Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 54 & 55 - 7 Month Focus

So much going on lately, it's difficult to keep up on everything...

Happy to report that I'm feeling a whole lot better! The side effects of the Aspartame are almost gone. I don't have the pressure & tingling over my right eye, no more tension headache, vision has cleared up, my energy is restored, still experiencing a little anxiety (not sure if that one was from Aspartame - we will see) and over all feeling really great!

7 Month Focus ~ Yep still working on it. However, I think I've lost a little momentum. The past few days, I have done a terrible job with tracking my food and because I'm not tracking my food I'm not sure where I'm at with the calories and I'm even having trouble getting my water in. However, I am killing it with the exercise and getting my steps in ~ Sunday I got in 14946 (5k run)  and yesterday 15496 (10k walk). Just seem to be too busy to get everything done. However, I'm back on it today! Can't believe month 2, of my 7 Month Focus is almost done. I did a little better this month with getting my goals accomplished and had more days were I got everything done. I will  give final stats tomorrow!

Working on my Summer Bucket List. (will share it soon!) I have a lot of fun things I would like to do. Can't wait!

How are you doing? Are you motivated!!!

Keep focused!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 54 & 55 - 7 Month Focus

Day 54.....Lets just say is was an epic FAILURE!!! No exercise, calories were over the top, did not get my water in, did not journal my food and did not blog. Guess what???? I'm up 2 pounds....Hum!!

Day 55....Success so far!!!                                                       

So I woke up kind of early....feeling really sluggish....Well it's no wonder why!!!! Anyway, I got on the scale and found that I was up 2 pounds. I promptly went right back to bed ~ defeated!!!!

I'm laying there and my Hubby comes in to give me a kiss goodbye - he works on Sundays. He can tell right off, that I'm in a "mood" and asked what it was about. Once I was done with my boo hooing he simply gives me a hug and says a prayer for me, right then and there!! He leaves for the day and I'm still laying there.

I had a big choice to make...I could lay there for the rest of the day and waste it or I could get up and make some stuff happen.

First thing I did was check out my email from my Blog Friends. I decided to read one that caught my eye and it was from Dawn at Bare it all. (Sorry I don't know how to link to her site) Anyway she was talking about an event she went to and referenced another blog from Kelly Olexa. On Kelly's blog for the day, I saw a statement that I think has changed my life!! Here it is:

"Success must be felt within before it can be seen on the outside."

Deep down I have know this to be true. For me I also know that if you don't feel it....you don't feel it. This is not something you can make up or pretend to have. You've really got to get it in there. Fortunately I've had the feeling before....then lost it. So I know what I'm looking for.

With a smidgen of hope and desire to be successful I decided to get on my treadmill. Do you know that there are only 7 days until my first time at running in a 5(k) and I do not even know if I can do it. I don't think I've ever ran that far ~ ever!!! Do you know how much stress and pressure that puts on a person? Especially when you are fearful that you will get kicked off the course because you can't do it. I just don't want that to happen. And yet.....I have neglected even trying to see if it's a possibility for me. I decided that I needed to really bust this fear out of the water.. So I set out to see how far I can really run.

I'm on my treadmill.....remember with just a thread of hope.....the speed settings were at 3.2......I'm nervous.....holding on to the handle (for crying out loud!!!)....and I'm waiting for something to happen. And all of a sudden, this success mantra started in my head. (I wanted to stop and write it down, but I did not want to break the spell so I pushed on) I kept repeating the mantra...something like...."You're a success...you can do it!" (Sorry can't really remember what the full thing was) I guess it does not matter because all of a sudden my hands left the handle I was holding, my fists curled in to balls and I took a runners pose and got busy! For a while, I kept my eye on the gauge and watched the numbers move toward my 3.1 mile goal. Each minute that went by the closer I got. At some point during all of this the mantra in my head got louder and I got more determined as I got past 30 minutes of running without stopping. Then I set my focus on something and I swear I just went somewhere else. I did not see the treadmill gauge, TV or anything else in the room. No it was just me and my mantra....speaking success into my run and a new determination struck me.....I knew then, that I was not going to stop until I reached my goal. I was going to make it. I was going to have success!! And I DID IT!!

Probably the slowest 5k ever...I clocked in at 52 minutes. But it does not matter. I did it. I ran it for 52 minutes without stopping!!!!

Once I was done, it felt like I was walking on a cloud. You know that's an amazing feeling!!

I was so happy to receive the blog award for Jessica. She's been an awesome support to me. If you don't know her now, go visit her, you will not be sorry. I have decided that I would give the award to Dawn at Bare it all. Because of what she wrote today helped change the way I think and I was able to achieve success!! Thank you Dawn!!!!

How about you? Are you looking for your success!

Keep focused!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 53 - 7 Month Focus

Truly Blessed today. My precious Grand Babies stayed the night last night and right now they are waiting for hugs, kisses and fun!! So I gotta run!

Stats from yesterday....

Exercise: 40 minutes on Treadmill
Steps: 4043 (Geez I need to work on this!!!!)
Calories: 1830 (Need to work on this one too!)
Food Tracking: Done
Water: 100 + Oz
Blog: Done

Have a Blessed and focused day!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 52 - 7 Month Focus

I have noticed that since I've cleaned my diet up that I am really sensitive to certain foods. A number of months ago, my son brought in some fast food. It smelled so amazing!! I have not had fast food since January 2010, so I was kind of missing it. It's so easy to avoid being around this type of food when it's out there, but in my home...it was irresistible!! So I asked him for a bite and I got one. Don't even know what it was, but it was yummy. However, within a very short time....I had painful heartburn.

As you know, if you've read my blog, that I've not been feeling very well lately. I had a lot of pressure/numbness in my face, trouble with my eyes, stomach cramps, moodiness, anxiety, fatigue and weakness in my body. I thought the Hemi Facial Spasms were back because I felt some of these symptoms when I had that going on. So I went to my doctor who referred me back to my Neurologist, who did not think this was HFS symptoms, but of course, she invited me back to her office for more tests!! Not a fan of that...for sure!

So after I got this news, I simply prayed to the Lord for help in this matter. Can I just say dread, shock (because I thought I was done with all this crap), and hopelessness swam all over me. Then I began to think back to see if I've done anything different, added anything to my diet that may have caused this and I suddenly thought of this diet juice powder that I add to my water. I started drinking it only in the evenings to help get in some extra fluid. I would have a glass or two. Then on the weekends, I would have less water and more of the flavored water. And what I was noticing that every Monday, I would have all of the above symptoms and by the end of the week, they would subside only to reoccur again on Monday and the whole cycle would start again. (Monday - Friday less intake ~ symptoms would subside, Saturday & Sunday more intake ~ symptoms would increase)

So the light bulb went on, I thought.....maybe my problems are because of the drink. It has Aspartame in it. So last Monday, I did some research and got the list of side effects for Aspartame and all of the symptoms I had were on that list. So guess what...No more flavored water for me!

I stopped drinking it last Monday and by Tuesday, the facial pressure and numbness was gone, my energy level was up, started feeling strong, got me a whole bunch of hope!!

As of today, I feel great!!

Well except that I ate something at the Portland Rescue Mission last night that does not agree with me. I really am sensitive to the foods I eat and the things I drink.

The things I pour into my body really makes a huge difference in how I feel. I am grateful, because it's helping me to stay on track. I had forgotten that I used to feel sick when I ate whatever I wanted. I was sick most of the time. Now, I love feeling good, I love having energy and hope....I don't want to do things that make me feel that bad. This healthy lifestyle makes me want to live!! Not die because of how bad I feel!

So happy!!

How about you. Are you sensitive to foods?

Stats from yesterday....doing well and on target...Just running out of time this morning to post the info.

Keep focused!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 51 - 7 Month Focus

I am not sure why you even bother to read my blog....I must make you crazy, because I make my own self crazy!!! I feel like I am on a roller coaster....One minute I going up with all of this excitement and anticipation of what this journey brings, then I get to the top, so full of hope and success, and then I go crashing down to the bottom again!

Right now, I am kind of mid way on the coaster, just past the exhilaration of what success I've reached so far and I am mid way down, at the part where your stomach is in your throat (do you know that feeling), just before crashing to the bottom.

Last night I watched the Biggest Loser finale and was thrilled with the results. Man a lot of the people made some pretty remarkable changes in their lives. One of the things I love about the show, is that somewhere on the journey one of the trainers pushes and pushes a contestant until they break. It always happens. Once they have their break down and they get their break through, then you start seeing some amazing things happen.

That's what I'm waiting for! I need to break down....I need my break through. Now don't get me wrong there are moments when I think I'm there and some amazing stuff happens. That not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for the "AHA" change, the point of no return, the balls to the walls, momentum building, life changing, forever change that helps me get to my goals and helps me stay there. I want that!

So last night, I'm praying and I asked the Lord for help. It's moments like these that I have a hard time hearing from the Lord, especially if it has to do with me. He may be whispering His instructions, but I just can't hear them. Anyway, since I could not really hear what I needed to hear, I decided to listen to my radio. So I am dialing up and down the dial looking for some help. I prayed, "Lord, let there be a talk show on with someone who has made it, someone who has pushed through and really made stuff happen, someone who can give me some tips on how to get that passion it takes to get the job done."

So up the dial and down the dial I went. Mostly all I got was static. Hum.....not too encouraging. Then right before I turned it off, I heard someone say that they were able to achieve their dreams by being dedicated. It was a Michelle Kwan commercial. Here's the commercial information I found on the Internet. Michelle Kwan is the most decorated figure skater in US history. Dedication made Michelle a champion and it can make your dreams a reality too.

Wow for me that is a new word ~ Dedication! That kind of gets me fired up!

So today, I am ready to dedicate myself to my fitness and weight loss journey. Time to re-focus and get this done. No more ups and downs...This roller coaster is going up and staying there. Hey Colorado has bike trails that go up hills both ways, why can't my roller coast just keep going up? It can happen!!!

Are you with me....Are you ready to dedicate yourself to your health, fitness and weight loss goals? Let do this thing!!!

Keep focused!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 50 - 7 Month Focus

Thanks to all who commented yesterday. I was having such a hard day and your love and support helped me make it through.
Today is a better day!!

Going to talk about some random stuff....

Stuff about me...
  • On Sunday, I went through my closet again and weeded out all of the clothes that do not fit me. Kind of bitter sweet, because now I'm starting to get rid of my skinnier clothes. I am sad because some of the things I REALLY like. Oh well, off to the Rescue Mission they go.
  • Last night I had my session with my personal trainer and some very scary thoughts started to creep back into my mind. She wanted me to do these push up things on a workout bench. I had to put the palms of my hands on the bench, by legs straight out on the floor, crossed at the ankle and then she wanted me to lower and raise my suspended hiney up and down. Like some sort of strange  push up. Well OK I can do that, but here's the scary part, she was on the same side of the bench with me and she wanted to do it together. First of all, being a former fatty, OK I'm still fat, but former morbidly obese person I started to worry that we would break the bench or we would topple it over. Nope...we both did it without any problems. Bench in tact!! Whew!
  • Feeling so much better today. I have hope, energy and excitement for this new day!
Other stuff...
  • What are your thoughts about Aspartame?
  • How come I can never spell the work probably. I use this word frequently and I always get it wrong. Makes me crazy!
  • Thinking about doing a Summer Bucket List again. It was quite successful last year and I got a lot of things done. Might work on that today!
Stats from Yesterday...

Exercise: Weight training, 15 minutes treadmill & 30 minutes bike
Steps: 11995
Calories: 1809 (Augh!)
Food Tracking: Done
Water: 100 oz
Blog: Done

How about you....are you hitting your goals?

Keep focused!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 49 - 7 Month Focus

I am in such conflict with myself. I am kind of driving myself crazy! This is the 23rd of the month already. And each day of the month, I only have, six things I need to focus on, for my health and weight loss goals, and as of today, I have hit those goals, all of them, only 8 days. Please note: For the most part, I hit most of the 6 items each day, it's just that the point of the challenge is to hit them all - EVERYDAY! (Better than last month, I only hit all of my goals 5 days for the entire month!)

This is supposed to be a "FOCUS" challenge. I am supposed to be putting my energy into those 6 most important things. Yet I am all over the place....worrying and fretting about everything else....except for my goals.

Now why am I doing this? When I take my eyes off of my goal and try to fit in too many things, then I get really upset with myself, as well as wear myself out. Like today...I don't want to do anything....

Obviously my head is not in the game......How do you get your head into the game. What do you do?  I know for me weather plays a big part. Last year we had more sunny days. It really helps when I know the sun is up, I spring right out of bed at 5:00 and get started. This morning, I could barely drag it out at 6:30!!!! That is so late for me! Plus sunny days gives me hope and drive to push through. It's been so rainy and cloudy lately, so I have not been able to get any motivation from the weather.

Then hearing about the tornado last night, here I'm whining about rain....Geez I have a house to live in and all is well. I'm complaining about rain.

Then I'm whining about not having energy and feeling tired and I have all of my limbs, no serious ailments, a good mind (well it works anyway), a great support system at home, good food, all the tools I need and a personal trainer - I have no excuses not to get this done!!

And I'm still having trouble getting my head in the game.

Do you struggle with this? How do you get it turned around?

Keep focused!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 48 - 7 Month Focus

Yesterday was about limitations.....When I first woke up, I felt pretty good. I did a few things around the house and Hubby and I decided to run our errands early in the day. So off we went!!

First stop....the big ladies store to purchase a dreaded bra....I hate bra shopping!!! So I find the sales clerk and ask for a fitting. To my dismay there has been no change in that department. Drat!!!

Anyway, I continue to shop and as I'm looking around, I start feeling really bad. Once again, fatigue set in fast and pressure began to build over my right eye. When this happens I am only able to look at one thing and slowly look around to other things. Quick movement of my head, sends me into a dizzy feeling (not dizzy, but a feeling I cannot explain) Anyway, I am so trying to be a trouper and I continue to shop. So I get my bras and off to the dressing room I go.

When I get close to my room I notice a small old woman in a wheelchair. She sat before the dressing room doors just looking at them. She obviously could not shop on her own and was waiting for someone in the dressing stall.

Limitation #1. So sad.....here this dear woman sat in her chair, still young enough to walk, probably really slow, but limited non the less by age. She was just too old to go on her own.

While I was trying on my garments, I started hearing huffing and puffing on the other side of the wall. Then I would hear little groans and quite a carrying on. I almost was ready to call for help, the woman seemed in such distress! Finally I heard her say, "I'm so tired, I can't even try on these clothes!" I'm thinking...Oh my goodness, all that because she was too tired?

Shamefully while the women next door was laboring to find clothes to cover her body, I took a peek at her feet, so I would be able to identify her out in the store. When I was finished dressing, I left my stall and I was on the look out for the woman. I finally spied her and found that she was really large. Bless her heart.

Limitation #2, So sad....this dear woman was just too large, fatigued and out of shape to even try clothes on.

Once I got my items paid for, I made my way over to the REI store where Hubby was doing his daydreaming! That is a great store for an outdoors man!! Anyway, I guess by the look of me, my Hubby made the decision that we were going home. No more shopping for us. I was beyond my limits and needed to get home.

Limitation #3, Really sad.....I spoiled the day because of my health. I know Hubby was disappointed as we had some fun stuff planned. He took really good care of me, which I am grateful. But I could also see there is a limit for him too. He's tired of my health affecting our life. It used to be I was just too large, unfit and tired to do things. Now it looks like this medical condition I have is having its way and limiting our fun.

I am really sad for all three of us. The lady limited by her age, the lady limited by her size and fitness level and myself who is limited by a medical condition.

Sitting here, I'm wondering where do I go with this? And the only thing I can do for the other ladies is pray....and I will!! And for me.....I can just push through!!!

Even though something is going on.....even though I don't feel right or good....even though I'd rather not do anything, I'm going to push through and reach my goals. I'm not going to let fear stop me....You know me, I'm always worried about something.....like...if, because of this medical problem, they put me on meds, I will gain weight...What if they tell me to stop my focus plan (which they won't - geez), What if the meds change me.....What if purple monkeys fly over the moon???? Really? I can worry just about anything.


Whew I feel better!

So for today, I'm going to do what I can. If I'm not able to exercise, I will limit my food intake and be really careful with that. If I need to rest I will. But I'm not going to let this get me down....I'm not going to worry...I'M GOING TO PUSH THROUGH...nothing is going to stop me from reaching my goals!!!

Stats for yesterday...

Exercise: Rest
Steps: 2924 (Geez I barely moved)
Calories: 1423
Food Tracking: Done
Water: 60 oz
Blog: Done

How about you....are you fighting through your limitations?

Keep focused!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 47 - 7 Month Focus

Yesterday we had a fabulous time visiting my Sister in Law Tracy and her family. She has terminal cancer. I have to tell you she is a fighter! Looking at her you would never know that she is ill. She looks great! It was so fun seeing her smile and having fun with everyone. They are truly an amazing loving family. So awesome to see them pull together during a very difficult time. I am so Blessed to have been able to see them all!!

Had an OK day with my 7 Month Focus plan. Missed the mark in a couple of areas. Some of the things I just did not have control over. We ended up having a very healthy lunch and then they ordered Chinese food. I felt like I did OK, as I had a very small amount of the Chinese food, but when I entered the info into the Bodybugg system, the calories really piled up!

Yesterday's Stats....

Exercise: Walked 1 hour with Hubby (so much fun!!!)
Steps: 10282
Calories: 2121
Food Tracking: Done
Water: 80 oz ~ Were were in the car for 6 hours - felt I needed to keep this under control :-)
Blog: Done

I received an Award from Candy & Kankles . I am so thankful she thought of me. I am honored!!

So now I am to tell you 7 things about myself...

1.) Food I love the most ~ Chocolate.....Food I don't like ~ Brussels Sprouts....Nasty stuff!

2.) Things I really want to do.....Row in the Senior Olympic Games, Para sail again - this time with a smaller body - probably won't feel like I will fall out of the harness and plunge to my death!, ride a horse, write my novel, travel around the U.S. and see ALL the sights!, pay $10 for a glass of lemonade at a lemonade stand ~ wouldn't that be the funnest thing to do...give some kid ten bucks for a glass of juice...it would blow their mind!, snow ski again, get up on a water ski, oh there are so many things.....

3.) I blush and then pretend to be having a hot flash. REALLY - don't know which one is more embarrassing!! I'm a dork!

4.) Love love love to play in the dirt!!! Gardening is so much fun! Gives me so much joy. I really love seeing things grow. Biggest set back for me is.....watering. Geez it's the most important thing. I really have to work at this! My goal this year is to really focus and get my plants watered when they need it. I want my plants to really flourish!

5.) I think it would be so fun to live in the city and not have a car and only rely on the metro system to get around. Oh and I would also love to live in a small town, where everyone knows your business. Well that would be fun...because you would know theirs too! I also would love to live in the country on a farm and grow my own food and of course I would have animals, most importantly a horse. Oh and then I would love to live in the mountains next to a stream - don't you just love rushing waters? And finally, living at the ocean would be amazing!

6.) I think it would be really fun to own a coffee shop, bakery, flower shop, garden nursery or craft store.

7.) Really want to speak in front of thousands of people. I have no idea what I would say, but I really want to do it!

Now I delighted to give this award to 15 of my friends~

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Oops I went over...Oh well. Enjoy your award my Friends!!

How are you doing today? Are you on track and reaching for your goals?????

Keep focused!!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 46 - 7 Month Focus

Today has already started off in a rush!! Got up - went for a walk with my Hubby for an hour, now I need to get ready to go see my Sister in Law Tracy. She has terminal cancer. Please pray for her!!!

Anyway...I have 4 minutes to get this done.....

  • Signed up for a 5k RUN - it will be on June 4th @ 6:45pm!! I have a lot of work to do.
  • I have a row clinic,  in the morning, the same day as the run. Will be on the boat for a while, but I'm sure it won't be too strenuous. Runners...what do you think?
  • Planted all of my annuals in my back yard. It is beautiful!! Hubby and I spent time on our swing last night enjoying the moment.
Stats from yesterday:

Exercise: 35 minutes treadmill (25 minutes running)
Steps: 12763
Calories: 1649
Food Tracking: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

Well I'm off. Have an awesome and purposeful day!!

Are you working your plan?

Keep focused!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 45 - 7 Month Focus

Feeling grateful today! Here's why.....

  • The sun is shining and it's supposed to be 75 today. Heat wave for us!
  • I love my hubby sooo much. He is such a support to me and I am thankful for everything he does for me.
  • So love my children, Son in Law, Daughter in Law and 2 beautiful (and smart) grand baby girls. They Bless my life!!
  • My church is awesome. I love the teaching, fellowship and ministry opportunities and of course I love my friends!!
  • Love my beautiful country home. I feel safe here. We live just on the edge of town and farm lands - 10  minutes to a mall and 15 minutes to my work. I love it!
  • So thankful for my job and my friends there. I love what I do!
  • My little bubs....Bentley and Beemer (our little dogs) They bring so much joy to my life. They are always there for a pat on the head.....well only if you give them a treat :-)
  • I can finally say, that I'm thankful for my body.....It is really a good one. Who knew? I used to hate my body. HATE IT. But now, I am really grateful that it works this well, even after I've abused it, stretched it out, wore out some parts and have neglected it. It works great...considering! Do I have little pains, ouchies, and problems with it? Yes I do, but I am grateful for what it can do.
  • So grateful for this health and weight loss journey!! I have learned sooo much. I have grown to understand I CAN do things, I CAN made stuff happen and I CAN reach my goals. So amazing!!
  • Oh I can not forget the Lord. Without His strength and guidance, I would not be here. I know He has helped me and propelled me to push forward. I am grateful!!!
Fun thing....Yesterday my daughter was doing my hair (She's a stylist) and I asked her when was the last time she saw me this thin. She said, "Never! Only in pictures!!!" How cool is that? Even she has not seen me this thin. One day I will no longer be the chubby mom. Can't wait!!!

No stats from yesterday - Can't get onto the Bodybugg website. Drat!!!

How about you. Are you grateful?

Keep focused!!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 44 - 7 Month Focus

Yesterday was another tough day. Just did not feel well. Everything hurt and I had no energy!!

Stats from yesterday...

Exercise: 30 minutes on Treadmill
Steps: 4864
Calories: 1944
Food Tracking: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done


Had a couple really hard days. Got myself too tired and too stressed and my fatigue level dropped! I did that to myself by not taking good care of myself by getting enough rest. So the past couple days, I've be doing just that and now....I feel refreshed!!

The other thing I did was try to remember what I was doing when I was on my game. Most of the time when I'm in this bad frame of mind, I can't remember what worked before, can't remember my plan or why I was doing what I was doing.

A few months ago, when I was up, I wrote down this little letter to myself:

Don’t Forget…..

You’ve had success so far. With the Lord’s help you have made some real progress!

However today, you are off track. you are lost…you’ve forgotten your goal…you don’t feel like doing it anymore….you are tired….stressed…..you are cranky…..

If that happens….do the following:

  • Surrender your life to the Lord
  • Pray daily on your knees / pray continually through the day for His strength and guidance
  • Remember your health and weight loss plan
  • Exercise daily (at least walk a ½ hr) – weights 2-3 times a week
  • Calories should be at 1600 average per week
  • Water intake should be 108 oz (14 – 8oz glasses)
  • Journal food

Attitude (If in a funk)

  • Turn on praise music
  • Blog daily – Even if it’s ugly!
  • Surround yourself with positive people

Do something nice for yourself

  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Get your hair done
  • Visit someone
  • Read book
  • Craft
  • Give to others
  • Write
  • Check out inspirational messages

The more you surrender to the Lord, the easier the scary stuff seems and the more you get done!


So when I was down, I remembered to look at the letter and it really got me excited again. It worked!!!!

I am back on track!!!

This morning I was on the treadmill and ran for 21 minutes!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I have energy, excitement, anticipation and hope!!

Do you have a plan for when you are down? If not get one ~ It works!!

Keep focused!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 44 - 7 Month Focus

Yesterday was a tough day. I was very tired. I woke up kind of ready to go, got my work out clothes on and was not able to get on the treadmill. Just too fatigued! I finally got myself to work and had a really hard time focusing. When I am tired, fatigued and/or stressed, I feel the symptoms of the Hemi Facial Spasms. It's a lot of pressure in my head (like a tension headache), facial twitching and a feeling in my head that I cannot explain. It's one of those feelings that I get, that tell me, you've over done it!! You better rest!

Well yesterday was my day to see my trainer. I was so determined to get to the gym. So after work, I headed my car in her direction and finally realized that I could not make it. You see I have limitations!!

I don't know if this problem is a Blessing or a curse. My body, especially my head, lets me know when I've pushed myself too far. If I don't get enough rest, power through too many days, and if I don't eliminate stress, my body tells me by effecting my head.

You know I don't want this limitation right now. I want to go and do. I don't want to retreat back into my house to rest. Not now ~ I've got things to do!!!

So it makes me wonder if I will ever get to realize the dreams I have. Maybe I will get there, just not all at once and not all right now. Seems I've put my life on hold for so long, that now that I feel better in my body and can move it, I want to do everything. Cram as much in a day that I can. The reality is....I am limited ~ I need to take care of myself. I need to listen to this body and when it says rest, I need to do it.

So last night, I rested. I feel a whole lot better today. Just a small sensation in my head. I have energy and was able to get on my treadmill. Ahhhhh!!!!

Stats from yesterday....

Exercise: Rest
Steps: 3855
Calories: 2007
Food tracking: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

Another reason to listen to my body, when I'm tired, I cannot make my goals!

How about you...does your body let you know when you need rest?

Keep focused!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 43 - 7 Month Focus

Do you fudge on your stats? I mean, do you shave off a few calories here, maybe not record some there? Do you do things to make yourself look good? Tempted to do it?

I want to!!!

Sometimes my mind creatively forgets about stuff I've eaten.

Such as, yesterday, I made Banana Bread and had a small piece. While tracking my food, I almost did not put it down. Well because, because (My Grand Daughter always says, "Because because...."  when she is explaining things to me. So cute!) I did not have a full piece. I only had the middle part, (the best part) of a piece. So in my crazy mind, I was thinking it did not count. Really?

I was  really thinking about not recording it. Does not matter whether I think it counts, because because my body sure does!! So in the record books it goes.

Oh....I also had to record the 3 small pieces of pizza I had yesterday ~ they also counts. Sometimes I wonder where my brain is, most of the time.

We had our Son and Son in Law, Daughter and Grand babies over yesterday, so I thought I would "treat" them to pizza. I tried to set myself up, so I would not over do, but was not successful. I did have 3 pieces of pizza. However.....they were quite small, which is good.....but it was still 3 pieces. One would have been sufficient!

So we get done eating and I'm on the couch, watching the babies, cuddled in my blankie (I am so a blankie girl ~ Love them) Anyway, my Daughter says, "Let go for a walk!". (Happy face........)

I'm like "OK" through gritted teeth.....So off we go. On the walk, I was telling her that I was unhappy with myself for eating too much. And she says, "Well mom, you could have served a healthier option". Humph! So I say, "I was just showing my "love" language to my family." And she says, "Pizza does not show us love." Well Ouch!!! Huh?

Pizza always made my heart warm and fuzzy......but it does not do the same for them.? Well now what?

I have to get over the fact that food does not show love. Food is food only - something we need to nourish the body. That's it....that's all it's for! Well it is pleasurable, but it's really to fuel the body.

I would have probably shown  my family more love, if I had prepared a healthier dish and then gone outside to do something together. Instead of us all retreating to our own place, because our bellies were too full of Pizza.

Hummmmm.......Food is not love....Food is not love....

I will have to work on this!!

Stats from Yesterday....

Exercise: 5 mile walk with Daughter. She made me pay for the pizza :-)
Steps: 13448
Calories: 2190
Food Tracking: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

Do you show love with food?

Keep focused!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 42 - 7 Month Focus

Had a really busy day yesterday ~ I was on the move!!! Felt like I was super focused on my goals for the day, but missed them just a little.......

Exercise: Did it - 40 minutes on the treadmill
Steps: Got in 9219 - Oh so close! Needed 10,000
Calories: 1727 should be in the 1600's
Food tracking: Done
Water: Got in 80 oz - Should be over 100 oz
Blog: Done

I did burn 3279 calories and took in 1725 with a deficit of 1554 calories for the day. Not too bad!

Kind of successful day!?!

Today my hubby gets home from his 4 day Men's Retreat with our church. I have really missed him!! We were going to spend the day in our yard. I was going to plant my little flowers and he was going to help me with our fountain. We have a very small pool with a bubbling fountain - makes the greatest sound ever!!! But we will not get to do any of this, because......it's raining.....again! Geez I want to move to the desert. So sick of it! I should not complain, could be so much worse....I know....I know!!!

Has spring arrived in your area?

Have a great day and stay focused on your plan!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 40 & 41 - 7 Month Focus

Did not get to write anything yesterday, due to Blogger having the system down. I usually have about a half hour each day to write and read blogs. Not a lot of time. Once again, yesterday was a jammed packed day. Very stressful!! For a week now, I have been dealing with computer problems. All I did was switch our phone & Internet system, at work, from one provider to another. That's it!! But it effected our entire system. Email, fax, copy machine (scanning) and phone system. One thing would happen and then it would just snowball to the next thing. It never ended all week. Then yesterday, when I went to do my blog and found out that the system was down, I about lost it!!!

Computers...Internet...smart phones...remote controls...LOVE THEM.....HATE THEM!!!

I have to say, by the end of the day yesterday, I was not my usual joyful self. I really just wanted to hurt someone.....or eat a bunch of chocolate!!

But instead, I went back to my new way of living and thought up some things I could do to avoid hurting others or myself. So I called Margene to see how she is doing and to let her know that I'm going to do the Starlight 5k with her. I am really excited about that!! Hopefully my daughter will join us. Should be really fun!

Then I went to the nursery to pick up some plants. Just walking into the place, I could feel my blood pressure return to normal and I began to relax. My creative mind was going crazy with all of the possibilities. I think my eyes are bigger than my yard, which is as big as a postage stamp. Can I just say...Tiny! I got some Daisies - don't they just make you smile? And I got some Petunia's, Alyssum, Geraniums, Coleus, Asparagus Fern, Wandering Jew and some reeds (don't know what they are called). Everything is Red, White or Blue, and well green :-) So tomorrow is planting day. Can't wait!

Before Blogger went down, I was going to write about what happened on Thursday. I have to say, that I'm really disappointed in myself. As I am going through this journey, I am trying really hard to keep everything together. Before I started my health and fitness plan, I was fairly busy. Then adding the extra time for exercise, journaling food, blogging etc, plus all the other new things I've added to my life, lets just say, I am REALLY busy!!!

With that said, sometimes, I get behind on my house stuff. I mean everything gets done, but it's usually done in a frantic, crazed fashion and always last minute. So for over a month, I've had on my calendar a note to remind myself to sign up for a row class and every day I've been rescheduling the task, always thinking...that I have time. Well my time ran out. When I finally decided to sign up for the class, I realized that it started on 5/10/11 and I missed it. The boathouse website advised that if you missed the first classes, you should wait until the next one. Bummer!

Oh...the other thing about taking this class at this time is.....the class time starts at 5:30pm ~ totally doable!! Unfortunately the next class time, that starts 6/22 is 5:30AM!!! Yikes. Not only is the start time early, but it takes a half  hour to get to the water and that does not include getting ready and or parking. Can I just say  YIKES!!! Means I have to be up by 4:00am to make this happen. Wow! Good thing the class is only 2 days a week!

Anyway, in order to take the class I have to do a 20 minute swim test - which I will get done this next week or so. Then they have a free class on 6/4 in the morning (same day as the 5k - I'm going to be tired!!) Does not matter. I really want to do this and I'm going to make it happen!!!!

I guess that's it for now. Nuggets of truth in all this....be ready for your schedule and health and fitness plan to be shook up ~ have a back up plan. Be ready for stress and frustration ~ it's going to happen ~ be ready!! Look for beauty when you are in a mess! Don't procrastinate!! It could mean less sleep or worse! Be open to meet new friends ~ your life will be Blessed! Stretch yourself ~ You will be amazed how far you will go!

How about you...Got any nuggets to share?

Keep focused!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 39 - 7 Month Focus

Yesterday started off rough!! Got up late, was up a pound!?!?!, and forgot my Bodybugg 15 minutes into my time on the treadmill. Really bummed me out!! In the past, things like this would have bumped me off of my plan for the day. I would have been so frustrated and mad that I would have just started over the next day.

Did I do that yesterday?


Even though I was in a bad mood, even though I did not want to, my goal was to end the day with success!!

So I got myself ready, went to work and worked hard all day long. During my breaks, I usually take a walk around the building and up and down the stairs to help get my steps in. Yesterday, I was speed walking down the hall and this woman races out of her office and follows me to the bathroom.  I'm like, "Wow, she really has to go!" Anyway, we get done and we are both at the sink washing our hands. I ask her how's she doing and she just lets the questions fly!!

Do you walk a lot....Do you walk the whole building....Does that thing (my Bodybugg - unfortunately it shows!) track your steps....How much weight have you lost....what's your plan?

She's firing her questions at me like crazy and I'm trying to keep up and give her my whole story in 1 minute or less. Anyway, I give her my spiel and she says, that she too wants to do something about her weight. Then she said she's checking out the Bodybugg....she wants to get one. So as we part, she say, "I'm watching you....you're doing great!!"

I don't even know this woman!!! She works way on the other side of the building. I guess she's seen me fly by her door a time or two.

Kind of exciting to know that what I do impacts others, even people I don't know.

You never know who's watching you! That's why it's so important for me to be a woman of my word. To do what I say I'm going to do, no matter what! You are known by your last act! (Stole that from a training my boss gave us ~ wise man!!)

Then to finish the night, I decided to jog in place during the Biggest Loser show. I jogged during the show and rested during the commercials. Really helped me get my steps in!

Keep up the great work my friends. Push yourself to your limit. Do what you need to do ~ Every day!! And remember people are watching!!

How about you...are you making a difference where ever you go?

Stats from yesterday....

Exercise: Treadmill 30 minutes & walking
Steps: 13592
Calories: 1644
Food Tracking: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done


Keep focused!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 38 - 7 Month Focus

Yesterday was a tough day!! Too much stress and pressure at work and I was super tired and hungry!! I pushed through the day and even fought off eating too much. I did go over 172 calories, but by the time I was done with my workout with my trainer, I don't think that's too bad. She kick my hiney!! I needed the nourishment!

We did 15 minutes on the treadmill and then my weight routine. She increased the weights on most everything! I am lifting about 12.5 pounds for shoulder work, 15 pounds for triceps and 20 pounds for biceps. WOW I can't even believe I can do that. Don't tell her this, but some of the things we do, the weight are too light!! Shhh!! It kind of freaks me out. Do you know how big 20 pound weights are? We have two racks of weights in my gym. The "girl" rack and the "guy" rack. The 20 pound weights are the last ones on the girl rack. The next size up is in their rack!!! YIKES!!!  Yep, I'm headed for the "Big" Boys!! Then after the weight session, it was 30 minutes on the bike.

It was kind of fun, even though I was super tired when I went in, I left that place floating on a cloud. It feels great to be strong and fit. I love being able to do what she asks me to do, even if it scares the pants right off me!!

Stats from yesterday....

Exercise: 30 minutes (in the morning) & 15 minutes (in the evening) on the treadmill, 30 minutes bike & weight training
Steps: 12996
Calories: 1726
Food tracking: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

What about you....Are you pushing through?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 37 - 7 Month Focus

I had an absolutely fabulous Mother's Day!!! Friday night I had a wonderful dinner, gift and cards with my Hubby. (We celebrated on Friday because he works Sundays) Then on Sunday, I slept in late, did a few things around the house, got a pedicure with my daughter, then went to lunch with my daughter and son, talked with our oldest son, who lives in Washington and his wife, talked to all our mom's and received many test messages and phone calls wishing me a great day. Plus everyone pitched in and got me a Kindle. So excited about that!!! I think this Mother's Day was the best one ever!!!

This past weekend was not the greatest for moving around. Saturday I got in only 3370 steps and yesterday 1672 steps. That is barely moving. Part of it was I put in a lot of effort last week and by Saturday I was plain worn out and super sore!!! I'm hoping my endurance and stamina will increase with time. I would like to get in all my steps everyday. Maybe it's unrealistic, but I'm shooting for it anyway!

Got another jammed packed week ahead. I am planning on hitting my goals and getting everything done!

Stats from yesterday...

Exercise: None
Steps: 1672
Calories: 2085 - WOW!! We went to Olive Garden and I planned my meal, but could not stay out of the breadsticks. Vile evil things!! They are sooo good. Especially if you have not had bread like that in a while!! Yum!!
Food tracking: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

Over all had an OK week. Looking forward to making stuff happen this week!

How about you....are you motivated?

Keep focused!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 37 - 7 Month Focus - WHAT DID I DO?????

I am an IDIOT!!! Obviously today is not the day for me to be doing anything on my Blog. I've totally messed up my Followers!!!! I thought I was adding someone to my Blog Roll and all I did was just change the name on my follower list and I deleted everything by mistake! Does this mean I am not following you? Augh!!!  Well this system is not very forgiving, it did not even ask me if I really wanted to make that change ~ Like it should have said, "Hey dummy, you do this and it would be bad ~ Do you still want to do it?"....Nope ~ It just did what I told it to do. And right now my mind is so stupid, I can't even remember I how I got you all listed there in the first place. Any ideas? Thank goodness I still have my Blog roll so I can find most of you, but sorry, I've lost the rest......(I just made one...little bitty mistake and I just wiped out everything!! AUGH!!!!

OK after a few minutes away from my computer, some hair pulling, some really deep breathing and assurance to myself that I am not stupid...Well OK a little stupid on some things....Anyway, I tried to think what lesson I could offer, some pearls of wisdom, or some nuggets of truth that I could bring from this experience.  And I think I found one.....Are you ready? Here we go....

This journey all comes down to focus. I mean focus on every little bitty thing. It all matters. Look I made just one tiny change and it changed the whole look of my blog, how it functions, and how I can use it. Just like what we do with our bodies. One tiny cookie, a little bit of candy, a spoon of peanut butter, a little drink of alcohol....whatever it is, it counts. It changes the plan. Our bodies just do what we tell them to do. If we add to many calories, it will accept them and then and will either process them right through or add them to our fat storage. It does not know our intentions, whether they are good or bad, whether we meant to over eat or had justification to do it. It just knows what is. Fewer calories = weight loss...More calories = weight gain. Simple...Right?

If I could have approached my computer with a clear mind and focus, I would have noticed what I was doing and stopped myself for creating any damage. Good thing, I don't know how to delete my blog, because I was not focused and I could have done that and that would have been the end of Nuggets of Truth. Just like when I approach my day with a foggy mind, I make a lot of mistakes and do damage that takes days to repair or recover from. And if I allow myself to be foggy for a long period of time, I will forget my weight loss and fitness plan altogether! This just can't happen. I need to focus!!

This is a good lesson for me, that I need to keep prepared and focused each day. Stuff will still blindside me and I will continue to do stupid things, well that's because I'm me, but the point is, I need to keep focused at all times!! Even on the little stuff. It all matters!!!

Whew who knew I could pull that little nugget out of one simple thing like that?

Stats from yesterday. I had a down day with no exercise.

Exercise: None ~ I barely moved :-(
Steps: 3370 - See! YIKES!!
Calories: 1672
Food Journal: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Keep focused (Even on the little bitty things!!)

OK ~ Is it April Fool's Day? I just went back to my Blog and the followers are back. There were really deleted ~ now they are back ~ I swear!! Woo Hoo I am glad they are back!! No idea what happened!! See I can be really dumb with this stuff!!! Geez!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 36 - 7 Month Focus

Well another day is in the books!! I have to say that I'm a little obsessed lately with the number of steps I take each day. I really want to get this done!! Sorry if I've bored you to tears about it!! But for me, it's setting my mind to something and getting it done. You see, in my past, I've set goals and failed to get them done. Time and time again. Some times I would set them, try really hard, have a tiny bit of success, then a little bit of adversity and then I would stop. Other times, I would set the goal and be all excited about, talk about, then talk some more and get everyone riled up  and excited for me and then I would not even try. Don't you hate it when you are in bed so excited about something, so determined that yes, this time you're going to do it. You think and think and strategize and get yourself revved up and then you are unable to sleep!! Then the next morning, you wake up...now tired and your motivation is gone. Have you ever done that before. I have my whole life and I just hate it!! I don't want to think anymore about things, now I want to get them done!!!

So April 1st, I set my 7 Month Focus goals. I've had success and some adversity, but I'm still focused. And each day, this one part of my plan is a super challenge!! I guess that's why I talk about it so much.

A.N.Y.W.A.Y.....I'm going to talk a little more about it today.....

Yesterday I did fairly well. My hubby and I had our Mother's Day Celebration! He took me to dinner, he even made reservations, brought a wrapped gift with two cards and dressed up for the occasions. (I know, amazing huh? ~ I have a super awesome Hubby!!) Because of the celebration, I planned my calories well, as long as I stuck to my plan, then I would be OK. Except for the server brought this amazing display of desserts to our table and we could not resist!! So we ordered a piece of cheese cake to share. That pushed me over 256 calories. I guess in the whole scheme of things, it's not so bad!

So we get home and I plug into the Bugg and see that I'm am drastically far from my goal. I had only taken 5600 steps for the day. AUGH!!! Can I just say AUGH!?!?!?!?!?!

So once again, I don on my running shoes and start my jogging throughout the house. This time, nobody cares about the crazy women in sneakers. The dogs don't even budge from their bed. Bummer.....No support or rah rah's for me. I'm a lone woman on a quest for steps!!!

So I'm jogging, walking and moving all over the place for what seems like forever! So I go plug in and I'm still short 1500 steps. AUGH!! By this time, I'm frustrated and tired and just want to be done with the whole thing. But still determined to get it done. So I decide I will get on my treadmill and run for a bit.

I start out with my warm up, then I think I'm going to do my intervals. I start out with the first minute, feeling pretty good I push for more time. Before you know it, 5 minutes have passed and I'm eager to push to 10. Once I'm there, I'm thinking well lets try for 15...so I go for it. Got that done and realized that I'm close to the 1 mile mark (ME!! Running 1 mile - woo hoo!!!!) Anyway, I decided to go for it and made it in 20 minutes. I know slow...but I ran it without stopping. WOW!!

So I got my steps in and then some and realized that I've got more in me than I think. I think that's most of my problem.....is I think too much. I should just "DO IT" without analyzing and worrying  and fretting about everything. Because I am capable!! Next goal is to reach for 1 1/2 miles!! I CAN DO IT!

Stats from yesterday:

Exercise: Weights & running
Steps: 12617
Calories: 1856
Food tracking: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

How are you doing? Are you pushing yourself?

Keep focused!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 35 - 7 Month Focus

Yesterday was a non-stop day!! Up at 5:30, exercise, read my Bible, blogged, got ready for work and worked all day. Then after work, I worked on my bills and then went with some friends downtown to work with the Bridgetown Ministries. This is a group that tends to the needs of the homeless community. They offer haircuts, nail polishing, feet washing, Biblical literature, outreach and food. It was my first time and I was amazed  how much love was spread out in this little area under a bridge in the City of Portland. Very humbling!

The first thing we did was get some instructions, sing some songs, pray and then assign positions. I got to serve food, my favorite! Then the next thing we had to do, was get the food from the church to the bridge, which was a couple of blocks away. So I see this guy struggling with this large plastic container full of Dave's Killer Bread. Do you know how heavy one loaf is? It's heavy! Can you imagine how heavy a large plastic container full of this stuff would weigh? Yeah, I had no idea.....but I soon found out. H.E.A.V.Y!!!! Anyway, I decided to help this poor guy without having any knowledge of how far I would have to carry this heavy load. So we set out, I'm doing pretty well, holding my own - surprisingly!!! This group of people who volunteer down there are pretty young and fit! I was able to keep up with them, carrying my heavy load, speedwalking to our destination. In fact, I barely struggled at all. The only thing that was bugging me was the angle of the handles...made it difficult to hold on to the box. That's it.

Before I started this program, I probably could not have even have lifted the box, let alone walk any distance with it. Oh and/or keep up with the group. There is just no way I could have done it!!

That's the benefit of being strong & fit!!!

We served hot food, showed a lot of kindness & love, offered some comfort and lots of smiles to a lot of people on a cold night! We made a difference! I was honored and privileged to be there!! It was a great night!!

So I get home after 10pm...I go plug in my Bugg to see where my stats came in. My goal, as you know, is to reach 10000 steps per day. When my numbers came up, it said....6700. AUGH!!!! I was a little frustrated with myself...Here I'm short of steps....and I'm tired....and it's after 10pm.....and I've got 3300 steps to go!!

Did that stop me?


I simply got started getting those steps done. Of course I get jogging around the house and the dogs, again, were wondering what was going on. Bentley for half a second wanted to join in, but soon opted out for his comfy bed. Beemer on the other hand was game, however, he just gave me a look like "Mama...really?" So I decided to pick him up. So I have Beemer in one arm and I'm jogging all over my house. We do that for a while and I finally give him up to his Daddy. There my hubby and Beemer are sitting in the comfy chair, just watching me run around the house. I'm sure hubby thinks I've lost my mind!

Any way I made it!!

Here's my stats:

Exercise: 40 minutes on the treadmill - running intervals
Steps: 10192
Calories: 1624
Food Journal: Done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: Done


I am so glad I pushed through last night. I sure did not want to. But you know, after it was over I was pretty glad I got the job done!!

How about you? Are you getting the job done?

Keep focused!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 34 - 7 Month Focus

I am really determined to make my goals every day!!! I realize, I am not perfect.....and I realize that life happens and sometimes you just can't get done what you want. I totally get that. However, if I even have a chance to make my goals....I'm going to do everything I can to get it done!!

Yesterday I was super fatigued! I was thinking about going to my stability ball class, but my ole body was just too tired! I was simply worn out!!

When I got home, I ate my dinner and sat, for just a moment....ahem....in my hubby's chair. (You know it's the most comfortable one in the house!!!) Anyway, I'm sitting there, the TV's on, I'm warm and cozy and I have my two dogs Bentley (He's a Shih Tzu) and Beemer (He's a Maltese) laying between my legs sleeping. I could not have been more snug as bug then that!! And of course, I fell asleep!

So I'm sleeping away and all of a sudden I wake up with a start and my heart is racing. Well mostly because I can't figure out what's going on....anyway, I realize it's 7pm and my hubby was due home by 8pm and I had a lot to do before he got home.

So I released the chair and my dogs go flying and then it's a total blur of activity!! First thing I do is I plug in my Bodybugg (which I LOVE!!) and realize that I am short on my steps. I am at 6400 and I need 10,000 to make my goal. Seems like such a long way to go!!! But I AM DETERMINED to get to 10000 steps!!

So I'm running around the house, arms and legs a flying! I'm doing dishes, folding and putting away laundry, picking stuff up. The whole time with a water bottle between my teeth, because I'm short 24oz for the day. Soon, I'm done with that. I am sure I looked ridiculous running up and down the stairs with stuff in my hands and this water bottle stuck to my face!

Anyway, my little dogs have no idea what's going on. They are chasing after me the whole time! I like to have my home a haven for my hubby when he comes home. So I always turn on our curio cabinet lights. I also turn on my Christmas tree....ahem.....Yes...I have one up all year long. I just change the decorations for whatever holiday we are in. Right now it's decorated for Easter. I will be putting up my garden tree, hopefully this weekend! A.N.Y.W.A.Y...To set the mood right, if it's cold I turn on our fireplace and light all the candles. He works really hard, so I like for him to come home to comfort. The other thing I do, is when it's close to the time of his arrival, I sit in our front room on the chair and wait for him. Then when he arrives, I go to the door and the dogs and I fling the door open for his arrival. Dorky huh?

So last night, I only had an hour to do my little chores, set the mood in my home and get in over 3000 steps. So I'm scurrying away and I get everything done and I still have time. So I thought I would just walk/jog around the house until he got home.

So I make this great path. Circle around the family room, go through the kitchen, then the living room, back to the family room. Then I did it again and again. Remember the dogs are still with me.  After some time, Bentley, our more regal one, decides he's done with the foolishness and heads for his bed. Frankly I think he's just out of shape....Hummm maybe he needs some more walks!! But Beemer, he's a trooper, he's still with me. So on we go!!

Now my hubby is due home at 8:00pm. So the loop to the living room tended to be a little more dramatic as each time I went to my chair, my poor little doggy thought we were going to wait for his daddy. So up the chair he went. He'd get up there and look at me excitedly and with anticipation, that this is the moment that we will wait. NOPE onward we walked.....Every time I approached the chair I had to do a little acrobatic move so I could peak around enough to see if his truck was in the drive way. It was not there. Over and over I did this. Remember I'm pledging to walk until he gets there.....At 8:20 I finally call him to see what was going on. He said he was delayed at work. I told him what Beemer and I were doing and he just laughs and then he lets me know that he needs gas and will be home soon.

Well.....I did say I would keep at it until he got home and I did. Poor Beemer.....That little dog is a trouper. Anyway, we made our final loop and the truck was finally in the driveway. I made a whoop and we went to the door. Of course, Bentley made his grand entrance, acting like he's been with  us the whole time ~ the quitter!!!

Once my hubby is in the house and we are all settled down...well except Beemer, he's a bundle of nerves by now, it took some time to calm him down. Poor thing. Anyway....all is well in the house and I go plug in my Bodybugg to see the final total of steps for the day and it was 11614!! Woo hoo we made it!!!

Stats for yesterday:

Exercise: 30 minute on the bike
Steps: 11614
Calories: 1564
Food tracking: done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: done

I guess I can make this happen......How about you? Are you reaching your goals?

Keep focused!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 33 - 7 Month Focus

Had lunch yesterday with Margene . It was so much fun getting to know her better. She's just as wonderful in person as she is on her blog. I enjoyed hearing about her journey, goals and family. I am so sad she is moving to Utah next month!!! Good for that state, as she has plans to make a difference, in helping people get fit and healthy!! I know she will do awesome!!! Margene is a powerful woman, who can accomplish much!! So happy we were able to get together!! Hey, we got our picture taken and hopefully she will post it soon on her blog. Check it out!!

I am slowly learning that I am competitive. Not only with other people, but with myself. I am having a blast pushing myself to new limits.....even if it hurts!!! Example...last night, I needed 2000 more steps to go to make my 10,000 step goal. So while watching, The Biggest Loser, I ran in place during the show and rested during the commercials. Thank goodness it was only an hour! Not only did I get my 2000 steps, but I actually got to 11745!!

It's kind of like, I'm not going to bed until it's done!! I like that attitude. Now it's not good enough to just hit the goal...I am now motivated to push just a bit further and add a little more! Makes me really happy!!

Stats from yesterday...

Exercise: 30 minutes on the treadmill and 50 minutes water aerobics...oh and my crazy running place!
Steps: 11745
Calories: 1303
Food tracking: done
Water: 100+ oz
Blog: done

Feeling good!!

You know, I just looked up to see how many days it's been since I started my 7 Month Focus. Wow, I cannot believe it's been 33 days already. Time flies so fast! With that said, if you have not already, wouldn't it be fun to start your own challenge? You would be amazed how fast the time goes, how challenged and accomplished you will feel when you reach your goals. Time is going to go by anyway, might as well make the best of it and make stuff happen. You might be saying, I can't do challenges. I get that....I could not either. I tried many and failed miserably!! The key for me, is doing my own challenge, selecting a balance of items to focus on that are reasonable and achievable. Oh I mean achievable with effort and items that stretch you a little. It is most rewarding!!

Notice when I started my challenge, I stunk it up all over the place and then......just by staying focused......something switched for me and I am achieving these goals. It happened by staying focused. It works!!

How about you. Are you in a challenge now? If not, do you want to start one today? Are you with me?

Keep focused!!           

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 33 - 7 Month Focus

Went to the gym last night and worked out with my trainer. I was so happy to see her and I was yakking about what's going on, just having a grand ole time. The whole time she's working me like crazy. She has me put my back on a stability ball against the wall and squat down to a sitting position and I'm just chatting away. Then she has me do something else and then back to the wall and ball. Yak yak yak. And finally I'm like, YIKES this is tough!!! She puts me through some machines and then it's time to go out in the hall. That's never a good sign for me. Means out of the comfort zone!!!

So while I'm waiting for her to get her torture equipment, she had me do scorpions (can't even describe these) and then she comes out with a medicine ball. So we do lunges with the ball. All during this time out in the hall, one of my friends is talking to my trainer. They are having a great time chatting, while I'm sweating my butt off. The whole time, my trainer is barking out orders and I'm doing them.

Then we were kind of winding down and then she asks me to do push ups. I ask regular or modified and I am praying for modified, because I have not done a regular push up since high school - that was a loooonnnngggg time ago!!!

Of course...you know what she says, "Regular!" Yikes.

She barks, "Give me 5!"

So not to be embarrassed in front of my friend I get into position and get started and I hear my trainer yelling at me. And I'm like "What?"

And she's carrying on about how amazing I was doing! Great form, strong, looking good etc. Well that's a nice change!

So I get done with my 5 regular and she asks for 6 modified, then 5 regular and 6 modified. Then it was back to the gym. We did a few more weights and then she asked me to do a plank on the stability ball. And I'm like, huh? You may not know this, but I'm not very balanced....but I gave it a try anyway. Success!!! I can do it and do it well!! I'm like bring it on Sister, I can do this!!

So after my torture, I mean my work out, I ask my trainer if when I started with her over a year ago, did she think I would still be working with her today? She just looked at me and said, "No".....then she laughed and said, "Ah NO! No way!: She said she thought I would maybe workout a couple times with her and she would be done. Said that I have made great progress!!  That compliment really made my day!!

So this morning, I'm on my treadmill, doing my regular walk, thinking about whether I want to do a 5k with Margene at http://believingitspossible.blogspot.com/ in June. It gets me kind of excited thinking about it. So I thought I might try running a little. Usually after my workout with my trainer, the next day I take it easy, but I thought what the heck, lets do it. So I was going to do my intervals, 1 minute walk, 30 seconds run etc. So I get to my first minute and I feel great and I decide to go for 2, then 3, and I thought, well lets go to 6 minutes (since I just got to 5 minutes of running a couple of days ago). So I get to 6 and I'm like, I can do this!! So I went all the way to 10 minutes of running without stopping!!! I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! EVER!!! When I hit 10 minutes, I had to stop because I was filled with all of this emotion. (Dumb huh) Anyway,  I'm crying, whooping and hollering and so excited that I did this. I would not recommend crying and sweating at the same time. Can I just say, "GROSS!!!" Anyway, I am encouraged!!!!!

Today, I am meeting Margene (see info above) for lunch. CAN NOT WAIT!!

Stats from yesterday....

Exercise: 30 minutes on treadmill, weight training with trainer and 30 minutes on the bike
Steps: 12066
Calories: 1644
Food tracking: Done
Waster: 100+ oz
Blog: Done

How about you, are you pushing yourself?

Keep focused!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 32 - 7 Month Focus

Some days I just want to change my plan....I am working really, really hard ~ Physically! Days like today, I'm so sore from the efforts I put in yesterday. Seems every day I have pain. Now this is good pain, mind you, not the pain of injury, but the pain of working my muscles to their limit.

I have a friend who is on a diet plan that is all prepared for her. She does light exercise, but that's it ~ in 15 weeks she's lost 30 pounds. 30! It's taken me 1 1/2 years to lose 60+ pounds!! Parts of me wants to abandon this slow, methodical way of doing it. If I started her plan now, I could be down to my goal weight or at least close to it by the end of the year! What to do?!?!

The reality is...I can't do her program. My doctor does not advise that I do anything that may trigger my health condition to relapse. I have asked her many times if I could maybe just try and she said, "No"! Now I know I'm a big girl, a very big girl, and I can do what I want, but there are just some things I am not willing to mess with and this is one of them.

Anyway...I really have to say, even though, it's taken me a while to get this far, I am grateful for the journey. I have learned so much about myself, my body, my limitations and I have learned that I am a lot stronger than I think and I really do have a stick to it attitude and....dun dun dunnnnnn.....I can do this!

So yesterday, after I got done whining to myself about how hard this is...well, really how hard I'm making it. I decided to buckle down and JUST DO IT!!!

I focused on my goals and this is what I got done.....

Exercise ~ 40 minutes on my treadmill. My trainer wants me to run, so I decided I would follow her running instructions ~ 5 minutes of walking, then intervals of 1 minute walking, then 30 seconds run - I do this for 5 minutes and then I do the whole thing again 2 more times. Well yesterday, I was feeling pretty good, so I decided to just see how far I could go. So I got my first minute in, then I said, let's go to 2 minutes, then 3....all the way up to 5 minutes without stopping!! ME - I DID THAT!! After it was all over, I ran over 10 minutes in all. I don't think I've ever done that before! Then last night, Hubby and I went for an hour long walk!

Steps ~ My goals is 10,000 ~ I logged in 14464 ~ Woo Hoo!!

Calories ~ My goal is 1600 ~ I logged in 1605 ~ I'm counting it as success!!

Food tracking on Bodybugg ~ Done

Water ~ Got in 100+ oz

Blog ~ Done


So I can do this. I don't need to abandon my plan. I just need to stay focused and keep going, even if it's painful ~ I will make this happen!!

How about you....have you ever felt like you wanted to abandon your plan?

Keep focused!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 31 - 7 Month Focus

Wow month one already in the books. Can't believe how fast times flies. Well lets recap!

My 7 Month Goals are....to do the following items daily....

10000 Steps 
1700 Calories / Changed this goal to 1600 calories mid-way during the month of April
Track food using the BodyBugg system
Drink 100oz of water

This is what I got done....

Only had 4 successful days where I got everything done....The rest of the month went like this.....
  • Exercised 21 days
  • Reached my 10000 step goal 10 times
  • Reached my calorie goal 13 times
  • Tracked my food 30 days
  • Reach my water intake goal 28 times
  • Blogged 30 days
Well....would I consider this a success? Well not if I'm thinking perfection. However, I am not going to think like I used to...all or nothing. So I'm going to say I had a semi successful month! At least there was effort and I did not quit just because I did not do it perfectly.

I did lose 4 pounds!!!


The purpose of my challenge is not necessarily to focus on losing weight. My purpose is to do what I say I'm going to do. That is my goal!!! The by product or bonus if you will, is if I do what I say I'm going to do, I will lose weight and I did. It worked! The point is....achieving those goals.

So I have some work to do! I am optimistic for May. I already have my goal sheet ready and I will increase my activity this month!! What I did was good...but not good enough!! I'm ready to keep it going!! So excited!!

How about you. Do you have trouble reaching your goals? How do you power through?

Keep focused!!!