be all over it.

I have been doing this new thing since the first of November and I've lost 10 pounds and maintained my weight through my Birthday, my Grand Babies birthdays, 2 Thanksgiving meals, several restaurant experiences, I've been exposed to sweet and goodies galore and I've even made some mistakes. And I'm still on track.

This is so working for me and I would love for someone else to at least try it. I would love to see if it will really work for others.

Anyone out there willing to give it a go? Any brave souls out there. Anyone want results?

This is what I did.....

  • I got two sets of beautiful small plates and bowls. See prior post..
  • On  my plate, I fill half of it with veggies and fruit, a quarter of the plate with protein and a quarter of the plate with grains. I allow myself a small portion of dairy.
That's it! 

I'm telling you, there is something about eating things from small dishes! I've even had terrible food choices served to me, but if I follow the order of the plate...veggies/fruit, protein and grains, I have not gone wrong!

I've tried this before. I used to eat my regular serving of oatmeal in our regular soup bowls. You know the size, it could fit 3 cups of cereal and milk before it overflows. Of course my oatmeal serving is not that big, it's the 1 serving size. Anyway, I put that one serving size into the regular soup bowl and there were times that I would get done eating that serving and I wanted more. I probably could have had at least one or one and a half servings more to be satisfied. 

Now I take that same one serving of oatmeal and I put it in my one-cup bowl and I'm telling you, that I have trouble eating the whole thing. Every day I struggle and sometimes, I just can't do it.

Every day after that meal I go away quite satisfied and you know what, I'm not even hungry for my 10:00am snack. I blast right past it to lunch. I'm just not hungry!!

Before I'd be eating my snack by 9:00am and by lunch, I would have eaten my whole lunch, plus my 3:00pm snack and I still would be hungry!!
Now I eat my lunch on my little plate. It looks full and delicious and I'm always satisfied. 

That's how I ate my Thanksgiving dinners. On my small plates. I actually lost a pound the day after Thanksgiving!!! I could not believe it!

Even at my company Christmas party, I asked the server for a small plate. I actually pointed to a saucer and she brought me a salad plate. I told her what I wanted to do and even she could not fathom what I wanted to do. Anyway, my meal came and I slide half of it onto the small plate and the other half into a to-go container. I had my meal and I was satisfied. I EVEN HAD DESERT!! Half of it hit my plate and the other half went home with me. I bet I still had 1000 calories for that meal. It was so heavy with cream and sugar. But the good thing is....I did not have 2000 calories!!!

I challenge you to at least try this. I really want to see if this helps others. I know it has changed my life!

Let me know if you are willing to give it a go. 

Keep focused!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Guest Post from Liz Davies

Fitness Encouragement for Cancer Patients
Those undergoing cancer treatments may feel like the therapy are more demanding than the actual disease. Treatments can drain their energy levels and make them feel lethargic all of the time. Other symptoms include feeling sick and nauseous. This is not the lifestyle that anyone wants to live so it is beneficial to know that there are ways to help lessen the effects. Exercise is a great way for cancer patients to reclaim strength and overall wellbeing.
Firstly, physical activity can help people by increasing their muscle and enabling them to become stronger. Often during chemotherapy and radiation muscle is turned into fat so it is important to combat this with strength training if possible. The added strength from doing exercises will allow patients to have more independence and show them that life can still be extremely fulfilling during this time in their life. Any type of physical activity gets the heart moving and blood flowing. The increased heart rate allows patients to feel less lethargic.
Not only is exercise beneficial for physical reasons but it also increases emotional well-being. An improved mood, decreased level of stress, increased self-confidence all help battle the common occurrence of depression that many cancer patients become susceptible to.
What are the best exercises for cancer patients? There is not a specific answer for that. It depends on the type and severity of the cancer and the level of fitness the patient is in. One type of exercise that is usually good for everyone is stretching. There are different ways of accomplishing this but Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga are common forms that can be changed for different levels of physical fitness. Increased flexibility is important to amplify blood flow and keep muscles and joints active. Another type of exercise that has in the past been avoided is strength training. Muscle is lost so strength training is very important. Types of this exercise include working with resistance bands or lifting weights. Even putting the household groceries is a way to keep the muscles moving in the body. As patients gain more energy cardio exercises like walking, swimming and running are found enjoyable and help manage weight gain.
Motivation is something that may be hard to come across during cancer treatments. Staying positive and setting goals are important ways to stay motivated. Small goals like walking around the block, taking the stairs instead of the elevator are even helpful and prove to themselves that the goals are attainable. It is important to choose exercises that will be found enjoyable so they will be easily fit into a daily routine.
These ideas and tips are ideal for people going through any type of cancer treatment, whether that is mesothelioma or pancreatic cancer. But as always when starting an exercise routine it is important to consult with a doctor or in this case a trainer that specialized and is certified in working with cancer patients.

Liz Davies is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer especially interested in health and wellness. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives because she sees how cancer has devastated so many people in this world. Liz also likes running, playing lacrosse, reading and playing with her dog, April. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I have had my share of computer problems for sure. Finally I got it back! I've had limited access to a computer, which has been frustrating!! So hopefully, this......Huge Piece of junk will continue to work. :-) and I will be on my way.

It's amazing how I've learned to become dependent on this thing for my weight loss and fitness journey. I track my calories & activity level, blog, and research things. I really need this resource!!

Health Update!

Doing great!! Finally broke through my plateau! I had gained 7 pounds back over September/October. It's amazing how fast that can happen! Looking back, I was struggling with the latest back injury during that time. Anyway on November 1st, I adopted my small dish routine and you know what? It's working!

For the first time ever I actually lost weight during the month of November. At the first of November, I weighed in at almost 215 pounds. On Thanksgiving day I weighed in at 205 pounds. Can you believe it?

I wish I could tell you the total calories I had for each day, but without my computer and Bodybugg, it was just too difficult....OK it was time consuming to calculate manually, so I don't know exactly how many calories I took it, but obviously a lot less!!

At Thanksgiving, my plate was 1/4 smaller than every one else! I did not walk away from the table hungry or unsatisfied. My clothes still felt great! I even had pie....It was just about 2 tablespoons worth, but in my little cup, it looked like a lot more!

Oh and the best part.....I had two Thanksgiving meals in two days and still lost weight!


Right now, I'm holding at 205. I had this brilliant idea......You know Pistachios are everywhere right now and I thought it would be great to get some.....And you know....Costco has this jumbo bag for just $ I got a bag! Well come to find out.....they are not just nuts.....but they are coated in salt and pepper! AND THEY ARE AMAZING! A couple of days ago I had some. The next day, my mouth felt awful and my body felt like I had gained 40 pounds. Of course....that did not stop me from having some more the next day. Not quite so many, but just enough and days later, I'm still struggling with the bloated feeling. So I'm drinking lots and lots of water. Hopefully things will get back to normal and I will start losing again!

Well I have so much more to say, but no more time!

I hope you are doing well and I hope you are reaching for your weight loss and fitness goals!!

Keep focused!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

May the Lord richly Bless you this Thanksgiving! May your home be filled with family and friends. May it be filled love, peace and joy! Be safe and warm!

Above all else ~ take care of yourself! Get you exercise in, drink your water, eat sensibly. Don't lose the ground you have taken! Keep pushing forward and keep focused!!

Love love!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What I Focus On...

I'm very visual, so if I can see it, then I can make it happen.

Example: When I was younger, I wanted to snow ski. I got everything I needed ~ Ski's, boots, poles, warm clothes and my lift ticket and I was ready to go. I looked like a million bucks, all decked out in my new duds! Without having a lesson, I went on the ski lift, not knowing that the area I was going to was for intermediate to advanced experts! Ah...that was so not me!! I had no business being up there because I was still struggling with the rope tow!

My friends that I went with skied before and they soon left me crashing and burning on the side of the mountain. I finally gave myself a break and tried to look pathetic enough for search and rescue to take me down the mountain. Unfortunately no one came to my rescue so I had to fend for myself.

After exhausting myself, I plunked myself into a snow bank and I began to watch the other skiers. From as far up as I could see them to as far down, I watched the movement of their body. I watched how they approached the moguls, how they bent their knees, used their poles, where they positioned everything.

Before long, I began to feel the "rhythm" of snow skiing. Once I got that into my head, I kid you not, I got up out of my snow bank, pointed my skis down hill and I was skiing!!! True story!!

So that's how I work!

Looking back I can see I've used this same technique in other areas of my life. Just never really thought about it. And unfortunately I kind of forgot about this, until recently, when I looked up one day and noticed my Focus Board!

I made this when I first started my weight loss and fitness journey. These were all of the things I wanted to add to my life. Some of the things I've never done before.

  • The athletic woman - That's how I see myself. Strong and fit!
  • The Dare to Dream - Is a reminder to me, that dreams can happen!
  • The picture of the bust and paintbrush - I so want to get my creative self back!
  • The words in the middle - Are just affirmations words about me!
  • The words about God - It says, "Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think about yourself." Romans 12:2
  • The butterflies - Well God spoke to me one day, using butterflies. This is my reminder of his promise to me!
  • The woman in the row boat - I still have the dream of rowing in the Senior Games (Olympics for old people) I'm of age now......
  • The women with the hat - It's about being a Woman of God!
  • The pen and the hand - I want to be a writer!
  • The woman on the ski - I so want to water ski again!
  • The word "Legacy" - I want to change my family tree and create a lasting legacy for my family....
  • The Sun - My mom always called me sunshine and to me the rays of the sun remind me how far I want to tough others. To the far reaches!!
Funny thing about this poster is, my Grand Daughter looks at it and says that the pictures of the women are me. She says, "That's you, Baboo!" (Her name for me!) She points to each one and says the same thing. So she's already seeing me there!!

I too see me there and some of these things are already happening! 

  • I am starting to see that athletic body!
  • I am dreaming!
  • I am getting my creative flair back!
  • God is transforming me!
  • God is keeping his promise!
  • I am a Woman of God!!
  • I can so see myself rowing!
  • I am writing!
  • I can see myself skiing!
  • I am building the legacy!!
  • And I am reaching other!!!!!
What I focus on is powerful!!! If you notice...nothing on the poster is looking back.....everything, shown, is pointing forward. Nothing negative.....ONLY POSITIVE!!

I'm on my way to making these things happen!!

How about you? What are you focused on?

Keep focused!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm focus!

Looking ahead for the day....I'm prayed up...I've got my food is ready, got the water bottles full, my attitude it in check and, today, I'm ready to make stuff happen!!!

This has been my attitude for the entire month of November. At the first of the month, I was logging in at 214 pounds tipping almost to 215 ~ Yikes!!

Focus, determination and just plain hard work is getting me closer to my goal. Today, I finally got back down to 208 pounds. I feel like I'm on my way again!
You know...if I work really hard and stay focused...I could almost be in "wonderland" by New Years!!!!Wouldn't that be awesome?

How about you ~ are you focused?

Just do it!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holidays are here!

OK are you feeling the holiday pressure yet? I was starting to feel it take me down. But instead I decided to get my self together and get focused!

In the past, this time of year, would give me license to do and eat whatever I wanted! Most of the time I would be totally out of my normal routine and out of control with everything....too tired, too stressed, would eat too much and of course spend too much! Over indulgence, in everything, was the recipe for this time of year!

Not this year!

Already I've got my plan in place....

First of all I have my holiday "To do" notebook. The book has two sections for November and December. Each section has a page for each day. Each day I add my list of things to do. When planning my schedule, I make sure that the list is manageable and that I can get each item done that day. I only reschedule an item one more day and I make sure to get it done. If I can't, then I evaluate if the item is necessary to get done at this time. If not, I either reschedule it for a much later date or eliminate it all together.

Part of my daily plan......I put the most important things on the list first!!!

I make sure that I read my Bible, exercise, journal my food, drink water and blog (either writing or reading).

I also make sure that I plan my food out daily and stick to my menu. That way, if I "CHOOSE" to have a holiday treat, I can work it into my calories for the day!

Just because it's the holidays, does not mean that I have license to blow my health and fitness plan!

Also, the other important thing I need to do is get ~ REST!!!

No movie, TV show, book or whatever, is worth not getting my rest. Without it, I am not worth much the next day.

Sooo instead of being frustrated and stressed.....Get busy and sensibly plan your holiday festivities. You will be so happy you did!

Keep focused!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Do you need a little motivation today to get off of the couch?

Having trouble getting your motivation to get to the gym?

Do you need a little nudge?

Well here's a little something I saw yesterday while I was at the vet...This might help!

I was sitting in the waiting room with my little dog Beemer, he was getting a vaccination. My total attention was on him, but in the background of noises and people talking, there was a ruckus going on. After this had been going on for some time, I finally directed my attention to this noise.

When I looked up, a woman as wide as a door was coming my way. She was coming slowly towards me, struggling with her purse and her two little dogs on leashes, one in each hand.  This poor woman was so large and out of shape, that she could only barely shuffle as she walked. I could tell that she was exhausted from her short trip from her car, which was parked right outside the door, to the waiting room. She was sweating, and huffing and puffing. The poor woman was on the verge of collapse. When she finally got to the bench, she plopped herself down, almost on top of me, because she did not have any more energy to move down a space to give her enough room to sit.

We had only a moment before my name was called and I was given my very excited Beemer. He was happy to see his Mama. Of course I was distracted from the woman and took my little doggy home.

While I as in my car, I was sorry that I did not take the time to talk with this woman. You see, she was about my age. We had that in common, oh and we had two dogs in common and of course we had a weight problem that we both share. I had my in...I could have taken the opportunity to help her or a least see if I could at least encourage her. Well I missed that opportunity and now, all I can do is pray for her..

Oh and of course, I can use this opportunity as fuel to keep me going and to encourage you.....We don't want to be this woman!!! We don't!! I remember struggling to walk 10 feet. I remember!! I don't ever want to go there again!!

So come on.......get your motivation....get to the gym....get your workouts done! Eat healthy today, drink your water and put on your winning attitude!!

We can so do this!

Are you with me?

Keep focused!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Small Dishes

I have moaned and whined myself silly trying to figure this food thing out. No matter how I tried, I could not get my calories to 1700 per day. My range has been 1700 to 2600! This is not helping me lose weight. I would always pack sensible foods for the day and would do really well, but by the evening, I would be too hungry and could not stop myself and that's what killed my calorie count for the day. So I decided to make a change. I got new "smaller" dishes just for me!

Aren't they cute?

I decided I wanted to try "smaller" dishes because I thought...if I need to have fewer calories....then I need to eat less. Having less on a big place was just not satisfying to me.  Here's the difference in plate sizes we have in our house. I used to use the big ones and fill them up....

Big difference huh?

This is what my breakfast looked like today.

I have to tell you...I was quite satisfied and very happy eating this meal. I use to have this very same portion size in that larger bowl and you know...I never walked away from eating this very satisfied. I always wanted more!! Right now, I am very happy and I had that bowl of oatmeal about 2 hours ago. Anyway...this is working for me!!

During the past couple of months I've struggled with my weight. I was up to almost 7 pounds gained. Since I started the small dishes thing. I'm back down to 208 pounds and getting ready to lose more!! Whew!

Once again, I'm not the first to think up this brilliant idea. I just got some really good information from my medical provider backing up this idea. Happy reading!


Here it comes – the time of year when we trade our regular jeans for that slightly larger, looser pair, so we can comfortably enjoy all the holiday feasts that the season serves up. Turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, pumpkin pie – who can resist? It’s no fun to say no, but after a couple of months of yes, even the comfy jeans start to feel uncomfortably snug. By January, we’re back to making the same old resolutions to eat less, work out harder and sweat the extra pounds back off. Is there any way around this yo-yo cycle?
There is one strategy that might help, and it’s the focus of our November resolution: this holiday season, instead of changing the size of your pants, try changing the size of your plate.

A resolution for the holidays, and every day

The advice is simple: Use a smaller plate, and there is a strong likelihood that you will dish up less, and therefore eat less – and you won’t even miss the extra food. Don’t buy it? There is a lot of research to back it up.
Brian Wansink, Ph.D., a researcher and writer on the psychology of food choices, has led a number of studies showing that the size of a plate, serving bowl or serving spoon influences how much people eat:
  • In his Super Bowls study, students at a party dished up snacks either from two large bowls or from four smaller bowls. The students who served themselves from the large bowls took an average of 53 percent more food and ate 56 percent more than those who dished up from the smaller bowls.
  • In a free popcorn study, moviegoers who were given free large buckets of popcorn ate 45 percent more than those who were given free medium-sized buckets. The size of the container made such a difference that even when people were given stale, bad-tasting popcorn, they still ate 34 percent more if it was served in a larger bucket.
  • In an ice cream social study, nutrition professors and graduate students were invited to a social event where they were randomly given small or large bowls and scoops and invited to serve themselves some ice cream. Those with the larger bowls were surprised to learn that they served themselves an average of 31 percent more, even though they believed and reported that they had taken no more than anyone else. The spoon size increased serving sizes, as well, even for those with smaller bowls. Those with both bigger bowls and spoons ate an ice-cream-headache-inducing 57 percent more than those with small bowls and spoons. If the nutrition experts can be fooled so easily, the rest of us don’t stand a chance.
These and other studies suggest that the amount we eat is often influenced more by visual cues – such as the size of our plate, or the amount of food we are served – than by how hungry we actually are. Some studies have suggested that you can decrease your portion size by 25 percent and feel just as full as you would with a larger serving – your mind and stomach can’t tell the difference.
So as the season of feasting begins, dish up – just use a smaller plate. By using a 9- or 10-inch dinner plate, rather than the typical 12-inch or larger plate, you will probably serve yourself 20 to 25 percent less food than you normally would, without even being that aware of it. That smaller amount of food on your plate will translate into good news for your waistband – one study found that the average person lost two pounds in a month, just by using a smaller plate for dinner.
Once you’ve made it through the holidays in the same-size pants, keep it up. Take these lessons and apply them to the rest of your meals and snacks – not just during the holidays, but every day. Switch to smaller serving bowls, serving spoons and cereal bowls. And when eating snacks, don’t eat out of the bag – measure out a reasonable serving, put it in a small bowl, and enjoy. You still may need to switch to a different pants size eventually – but chances are good that it will be a smaller one.
Are  you ready to give this a try?
Stay focused!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So much fun!!

My party was a blast!! We had a great crowd, great food, funny speeches, a beautiful facility, decorations and cake!! I had a wonderful and memorable time! My Daughter did a fantastic job with the planning of the party. It was a huge success!

Here we are. Isn't she beautiful?

As you can see, I still have a lot of weight to lose, but I felt great in my new outfit. Everything I wore is a stretch for me, but I think I pulled it off quite well!

Other highlights of the party....My guests brought me presents.....lots of them!! I got....

A Luxury plush blanket
A black cap
2 Jackets
2 Flannel Nightgowns
74 pairs of socks
10 tubes of toothpaste
Shave Cream
5 Toothbrushes
Plus $95.00

All for the Portland Rescue Mission!!

I can't wait to take everything to the mission. I am sure they will be Blessed!

On the weight loss front. Here it was my birthday and part of what I needed to do before my party was to go to the gym. Before I met with my trainer, I put in time on the treadmill, getting in a 5k (walking & running). Then my trainer came in and we did my whole weight routine, push ups and planks, in intervals of 45 seconds each, ending with 10 minutes on the Elliptical....Then I got to do it all over again. She kicked my butt!!! I reminded her that I was now 50 years old and I needed a break. She literally laughed at me and pushed me harder! Two hours later I left for my pedicure, which was wonderful!

I did my small plate thing during the dinner at my party and ate a small piece of pizza, a little bit of salad, one bread stick and two chips with dip. I did have a small piece of cake, but I did not eat it all. Wow who knew I could do such a thing, even on my Birthday?

I have to say that I've never been in a gym on my actual Birthday. I have to say, it was pretty cool. So glad I did it and very glad I kept my calories under control for the day. I actually lost .4 pounds the next day. Woo hoo!

Have you ever been in a gym on your Birthday?

Keep focused!

PS: I actually was able to down load the pictures from my new camera all by myself....Amazing since I can't even turn on my TV!! I'm a big girl now!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I get to be 50 today!!!

It's my birthday today and I get to be 50!! Can you even believe it? I can't! Time sure flies!!

This morning my Hubby asked me if I feel 50 and I said, "You know, I don't! I feel the best I've ever felt in my entire life!!"

This whole weight loss and fitness journey is so much more than just losing weight and getting a skinny body.  For me, this journey has opened doors that I thought would NEVER open.  I feel like I can do it all!! The doors are wide open!! I guess a lot of people feel this way after graduating from high school or college. I never had that feeling that I could do whatever I wanted or that I...could have it all. Never felt good enough or worthy enough to even try.

Today I feel that I can do whatever I want. Well I do have some limitations, so I can't really do all that I want, but I can sure go through the appropriate open doors to things that are unknown to me today. I can walk through and see what there is for me. How exciting is that?

And I don't know what's happened lately, but not only do I have my health and fitness plan in motion and things are working....but because of all of the organizational skills and dedication that I needed to get that part of my life in order, these same skills are helping me get organized and focused for the things I've always wanted to do.

We are having a big birthday party tonight (I got a new camera and I'm hoping that I will (remember) to take pictures and then learn how to get them on my computer...I know....I can't even turn our TV on, but you know what....I'm going to learn to do this) Anyway, I have asked my guests to not bring me gifts (I just hate the Over the Hill gag stuff). Instead of wasting money on that, I asked them to bring things for the Portland Rescue Mission. So I'm hoping we will have a truck load of stuff to Bless them with. How fun is that?

Sorry I got off of my point...not only did I help with this event, but I've also, kept my house cleaned, laundry is done, my legs are shaved........come on ladies, you know when you're really busy that does not get I the only one? Oh and my check book is in order, the bills are paid plus I'm taking two classes right now that have home work and on and on.......And I'm doing all of this in a very timely and calm manner...All because I took the time back in 2010 to focus on my health...and look what I've learned. I am so capable! It's amazing what good health brings!! I'm thinking of the energy I have, clarity of mind, hope for the future.....So exciting!!!

Of course, I'm not taking all the credit for this. I have relied so much on the Lord and His strength through this whole process and I know without Him and my very supportive family and friends, I would not be where I am today. I am soooo grateful!! THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!!!

So Friends, celebrate with me today, I am almost a my first AARP letter in the mail...It made me laugh! Can't wait for my discounts!!!!

Are you getting so much more from your health and fitness plan?

Keep focused!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I'm baaacccckkkk!!!!!

My computer has been repaired and I'm up and running. I tried the IPhone thing, but it just took too long to post things. Since my last post, I have been quite busy! Doing really good things, keeping focused and working on my plan.

You know, I've discovered this, and I'm quite sure that I am the first to realize this most amazing fact.....Anyway, I've discovered that.....

If you are working your plan for months or years and you are not getting any closer to your goal and if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and you keep getting the same results......Then what you are doing is NOT WORKING!!

Brilliant I know!

Example:  I set a goal to consume 1800 calories per day and without perfect planning...lately my calorie count has ranged from 1800 to 2600 calories per day. Do you think I'm losing weight? Ahhhh NO! Most of the time, I would look at my plate and say, "This is not a plate that a healthy fit person would choose! Maybe I should not eat this." Unfortunately, I would not listen to this brilliance and I would eat it anyway and then, guess what? No weight loss!

If I keep doing this over and over and if I don't make a change in my calories ~ I will not lose weight! I might even gain weight ~ Augh!

Another example.....Exercise. I have been exercising for at least 5 days per week for almost 2 years. Woo Hoo for me! I'm a lot stronger than I was when I started.....But I'm kind of stuck in the same place. If  I don't make a change and increase my efforts....You know work until I sweat.....I mean soakin' wet kind of thing....then I will never reach my fitness goal. If only I would be willing to do that...then maybe I'd be in a different place right now.

So far I've been at this for almost 2 years and when I started I had 125 pounds to lose. If I would have made better choices all this time....If I would have noticed that doing what I was doing was not really working for me....If I would have been willing to listen to my trainer, my Hubby, my Daughter, my body....I might be at my goal weight right now and enjoying maintenance.

Now I don't want to discount some of the good stuff I've done, I mean I have lost 66 pounds.....However, what I'm doing right now is not working!!!

I'm not progressing....

I'm stuck....

I've stalled out....

I need to change! 

So here's my plan.....

1.) I'm going to the store and I'm going to get new plates and bowls just for me. I want them to be pretty, but I also want them to be the size of a saucer and a cup. Almost kid sized. (I want a set for home and for work) For me....I have a big plate, I need to fill the big plate. I did this experiment last Thanksgiving, where I used a saucer instead of a dinner plate. I still did the 1/2 plate veggies, 1/4 carbs, 1/4 plate protein thing and I kept it to just one serving. The plate looked full and very appetizing. I ate it and I felt most satisfied. And you know what, I probably felt better than anyone else in the room because I did not eat too much. All in all, I probably had about a cup of food and it was enough! I should figure out the calories for a plate that size. Anyway, the smaller plate and bowl I use, the less food I eat...which means fewer calories!!!

2.) Next I need to get the crap out of my house!!! I've always allows some sort of sugar in the house...Well you know for the Grand Babies.....Anyway, my thought is that I need to discipline myself enough to be able to have sweets in the house. I mean why should I punish everyone else because I can't control myself. Does not seem fair....except for this is not working for me! The reality is....If it's in the house...I eat it and I eat a lot of it.  Except for when I put stuff in the freezer. It's like a vault for me. I put stuff in there and it's like I've lost the key and can't get back in. Last night, I was looking for a treat and my Hubby reminded me that we have cookies in the freezer. I said, "We do? What kind?" He told me that they are the Monster Cookies I made last month. I totally forgot about them......Well then, the minute he told me, I had to have one! Well OK...I had that one plus a bite from another one. (Can you believe I did that? Geez!) Anyway, I'm not in control with having sweets in my house. It's not working for me....sweets have to go!!!

3.) No more judgement or negative talk. No more!! I'm done with that!! Do you know....and I've done this before...where I've actually said something into existenace. When I was a kid I went to the pig barn at the State Fair and we saw these enormous pigs in their stalls. I came across another stall and all I saw was this vast amount of pink flesh lying in the stall. When I took a closer look, I realized it was a women, wearing short shorts, laying on a cot. She was huge!!! Probably the first really obese person I had ever seen in my life. (You know, back when I was a kid, the majority of the population was thin...very thin. I think I was the fattest person in my class until middle school. Then there was another one, just like me. Just two of us in the whole school) Anyway, when I saw this woman, I made this vow that I would never be like her and guess what....I turned out just like her....Maybe this was God's way of getting back at me for judging this woman. I don't know. It seems, when I'm critical of someone else, I get it right back on myself. So I'm not doing that anymore. I'm not judging others....I'm not speaking ill of others and I'm not speaking ill of myself. No more judgement from me. Well except, I saw this very thin person yesterday, and I quickly said, "Oh I would never want to be that thin"....Hee hee, do you think the reverse judgement will work?

4.) It's time to get SERIOUS about my exercise.  I am an athlete. I can do many things and this body is capable of more than I'm doing. I just need to be willing. And I think...I READY!!!

Anyway, my point is...what I'm doing lately is not working. I've been holding at the same place for months now and it's time to go to the next level. I ready to get the rest of this weight off. I'm ready to reach my fitness goals....I'm so close and if I really focus I could reach my goals by the end of Summer!

How have you been?

Keep focused!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Even Though!!

Even though my computer is at the shop - that does not have to stop me!! So I put my thinking cap on and remembered I can do this on my IPhone. I know I'm amazing!!!

Anyway...I heard some thing the other day that has been mulling around in my beady brain. And here is is.....

There is a difference between trying.... And doing!!! Just do it!!!

Think about it!!

Keep focused!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Surviving Injuries Series #6 - Perseverance

This is the last post for my Surviving Injuries Series. However, I think this is the most important part of the journey to restoration and good health. Without perseverance I would have never gotten through!!

All during the journey, while dealing with injuries, there has been a lot of emotions....A LOT!!! I've been mad at myself because I got myself so fat that I've caused my body to fail on me. I've been mad at my body, mad at thin and healthy people....especially the ones who smoke. That really makes me mad. I see these beautiful women, thin women...sitting somewhere puffing on a cig. NOT ATTRACTIVE and not healthy at all. I'm like, geez, if I was that fit I would never do that to myself. (I know...I know I'm sure people think things about me...but come on....smoking?.....)


Then there have been times that I've been mad at my trainer for pushing me so hard and of course.....I've been mad at God. I know He did not want me to be like this.....but He could have zapped me a little earlier to get rolling with the program. (No Lord....don't do it now!) Whew!

There has been depression, sadness, frustration, IRRITATION, stalled progress, stubbornness, and crying....lots of crying (Do you know that it is really hard to exercise while you cry? The mixture of sweat and tears is not a good the same time! Plus what do you do with a runny nose.....YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW!)

Anyway, lets just say there are a lot of emotions that go into this!


Have I thought about it? Oh yeah I have.

My reasoning is...I have pain, plus all of the above emotions now....and I had all of that when I was 66 pounds heavier....what's the difference. Pain is pain right? "So lets just quit so we can COMFORT ourselves with food". (This is me talking to myself......Bad me....Bad!!)

Fortunately the sensible me did not follow that dreadful advise. No I kept on with my plan.

I did not quit!

I listened to my body!

I made adjustments in my plan!

I adjusted my attitude!

I strengthened my body!!


Today I'm about 90% back to normal. I can do most everything I did before. A couple of things kind of give me some problem, but each day, I can do a little more!!

Here's a little information I found, not sure who it belongs to, but it helped me get through this injury...

Energy matches energy in this world. It's a law. It's stated in many ways...

  • Like attracts like!
  • What you focus on is what you get!
  • What goes around, comes around!
  • As ye sow, so shall ye reap!
You are an EXTREMELY POWERFUL person, whether you have figured this out or not. And you are always using your power ~ use it wisely!

If you want to change, you have to change your pattern or model of living that you learned in your life.

Because whatever you focus on is what you move toward.

So during this process.....I thought of good health, I saw myself active again, I saw myself thin, I focused on getting well and I changed a lot of things. And you know what? I'm moving forward!!!

How about you? Are you moving toward your goals?

Keep focused!

PS: My brand new computer is now going back to the manufacture today. I will have limited access to a computer. Not sure how long it will be before it comes back. No matter what is going on in your life right now, do everything in your power to reach your goals!!!

Love love!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Surviving Injuries Series #5 ~ Strengthen Your Body

I never knew how really weak I was before I started this journey! I used to fall....I used to fall a lot! Going up stairs, going down stairs...I'd fall while walking, sitting on chairs, and while carrying stuff. One time I was be-bopping outside one of my favorite stores. I had just found a great outfit and I was so excited! So I'm strutin' my stuff back to my car and the minute I stepped off the curb, I fell flat on my face.

Another time, I was coming out of a store and I was feeling all benevolent and wanted to "help" out by carrying my packages so no one would have to retrieve my cart. So I decided I would gather all of my packages, on one arm....this is Christmas time, so I had a few......and my car keys in the other hand. So again, I'm struttin' to my car and just left the curb and all of a sudden I fall. This time, I fell on a glass bowl. The only thing I was worried about were my keys, oh and I was in the middle of the road, but my car keys flew across the parking lot and I did not want anyone to get them. I guess I was already in shock. Anyway, I try using my arm to get up and it feels all funny and wet. I look down and I see a gaping hole in my arm and blood is gushing everywhere.  I landed on the bowl, cutting my arm and a small artery!

You can see why I have a little phobia about shopping...

When I called my Hubby to ask him to come get me from the hospital he wanted to know why I could not drive myself...why did I need an ambulance to come get me. When I told him I cut an artery and they would not let me drive, that kind of calmed him down. When he went back to the store for my replaced packages, he was shocked by the amount of blood that was covered in kitty litter.


Other things about having a weak body. I did not know that my legs were so weak. Carrying extra weight and weak quads does not help your knees. That's most likely why I had my knee problems in the first place, then when I started exercising like a wild woman I aggravated the problem. The physical therapy tech advised if I would get more weight off and get my quads stronger this would help my knees and he was right!!!

Again....I was told if my core body was stronger, I would not have had this problem with my back.

So the bottom line is.....there are so many reasons to strengthen you body....

Because I'm stronger I've stop myself from falling. I cannot tell you the number of times that I've caught myself before falling down the stairs. Had I not had the strength I have now, I would have fallen. There's only been one time that I fell and that was this summer while I was carrying my grand baby. I had her in a football hold with one arm and I was walking along. The next thing I knew I was on my way to the ground. When it was all over, my daughter kept asking me if I was OK and I was like, "forget about me, how is the baby?" My daughter let me know that she was OK but she was worried about me. Apparently, I lobbed my grand baby away from me and did not fall on her. She suffered no injuries. Because I was strong enough, I was able to get her out of danger and I did not fall on her and crush her!

Because I'm stronger my knees don't hurt.

Because I'm going to get a lot stronger, I will avoid more injuries in the future!!

You know the thing I worry about I get falling and breaking a hip!! That scares me!!! I want to get this body in shape so this does not happen to me!

How did I get stronger?

First of all. I listen to and do what I was told by my physical therapy tech and my trainer. I also listen to my body. I work hard in the gym ~ consistently. I push myself and keep pushing my body to the next level. I do what I can and most importantly....I never quit!!!


How about you.....Are you strong?

Next up ~ Perseverance!

Keep focused!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Surviving Injuries Series #4 ~ Attitude!

Well first of all....I don't know if you've noticed or not....but attitude has a lot to do with everything! Our attitude matters in how we handle things at home, school, work, with our families and friends, especially how we handle our weight loss and fitness and then importantly how we handle injuries.

Now I've been all over the place with this!! When I got my knee injury, I was told by the physical therapy tech that I would never row or run. My attitude was..."Oh yeah? Watch me!!" and I did it! Then I got the chest wall contusion...that was just a blip on my radar. Kind of a nuisance mostly.  Then my knee started acting up again, kind of worrisome, but I kept pushing through. Then it was the tennis elbow injury. This injury kind of set me back. I'm like what the fig...Will I ever get a break? I could tell then, that my attitude was slowly going in the dumper.

Then came September...yet another injury...and frankly the depression set in. All the other injuries, I was sure that I would heal from and carry on. But for some reason, I thought this was the nail in my coffin ~ literally! I thought...."I've got back problems now....I'll never hurts too much to do what I need to do....I've got to stop my journey....there is no hope". PATHETIC I know!!

But you know something. I heard this statement from a radio program of this young woman who was born without arms. She was a determined little thing. I did not hear her whole story, but do you know that she does all kinds of things. She is even a pilot....she flies airplanes...without arms!!! Now she's traveling the world telling her story. She's amazing! 

One statement I heard from her that helped change my attitude about my situation....Here it is.....

"It's our choice to use what we are given....and we have the choice to use it in a positive way!"

It's our choice. It is my choice to pick myself up and do what I can and use this situation in a positive way. 

That one statement helped snap me out of my depression and I changed my attitude.

This ole back problem is not holding me back!! I am not quitting my plan and I am moving forward. I'm pushing through!!!

How about you....are you pushing through?

Next up ~ Strengthening my body!!

Keep focused!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Surviving Injuries Series #3 ~ Adjustments

Obviously with just have to take the time to recover. And when you are takes longer....At least that what I seem to be experiencing lately!

So while I'm waiting...I just did not give up and not continue on with my journey. Nope!! I had to make adjustments.

There were days when I could only do my physical therapy exercises because of the pain. I could not beat myself up for that, that's all I could do. Then there were days I could walk and I did it. I have been able to lift weights and jump rope...on a good day. I do what I can!! But I've not given up!

I am not very organized with my blog...unfortunately, because I wanted to reference back to a post (but could not find it) about this person that I noticed in the gym. All I saw was a silhouette of a person in a darkened cycle room. This person was peddling with all their might. When I got closer, I realized it was a woman on the bike and she had her hand in a cast. You see this athlete, did not let her injury stop her. No she just made an adjustment.  She pushed through!

The other thing that needed to be done was I needed to reduce my calorie intake. Seems I could not have the same calories as I did when I was doing higher activity. I had to shave off about 300 calories just to stay even. Fortunately I have not gained anything during this injury period. I have not lost any either.....

Each day...if I allow myself to rest, adjust my exercise plan and lower my calories I have a little success. I'm feeling better and getting stronger!!!

Next up Attitude.....How to push through!!!!

Stay focused!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Surviving Injuries Series #2 - Listen to your Body!

If your are like me, you hear the cry of everyone else's needs before you hear your own. A lot of how I get myself into trouble is I don't hear the first pang of pain. No I hear it when my body says, "I'm not going anywhere!!" This even happens with illness. I feel a sore throat coming on and I just keep pushing until it's the full blown in the bed, sick for 3 days deal.

When what I should have done is to listen to my body and taken care of myself....EARLY and before it blows into a real / major problem.

So when my back first started hurting....I got my first jolts of pain...but I did not listen...I just kept pushing through my workout. Then after that it was a flurry of activity to get ready for camping. So here I have a small pain in my back and I'm lifting heavy boxes, bending, twisting and doing everything I should not have been doing. Then the whole week, I'm lifting and toting my grand babies everywhere....ALL GOOD THINGS....BUT WHAT I SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING IS TAKING CARE OF MYSELF AND RESTING!!

The neglect of myself has turn into almost 2 months of pain and physical therapy. And a big fat delay in my fitness program.

Right now I don't think it was worth it. A couple days and maybe even a week of rest most likely would have helped me a ton!! I know what I did do, pushing through or more like bull heading my way through, did not help me!

So I'm learning to listen to my body.

I'm even starting to think about the following.....

  • Got a headache ~ Take an aspirin
  • Got a cut - Put on a band aid
  • Sore tooth ~ Go to the dentist
  • Need a hair cut & color ~ Get it done!
  • Need clothes & shoes ~ go shopping!
  • Hungry? ~ Eat something
  • Full? ~ Stop eating!
I need to keep asking myself "Do you have a need? If so, do something to take care of it". Looks like I need to listen to more than just my body. I need to learn, if I have a need.....I can and should take care of it right away. No more putting myself on the back burner. I'm important and deserve to be taken care of!


How about you do you listen to your needs? Do you do something about them?

Next up discipline & attitude!

Keep focused!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Well Duh!

Can not help myself. I will not be posting the next item in my Surviving Injuries Series ~ Listen to your body! This will follow shortly....

What I want to talk about today....because this seems pressing to me! that....

It has come to my attention...that if I keep doing the same thing over and over....

and then....

I keep getting the same results.....


I know it's coming.....

then it seems quite obvious that....

what I'm doing....


That's where the DUH comes in!!!

So what this means to me is....

  • Obviously the calories that I'm taking in are too many and I don't have enough variety.
  • Obviously all of the exercise I'm doing is not enough....not hard enough...
  • Obviously my attitude it not on track
Things are not work!!!


What does that mean?



So that's what I'm going to do.

More to follow...

Keep focused!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Surviving Injuries Series #1 ~ Don't Quit!!!

Injuries happen....They just do. For me prior to January 1, 2010, if I got an injury I would quit any health and fitness program I was in. I tend to get a lot of injuries. Prior to my focus on my health and fitness I had shin splints, leg cramps, feet problems, back problems, and of course the Hemi Facial problem. Plus all kinds of ailments and pains. So each time something would happen I would quit my program.

Since I've started my health and fitness program, that wonderful day in 2010, I have still experienced some injuries......

March 2010 ~ Knee Injury...Chest wall Contusion...& Feet Problems....
November 2010 ~ Tennis Elbow...
December 2010 ~ Back Pain...
September 2011 ~ Back Pain...

The good thing is...I have not quit!! I'm still here and I'm fighting to get well!!

A while back my trainer said, "You know, all athletes get injuries." I was really taken back by that, first of all, because she thought "I" was an athlete! And second of all, I did not realize that this happens to athletes. Never thought about it.

It even happen to the greatest well trained and fit athletes of all times. So I was wondering who is the greatest athlete and what happened to them ~ what kind of injuries did they suffer?   According to Greatest athletes of all times, Michael Jordan is their number 1 pick. According to their source and after doing some research, I found that Michael broke his foot the 2nd year into his 18 year basketball career.

If this athlete would have quit because of that injury, he would not have been able to go on to do...


  • Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2009
  • 6-time NBA champion: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998 (all with Chicago Bulls)
  • NBA Finals appearances: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998
  • First team: 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998[8][9]
  • Second team: 1985[8][9]
  • First team: 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998[10][11]
  • Runner-up in 1985


This is to only name a few things he did. I also think he played baseball and probably accomplished many other things!!


What if I quit now? Geez I have had way more injuries than him. I think the only other thing, that I could find quickly, is that he suffered from a knee injury (which I don't doubt).

Thank goodness he did not quit!!!

Thank goodness I'm not going to quit either....Because even though, I may not be the athlete that Michael is, I still have some things that I need to do and accomplish. If I quit, I will never get there.

So I am fighting to survive this injury.

Next in the Series ~ Listen to your body!

Keep focused!!