Saturday, August 31, 2013

Not Gonna Lie....

During the Labor Day Holiday we will be having a week of family and fun! Yesterday we did the food shopping for the week and nothing but good stuff landed in our cart. No sugar or "yummy" goodness found its way into our grocery bags!!!  We purchased nothing but good meats, some fruit and veggies. That's all!!!!

 I'm not gonna lie and say that I wasn't feeling just a tad jealous when looking at all the other Labor Day shoppers.  Geez, in their carts, all I saw were chips, cookies, candy, beer, beer, beer....did I say beer?   I also saw people buying donuts and bread and ICE CREAM  and  soda and cake!!!!!!!!

Not gonna lie.  I wanted some.  OK I wanted a lot of it.  Oh ICE CREAM!!!!!!

Fortunately my good senses kicked in and I realized that I'm not deprived. I have excellent food to eat and some sugar free snacks. I REALLY AM SATISFIED with what I have. To get over that yucky feeling, all it took was that I stayed focused on my shopping list, I persevered and got out of the store. And very soon, all was well!!!

Bonus part is.....If I just keep focused and not lose my head I will see a significant weight loss on Monday.  Imagine.....losing weight even on a holiday!!!

How about you...On holidays, do you just do what you always do and buy your traditional goodies and yummy goodness? Or do you stay focused on your health and fitness plan during a holiday?

How about this year...we stay focused!!!!!

Are you with me?!?!?!?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's not what it seems....

We live in the country. Sort of....We are 1 minute from farm lands and about 10 minutes from the mall. We recently got new neighbors. They live in the old farm house behind our house and they have about an acre of land and I can see their comings and goings from our upstairs bedroom window.

Yesterday morning, it was kind of a fall like morning. Kind of hazy and foggy and cool. There was really a delightful feel in the air...all crisp and fresh. I happened to look out at my neighbors farm and I saw...through the fog...what I thought was a deer.

It's a rare thing to have such a sighting and I was delighted to get the opportunity to view wildlife while standing in my bedroom.

This little deer was majestic and really beautiful with the silhouette of its body standing strong in the fog. I was reveling in the moment and enjoying all of my senses experiencing this amazing time. The sights and smells were truly over the top and really hard to describe!!

After some time of watching my deer friend, I realized that it did not move for quite some time. I thought, hummm is it hearing something and getting ready to take it sighting some delectable  yummy somewhere... What could this beauty be doing?

So after a considerable amount of time watching, I regretfully had to get ready for work...all the while thanking God for such a beautiful sight and thinking how lucky I am to be living where I am able to see such a thing.

I hurried to get myself ready so I could spend some more time watching nature through my window. I could not get done fast enough!

Soon I was back at my window, perched on my chair... and I realized that that deer still had not moved and it had been over a half hour since I last saw it. Humm...I wondered...what could be up?

Then suddenly....I realized it was a lawn ornament deer!!!!

No wonder the dumb thing did not move!!!


Now I had a choice to make about this situation....

  • I could chalk it up to just another dumb thing I got myself into.
  • I could have allowed it to ruin my day.
  • I could have beaten myself up for not realizing the obvious.

I could have done a number of things to discount that beautiful thing that happened that morning.

Just like our health and fitness journey.

We can go through this journey....doing all the right things and the minute we get on the scale all the good things, happy feelings, accomplishments, goals, success, happy times, and determination can go right out the window, because of what that scales says. We choose to let that happen. We choose to let that scale tell all. If we lose, well we are awesome.....but if we don't, then we are........







Self Hating


and on and on.....

We can allow that thing to tell us all that. Or we can remember that that scale does not tell the whole story. Just because that number did not change, it does not always mean that you're a failure or a loser. It's just not what it seems.

If you are working your plan and staying true to what you know you need to do. Then you need to remember that other things are going on. If you are working out, you are getting stronger, leaner and healthier. If you are keeping your calories at the fat burning range, you will get thinner. If you are doing all the right things to get healthier. Then it will happen. You will see success!!!

So don't allow the scale to tell the whole story. Just do what you know to do. EVERY DAY!!! Don't give up and keep pushing through!! You keep focused and your will reach your health and fitness goals.

Are you with me?

Keep focused!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to Normal!!!

Another week down and I'm back to last year's weight (205.8). If I keep it up I should be in wonderland in about 3 weeks. I have not been at that weight for over 32 years!!  Can't wait to see 199!!!!!

Last year at 205 pounds I felt pretty skinny.  This year....not so much. Glad I'm no longer comfortable here.  Ready to move on!!!!

Yesterday I had a pretty emotional day.  Usually when I have a day like that. I would turn to my "comforts" - food!  Instead of going there I busied myself with other things.  I've been doing this behavior for quite a while, so yesterday's moment of wanting to go out and find junk only lasted a very short time. The more I practice turning my attention elsewhere. The easier its getting to distract myself from food.  I finally have other "comforts" I can turn to.  Example - my Hubby, Family and Friends are great to turn to. My doggies, Bentley and Beemer are always ready for love and hugs. I have a fun game I like to play. OK I love it. Not gonna lie.  Reading is a good comfort as long as I don't get too snugly...that can cause me to think of food.  Also, because I have more energy I'm having fun in my house. Who knew how fun it CAN be to clean, sort and redecorate things.   I also have flower gardens to tend and of course my sewing projects. So I have many distractions!! Who has time to be bogged down with stuffing my face, which always makes me feel bad after I'm done.  These other things bring me much joy!!!

I hope to be posting 199 pound pictures soon!!!  

Making it happen!!!

How about you are you making you Goals happen?  Lets do it!!!!

Keep focused!!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Short Term Sacrifice...Long Term Goal!!!

It's been so long since I've been on my Blog that I forgot my password...Geez!

I've not Blogged, for a long time, because....well you see....I did not have any Nuggets of Truth to share. Well I guess if I could have written that taking my focus off of my "original" goal of losing weight and putting my focus running events, not really watching my food intake, suffering with injuries and wasting time...Well then my Nugget of truth would be....That these things have not helped me reach my goal of losing weight!! In fact, I gained a few back!

So now...I have to put these distractions on the back burner, because now it's time to get this done!!!
  • No more extensive crazy strenuous rowing, no crazy biking and no more long running events. Now it's time for moderate exercise ~ Running, walking, biking and weight lifting.
  • No more calories in the plus 2000's. Now it's back to low calories ~ low carbs and fat - - nothing but protein, some fats and fruits & veggies!!
  • Water....yeah lots of it!!
  • Injuries - I'm going to listen to my body. When it hurts, I'm not pushing through...I'm going to take care of it. Lots of stretching in my future!
  • No more excessive weighing. Yep it's just once a week for me!
  • No more obsessing and frustration about how bad I'm doing. I've got a postive attitude and my eye's are on the goal!!
I'm putting my focus on the next 10 months!! My goals.....
  • To lose 65 pounds
  • Train and participate in the Shamrock run in March. Just a 10k - That's moderate for me! 
  • Be ready by June 2014 to....Water ski, run 1/2 marathons blasting past my prior pace times, row, bike, horseback ride, and tons of other stuff!!!
I'm willing to sacrifice today and each day until June to get this done!!

So far.....because I've already set this thing in motion....I've lost 6.4 pounds in one week!!!

I've go this!!

How about you? Are you ready to sacrifice today so that you will be able to reach your long term goals?

Keep focused!!!!!!!