Sunday, December 30, 2012


In the past 2 months, I've had 4 significant falls. One just today. First time I fell off of a step ladder. I thought I had all four legs on the driveway...instead I had only 3 legs on firm ground and with that I fell off of the top step, onto the concrete, landing on my elbow and ribs.

Next fall...I was walking down the stairs at work. I just let go of the handrail and I fell from the third stair from the bottom. I fell on my right knee, onto concrete again!

Next fall....Again I was on the top step of a step ladder (you'd think I would be more careful) and I just took a step back and fell right to the ground. This time, not on concrete, but I took a hard enough spill.

Then today, I was innocently on my way to put some bird food out and I took a step toward the stairs on my deck and I did not realize how icy it was and I fell down 3 stairs, landing with my back crashing into the stairs.

I tell you all of these falls hurt....a lot!!!! But you know what? I did not get hurt. No broken bones or permanent damage. Just a little aches and pains!!

I also know that if I were not in good shape and as heavy as I am here....

I do know that I would have had some serious injuries!!!

SO if nothing else.....getting fit and thinner helps in more ways than just what shows on that scale.

Keep up the great work my Friends. We've got this!!

Stay focused!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A glance back to 2012

It's hard for me to measure success....well, it's hard, because I've put so much emphasis on the scale that it's hard for me to really see the good things that happened this year.

I did not lose the 50 pounds that I wanted, but I did come in 5 pounds less than last year. For a lot of the year I was down around the 200 mark and did not break though to 199. Unfortunately during the fall time, I lost my way a little and had gained about 11 pounds back. I did come to my senses about mid November and I've gotten 6 of those pounds off. Yes even during the holidays!

Just a couple of pictures to show my progress. Sometimes I even forget how far I've come!

Other 2012 highlights!

First off my son is OK. He ended up...because of his POOR DIET of fast food, with an enlarged gall bladder. It actually caused him to faint! He went through a bunch of doctors visits, tests, scary moments and about $5000 to find out that fast food is not good for him. Ouch!! I think he's learned his lesson and is changing his life. Too bad it takes most of us an major event to happen before we will change our lifestyle.

I got active in 2012! I started running about mid February. OK it's a military shuffle, but at least it's faster than my normal walk. I started training for my first 1/2 Marathon that was to be in May. That was my only goal. Well I did do that event, plus three more 1/2 Marathons, one 8k and four 5k's for a total of nine running events from May to December! My pace time, when I first started, was an 18 minute mile and I ended up with a 13 minute mile. Not too bad for a newbie!

I got my toe wet a little with rowing. I took my first Sweep Row class this summer. I did pretty well and found that I'm a competent rower. I loved it and will be taking the next class this next summer.

Another fun thing was I finally got up on water skis!!! I was so excited to finally be able to do that!! I was also able to surf like a wild woman!! Such a fun thing to do!!

Last winter I completed a fitness challenge at my gym. I did not win, but I got a lot of time in at the gym and on the treadmill. I definitely moved a lot this year!

I think that's it for the year!

Really looking forward to 2013.

Time to Re~Boot my life!

Stay focused!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good Health is Important!!

Before I got myself under control, I had no problem with eating fast food. I remember thinking, well a hamburger is just bread, beef and veggies and fries, well they are just potatoes with a little oil. Oh and soda, of course the real thing is bad, so I would have diet. How bad could this be?

Well.......It's bad!!!!!

Yesterday, my son passed out. He was fine one minute with no pain and the next thing he knew he was waking up in an ambulance with severe pain in his stomach.

He's a big guy, maybe fifty pounds over weight and he eats primarily fast food and lots of soda and its not diet.

He found out that his gall bladder is enlarged and it's due to eating high fat foods.

He's 30!!!

I've been telling him for years that he needs to change his diet. He tries for a while, but gives up because it's just not convenient to eat healthy.

Now guess what....he gets to eat bread, rice, crackers and applesauce for now until he sees a specialist. He feels like his world has fallen....and he's not sure he wants to get up!

Anyway, at this tender age of 30, he gets to dive into the world of health care to try to remedy the damage that he has done to his body.

All of this because of convenience and bad choices.

He's known for quite some time that he needs to make a lifestyle change. I figured it would take a life changing event to get him into action. Hopefully he will listen to this one and make some changes!

He's just like me and maybe many others.....we waited until something drastic happens before we made a change. So sad that we did not make our decisions before damage is done.

So....He's off to the specialist today. Hopefully he will hear that this is repairable. Hopefully he will hear that he needs to make some changes. Hopefully he will make those changes!!

Our lives are so precious. One day you are out doing what you do and the next thing you know, you're laying in a hospital bed. I rather be there from some epic accident while running or rowing or having fun, than to be there because of the foods I eat or the carelessness of my choices.

Anyway, are you waiting for your wake up call???? Or are you ready to get your health in order today?

Lets do it!!

Keep focused!

Monday, October 8, 2012

My Journey So Far....

May your journey be filled with roses!

If I had only known how much energy and time it takes to lose 125 pounds, I would have never started this journey in the first place.  Because it's just too daunting, overwhelming, time consuming, frustrating, frightening, and scary! 

All those things are true for me, but on that fateful day back on January 1, 2010 something happened...Even with my fears, I decided to give it try anyway. I was going to make some changes in my life!

How it worked for me was really quite simple and easy. I just simply broke down each thing I needed to do, on the journey and started moving towards my goals of good health and fitness! One baby step at a time!! I did not incorporate every thing that I'm doing today all at once. I just took one thing at a time and then I focused and stayed determined and kept reaching for my goals. Oh yeah....and I had a plan!

First up!

I had to decide to try!

Once that happened, then it was just about making small  healthy changes ~ EVERY DAY!

At first, I decided to take just a year to focused on my health.

Then the next thing I did was to journal my food. (All of it) Just journalling what I ate - no calories. (It was shocking and eye opening to see what I really ate each day)

At the time, I had a lot of other medical problems. Lots of them! And I decided that those little things needed to be included in my goals to great fitness! So I worked with my doctors and we got each thing taken care of. Success!!

As I started to feel better, I had more energy to do more towards reaching my goals. I started exercising. It was mostly walking on my treadmill, stairs etc. Each day I would increase my activity level, always recording my efforts in my journal. NEED TO KEEP TRACK OF STUFF ~ So important to see my progress!

As time went on and as my knowledge increased about health and fitness, I started adding new things to my daily regiment. Not only was I logging in my food in my journal, I started counting calories, then I increased my activity level, started drinking my water, started blogging my journey, I learned how to over come injuries and set backs. I just would pick myself up each time and kept pushing forward. Then as I got more confident I eliminated things that were bad for food, soda, sweets. Another important part, of the process, was I formed my "team" to help me on my way. I got a personal trainer, nutritionist, doctors, family, friends, accountability partner, blogging friends and of course the Lord to help me with all aspects of the journey. I can't do this on my own!!

The coolest thing is....I set out to only focus on my journey for 1 year. But after that one year came and I lost 50 pounds, I decided that I was not done and I wanted to keep going. So I did. I'm now in this journey for 2 and 1/2 years and I know, that I have about 2 more years to get the rest of the weight off. Seems soooooooo long, but in reality, time is going by anyway and I am in no hurry. I want to do this the slow and normal way. No surgeries, no fad diet plans or crazy stuff. It's just sensible eating (low carb/fat), exercise and focus. I'm telling you it works!!

Also, because I'm losing weight so slow, I don't have to deal with  too much loose skin. Bonus! 

I guess the bottom line is.....Losing a significant amount of weight....takes time, effort, determination and grit!! Just knowing that...really knowing that, it helps to take the pressure off. Helps make the journey more fun. The extra time, it takes to lose weight, also helped me learn why I allowed myself to get to this place, it helped me really learn how to eat healthy, how to exercise, how to recover from injuries, how to work through disappointments and frustrations and setbacks. And the more you do something, it becomes a habit. It's just what you do!!

Another thing.....What worked in the beginning does not always work as you go along, I have had to tweak and modify my plan all along the way, which takes the monotony out of the journey. Keeps it fresh and interesting.

Now the new thing that I'm working on is. I have always wondered why I can give 100% to my employer, but when it comes to me, I would always let myself down. I mean I go to work even if I don't feel well or if I'm bored, sad, happy, well fed, over fed, tired, excited etc etc.... But when it comes to me and my personal needs, I will let all of those things (feelings) derail me from my goals. I could never understand why I do this....well what I've come up with is......I never ever ever put any type of emotion or feeling into whether I go to work or not. It's just what I do. My feelings don't interfere with whether I get there or not. I just do it!! I mean, if I treated my employer like I treat myself, I would be fired! For sure!!

I realize that I put EMOTION & FEELINGS into other things that are important to me and my health. Such as, I put emotion on to my food...I look at my food, like it's my best friend. I put my emotions first when deciding if I want to go to the gym or not. I allow my feelings to stop me from doing the right thing. If I'm too tired or sore, or bored or whatever, I will not go or do the right thing. Instead of just remembering that there is no feeling about going to the gym or doing the right thing. It's just what I do.....Every day!

You see once you start the journey, you will discover all kinds of cool and amazing stuff out about yourself. Not only stuff like I was talking about above, but also, you will find out how strong you really are. I cannot believe the things I can do now. Before I started my journey, I felt like I was 3 minutes away from being bed bound. I just could not move my body. Now I can run and walk for miles, squat, stand for long periods of time, I can jump rope, do jumping jacks, lunge, water ski, surf, roller skate, bike, garden.....and the list goes on and on!! Not only that, but I'm strong now. I used to fall a lot, because I was just not strong enough to stop myself from falling down. I mean I have a 3 inch scar on my arm from when I fell onto a glass bowl! I just did not have the strength to stop myself. Now I catch myself all the time. Think what that will do to help myself when I get older!! No broken bones for this gal!!

Other benefits......Normal cholesterol, lower blood pressure, no diabetes and on and on!

So even though the journey is hard, sometimes frustrating and long suffering, it's the best decision I've ever made. Because you know what? I'm worth it and so are you!!

So that's my story. The journey's not over, it's on-going and I will press on and reach my goals!

How about you...Are you willing to try?

Keep focused!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lost my way...

I'm in the weirdest funk that I've ever been on this journey. While I'm not doing EVERYTHING I KNOW I NEED TO DO....yet still maintaining my weight loss...I find myself kind of lost and unsure where and what I need to be doing. Still eating healthy, for the most part. I'm drinking water, barely journaling my food, exercising, running mostly, but just the bare minimum to be able to run my race on the 21st of the month.Obviously I'm not blogging like I should....I'm not even reading anything, well anything that would be helpful for my weight loss and fitness journey.

I know those who have been with me, all this time, are wondering what I'm up to.

Just like when I look at someone and see potential all over them. I want to say, and sometimes I do, that if they would just focus, just do what they need to do, and be consistent, then they will be the person they were designed to be.

I'm sure my loved ones are thinking the same thing for me......If only she would get this done......

Things have changed, my employer is no longer paying for my trainer. Though the trainer costs are reasonable, I still am not able to pay for it. Since I lost my trainer, I've not lifted weights. I'm taking a row class, which takes 2 nights away. It's exercise, so that's good, it's just different and out of my ordinary schedule. I've been super busy at work and even had to work late many days. That throws me off and makes me tired. Wah wah wah.....There's so much more going on. Lets just say, right now, I have a serious lack of motivation, time and money. Nuf said!

Anyway......even though I have all of these woes. It does not and should not matter. That even though...whatever it is...I still have other options and things I can do, for my weight loss and fitness journey, until my schedule is normal again.

My lack of motivation!!!

Until I read a post from Choosing Joy. Do you know her? If not, I recommend you get to know her. Talk about Nuggets of Truth. She's got them and she unloaded a truckload of truth today. Her post titled "If you want to be great, act great" spoke to me in ways, that even I don't quite understand. Let me just tell you....That it fired me up!

And it's true. I have the power to change my attitude right this very minute. Ten minutes ago, I felt defeated and frankly, I felt like a big fat loser...not in a great weight loss way, but just a loser in this journey.

Now because of this post, I'm reaching to be great....not just thinking about it. But I'm going after it!

You can to!! Do you want to be great? Act great!!

Keep focused!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Don't ever quit!!

Sometimes things happen or your circumstances change and it makes it harder to press on with your journey. These things can make the journey too hard, too frustrating, to discouraging....making you just want to give up!

I would encourage you not to do that.

Because sometimes things are not what they seem!!

When I ran my last 8k, I truly felt like I could go no faster. I tried soooo hard to stay with the fast pack and they just blasted past me. For so long I was running by myself and with nothing other than the pavement to think about, I started thinking about why I'm doing this?

I'm not fast enough to keep up and I'm slower than snot!! I could not see how my training was helping me when I can't make this body do what I want. And then when I came in and checked my time, I saw that I had an 18 minute mile, I really struggled with why I'm doing this. This race had the worse time ever!!! (I mean I could walk faster than that!!)

I struggled all day to hold back tears!! I so wanted to fall off of my running plan. I mean why keep training, why keep pushing my body to exhaustion, why waste my time anymore on something when all I'm doing is going backwards? So frustrating!!

I had to sit with this for a couple of days, until the race final results came in.

So I'm sitting on the edge of my seat and I open the website and found that I came in at 13 minutes per mile. NOT 18 miles per mile!!

I think that's one of my best, if not the best race time ever!!!!

I knew I was working hard, for me, and I knew I could not give any more. To work that hard and think I came in at the worst time ever was tough, but to come in with the best time ever is so encouraging!!

So here's the thing......Even if I did have the worse time ever.....That is no reason to quit!! Even if my circumstances change, things get harder, more frustrating...whatever....That is no reason to quit!!

Do you allow your circumstances or situations to bump you off of your plan? If you are tempted....don't do it. Because a Blessing is just around the corner!! Keep fighting!! Keep pushing!!! And never EVER GIVE UP!!
Keep focused!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Workin' it together!!

How cool is this. So this morning I'm on my treadmill running my fastest 5k ever ~ 13.68 minutes per mile. Wow that blasts out my 18 minute mile on  my last 8k!! Hey I'm working this thing and I want to get faster. Looks like I can do it!! So fun!!

Anyway, I'm running along and in comes my handsome hubby all decked out in his bike gear. He's been riding his bike to work every day!! Such a stud!

He's working towards riding the Seattle to Portland event next year and I'm working towards the Run Like Hell 1/2 Marathon in October.

So fun getting fit together!!

How about you? What are you working towards?

Focus on your goals!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Row Class

Oh my goodness. I loved my class!! It was even better than I had ever imagined!! The boathouse was easy to find and they had free parking (Which is great because these are things that I worry about. Dumb huh?). Anyway, the evening was perfect weather wise. Unfortunately, we spent most of our time in the boathouse learning stuff. We got the run down on the boat parts and how they work. I never realized how long they are. In the water, it's hard to tell that they are 40 feet long. We learned how to row on an Erg Rowing Machine. I have to be honest, I was a little worried about my back. Was not too sure I could do this without pain. Well guess what? With proper training, I did it without any back pain at all. We ergged (rowed on the machine) for about 20 minutes without stopping. I was able to keep up and could have done it for a lot longer. The coach even told me that I was a natural. Well what do you know about that!?!?! So much fun!

The we learned how to take the boat off the rack and we carried it down to the water.

This is not us, but this is what we did.
Now, this thing weighs 250 pounds and we are carrying it on our shoulders. There were 8 of us in the class. We had to go down the parking lot...down a steep ramp and across the dock. It was a pretty good distance. I tell you, 2 years ago, I could have never done this! Then we got to get in....You have to keep one foot on the boat and one foot on the dock and squat down and some how get your butt on the seat. And you do it all at the same time. All 8 of us. We did it without anyone falling in! I have to say, I did not look pretty, but I got it done!! We did not get to row because by this time, our class was over.

Can't wait for Wednesday's class, we are going out on the water!!!

How about you, are you pushing yourself?

Keep focused!!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Well I did OK at the Race for the Cure 8k race. I don't have the official results yet, but I think I came in at 88 minutes. Ack that is so slow!! That's almost an 18 minute mile. Now here's where I might get lucky. We started late and I don't know how accurate their clocks are. I'm waiting for my chip time to come in. Hopefully it's better!

You know thousands and thousands of people attend the Race for the Cure. And while the bulk of these people participate in the walk, there were a good number of people who did the chipped run. I mean it was the smallest group of people I've ever started a race with. And it seems that these were a pretty serious bunch of runners. I would say there were only a handful of walkers. So I started out in the middle of the pack, just hoping that I could keep up. Very quickly most of the runner blasted past me and soon I was by myself. Just behind the fast runners and just ahead of the walkers.

I have to tell you, I was so beating myself up! Really frustrated to be where I was. I really had to work at keeping my attitude in check and decided that even though I'm slow, I'm doing it. I was there, pounding the pavement, making it happen!!

The other frustrating thing was, when you fall out of the fast pack, you get stuck with the traffic. Police officers won't hold the traffic back for one runner. So I had to wait for a while. That is so frustrating! I mean this is a timed event. The police woman, said, Sorry....Looks like you need a rest anyway. OUCH!! That was mean....and I did not need a rest! Obviously she's never competed in an event like this. She did not know that time is important!! The last mile was a slight incline the whole way. But I made it without stopping!!

It was a really fun event! They had a lot of vendors and tons of giveaway things. I felt like a little excited to get a free pen! Geez!

Tonight I'm off to my first row class! Can't wait!!

How are you doing...Are you making stuff happen?

Keep focused!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Working towards being the woman I want to be!!

Be the person you want to be!!

Good things are happening. Things that help me be the woman I want to be.

Food - For the most part my diet is good. For a while during the summer I was eating good food, just too much of it. Now, my portions are more in line with weight loss and I'm going for veggies now instead of carbs. I'm feeling more in control and focused!

Exercise - I'm back on track with my training for the 1/2 marathon in October and I'm ready to get back to the gym for weight lifting. It been a while and I've noticed that my body does not feel as strong and firm as it did when I was lifting weights!

Stretching myself - On Sunday, I will take off at 6am, heading to Portland, on the train for an 8k race for Race for the Cure.  The stretching part is, I'm going by myself. Well OK me and thousands of other participants, I just won't know any of them. I tell you, I'm ready. I went to the expo tonight and I got my shirt, time tag and bib along with my train ticket and schedule. I will not arrive to this race late, like I did for the Portland Rock and Roll, where I arrived minutes before the race started. Not fun!

The other stretch is.....I enrolled in my row class - Finally!! It starts on Monday and will go two times a week for a month. In this sweep class I will learn safety and rowing techniques, as well as individual fitness and I will learn how to row in an 8 person shell. Can't wait!!

While I was as the expo today, I signed up for the Jingle Bells 5k in December. Now I just need to find a race in November and with that all done, I will have completed some sort of event each month since May. Kind of fun!

So much to look forward. All of this stuff helps me be the woman I want to be. Healthly and fit and doing the stuff I want to do. So awesome!!

How about you. Are you the person you want to be?

Keep focused!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to Basics

We had an awesome summer! It was full of fun and activities. Obviously by my postings you can see that I had way too much on my plate and did not get everything done that I needed to do.

Fortunately my weight has not changed. I have maintained....well with a few ups and downs, but for the most part, I'm the same weight I was since before summer.

However, in all my busyness, I've noticed that I am slipping just a little.

  • I'm not parking in the north forty anymore. Nope, I'm racing for the closest parking spot I can get.
  • Eating good food, but I've noticed that I'm having more food then I need....Like adding an extra half cup of oatmeal. My little container of granola has a quarter cup serving instead of two tablespoons. I'm having more coffee with creamer. Been eating chips instead of rice cakes or pretzels. Eating less veggies and fruit and reaching for prepared foods.
  • Exercise. I've been pretty faithful to running. However, I have not lifted weights all summer. I can already tell my core is weaker and my arms and stomach are flabbier. What an awful feeling!
  • Sleep. Well I'm staying up too late and not getting up early enough to get things done without stressing. I hate that.

So for's time to get back to basics.

  • Need to get more steps in and move this body. So I will be parking way out from now on.
  • No more fooling around with food. I'm going to clean out my pantry and get rid of this stuff. And I need to go back to measuring....because I can't trust my hungry eyes to really see what I'm doing.
  • Exercise. I am going back to my regular exercise plan. Getting in weight time as well as cardio.
  • Sleep...I will go back to my regular bed time. Having everything done and in bed by 10pm.
Did you know...

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

With that said, if I want to reach my goals. I need to make some changes and make things happen!!

How about you....Do you need to make some changes?

Keep focused!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Procrastination vs. Victory!?!

I am training for the Run Like Hell 1/2 Marathon that is scheduled in October. I have been on track for my weekly training runs ~ On Tuesday and Thursday I run a 5k's each day and on Friday's I walk 2 miles. Of course I do my other workouts during the week as usual. Anyway.....Each Sunday I'm supposed to run a distance. First Sunday was 3 miles...for problem! Then each Sunday the distance is supposed to increase. If you're really smart, you would start 3+ months before your race and really work it so when you need to run 13.1's no problem!

When I trained for my first 1/2 marathon, I did just that with no problem. I was very obedient to my training schedule and I did what I was asked to do. Because of all that work and dedication, I was in such great shape that I could and did run three 1/2 marathons in 5 weeks. Crazy, but I did it!!

So I got my calendar out and set up my training time. I did pretty well until I hit the weeks that I needed to run 6.5 miles & 8 miles. The only thing saving me, is I did very well with my weekly running training. So all is not lost.

Anyway, I'm behind on my long distance training....

Right now...I should be at mile at 9.5 miles. Unfortunately I'm facing 7 miles today.

I'm really behind!!

I'm really feeling the pressure!!

Kind of feeling like I need to quit. I'm too far from where I need to be to be ready for this race!! Kind of tired of trying to catch up.....

This picture was taken by mistake and I almost deleted it. But there's something about it that brings me excitement. It's me, while I was doing a 5k run for an (8/22) Intel event. I'm happy and smiling, I've got my head up and I'm focused. I'm running toward the finish!! I'm running to victory!!

This morning, as I have been procrastinating to get my 7 miles in. I'm feeling really behind and a little defeated. I get to make a decision about whether I'm going to let this procrastination get me another day.

Or I get to decided that I'm racing for victory!!

Here's what victory looks like:

Look at our faces. We are happy ~ We got it done!!!

Without doing the work today....I will not see that face on race day in October.

Without doing the work today...I will not see victory!!

So bye - bye procrastination. I'm racing for victory!!

How about you. Will you let procrastination stop you from reaching your victory?

Keep focused!!

Update ~ I got it done ~ 1 Hr 40 Min ~ 7 Miles = VICTORY!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Struggling.....for a normal routine!

Well it's been a while since I've last posted. Truth be told, I've been struggling. Oh, not with the weight loss and fitness journey.....Because I'm still focused on that. Have not lost any more weight, but my fitness level is still high. Frankly, I've been enjoying my summer!! We've been camping, went on a little anniversary trip to the beach for a couple of days, we've been boating....a lot, I've ridden my bike more miles this year than ever....I've been to the gym lots, oh, yes, I've been running!! I've participated in 2 5k's and I'm training for the 1/2 marathon in October. I've been involved with ministry opportunities, out with friends, been to the zoo a couple of times, and have spent a lot of time with my family. 

Needless to say, some of my other routine things, like writing, have been put on the back burner. 

Obviously, since I'm not losing weight, I've had more food than my body needs. Thankfully because of my activity level, I've not gained any weight....Not to say that I have not seen that scale go up a little. 

On our anniversary vacation I have to say we indulged a little. Well we did try to make good choices, but I did allow myself some fried foods, which I don't do well with...I have to tell you. We had some sweets and a little alcohol. We did get a  run in and lots of walking so that helped. All in all not too bad....but the real problem was that I forgot my water pills (I take these for my blood pressure) and I guess that is a problem if I don't have them, because when I got back.....(Now mind you...I feel no difference in my clothes).....but when I got on the scale. I was up 15 pounds.....Yep....15 pounds!!!!

I about had a heart attack. Can I say that I was a little depressed after that? Since then I've lost all of it. In fact the next day when we got home I was down 6 pounds and the pounds just kept coming off each day, so I'm right back where I started. Obviously it was all water weight. Unfortunately, I'm still struggling with acne. It started that weekend and it's all over my face. I've never had it this bad. It must be from the foods that I ate. I guess my normal diet is pretty clean, because introducing the vacation foods has really messed up my system. If you know what I mean!! 

Anyway we got right back on plan and I'm still going forward. Thankfully I'm past that. 

So ready to go to the next level...I am so close to  onderland ~ I've just been hovering around it. Can't get there for more than a nano second. Then it's back to 200 to 204. 

I'm kind of feeling desperate and anxious about getting there. I mean, I've put in a lot of hard work and made really good choices (OK except for the anniversary weekend) and I'm still stuck. I'm feeling like I'm never going to get there!!

So this morning, in my reading time, I came across this little nugget:

A positive attitude during this journey will get me to where I want to be! 

And that's exactly what I need a positive attitude. I know if I keep going. I WILL GET THERE!!

How about you need a positive attitudes?

Keep focused!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

How we limit ourselves

So yesterday I rode my bike to work. It was a beautiful day and everything went well, even through the construction zone....still really scary, but doable! Well...I did have a couple of snags..First off ~ I take a shower at the office and I forgot my towel...Hey do you know how many paper hand towels it takes to dry a 200 pound body?  Well it's about 30. Just in case you ever wanted to know. The other thing I forgot was my hair dryer. Still very doable. Just a lot of drip and dry for me. The next thing that did not work was my bike computer.

I never ever realized that tiny little tool, that's supposed to help my biking experience, kind of limits me in a way. Because I did not have it, I had no idea how fast I was going. So I just rode as fast and hard as my little legs would let me. When we arrived at our destination, my Hubby commented that I had a great ride. My pace was great even through the hill climbing. Much improved from the last time we did this.

I was quite surprised, because without seeing the information, I thought I was not doing very well. Instead, I was pushing past my usual activity level and made some real progress in my ride.

For me, watching my numbers...if I'm in the "acceptable" range or where I think I should be riding, then when I get there, I'm satisfied. This experience made me realize that I don't usually push past what I "think" is OK. Not really pushing like an athlete would.

Anyway, all in all, I learned something that my tiny computer could not tell me and that I've got more in me than I thought. I can push myself and improve! I've got this and so much more!!

The bonus part of the day was my Hubby kept telling me over and over that I'm a really good bike rider. How cool is that?

How about you. Do you limit yourself?

Keep focused!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Mornin' Ride

It's 5:52am and I'm ready for my bike ride to work. It nine miles one way, with a one mile stretch of construction that is quite scary! There is no bike path, so you need to ride in the narrow street, dodging the orange construction pylons the whole way. Fortunately, they do offer a sign that says "Bikes on the pathway", but that lends me no security! I have to say, I probably ride the fasted during this stretch of road.

The sun is barely rising. the sky will be blue and the air is crisp and inviting.....I'm ready!!

Whatever you do today, do it with you whole heart, give it your all!! Make this day, be  your turning point day and stretch for your goals!!

Keep focused!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Fired!!!

Can't believe it's already August 9th. Where has the time gone. We have had a fun and very busy summer so far and I feel like my training for the 1/2 marathon in October has been put on the back burner.

Well today, I got back to my training.

I have been thinking about something that's bugged me for a long time.....I did not realize until recently why I can put 100% in at work, doing everything they ask ~ consistently, every day. And then at times...well most times, for me......I am willing to let myself down. Always putting what is important, for me personally, on the back burner.

What I have realized is that I have put no feelings attached to going to work. No matter how I feel, except in extreme sickness...I'm there and giving my employer my all. So even though I have a headache, don't feel great, I'm tired, I'm bored, I'm whatever....I'm there! It's what I do!

Not so for myself. If I even experience any type of negative feelings when I'm facing anything I need to do for myself. I will talk myself out of doing it and I base these decisions on feelings. Example: I need to train for my run in October. Most days I'm tired, lazy and lately, just too busy. So I put off my training. Other things.....I eat food, not because I'm hungry, but because of some feeling ~ I'm stressed, tired, happy, sad, bored etc. How long do you think I'd have a job, if I acted that way on a work day. If I just did not show up because I'm happy or sad. I'd be fired really fast! Right?

So I've adopted this new thing ~ and that is ~ if I have something scheduled or planned for myself....I don't care what it is I'm going to do it. No matter how I feel!!

Can I just say WOW! It's amazing how many times I've pushed through my lazy, tired, bored...whatever feelings and got stuff done. And do I feel great!!

Have I been perfect with this. Ah....No! But at least I stop long enough to think about it. And seriously if I am really fatigued, I will rest....I do really need to listen to my body....But the rest of the time. I'm doing what I say I'm going to do. Even if I don't feel like it!!

How about you.....Do you put off things for yourself because of how you feel?

Keep focused!!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trying a Mini Tri

I am really thinking about doing a Mini (Sprint) Triathlon. That would be a 500 yard swim, 13 mile bike ride and a 5k run (3.1 Miles). Does not seem too tough ~ Right?

Today I thought I'd see what I could do...Thought I'd give some training a try. I really just wanted to see what I could do.

So I went to the pool today and did my 500 yard swim without any problems. When it was over, I felt pretty good. SO then we decided to do our bike ride. Now mind's over 100 degrees today and we were riding in the thick of it! I was doing pretty well, handling the heat OK and so thankful for the breeze we had, when all of a sudden I get a flat. Geez.....4 miles in and we are already stopped.

Once it was fixed we were off again and I realized that I really did not know the route as well as I did. I did not realize the whole way was uphill. For heavens sakes, I've driven through the route a 100 times, but I did not know how hilly it was. Well mostly it was slight inclines and tiny hills the whole way!!!

I would love to say that I did this with no problems. A piece of cake. was not easy...not easy at all and I did not accomplish this ride the way I would have liked.

We had to stop about 5 times for water and electrolyte drink. My neck hurt, my feet were hot, my hands were numb and I was sick to my stomach. Literally throwing up on my way.

The straightaways I was able to go about 18 to 20 miles per hour, But some of the hills I could only go about 5 miles per hour. I guess the good thing is that I finished 15.6 miles. All in one piece!!

By the time I got in, there was no way that I could run a 5k. Too hot, too tired!!

So I have a long way to go to be ready for a mini Tri!!

I'm a smidge disappointed that I did not do better on the bike ride, but excited that I got this done and excited to start my official training. I can do it!!

How about you are you pushing yourself?

Keep focused!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

So much to do!!

Did you know that there so many opportunities out there? So many things to do with people, things to see, ways to get your body moving!! When I was 274 pounds I had no idea! The only things that were important to me then, were my Family, home, TV, couch, books (where I could read about other people living their lives), and FOOD!! That's all I needed to live!?!?!

Now that this body can move, I have experienced so much more in my life.

Everyday I get a flurry of emails about a new 5k, half marathon or mini tri event that's coming to my area. I also get biking events, zoo events, and community events. I could never be alone with nothing to do around here. There's always something to do, something to get me out of this house and something that will keep me active.

Really thinking about doing an event like this. How fun would that be?

Or what about this one?

It's a Pineapple Classic 5k Obstacle Course Race!!

So many fun things to do!!

Are you still stuck in your house? Are you ready to do some living? Sign up for an event today...they have them for all activity levels!! Whatever you do.....just get out of the house and get your body moving!!

Stay focused!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Not the last one in!!!

Just got back from a week of fun....camping, boating and hiking!! We had a blast and now...I'm so thankful to be home....Lots and lots of highlights to share ~ We had a blast with our family (Daughter, Son-in-Law and two grand-baby girls) and friends. I wake surfed and swam a lot. Did pretty well with my food, I weighed in tonight and I was up two pounds....Bonus ~ it's evening time (I usually weigh in the morning) and it's hot ~ I know I'm retaining water. So I should not be too bad!!

The other bonus and the one I'm most proud of is we went on a hike and I was not the last one in. I came in first!!! This is where we were going....Now mind you, I'm at our base camp looking up!

We started off with one mile just getting to the base of the mountain. Then it was one mile up to the ridge.. Straight up with tiny little trails...You know the ones where you step on them and the little rocks roll down the hill. SCARY!! Once we got to the top, we had to walk another mile until we could see our camp. Here it is:

The pictures don't really show how high we were. I think we climbed 600 feet!

Then once we got up on the ridge, we had to take some pictures!

I was a happy girl to be there!! After a little rest we ran/walked another 3 miles and then it was back down the skinny trail.

Here's were I get excited! I ran the whole way down. Except for a couple of rocky places I made it the whole way. Oh, ahem....except for the time when I fell flat on my face. I was not running then. Thankfully I made it out without any pain or problems, except for two tiny boo boo scrapes on my elbow. The best part was I made it back to the bottom before everyone else. I was not last!!! Then we hiked back another mile and got ready to go on the boat.

All in was just 8 miles, but I did it without any problems making the distance and climbing those hills. It was a blast!!

While we were walking this woman came running by us ~ Super fit, sweaty and running fast and I told the group....That's what I want to be! And for a tiny moment....I was that woman!!

How was your week? Are you making stuff happen?

Stay focused!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Making a Decision

I'm still a little perplexed about my attitude... Perplexed that I'm stuck...Perplexed about all this fear that is holding me back from achieving my goals.

So the past couple of days I've really been thinking about this. Especially about this fear thing. I've brought this up many times....I keep saying that I'm too afraid, that I have too much fear about moving on with my journey. Finally the other day, I just stopped myself and really asked myself if I was really fearful and truly afraid.

Fear Definition: 
1  : an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger and accompanied by increased autonomic activity

Afraid Definition:
1  : filled with fear or apprehension (afraid of machines) (afraid for his job)
: filled with concern or regret over an unwanted situation (I'm afraid I won't be able to go)
: having a dislike for something (afraid of hard work)

Well losing the weight and getting fit and healthy does not put me in danger. In fact, achieving these things will get me out of danger of dying an early death, saves me from diseases and other things related to being obese. I can't see any unwanted situations coming from reaching my goals. Pretty sure that I won't dislike being healthy and fit. I might be a little afraid of doing the hard work - but I've done it for over 2 years now, so this should not be a problem.

So fear and being afraid are not my problem. Anyway at my age, why should I be afraid of success?

After much thought I realized that I'm not reaching for my goals because of fear and being afraid....It all has to do with my unwillingness to move forward.

What I'm learning during this process is willingness is key to reaching my goals. I can't have my heels dug into the ground and move forward at the same time.

I have to make the decision that I'm going for my goals

I'm not hiding behind the excuse of fear and being afraid any more. I'm making the decision today that I'm picking my feet up and I'm moving forward to my goals. One step at a time!

How about you...Do you have your heels dug in?

Keep focused!

Friday, July 13, 2012

There does come a time, in the journey, where decisions needs to be made. Right now, I'm at a crossroad. I have a decision to make.

One - I could abandon my journey and go right back to the way I was before.

Two - I could stay right where I am.

Three - I could quit messing around and get to my goal.

Well the number one option is out. So there's no big decisions to make's the number two option that has me stuck!

You see if I did not do anything different and stayed right where I am today, it would probably be OK. I mean, I'm in a place where without going any further in my journey, I could really just live my life, do what I want to do. I have all of the mobility I need to do the activities I want to do. I can walk, run, cycle, water ski, swim, row, and so much more. My blood pressure & cholesterol  is normal, I feel great, my clothes look good on me, I can buy them in regular stores, I don't look bad,  just a little chubby yet, but for the most part....I feel normal.

So the motivation to move toward my goal of 150 pounds is lacking a little. 

I have to ask myself......

Self to me: "What is your motivation to stay right where you are?" And, "What are you getting, what is your reward, out of not moving forward?"

There is a REASON why I CHOOSE to stay in this place!!

SO what is it? motivation to stay in this place is.....Because it's easy! I would not have to change one thing and I would be able to maintain the weight I'm at, I could do all the things I want and I would look normal.

I'm asking myself. Why would I want to settle for this, when I could have so much more. What is my REWARD for staying in this place?

I feel like if there wasn't a reward or some benefit for my being here...I would be somewhere else...right?

So what is it?

Can you tell that I'm working this out as I write?

I am thinking the reason why I stay here, is because I can make all of the motions of appearing to move forward, because that's what I should do, but secretly, I'm holding off because I'm too afraid of what lies ahead...Of what this will really mean, to me, to reach my goals.

I mean, if my life is this hard, this busy and this crazy now....When I've reached my goal....what will it look like then? What will I be expected to do?

I'm am actually weighing out if I want to take that chance!

I guess I sort of do want to see it. I feel like I'm daily sticking my toe in the water, I kind of like what I feel, but then I get scared and pull it right back out.

So I guess, for me, it's decision time.

Am I happy.....right where I am?


Am I READY to go to the next level and reach my goals?

More to follow.....

Are you at your crossroads?

Keep focused!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just because you can...Should you?

We had the best Staycation ever!! I was off last Wednesday - Friday. And we filled our time with fun stuff. Wednesday we did the 5k with our family and friends, then the rest of the day was food, friendship and fireworks! So much fun! Thursday, we got up and got things rolling and went for a 23 mile bike ride and ended the evening hitting golf balls at the driving range. Friday morning we were off bright and early and went water skiing, then we came home and got ready for the Blues Festival. We stayed there until 10pm. Then Saturday we got up early again and met our friends at the farmer's market. Love summer when you can buy your fruits and veggies outside!! After that I spent 3 1/2 hours in my yard, pruning, fussing and laying 4 yards of bark dust. Sunday....Well Sunday, I did not do a thing!! I needed a rest!

Anyway we had a great time!!

While at the Blues Festival I did a lot of people watching. Seemed the average age was 50 to 60 years old. A lot of old hippie types hanging around and along with that I saw some pretty interesting clothes. One lady stood out to me. She was probably 65 or a little older. She had long salt and pepper hair and wore a bunch of necklaces. She was thin. She wore a tube top and a long skirt. My thought was.....Just because you can wear stuff like that....should you? In her case, it was not a great idea. She looked awful. It was just not fitting for her age or body. But to her, she felt she looked great so she went with it. Good for her!

This got me to thinking about things we think we can or cannot do. Oh we say, "Because I'm so fat, I will not wear shorts" or "With this body, I'm not wearing a swim suit ~ no way!" or "I can't do that because I'm out of shape", or "I can't go there because I don't know anyone and no one will like me." or "I won't try that new thing because I afraid." 

Have you said any of these things?

Oh....I've said them all and many other things that have kept me from doing things I want and should do. 

Something has happened to me recently that I have decided that I'm putting all of those old thoughts out of my mind and I'm doing some stuff. Things I thought I had put behind me because I've been too fat, too out of shape and too old to do.

I'm not holding back ~ Not anymore....I'm doing some stuff!!

This is me!

The last time I was on water skis that long was over 20 years ago! Woo hoo!!! Next up ~ Slalom Ski!

So no matter where you are in your journey. Set aside your old thoughts about what you cannot do or should not do, but put your thoughts and determination on what you can and SHOULD DO!!

Are you stretching yourself?

Keep focused!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Smashed It!

Smashed my record!! Oh my goodness! Yesterday was a great day. It was so beautiful here in Oregon ~ Could not have been a better day for a race. My daughter and grand babies stayed the night and we were up bright and early for our race. When we got there, we got the girls settled into their decked out, 4th of July stroller, decorated with balloons and garland and they were wearing red white and blue necklaces and headbands with streamers on them and covered with a red white and blue blanket. They were adorable!! My hubby was running with them. Right before the race started, I was surprised by my trainer, she decided to run it with me!! She let me know though, that she could only run 1/2 of the race because she needed to get back to the gym for a class at 9:00am. The race started at 8.

So we set out, of course we lost my daughter as she was flying to the finish 31 minutes...Oh to be in that kind of shape!!  My poor Hubby got stuck in the crowd with the stroller. And our friends who were with us were walking so we did not see them until the finish line. So it was just me and my trainer ~ we were focused and ready to go. This is the first race that I completed without a bit of pain. I got a knee brace that worked perfectly and I did not have any issues at all. So exciting! There were moments when I would get a burst of energy and we would take of running at a faster pace. I could not believe it when we hit the 1/2 way mark, I felt great...felt like I was just getting started! Then at 2 1/2 miles I looked at my watch and I realized that I was under my 15 minutes mile time frame. I told my trainer...that I think we're going to make it in time. I think we can finish together. And that's what we did.

We came in at 40.07 minutes ~ Smashing last years record at 45.2 minutes!! My pace time was 12:55 minutes. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!

I was so excited!! Just goes to show you what consistency and training will do for you. Now I'm working toward a pace where I can at least keep up with my daughter. That would be awesome!!

That's it for me. I hope you had a fabulous 4th of July!!

Stay focused!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pre-Race Prep

My next 5k race is tomorrow. Can't believe it's here already! Time is flying!!!

I've trained the best I could. Not perfect, just OK. It's been interesting & frustrating, waiting for my body to recover from my last half marathon. I guess, for me, I may have over done it a smidgen with doing so many in such a short time. My last one was June 9th and it took a good two weeks before I was back to my regular training level.  So I've had about 10 days to get ready for this race. Does not seem like enough time.

Oh I have no doubt I can do's just that I want to beat my time from last year ~ I came in at 45.2 minutes. After my last race, I was hoping to train to beat that number!! Really hope that I can do it!

The difference this year....My daughter is running it with me. She's focused! She has a great pace. I can't keep up with her, but at least I have something to focus on. The other thing I've got in my pocket, is experience. I have a number of races under my belt and I know this course. Super flat! Other things I have now, that I did not have last year is...I have a watch. Can't believe how important this is to me. I know how long it takes me to run a mile and if I can watch the time click toward my finish, it helps so much. Other things that help is knowing what to wear, how to prepare my feet and legs to be ready, I know about nutrition, water and rest and I also know about the mental part of getting this done. The best thing that I have is music. I have a great selection and it really revs me up and keeps me focused!!

So with that I'll say. I'm ready!!

Can't wait. I will let you know if I am successful in beating my time!!

How about you....Are you racing towards your goal?

Keep focused!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When you started your health and fitness journey, did you think you were doing it just for you? I sure did. I had NO idea how my journey would affect other people.

I wrote about a family member who is in very poor health. Check it out at Fuel To My Fire.

Please know that this man has struggled with drug addiction since he was a teenager. He's 48 years old today. He has broken his back 2 times and just a short time ago, he was still on narcotics, hospitalized and bed bound. His pain was unmanageable and frankly he just did not want to live anymore.

As previously reported, I told you that he was inspired by my weight loss and fitness journey, especially all of the running and half marathons. He told me that he wants to train and try to do a 5k with me.

Well he called me today to give me a report on his progress. Since the first of June, this near bed bound man, is walking a 1/2 mile. He says, he has to stop some times, but feels that he's getting stronger every day. He also told me that his pain is very manageable now, without the use of drugs. He sound very happy and encouraged. He said that every day he tries to improve his distance. How cool as that.

So not such a big deal. Half mile, geez that's nothing. But here's the thing I learned today. Not only is he dealing with the things I mentioned above, but he also suffers from COPD and he's seeing his doctor next week for physical therapy on his weak heart.

So that 1/2 mile is a miracle!!

Bless him Lord!!

He inspires me!!!

Keep focused!

Monday, June 25, 2012

No Joke - It Works!!

OK I have to report! Last week, I decided after much anguish, that I would give up coffee.  I know.....I know for some of us, this is like giving up a limb. Anyway, I did it and of course I suffered with withdrawal from the caffeine. I tell you, within a couple of days, my heartburn (Acid Reflex) was calming down. I had very little pain.

After one week, I am almost pain free! I wake up in the morning with no throat pain at all. Now during the day, I may eat something that flares it up again, but it's so minor compared to what I was dealing with before. Now the fun part is, I get to eliminate the other foods that don't agree with my body. Joy!

The other thing is.  Prior to giving up coffee. No matter how much I exercised or tried to eat right, I could not get my blood pressure lower than 130's over 80's.

Last week I was well under that!!

My best blood pressure was 120/54 ~ NORMAL!!

So exciting!!

Making a difference in my food and exercise is really making a difference in my life!! So measurable!

Now my plan is to keep tracking the BP and show my doctor the results. Maybe if I can keep it down, I will be able to get off of the blood pressure meds. Woo Hoo!!

So excited!!

How about you. Are you making a difference in your heath and fitness?

Keep focused!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fear and Excuses!

Every time I go to the next level with my health and fitness I have fear and I want to make excuses as to why I should stay right where I am. These fears and excuses have kept me stuck a lot of times in my life. I have learned to overcome some of them, but for some, I have my heels dug in deep and I'm not willing to take a chance.

Example: I've been doing some things, for a long time, that are harmful to my body. These things I've grown to love and honestly I can't see living without them. I just don't want to give them up. My heels are dug in!

But you see, these things are harmful to my body. And some of these things, when given up, cause great pain of withdrawal. It takes me down for a couple of days.

But the thing I need to learn is....if I'm willing to give them up, then something new will replace it and it will be even better than what I've been hanging on to....

First thing I need to do.....

GIVE UP COFFEE!!! I know killer, right? My fear is, if I give it up, first off I will have terrible withdrawals...which I'm experiencing right now. I stopped drinking coffee on Monday and yesterday I went home from work with a raging headache and nausea. Had to drive home with one eye open because I would have gotten sick otherwise. So here my fear was realized. I knew I was going to get sick and I did. But here's the deal, already today, I feel better and I don't have pain from acid reflex! That was the reason why I needed to quit coffee, I've been having a lot of pain with acid reflex and coffee is the thing that I do most that causes this to happen.

So even though I was fearful and frankly I just did not want to give it up, but because I did, I'm already feeling the benefits from this decision!! Less pain in my throat!

The other thing I need to focus on. I want to get my blood pressure down. I want it in the normal range so I can get off the meds. Right now I take two pills for blood pressure. (I used to take 3 and was able to get off one, once I started losing weight and exercising). Anyway, the reason why I'm not pushing too hard is I don't really want to get off of one of my pills. It's a water pill and it helps me keep off about 2 pounds. HOW DUMB IS THAT? I don't want to make better choices for myself and get off these drugs because I'm fearful of gaining 2 pounds!!! See stupid fear and excuses. And they don't even make sense!

So now that I've confessed that last one, I feel like a load has been taken off my shoulders. I AM READY to over come these fears and excuses and I will to get this done.


I've got other things that I need to change to go to the next level. Every day I am more and more willing to take a chance! Every day I do the right thing, I feel better!!!

One thing I've learned is...You don't know how bad you feel until you feel good!!

I guess I've lived with this acid reflex for a long time. I did not know that was what it was, until I got my diet cleaned up while doing the 17 Day Diet. Those months I felt great and did not have the pain in the my throat from the acid reflex. The minute I went back to most of my old diet, the symptoms started right back up and I've been suffering ever since. Now it is increasing and it's really uncomfortable.

I have super motivation to get this under control and I am truly willing to do what I have to do.

So bye bye coffee and a whole list of other things that are bad for me. I'm ready for excellent health!!

How about you....Do you have fears and excuses?

Keep focused!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Get to it!

Sorry I don't know where I found this, but I really like it!

Believe....Persist....Fulfill your belief!!!

Get to it today....reach for your goals....make stuff happen....YOU CAN DO IT!!

Keep focused!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Still Working It....

Even though I have not been around much, I am still quite focused on my journey!! Now it's not only about weight's about the total package! For me, it's just not good enough to get my body fit and healthy. No it's about all aspects of my life.

  • My walk with the Lord....Am I praying, reading my Bible, going to church, serving Him? I can say yes to all these things!
  • My home....Is it clean and organized? Yes it is!
  • My yard....Is it done? Yes...with the help of a yard service. I really can't do it all!!
  • My work...Is my desk manageable? Yes and all of the projects that I was procrastinating on...are done!
Not only is all of the above done, but I'm still working hard on my health and fitness. I'm at the gym or exercising at home at least 5 days per week or more! Still eating healthy and I've got my focus on!

I heard some where....that if you can just focus on the moment and not get distracted by other things you can accomplish a lot. I've put that into motion and I find it's true. 

When I'm at work, I work! I don't think about my worries, or home, or going to the grocery store. I just focus there. Boy you cannot believe the stuff I can get done!

Same thing at home. I allot a certain amount of time for house stuff and then I focus and before you know it, my task is done and I even have a little extra time for more! 

Just like when I'm in the gym. I am not thinking about what I'm going to eat next, or about the skinny woman next to me or, I don't even think about going home. I'm focused on my task...putting my all into it. And I always leave with a great work out!

Now because of this focus and with not having so much hanging over my head, I am finding time to do crafts, read, garden, spend time with friends and family....I am having a lot of fun!

Anyway, that's what I'm up to! I am enjoying life!

Next up.....Going deeper into understanding food!
How about you...What are you up to?

Keep focused!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another one in the books!

On Saturday I completed my 3rd 1/2 marathon in a month. It was the best one EVER!! The weather was perfect...not too hot...not too cold! No rain, which was a blessing! The event was organized wonderfully....they had lots of vendors there, lots of volunteers and lots of food. They had water and sports drink about every two miles, which is awesome. Even had Gu packets available which was great for energy! My Hubby came with me and he walked the race....and I ran it. My pace is super slow....or lets just say, his stride is bigger than mine!

I ran the entire 13.1 miles without stopping. This course had a lot of gradual hills, a couple of monster hills, and about 3/4 miles of gravel....which is hard to run on. I felt like I was running without shoes! Other than that, it was awesome!! I finished the race without any pain ~ Unfortunately I can't say I was pain free on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. My quads were really talking to me. Anyway, I had a great time!!

I asked my Hubby if he had fun.....and he kind of said yes...and then I asked him what would have been better. He said if he could have talked to me it would have been better. He said I was no fun because he said he tried to talk to me, but I was too focused and did not pay any attention to him. I felt bad about that!!

Anyway, I finished this race in 3 hours and 23 minutes and I shaved off 8 minutes from my last race at 3 hrs 32 minutes. I was really excited about that. Another bonus - - So fun crossing the finishing line with my sweet Hubby!!

Next up....5k run with my Hubby and Daughter on July 4th!!

How are you doing?

Keep focused!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fuel to my Fire!!!

You just never know how you impact people. So you're thinking.....nobody cares, nobody is watching anyway, so why does it matter. Well I just found out that people do care, they are watching and what I do matters!!

I have a family member who has really struggled with life. I mean really!!!! He is in very poor health, close to being bed bound and is addicted to pain medication. At one point he was in the hospital and I was telling him....You know you can be and should be your own health advocate. You see, until then, all the answers were in what the doctors told him and in the pills they prescribed, which lead to dependency and addiction! Never did he try to get better on his own or try to do anything for himself. He always relied on what he was told, even when he knew, some of the stuff they wanted him to do,  was not good for him.

I had the awesome opportunity of seeing this relative this weekend. I have to tell you, that I was not really looking forward to it. Most of the time when I see this person or talk to them on the phone, he's drugged out of his mind. Usually our conversations are about nothing and I get to listen to the whole thing with his slurring words and ramblings. Saturday, I saw a new man!! He's totally off of his pain meds. He was bright eyed and interested. He had packed on a few pounds and looked really good. He was happy and engaging. Wow who is this man?

I had told him that I was now looking at the real person and not some drugged up person. I had my relative back. He said something back that was amazing. He said, "I don't know where this came from, but  just one day, I decided that I needed to be my own health advocate. I decided to take my life back! "Well I know where he got that!!  Anyway, with his doctor's help he got off of the narcotics, found a pain management group, is eating better and exercising!!!


Today, he called me and wanted to share with me his experience he had with his pain management class. He said he told them of what I was doing with my health. Told them that I've lost a lot of weight and that I'm now able to run 1/2 marathons. He told the group that my progress has so inspired him, that he now wanted to do more with his life. He said, that for 3 days now, he's been able to do more than he ever thought he could do. Said he was feeling great!!! He's inspired and now is even considering walking a 5k with ME!

Honestly Friends, I had totally written this man off. He was dead man walking as far as I was concerned. Before he took control of his health, he was totally lost, unable to move, in terrible pain and truly drug crazed!!!!

Oh my goodness. Now he wants to live and wants to do 5k's. Never dreamed he would be in this place!! Never!!! EVER!!!

It's amazing!!

A miracle!!!

This has sooooo lit a fire in me!!

Now I know the impact I had on myself, now others. There is no way, I would ever go back to how I was before. This fuels me to keep pushing and reaching for my next goals. I'm on fire!!

How about you?

Keep focused!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

4 Days and Counting........

Just 4 more days to my next 1/2 Marathon.....

Can't believe it's here already! Can't say I'm as prepared as my first one. That first 1/2 Marathon was  a dream for me. I was totally ready, physically & mentally! I had tons of support. I was fueled and rested and the weather was perfect! Could not have been better!!!

This one....not so much! Physically, I'm still recovering from a sore knee. Probably not smart running two 1/2 Marathons in a weeks time. Thankfully it's been 3 weeks from the last race and I've rested, stretched and iced this thing a lot. So it's better! I was able to run 6 miles last Sunday with no problems, but it was not the mileage I had hoped to get in. I did not really want to push it! Mentally....I'm working on this.....Seems the momentum is building and I'm starting to get excited! Support...still got that for which I am thankful. But the weather....supposed to rain. That really dampens my spirits. Pun intended :-P

After this event....It's time to refocus and set some new goals.....

  • 5k Run on 4th of July. Want to beat my 44 minute time!
  • Get back to regular weight lifting and cardio
  • Bike to work 2 days per week (18 miles round trip)
  • Row classes in September
  • Train for 1/2 Marathon in October
Just some things to do to keep me out of trouble!

Hope you are doing well!! Are you focused!?!?!?!?!