Saturday, July 31, 2010

Heathly Lifestyle...Eating Opportunities...and Fitness...

Hey all!

Healthy Lifestyle
  • Summer Bucket List - So far out of the 15 items I listed, for our summer activities, we have accomplished 12 of them already!! Summer is not even close to being over yet! Having the best summer of my entire life!!!!
  • Stretching....Just got back from a 3 day camping trip with new friends!!! We went with a couple who we know from our church. We have never done anything together except ministry opportunities. This couple does an annual camp trip with their friends. This year there were 5 families, not including us ~ 10 adults and about 13 kids (never could get the kids together in one spot to really count them all). My hubby and I packed up our gear and our boat and set out for our journey. We have never ventured out with people we don't know, on this long of trip, before. Well this was the best group ever! We had a great time!! Every one was so nice, we felt like we've been apart of the group forever!! We did a ton of water skiing, wake boarding and wake surfing! The weather was great and I'm burnt to a crisp! The greatest thing was feeling confident enough to be in a swimsuit in front of strangers and not feeling bad about myself. I was still the heaviest person there, but I was fit. I was able to do everything with no problems. I walked....Even walked hills without trouble or shortness of breath. I tried to ski, still can't get up, but a lot of people could not get up either! I was able to wake surf. NO PROBLEM!!! Not sore at all! The only thing that hurt were my hands from holding onto the rope. Could not find the sweet spot to "free ride" without the rope. Maybe next time. Oh, the other thing I forgot to mention. My hubby and I took our healthy food with us. We ate our own food for breakfast and lunch and then ate with the group for dinner. We were able to stay on track and within calories, except for yesterday....I had a turkey club sandwich, with fries and a small blackberry milkshake. Hey we went to Beetle Baileys, a hamburger joint, not a slim selection to be found. Anyway, it was fabulous and I enjoyed every bite! Back on track today!

Eating Opportunities

  • Weddings...I've got two of them coming soon. Both weddings are out of town, so that means a lot of my meals will be planned by others and out of my hands. Our oldest son is getting married in September and my niece is getting married next week. It will be the first time the family has seen me at this weight in years. Can't wait! I am planning to take some healthy food with me and I'm already trying to figure out how I can get my exercise in. Will be interesting and a challenge!
  • Party....I'm having a Mary Kay party in a couple of weeks. Another eating occasion. I am trying to figure out some delicious healthy snacks to feed the ladies. It's a challenge for me, because I always want to lean toward the sugar and fat laden desserts that I used to make. It's a stretch for me to go to the healthy side, especially when it comes to sweets. Not because I don't like healthy stuff, I just know that if you are used to sugar, some of the healthy alternatives just don't taste as yummy. Maybe I'll do something with fruit. Can't go wrong there. Anyway, I'm going to invite my neighbors and some friends and see what happens. I hope to have a lot of people there, I'm trying to help my friend out who needs to get her business going! Anyway, I hope it goes well.
  • New Season.....The Christmas ribbon is out at Costco already....Another eating opportunity coming soon!! Get ready! Geez!


  • New Challenge....My trainer is bumping me to the next level. It's kind of funny...I was getting really complacent with my old workout routine and I did not even know that I was in a slump....I was just going through the motions. I did not realized that I was not sweating or feeling anything afterward my workouts and I did not know that I was not challenging my body anymore. Just did not see it. Boy it did not take long to get there....I am so glad that she brought this to my attention. I need and want to go to the next level. I am not satisfied with just going through the motions. I need this new challenge! I am ready for it! (This is the benefit of having a personal trainer. They can see what's really going on and get you back on track.)

I think that's all I've got for today.

I hope you are doing well...On track....Getting results.....Making a difference in your life.....Making a difference in others' lives....Doing what needs to be done!!! Getting it done!!!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why Can't I Remember...

You would think I would remember.....

Every Tuesday and sometimes Thursdays I go to my water aerobic class. After class, I usually rush to get home, because I'm half starved, I just don't have time to eat before class.

So once again, I rush to get showered and dressed. I start for the door and realize I need to visit the bathroom.

This shower room, where the bathrooms are, is quite busy. There are people every where and as usual it's all steamy in the room.

So anyway, I rushing, I get into the stall, I get the little paper donut ready and do what comes natural.

And then.....I get up and the stupid paper donut is stuck to my bum!!

I do this every week!

You would think after the first time, or maybe the second time I would remember...but Nope not tonight!! I did it again!

I just love picking bits of paper off my rear end.

One day I will remember...

Oh well, at least I made it to my class and had a great workout!

I love water aerobics!! Do you?


Inching Away...

Went to the gym last night and my trainer kicked my hiney.

She had me doing a circuit of non-stop movement.
  • 5 minutes on the treadmill, then high intensity weights, planks, lunges, squats and push ups for 15 minutes and then we did it again.
I have never been so sweaty!!

I only said I "can't" once.

Remember I pledged that I would give the Oregon Food Bank $5 each time I said "can't". Well I did it again!! It came out so easily. Bummed me out! Well I'm not bummed that I owe the food bank money, I'm bummed because I still use that word. It's right there, on the tip of my tongue and it just slides right out when I want to escape something hard. I hate that!

What happened was, my trainer asked me to take bigger steps while doing a lunge, and my knee would not let me. Instead of saying I "can't", I should have explained the limitation. It's not that I can't, I was just not able to do what she asked me to do. I could still take that step, just not as far. Anyway, I will be sending my $5 off to the food bank soon! I'll learn.....

We also did my measurements. The last time we did it was 11 weeks ago. She cautioned me, because the first 11 weeks I had lost 10.75 inches, she told me that, most likely I will not see that much this time. Fat has been lost, but I've also gained a lot of muscle!

Well I lost almost 6 more inches!!! I don't have the exact amount because she took my copy of the results by accident. I will post the results later.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy!!

Progress is slow....but things are happening.

Would I have liked to see more inches lost?

You bet I would!!!

Do my results disappointment me enough to quit?


Am I encouraged to work even harder the next 11 weeks?


Can't wait to see what the next 11 weeks bring.

~ More weight loss...

~ More inches off...

~ Down to size 16's?

~ More endurance...

~ More muscles!

~ Off of blood pressure meds?


Where do you see yourself in 11 weeks?


Monday, July 26, 2010

Some Things Are Happening...

Some things are happening, some things that are familiar...It's just been a long time since I've experienced these things....


The other day I went outside with a tank top on...."wow" you say?

Yeah, it's WOW to me!!!

The amazing thing is, I did it without asking my hubby, AGAIN, if it looked OK. I just put it on and out I went. I felt great in it and I really loved feeling the fabric close to my body (no yards of hanging fabric to cover the body anymore - yeah!) and I loved feeling the sun and the wind on my arms.

It's been a long time since I've had confidence in what I see in the mirror. I can now trust that what I see is accurate and very presentable! No more doubting!!!

Other things I've noticed....

I'm not worried about breaking chairs anymore.

I've had to go to a couple of functions that require me to wear a t-shirt. This year I did not have to call ahead to see if they had a XXL sized t-shirts. Now I can easily wear a XL t-shirts, no problem!

I can shop at regular clothes stores.

I can walk a long way without getting tired or have pain in my legs.

I can tolerate the heat. That is a miracle - Nothing worse than being overweight, wearing yards of fabric and being hot at the same time. It's just gross!

I am having trouble getting enough calories in each day....Weird!

I am a wild women when it comes to getting things done. Prior to this year, most days I could only get a couple of things accomplished. I always had enough energy to work, but after the workday I would be so tired. I might have had a little energy to do a load of laundry or balance my checkbook (yes I'm still doing that!) or pay a bill or buy groceries. Only one extra thing each day. That's it!

Now each weekday I get up at 5-5:30...I read my Bible, exercise, go to work, pay bills, run errands or maybe clean a bathroom. Weekends are another story. I am buzzing around my house so fast the dogs are always running. I tell them, "Either you will get yourself out of my way or you're not gonna make it". And they do, man, they run for cover!! I just have so much energy that I want to get EVERYTHING done!!! I get more done in one day, then I used to do in a whole week. Seriously!!!!!

I love exercise now and I love being active each day. Sometimes I feel like I have to go to work to get some rest!!

It's the simple things...simple changes...that make me so very happy!!!

I guess I'm telling you all of this to let you know....

That I do know what's happening!!

It's Good Health & Living Life!!!!

I've lost so many years because of my health and weight. I had forgotten what it's like to do a lot of things. Now I'm experiencing things that I used to do. Everything feels all fresh and new. I finally feel good enough to live life and I'm reaping the rewards of my hard work and efforts of getting fit and healthy.

Things are just happening, door are being opened, things are getting done and I'm having a BLAST!!!

I am really motivated to keep going! I don't ever want to go back!! I love what's happening to me!!!

Do you love what's happening to you? If not, make some changes today!!!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Would Like to Thank the Academy!

I got 2 awards!!!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Nominate fifteen newly discovered blogs.
4. Let your nominees know about the award.

If you haven't yet visited Vegan Ana & Lori at you really really should! Both are amazing women!!! Very inspiring!!
Thank you! I'm flattered to be nominated!

7 things about myself...
1. I have wanted to ride a horse for over 20 years....Unfortunately, if I rode one right now, I
might kill the horse!
2. I used to be a hot dog water and snow skier...I said, used to be.....
3. Love to play racquetball...until my hubby beat me...then it was not fun anymore!
4. Have a novel stuck in my head and can't get it a whole lot of other intellectual
5. I would love to paint with watercolors...No not finger paint!
6. I would love to be able to sing....The Lord said to make a "joyful noise" but I'm not sure if he
was talking to me!
7. I love miniature doll houses...I would like to be a mini girl!!!! I mean skinner - Geez!

I nominate:
Thanks for your motivation and remember to share the L-O-V-E!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saddest Thing...

I saw the saddest thing today while at the store. There was this lady, she was a white haired grandma type, probably in her 70's. She was so big she had to walk with a walker. Her poor ankles and calves were as big around as a large man's thighs. She could barely move. All she could do was shuffle to get out of the store.

Of course, I prayed for her. I prayed that the Lord would intervene in her life, bring her someone who would show her a healthy lifestyle, maybe help her move a little bit more, SAVE HER LIFE! I pray He will do that for her.

She's still young enough to do things like travel, shop, play with her grand kids, volunteer, visit her family and friends. But I bet she can't do any of those things, because she is bound by her body. Trapped, unable to get where she wants or needs to go, unable to move...

How many of us would be in her shoes, if we had not started our journey now? Aren't you glad you did not wait, that you did not waste one more minute of your life? Aren't you glad you are making healthy choices and not jeopardizing your body anymore so that you can eat junk food? Aren't you glad you made this decision to get healthy? Aren't you glad you did it now?

What?? Are there still some of you, out there, who are not ready to get healthy? Not willing to even try? Really? You think eating junk food is better than living? That it's OK to be a big fat women or man who can barely walk when they are old? ~ You think junk food and poor choices are better than good health and a long life? REALLY?

I am begging you....

NO ~ I AM PLEADING WITH YOU!! Don't let another minute go by.

Do something today! Make good healthy choices!! Do it right now!!! DO IT EVERY DAY!!!!

Don't be that old woman or man who will miss out on so many things because you are just too weak and fat to experience life.

Make your decision today.

If you are on track with your healthy lifestyle, stay on track, don't ever stray and don't ever, ever, ever give up!!!

Do it ~ Do it today!!

I'm doing my part ~ are you?


So sorry ~ I am so grieved by what I'm seeing out there!! It scares me to death. That woman could have been me!!! I am so thankful that I am where I am today, working my plan, getting fit and healthy. And I am thankful you are doing the same. I don't want anybody to have to go through the pain of what that women is going through. Lord Bless her!!!

I want to be and I want you to be the living, breathing proof to the world that unhealthy lifestyles can be changed. That we can get fit and healthy, get this weight off and keep it off ~ for life!

We can do it.

Lets change our nation.

Much love!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Do Your Boobs Hang Low?

Today I was rushed!!! In the morning I had to rush to get my 2 miles in, then I rushed to work, then after work I rushed to the gas station, then I rushed home to get ready for my water aerobic class. Rush....rush...rush..

In my haste, I was changing into my bathing suit and I happened to take a look at my chest in the mirror. And all of a sudden I started singing this song from my childhood....If you're old enough you'll remember this little ditty....

Do your boobs hang low?

Do they wobble to and fro?

Can you tie them in a knot?

Can you tie them in a bow?

Can you throw them o'er your shoulder like a Continental Soldier?

Do your boobs hang low?

Do you remember that song?

After I sang each line - I would yell ~ YES!! Do your boobs hang low ~ YES! Do they wobble to and fro ~YES! Can you tie them in a knot ~ YES! etc....

I'm all alone in my bathroom just singing away thinking this is the greatest song ever. It so fits me~

I'm really getting into it, singing, laughing and carrying on and then I begin to realize that there's something wrong with this song. Something does not sound quite right...And then I realize.....

It's not ~ Do your BOOBS hang low, it supposed to say Do your EARS hang low....

I am a goof!!!! I seriously embarrassed myself ~ all by myself ~ red face and all. Geez ~

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself!



I made it!!! I'm in the 220's...well 229.8, but I'm there!!

I have not been down this far since 1992!! Three more pounds and I will be at my lowest since I moved back to Oregon.

Funny to think the people here have never seen me this thin.


Yesterday, I put on my tank top and blouse. I usually leave the blouse open, because I cannot button it. Well yesterday, this outfit looked sloppy. So I decided to button the blouse.

Well....not only did it button, but it looked great!!!

Looks like it took five pounds off. I am starting to get a shape. So fun!!!

The other thing is, I blasted past my last milepost, 236, without even realizing it. Now I at a new milepost.

I want to make sure that I don't sabotage myself, as it seems, every time I hit a new goal, I kind of lose my mind and gain a couple of pounds. Then it takes me a week to get it off. I hate losing time!!!

I am just going to push through!!

How are you doing?


Monday, July 19, 2010

Wild Woman

I was a wild women yesterday. I woke up super early, read my Bible, figured out my check book (was not easy) and paid the bills. Watered the front & back lawns and all the outside plants. Did the laundry (plus changed the sheets) folded everything and put it away. (Recently we've had a basket of unfolded laundry in our closet for about 3 weeks - geez - I folded that too!). Then I cleaned our bathroom - It was so bad!! Then I made dinner and a new dessert (Only had a couple of bites) and finally I went into my craft room and did some painting and made 2 cards.

Whew!! So productive!! Yesterday was a turning point day for me regarding my house. I have mentioned in prior posts that I'm not the greatest housekeeper. It's so weird because it makes me feel so inadequate! I have a beautiful home that is layered with dust. I have dust bunnies that have names, they are that big!!! My biggest trials are the bathroom showers, kitchen floor, the stove and all of the silver appliances (can't think of the name) in my kitchen.

No matter how hard I try, I can't get them clean enough. So after many months of this, well maybe years.....I gave up! I used to do just the bare minimum and tackle only the things that were threatening to harm our health. I was great at laundry, taking the trash out, making beds and bathrooms - cleaning surfaces. That's pretty much it. My poor hubby had to do the rest ~ vacuuming, dusting, grocery shopping etc.

After a look at my shower, I realized it was time to get it clean. I mean really clean. I got out my scrubbing bubbles and let it go to work. Usually this product does a good job, but never really gets all the grim out. So yesterday, I got it going.....and then I decided to scrub...Well I scrubs with a vengeance!!!

Now I know why I was unable to do a better job. Because of my weight and inactivity, I did not have the strength or the energy to get the job done.

After I was done scrubbing that shower, it sparkled like it was new. Me on the other hand was a dripping ~ sweaty mess. I can't believe how hard I worked.

Well anyway, this just got me to realize why I haven't done a good job and also showed me that it's possible that I can really be good at this.

Then the blinders came off, I began to see other things that need to be done. I used to just close my eyes to it - feeling too overwhelmed - and nothing got done.

Not now, I am energized and ready to tackle the house!!!

Already this morning, I was rubbing down the refrigerator and dishwasher and they are a sparkling!!


Now I can't wait. Because I had success in my bathroom, I am more motivated to get in there on a regular basis. So excited!!!

My point to all this is......This journey should not only be about getting thin. It about the whole package....Are your finances in order? How about your house? Are you eating clean and getting exercise? Are you being creative? Do you give to others? Do you go on dates with your hubby? Do you play with your kids? Do you take your dog for a walk? Do you spend time with God?

Are you doing your best every day for the Lord, yourself, your husband, your children and household!!

I challenge you today to answer these questions. If you are not your best, then make a change today. I guarantee you ~ YOU WILL FEEL GREAT!!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Would you help me encourage my friends?

In the past 7 months I have had a couple of friends and many acquaintances ask me how I got started on this weight loss and fitness journey. I have shared my story and have referred them to my blog to watch my progress. To date I have not heard from many of them.

I am afraid, in my enthusiasm, I may have....

Spoken too harshly (to get them motivated)

Given too much information (they are overwhelmed)

Pushed to hard for feed back (again overwhelmed)

Maybe I have not done enough to impress them to keep going (Ouch!)


They may not have been ready to get started....

I don't know what it is....but I have not heard from many of them for a long time.....

I just emailed a dear friend today..."Hi" LF ~ I love you....Once again, I shared my story, in truth, in love, in enthusiasm, in urgency, with expectation.

In case, I failed again, to help her.....Would you be so kind to share some things that helped you get started on your journey?

I realize that my plan, my story, my results may not work for someone else. But I just thought, if they could see some of your amazing tips and ideas of how you got started, that might encourage my friends.

Thank you for making a difference in helping other change their lives!!!


Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light. ~Norman B. Rice

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Children...

The other day, I was walking from the courthouse to my car. Across the street is our Civic Center and they have one of those huge water fountains that sprays water everywhere. Everyday there are people there enjoying the cool refreshing water.

When I approached the fountain, I noticed this boy who was about 10 years old. He was walking ever so slowly down the stairs with his mom. His mom was very over weight and this boy was just about as big around as she was.

He was shirtless and had so many rolls in his stomach that I bet he cannot tie his shoes. There would be no way he could reach his feet.

Then I looked around and saw many overweight children frolicking in the water.

I was so sad and grieved by what I saw.

I remember when I was a chubby kid, I was the minority. Now it seems, if a kid is thin they are the minority.

These kids are so big and out of shape, that they will never know what it's like to ride a bike, or skate, or run because they are just too big!!

I am almost 49 years old and I'm just getting to do that stuff. I missed out!!! I don't want this for our children.

My daughter gives my grand daughter candy. Every time I cringe because I am fearful that she will be fat. Geez she's a kid and she should be able to have some candy. Anyway, I do notice that my daughter gives her a limited amount and then after the candy is gone, she gets her running around the house. Don't know if my daughter even realizes this herself. It's almost like here's your treat, now lets work it off. Kind of cool!

There just has to be a balance of calories and exercise. How are we going to get these kids moving? The draw of TV and video games is too strong....

What can I do???

Well so far, I pray for every person I see that is over weight. I pray that God will intervene and help them see the way to good health and fitness. Right now that's what I can do.

Any thoughts?


Friday, July 16, 2010

Paying the Price

OK it's 1:38am and I've been up since midnight! Once again I've eaten food that does not agree with me. Not only does it not agree, but I ate too much of it.

Last night we had dinner with my daughter and her hubby. We ordered food from a Mexican restaurant. The meal comes with 3 soft tacos and I had calculated the calories to fit in my calorie budget for the day. So I was pretty excited.

Well I had my first taco and was feeling full already. I wanted to stop and even pushed my plate away. But there were my two lonely tacos, just sitting there, waiting to be eaten. Slowly I ate them and even managed to get in a few chips with guacamole.

Afterwards I felt sick....the worst part is, they were cold and did not even taste that great.

Why oh why do I do this to myself?

Anyway, we came home and I went to bed at 10:00pm. By midnight, my stomach was rolling. I actually had spasms that felt like a baby kicking. A little panic came rushing in ~ I'M PREGNANT and then I realized that that's not possible as I've had a hysterectomy. Then another little panic came in and I worried, that maybe the doctor made a mistake, he did not get out all my parts and there really is a baby kicking. YIKES!!!

No no no....I am just suffering from eating too much of the wrong foods.....AGAIN!!!!

Two nights prior I've woken up with severe stomach pain ~ One night it was because I had eaten too much and the other night was because I ate too late. This is the 3rd night in a row that I've lost sleep because of my bad food choices.

Since I've gotten my diet a lot cleaner, I find that I cannot tolerate food the way I used to. Which is kind of a good thing. Because now, I am realizing it's not worth eating the wrong thing or eating too much food at the wrong time. Doing the wrong thing hurts just enough that I have incentive not to do it!

I think I am learning my lesson. There is just nothing that tastes that good, that is worth suffering this kind of pain. I am beginning to realize that making the right food decision is really best for me in so many ways. I need to look at the things that hurt me like they are poison, because that is what they really are. I really do feel poisoned right now. It's a feeling that I do not want to ever experience again!!

From now on ~ I am making better choices!!

Do you pay the price for your poor decisions?


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Routines are GOOD!!!

Routine is a good thing...Last week we were on vacation, I was really active and make good food choices, except for 1 meal, and I gained 3 pounds. This week, I got back to my regular routine and I've already lost 2 of those pounds. Woo Hoo!!!

I think my body works better when I can be consistent with everything ~ water intake, exercise, food & calories etc.

All I know is I'm feeling better, more focused and really excited!!!

Today I'm off to Jury Duty. Hopefully I will get to go through the whole process. Usually I'm dismissed. If I have to go to the trouble of getting there, it would be nice to do my civic duty!

Thank you to Karen, losing 100 pounds and Ana for following my blog!! And special thanks to all my other friends who have been faithfully following me. I am truly grateful for your friendships, advise, concern and love. It gets me through each day. Ana thank you for my special award!! I will be working on that this weekend. So grateful for you all!!

Do you feel grateful today?


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Firsts

Yesterday was the first day that I've worn a dress in years. I was telling my friend, that the last time I wore a dress, you had to wear nylons. Does anybody wear them anymore? And then the next first, the dress I wore was sleeveless!!!

Wow no nylons or sleeves...I was definitely stretching myself to new heights!!

I have to tell you I felt great! It was so fun to wear something and not be bound down with so much fabric. The dress was a black summer dress, it was light and airy. Then not having to wear nylons was great too. I just felt free, young and kind of sexy!! (Oh did I say that?)

Oh I forgot to tell you, the last time I wore this dress, I looked like a sausage. It was so tight I could hardly breath. Now it's too loose ~ almost waited too long to wear it. It's probably too fancy for work, but I don't care. I felt great wearing it.

Today it's a beaded tank top with a sassy skirt and heels. Can't wait.

Have you gotten to wear fun clothes yet?


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feeling A Little Better

Yesterday was rough! My knee was very painful and it was difficult getting around.

Fortunately I stayed on my plan, with the help and encouragement from my friend Sam at ~ thank you!! You helped me make it through! I was still able to get in 30 minutes of cardio, at a snails pace, but at least I got it done and I went to my trainer for weight training. Had a good food day, got in lots of water and journaled all my food. All in all, I had a pretty good day.

Back on track and focused!!!

How are you doing?


Monday, July 12, 2010

I am MAD!!!

On the 1st of January I set a goal to lose 60 pounds by September 5th, our sons wedding day. I have 50 days to go and I have 17 pounds left to lose. Unfortunately I am at a disadvantage, I hurt my knee and can barely walk ~ AGAIN!!

I wonder why, of all times, does this have to happen now? I am trying so hard to keep focused, do the work, the really hard work and every time I turn around I get a setback. You know, I really hate setbacks, REALLY HATE THEM!!!!

I need a break!!!! Somewhere.....

It so exhausting to have an injury, especially in your legs and feet. You really need them to do just about everything. Even sitting!! If you have pain in you legs, you can't even sit, way to uncomfortable...

What am I going to do?

Is it time to hang it up?

Is it time to give up?

Is it time give in to this old body?

Am I too old? Almost fifty, in a couple of years.

Does this really make a difference?

Does it make any sense to keep pushing and keep injuring myself?

How come there are people, out there, walking around who abuse their bodies with food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and other things and they can still walk. How come I can't?

I am mad!!!!!

I am frustrated!!!!!

I am discouraged!!!!!!!!

Help me Lord!!!

PS: I just posted this and was looking at my blog page. Its says to Grit it Out...and...You are Limitless.....Really??? Hummmmmm......

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Can't do it?

Last week, two times in two days I told someone I can't do something.

One time it was with my trainer. She had me on the exercise equipment (don't know the name yet) where you stand and lean back, then you are on your forearms and you lift your legs up and kind of do stomach crunches. To me it looks like a torture device, anyway here I am trying to do it. My arms and stomach were hurting so bad! I did about 20 of them and told her I could not keep going. I told her, "I can't do it!"

Then the next day, I was at the pool during my water aerobics class. We were doing some sort of stretching in the pool and again I said, "I can't do it!"

After the last time, I realized I say that phrase a lot!

The reality in most cases, for me, is I really can do it. Maybe not completely or perfectly, but I can at least try!

I have decided that every time I say the word "Can't", I am going to donate $5 to the Oregon Food Bank. I already owe them at least $10.

I love to give money away, but not to the detriment of myself. I have motivation to not say that word because I don't want to short change myself. I really want to be an achiever, not someone who can't or won't or won't even try!! I want more for myself!

So I'm hoping that I don't have to donate more than $10 to the Oregon Food Bank for this reason. I will do it for healthier reasons!!! When I accomplish my goal, I will donate $5 for every pound lost! Now that's motivation!!!!

When I was at my dance class on Friday, they had a sign that said, "You are limitless". I have felt that way a lot in my life, but I choose the word can't and then I don't even try.

I am choosing to think that I am limitless ~ How about you?


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Over Did It!!

Yesterday woke up with my knee smarting!! I think I over did it with the bike ride the other day. I did not think you could hurt your knee riding bikes. I noticed it just after the ride, so that must be where it's coming from. So frustrating!!

Anyway we had a packed day planned. First thing was the Zoo. We took my daughter and the grand babies. Once again, I was behind the stroller pushing those babies up and down the hills and squeezing through the crowds. Good thing I did not see "Knit cap" lady there, we would be racing again (Have to read my 4th of July post to understand this!).

It is so amazing to me, still, to go to a place like that and not have all the junk food they serve. We did not buy a thing. My hubby packed us a sensible snack ~ banana's, apples, bars, with lots of water. We sat under a tree and had our snack, the whole time smelling the wonderful smells of ~ french fries, elephant ears etc... Did not matter what was going on around us, I was totally happy with our healthy snacks!!

Then it was home for a rest and in the evening hubby and I went to our dance class. It's a crash course for weddings. You can learn a couple of dances before you get to the wedding reception to help you not look like a fool on the dance floor!!! Our son is getting married in September and we want to "WOW" the crowd with our happy dancing feet.

Well....we have a lot of work to do....We weren't the worst in the class, but pretty close to it. I never realized how hard dancing is, especially since I have not danced in over 20+ years. It did not matter, hubby and I had a blast. The whole experience just made me love him all the more. He would really do anything for me, and I think I'm pressing my luck with this one, but he was a trouper and will probably be a great dancer. We are going to practice this week and make our teacher proud at the next class!!!! I would definitely recommend a dance class for married couples, it's a ton of fun!!!

OK I am up about 3 pounds. Kind of surprised with all of the activity and only having 1 bad food day all week. I cannot understand where these pounds are coming from. Don't you have to consume 3500 calories to make a pound? I think my overall calories have gone up about 12oo calories, certainly not enough to gain 3 pounds. Must be water weight gain? If I was not so far into this thing, I would be quitting by now. It's so frustrating! Seems like I go one step forward, and then 2 to 3, maybe 4 steps back....But I'm not giving up. I am going to keep plugging along. The scale has to reflect the effort at some point right?

Does the scale make sense to you?


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pushing to the limit

Been a couple of crazy days!!!

On Wednesday we had a great day!! We went on a 27 mile bike ride ~ 8 miles past my record!! The weather was beautiful, very sunny and hot.

I got started on my ride and was doing OK and for some reason the first 5 miles are tough for me. But I stuck it out. We got to our 1/2 way mark and decided to get a cool drink. Well instead of choosing a really refreshing drink, I choose an iced mocha coffee drink with whipped cream. It was non-fat but not the best choice for me. I have trouble remembering that everything counts, every calorie, everything that goes into my body. I decided that chocolate was not the best choice for me. Because after I got through with the drink, my stomach felt like a million pounds. I felt sick and wanted to throw up. It was awful!

Soon we were back on the road....It was so beautiful!! We could see Mt Hood very clearly. Looked like you could almost touch it! We saw cows, horses, sheep, lots of birds, wild flowers, wheat fields, blue berry fields and so much more. Kind of forgot I was exercising!

We got home that day and sat on our porch swing with our feet in my grand babies kiddy pool. SO REFRESHING!!

Then yesterday, we were up at 5:30am, getting ready for our ski trip. Every week, hubby gets together with a bunch of his friends from work and they go water skiing. We were on the lake at 7:00am. I thought it would be cold, but the air was just right and the water was warm. Everybody took their turn at water skiing, wake boarding and/or surfing. I decided I would surf.

I have not been able to get up on skis for years. I wanted to try, but we had a new guy on board and I did not want to embarrass myself. The other guys are our friends, so I would have felt much more comfortable if it was just them. Anyway, I tried surfing. Last year I was 40+ pounds heavier and a lot weaker. I thought I would just pull right out of the water.

Nope, I struggled! I was very frustrated, because I thought all this working out would pay off. Anyway, my hubby says, it wasn't me, it was the driver's fault. I tried the next time and could not get out. Then finally on my third try, I got out of the water, pretty easily!

And I surfed!!! It was so much fun. I did it a couple of times and had a blast!!!

Then after the lake, we got home around lunch time and I made a very healthy lunch and we packed for an afternoon at the beach. So off we went.

When we got there the temperature was about 20 degrees less then at home (around 70). It was very comfortable! We flew our stunt kite, which is very fun!! Hubby was a little frustrated with me, because I would crash it quite often. But I was trying!

We took healthy snacks with us, which makes me so proud! I made a comment to hubby, that it was weird going to the beach without licorice. Just seemed wrong.

Then a bad thing happened.....I had a hamburger and fries at one of the restaurants (not a fast food one). Then and then I had candy. It was so weird, because a couple of months ago I wrote a post about people eating too much junk at the beach and here I was happily swinging my bag of sweets from the candy store. I got giant tamales (just a couple - they were so hot, can't eat them), berry flavored yogurt covered pretzels and giant malt balls. I spent $11.32 on candy. Did not get a lot, it was just expensive!!

I felt like a kid in a candy store, well that's what I was ~ a really big kid in the candy store!! It was fun!!

In my post I mentioned above, I was criticizing others, I said, "People help yourselves, don't eat that crap". Well this time I could not help myself!! I wanted it and I ate it!! Goes to show you, when you are tired, you don't always make the right choices. (We are getting very tired, been on the go since last Friday!)

I have to admit, I felt a little, and I mean a little guilty after eating all that!!

Hey we are on vacation!!!

Today it's the zoo with hubby, my daughter and the grand babies! I don't think we are going to eat there, which is good! Then we are coming home for a rest, then it's off to dance class!!

Whew it's been a whirlwind vacation! So much fun!!

Are you doing anything fun?


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Skinnier Me?

Yesterday we took our boat out to the lake. It was a beautiful day, 90's plus! Since owning a boat (about 9+ years), this is the lowest weight I have ever been.

It's been frustrating to have a boat and not be able to ski, wake board or knee board. The only thing I could do was tube and even then it was a struggle, because I did not have the strength to hang on.

After each disappointing summer, I would vow, that the next year, I would get in shape! And each year I would come back a little bit heavier and a little bit weaker.

Not this year! 43 pound lighter and a lot stronger!!!!

Because it was just the two of us, we could not ski - you need 3+ people, so I was unable to see how I would do. So I decided to take my top and shorts off and lounge on the boat with my swimming suit only. Never have I ever done that before!!! Once I was comfortable with that, I decided I wanted to sun myself a little bit. I originally chose to lay on the bench that is low, so no one would see me. Then my hubby says, "Why don't you lay on the platform?", which is high enough for all the world to see - yikes!!! So I decided I would do it. People will just have to get over themselves!!

So I'm laying there, all happy, reading my book and enjoying the warm sun. And then I look toward the driver seat and noticed these long slim legs in the mirror. I did some double and triple takes and realized those legs were mine!!! Then I took a peak at the rest of me and did not find the usual blog, but a slimmer person laying on the deck. IT WAS ME!!!!

My hubby caught me looking and told me to quit it! He said that I need to get it in my head that I look a ton different. I told him, that I wanted to look, because I still can't believe it!!

What a wonderful thing!! It's really happening and it's happening to me!!!

What new thing have you discovered about your new look?

Off for a bike ride and more boating!!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation at home

This week we are on vacation. We are not going anywhere but have a ton planned. So far we have spent time with the grand babies, did a 5(k) walk, served hamburgers to 500 people, and spent the day at the waterfront for the Blues Festival and fireworks.

Today its the gym (already did it ~ Weights with my trainer & 50 minutes of cardio), then we are going out on our boat for the day. The rest of the week will be the coast and kite flying, the zoo, craft day, dance class, daily work outs & biking and the grand babies. Should be a lot of fun!!

Yesterday I worked in the yard for 5 hours. I was up and down ladders, squatting while planting flowers and weeding, mowing the lawn, trimming, picking up trash, shoveling bark dust, sweeping etc.

I would have never been able to do that if it wasn't for the fact that I've spent so much time in the gym. All that weight lifting and cardio have really helped my endurance! After it was all done, I did more house stuff and went grocery shopping at 2 stores. Still felt great at the end of the day!!

I felt so satisfied in getting all this done. My yard looks great! And my cupboards are filled with nutritious and healthy food.

It was a good day!!

How's your day today?


Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Yesterday was a great day! We decided to go to the water front for the Blues Festival and fireworks.

We got there around 1:00pm and it was already packed! Fortunately my brother in law had saved us our little patch of earth. We brought our lunch and water ~ I love that we are learning how to eat even in this type of situation. We took some crackers, cheese, strawberries, and yogurt for lunch and we planned on having dinner there. I decided to splurge on yakisoba noodles, which I would not recommend if you've had a clean diet. Can I say, "Heartburn!!"

Fortunately I only had about a cup of noodles. It was amazing that I could actually throw away a perfectly good plate of noodles, but I did. I had to, to save myself!

One other little bad thing I did ~ I had a waffle cone. Come on ~ it's the 4th of July. I had to do it.

I waited for a long time in line, I was hoping that I would burn a few calories doing that. I finally got my waffle cone AND I ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

The fireworks were spectacular! I have never been so close to them. We always see them from far away. Never realized there was so much more to them. Usually we can only see the big ones, did not know there were a ton a little ones too. Pretty amazing!

After the fireworks, it was about 11:00pm. We started walking with the masses toward the train. We don't use the train often, so we were asking people how to find it. Well you will get different answers for difference directions. We were directed to the line that went North/South and we really needed to be directed to the East/West line. We ended up walking about 20 extra blocks, which is good, because I needed to work off my noodles and ice cream.

Oh the other bad thing...I would not recommend new shoes when going on a hiking event. I bet I've got 9 blisters on my feet and I think some of the blisters have blisters!!

We finally arrived at the train and had to wait for 2 1/2 hours to get home. When I finally got to bed, my head hit the pillow and I was out.

Today, it's yard work, grocery shopping, long bike ride, BBQ and hopefully the grand baby will be here.

Are you doing something fun today? Would love to hear about it!


Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yesterday I participated in my 2nd 5(k) event. Last year I was 42 pounds heavier and not very fit. This year I feel a ton better, more fit, healthier and anxious to see how I would do.

I went with my hubby, daughter and two grand babies. It was a beautiful day and the temperature was perfect. There were over 1000 5(k) participants.

Last year I gave it my all. When I heard the ready, set, go.... I was determined to just finish. I remember that within minutes, my body was already complaining, with pains in my calves and feet. I was so disappointed, but kept on going. When we took off, I was in the middle of the pack and did not think that many people had passed me, I thought I was keeping up quite well. When I finished at 1 hour 7 minutes (for 3+ miles) I realized that I was at the end of the pack. Just barely made it to the finish line in time. I remember looking back and could just see a few people behind me and paper blowing in the wind. Disappointing yes, but I was still a little proud of myself for finishing...

This year was a little different. I was lighter, stronger and more fit. I made sure I was rested and ate good food before the race.

Listen to me, I said "race", because in my mind that was what it was.

There were so many people at the starting line. We were tightly bunched together. I was ready to go......Oh I forgot to tell you, that I was pushing the baby stroller with the grand babies, adding another 30 pounds to push during my journey.....Anyway, I hear the ready, set, go....and we took off!

I don't know what happened, but something just clicked on in my head and I had a new game face on. I kind of felt like a race horse at the gate, pushing at the door, wanting to be set free. Well I was kind of pushing with my stroller and looking for the hole to get around the people. Then I finally found it, I was passing people on my left and right like a mad women!

Then my hubby and daughter got into it with me. They would give me a "target". (The 5(k) participants had numbers on their backs) They'd say, see #420 that's your next target. My little ole legs would get a going and I would inch my way to target #420. Then they would say, see up ahead, there's target #800 and again I would be determined to pass my mark.

Then we came across target #520. Well that target did not want to be caught! I would try with all my might but could not catch em. So I started to run. Me and my stroller ~ like a wild women and I CAUGHT EM!!!!

My hubby and daughter were laughing their heads off, running with me, the nuts! But what they did not know was this energized me to hit the next target. We did this for 1 1/2 miles and no one passed us.

Then all of a sudden, "knit cap" lady passed us. OK it's summer, what's up with the knit cap? Anyway, that made me so mad. No only did she pass us, but she was running. Well I thought there would be no way to catch her, so I dismissed her as one who got past me. Then she stopped running and began to walk. I kept my eye on her while I was passing my other "targets" and then I started gaining on her.

I got a little closer and I thought, maybe I could pass her. So I set out, running, me and my stroller, as fast as my little chubby legs could go. I were almost there, almost caught up to her and then she just takes off running again.

I thought ~ Hey, she knows I'm racing her. Augh!!

She just runs and runs.

We do this tag thing for a half mile. At mile marker 2 my hubby and daughter decide that they are running to the finish line. They help me to pass "knit cap" lady and I'm feeling pretty good.

They start running off and then so does "knit cap" lady. She's running right behind them and just keeps going. They are far off and then my hubby turns to wave and there she is, still running behind them.

Well boo hoo for me....Left in the dust by everyone. Me and my stroller.....

Anyway, I buck up and decide to find my next target. I pass that one, then that one, then that one and then and then.....I see "knit cap" lady. I've caught up to her again. This time, she's tired. Oh yes, I've got her figured out this time. I get my determination face on and I take off!!!!

Me and my stroller, running like crazy. They have a parade after the 5(k) and I'm now in the parade zone. There are people on each side, in their lawn chairs, watching the 5(k) participants and waiting for the parade. And here I came in all my glory ~running with my stroller....

Then the people start clapping and it's egging me on all the more. My legs are just a flying, my heart is thumping madly and I am absolutely loving every minutes!! Thanking some of the clappers as I fly by!! Makes me laugh thinking about it!!

Not only do I pass "knit cap" lady, but I smoked her!! Never saw her again!!!

So I'm all happy with myself and I finally see it ~ the FINISH LINE!!

I was still picking my targets, no one's passing me, and I'm doing pretty good ~ and then and then......this women zooms by. Now this makes me mad. I remember saying, I think even out loud, "Oh no, you didn't just do that"! So I get my little legs going again, but I can't catch her.

I thought that's OK, doesn't really matter.

Then I saw my hubby and daughter, they were coming back for me. Wanted to finish together.

They were asking me how I was doing and I told them of the defeat of the "knit cap" lady and they laughed. Then I told them about the other lady who passed me.

Well that got them going and they said, "Come on, lets finish this thing, lets run to the finish line." And we did. I got to running, the crowds were thicker in this stretch and all I could hear was clapping and hollering! And then, I got tunnel vision for my target, the lady and the finish line just beyond her!!

I ran and ran, totally smoked my target and was reaching for the finish line. All good sense was telling me to stop, I was tired, but my feet would not stop. They just kept going.....with all my targets passed, it suddenly got quite, we were all alone, just the 3 of us, oh and the stroller with the babies and we all went through the finish line together!!!! Winners!!

My hubby and daughter we laughing and slapping me on the back, I was laughing too, but just on the inside. I was so overcome, I wanted to cry. It was so AWESOME!!!!

After I could get my senses back, I finally heard my hubby say that I made it to the finish line in 50 minutes. I shaved off 17 minutes from last years time.

So I really felt like a winner!! Did not matter that maybe 100, 200, 300, 400 or 5oo people finished before me. What mattered was that I finished and I finished well. My body felt great, no pains, I did not whine one time, and most importantly I learned a little about myself. I learned that I am very able, determined, and a "little" competitive.

It was a great experience!!!

Then after the 5(k), my daughter and I went to the plant store. She's finally interested in outdoor plants and wanted me to help her pick out some things for her pots. We got a bunch of really pretty flowers for her.

Then I went home. got ready and it was off to church. (We attend a Saturday night service because my hubby works on Sundays) We meet in downtown Portland. Last night was the first of 8 Saturdays where we plan to serve food to our church members, but also to the homeless community. We made hamburgers, garden burgers, salmon burgers, and hot dogs. We also provided chips and soda. We served over 5oo people. I had a blast meeting new people at our church as well as some homeless people. It was awesome!

So yesterday I was up and going from 5:00am to 10:00pm. Filled the day with so many fun things. When I got home and into bed I slept like a baby.

Could not have done that one year ago. The 5(k) would have been all I could do for the whole day. Now being fit, I can do so much more!!

I'm finally living the life I've always wanted to live!!

Today, we're going to the water front for a blues festival and fireworks. Will be an all day event. Can't wait!!

What new thing have you learned about yourself? Would love to hear!!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

5k Walk is Today!!!

Today is the big day. I'm doing a 5k walk. This is my second year. Last year I was 43 pounds heavier and not fit!! I walked at a snails pace, had a lot of pain in my legs and feet and I whined the whole way!!

This year ~ there will be no whining!!! Well except I need to whine just a little bit here. Yesterday I got a cut on my foot, it's right by my little toe, everytime I take a step~ it hurts!!

Wouldn't you know it....When I need everything to feel OK I have this. It hurts just enough to be annoying.

OK that's it ~ no more whining!!!!

We are walking in the Hillsboro CAT Walk. They raise money for cancer treatments. We will be walking in honor of my dear Sister In Law who was just diagnosed with brain cancer on July 1st. We are praying for a miracle!!!

Do you believe in miracles?


Friday, July 2, 2010

New Weight Loss Goal...

OK I was a chicken...When I first set up my weight loss ticker I put down that I wanted my final weight to be 160 pounds. I got to that weight one other time, about 25 years ago. Yikes time flies!!!! So I put that goal down because I thought it would be an "easy" goal to achieve.

Well after I did some research on the shocking terms that are given to people over a certain weight like ~ Super morbidly obese, morbidly obese, severely obese, obese or just plain ole over weight ~ gave me the motivation to fight to achieve a weight that is in the fit, normal, average, good, healthy ~ weight category. My new goal is 145 pounds!

I was just looking at the word obese ~ look at it ~ It's kind of a stupid, ugly word!

I just don't want to spend another minute in the ugly categories anymore!!!

I'm done with it ~ How about you?


Thursday, July 1, 2010

What a difference a pound makes....

Yesterday I was Morbidly Obese according to the website at (Sorry I can't make the link work - but you can look it up)

Today I am Severely Obese...

Aren't those the most ugly words in the world?

I've got to lose 58 more pounds to be considered over weight. Still means I have to pass by the Obese category. Yikes!!!

At 150 pounds I would be at my ideal weight! NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME ~ I reaching for that goal and stretching for 145 pounds!!

What a difference a pound makes!!!

How about you? What your goal?