Monday, September 16, 2013

Onderland ~~~ Finally!!

I finally made it. Today I weighed in at 199 pounds. I cannot tell you the last time I was at this number. It was many...many...many years ago. I mean years ago! I've been waiting for this number for a long, long time. Last year I got close. I made it to 200 pounds....then the last 6 months or so I slowing gained 15 pounds back and then I hit a plateau. So frustrating!

Finally - The extra 15 pounds are off and I'm now in new territory. I'm in Onderland!!!  So excited, I can't even believe it!!

Well now...I have a new focus. My next goal is to get to 189 pounds. So amazing!!

Oh my goodness that is so foreign sounding to me. OH MY GOODNESS!!

Oh...yeah..I forgot. I've hit another milestone. I've lost 75 pounds so far!! So awesome!!

I finally feel like I can make this happen! I still have a long way to go, but I'm more than 1/2 way there. Oh...My...Goodness...oh my GOODNESS!!! I'm going to do this!! I'm going to get this done!!

I am sooooo jazzed!!

How about you? Are you reaching your health and fitness goals?

Lets do this!!

Keep focused!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No Matter What!

You know you can do many things if you put your mind to it. (Not all things, but many!) Even exercising while camping!!

See me!!

Yep that's me. Geez, I need to get a better bra!!!...Anyway, I decided to get back to my regular exercise plan, even while on vacation. I took a 36 minute walk, I lifted weights, did lunges and squats and jumped roped. I have to say, I have to practice with the jump rope, not very good at it....YET!!

Even though I've lost 13 pounds and I'm at 202 now, I still look like I did when I weighed 215. Geez!! Hopefully it's just the ginormous t-shirt I had on.

As well as exercising, I stayed on my diet plan and lost another pound (Even on vacation!!) ~  13 pounds so far!!

Feeling a little better now and I have a little more energy. I got back to my treadmill yesterday and I thought I would just walk two miles and ended up running the whole thing. Felt great!! are you doing? I hope you are reaching your health and fitness goals!!

Keep Focused!!!  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Almost there!!!!

Yesterday I was at my daughters house.  First time I went somewhere where the food was out of my control. ( I did have my secret stash of appropriate foods.  Just in case) We had gotten to her house around 5:00 and I found out that my daughter and Son and Law had eaten a late lunch. So they were not quite hungry. But I was starved. So we scourged around her fridge and I found some chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and some fat free salad dressing.  I was good to go. Sad thing was there was only enough for one so I got the good stuff. Everyone else had grilled cheese sandwiches.  

After dinner we got the kids bathed and settled down with a snack. I had both of my granddaughters on my lap and they we chewing on two gummy Starburts and a tiny cup of Gold Fish crackers.  They both kept saying you want one Baboo?  That's what they call me. Anyway I kept telling them no thank you I'm good.  But they kept asking.  At the time I was both wanting some and repulsed by the smell of them.  Thankfully I opted out and did not spend any calories on that!!

This week I was down 2 pounds. 11.6 in 3 weeks.  Almost to wonderland!!!!!!

How are you doing?  

Keep focused!!!