Sunday, January 6, 2013

Is it an Issue of the Heart?

I heard someone talking about goals yesterday and they said something that really made me stop and think. They said, "That sometimes, when you are unable to reach your goals, it could be an issue of the heart. Huh?

You how sometimes you will hear something, that you may not even really understand, but it hits you right in the heart?...It kind of niggles at you until you take the time to stop and really think about what you heard. Ever happen to you? Well this was one of those times for me.

So I began to think about that. Hum......what issues of the heart do I have that may be keeping me from my goals. Well.....

Stinginess? Did not really think that's I'm stingy, but after playing this game on my Ipad I really began to see that I am quite stingy! I not going to tell you what the game is, because it's fun....really fun and a time sucker! So I'm not recommending it - - you and me...well, we have other things to do. Anyway, this game is one where you make things, sell things and give things away and if you don't have what you need, you hope someone will give you something. So here I am hoping I get stuff, but unwilling to give stuff. IT'S A STUPID GAME....THEY ARE REALLY NOT EVEN TAKING ANYTHING FROM ME AND I'M STILL UNWILLING TO GIVE STUFF AWAY!!! 

Another example of stinginess....When I go to the gym, I am the most closed up person ever. Here I tout that I want to help people with their weight loss and fitness journey....but when I'm at the gym, it's all about me! I don't really talk with anyone or try to make friends.

How about when I'm driving....STINGY!!!!

Stinginess is an issue of my heart!

Stubbornness... Unwillingness? I've been going to Weight Watchers for 8 weeks and I have not been willing to figure out the program. I've been working out with my trainer for almost 3 years and I'm still unwilling to take control of my own fitness. Nutrition! I've seen a Nutritionist and know what to do, but I'm unwilling to do the right thing. Church....Praying....reading my Bible....Unwilling to really dive in! Cleaning the bathrooms....well lets not go there!!!!

Stubbornness and unwillingness are an issue of my heart!

Commitment? Not really willing to go to the next level with my weight loss, running, weightlifting or other fitness activites. Just not willing to commit!!!

Lack of commitment is an issue of my heart!

Gluttony?  Don't even need to go there. I'm all over that!

Gluttony is an issue of my heart!

Pride? Oh yes, Pride is an issue of my heart!!!!

So I have some issues of my heart....these are just a few and I'm quite sure there are more!

But you know what.....Just since yesterday, with just a small willingness to explore this issue and having a willingness to give back and surrender....I've already seen some things happen. And there's another thing....something really sweet...something that I can't exactly explain. But with my shear WILLINGNESS to TRY to SURRENDER, even just a little, I've had a feeling, or an expectation  or excitement, of something that is telling me, that if I keep this up, the whole world will be open to me. That things will really begin to happen!!!! That the fruit of my efforts will be greater than when I was not taking care of these issues of the heart...

Couple of examples of things that have happened, just since yesterday....When I gave freely in my game. I got back more...And all my needs were met and I'm making friends - lots of them!!.

When I was at the gym yesterday, I encouraged this older lady to try and do push ups for her fitness assessment. She said she could not even do one and did not even want to try. I encouraged her and let her know that this was a baseline test only and after our fitness challenge is over in 3 months, that I'm quite sure she would want to know this information to see how well she improved. I advised that if she did not know how many she could do today, then in 3 months she would not see her improvement. So she decided to do it and you know what she did 5 push ups!! I could see her pride and excited gushing out of her. So proud of her!!!

While driving I've been letting people in and sharing the road. I tell you, I have a lot less stress and it's kind of fun Blessing people in such a small way!!!

These other heart issues....I can see that I need to work on them. Already in such a short time, with these small things that I've done, I've experienced this wonderful release (!?!) or whatever this is and I'm EXCITED to put the attention onto the other heart issues. I know some amazing stuff is going to happen!! So excited!! 

More to follow!!

Do you think you have an issue of the heart when it comes to your health and fitness?

No Fear!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Who Stole Yours?

When I first started losing weight and working on my fitness. I was having a blast ~ It was fun!! And you know with my new enthusiasm and success. It was!

Then a so~called friend told me that losing weight and getting fit is NOT fun, and that, I too would soon learn that this was true. She said, "Oh you just wait!"

You know....she stole something from me that day. Because since that day, this journey has not been as much fun...I have not had the enthusiasm I once had. And you know what? I've not had the great success I had when I thought it was easy and fun!


Then the other day I heard this on the Dr Laura Radio show. She was talking to a caller and I wrote down everything she said....except I changed the wording as if  I'm talking to myself...

Deciding something in advance usually limits me.
My decisions limit my body and my mind.
If I decide I’m not good enough or I can't do something.
Then I will prove myself right!

If I decide that this is something I want, like it's my next breath…
then I will push toward it!!!

When I first started my health and fitness plan...I had decided that is would be would be easy and I would have success. When I thought that way....I proved myself right!!

When I let someone steal my good and healthy idea about this journey away from me, then, I started thinking about what she said and then I decided it was hard and frustrating and I would never make it to my goal. And guess what!!!! Right now I'm proving myself right!! I stuck in a frustrating plateau, I'm not having fun and this is not easy. And I'm definitely not feeling very enthusiastic about my journey!

So I'm taking it back!!

I've decided that this journey is is easy and fascinating!! Do you know if you look at this like a scientist and keep trying and testing and doing and going forward...You will find the right mix for you and you will have success. I've done this in the past. I've lost over 60+ pounds (used to be more but I was listening to my defeated friends advise and I was going backwards) NOT ANY MORE!!!!

Losing weight and getting fit is something I want. I do want it like I want my next breath. And I am pushing towards my goals....EVERY DAY!!!!!

How about you....Did someone steal something from you.  Something you need for your success? If so, take it back. TAKE IT BACK NOW!!

This years mantra.....NO FEAR!!!!!

Now get out there and lets get this done!!

No Fear!!!