Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 30 - 7 Month Focus

Obviously I have a long way to go to obtaining a healthy lifestyle. Once again, I have allowed life, fatigue and circumstances out of my control (or are they) to bump me off my plan a little.

Went to our church function last night. After waking early, working full time and then rushing to the event, I neglected to take care of myself for dinner. I went there and one of the first tasks assigned to me, was to set out the hordes of goodies for the workers and the band. There were cheese puffs, nuts, fruit, cookies, candy and other deliciousness! After I was done, it was a mighty fine looking spread!!!

Anyway, I truly lost my mind. I ate some cheese popcorn, fruit and had some candy. Then they brought in the real food ~ Lasagna, bread, salad and cookies. Really I did OK with this stuff I could have really over done it...I did opt for the Lasagna selecting a small piece, then some salad and one bread stick. I did not have any cookies.....I did show some restraint as they were my favorite!! Sugar cookies and of all things, dipped in chocolate! Can I just say YUM!!! (Well not that I would know....they looked awesome!!)

Anyway, the evening wore on, they had peppermint candies there, so I helped myself, then as more fatigue crept in I had more candies. I was sick!! Then around 10pm or 11pm, I have no idea what time, anyway they served Tortillas with cheese (can't think of what they are called) and chips. I could not and did not resist. I had just one, with about 3 chips.

Anyway, all is not lost, I am back on track today. Calories are in line and I'm refocused!! The whole night was not a disaster it could have been. I'm just disappointed that I did not do a better job in taking the control of my own health. Makes me wonder when I'm going to learn!!

Anyway this does give me knowledge, that I cannot trust myself in situations like that!! I will do a better job next time.

Today, we are exhausted. Slept until 11am - I never do that!! Then I read the rest of the afternoon. It's now 3:40 and I'm getting ready to go to church. We will be there until 10pm. Whew!!

Tomorrow it is rest and I'm taking time to regroup!

Have a healthy day!! Stay focused!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 29 - 7 Month Focus

I am really trying to make my goals. However, life is happening and things are kind of out of my control. Such as;
I have been out every night of the week this week. Monday I was out until 10:30pm or so for the Writer's Workshop, Tuesday I was out until 6:30pm for water aerobics, Wednesday I was out until 10:00pm because I was working at the Portland Rescue Mission and last night I was out until midnight because I was babysitting my grandbabies! Then tonight I will be out past midnight because I am doing security (yeah me!) for a conference for our church. Do you know that, last night, we pulled in over 1500 young people between the age of 18 to 30 to learn about "What does the Bible say about love//dating//romance//masculinity//femininity//marriage//sex?" They are expecting even more tonight! Pretty cool!!! Anyway, that's where I will be tonight. Then because we have been so busy this week, I will be working on house stuff tomorrow and then we have church tomorrow night where my hubby and I will be serving! I am in charge of getting our communion ready! We will be there from 4:30 to 10:00pm or so! GEEZ!!!

My next rest day will be Sunday and it will be a rest day. I don't want to do anything!!

With all that said, not only have I done all of that, but I also worked, paid bills, read a little and did house stuff....and I exercised every day this week as well as keeping focus on my 7 Month Focus goals!! Even though it's been chaotic ~ I am still focused on my plan!!

Thankfully I've lost the 2 pounds from Easter!!  YEAH!!!

Yesterday I did a little experiment. Since I started my 7 Month Focus, my goal was to get my calories under 1700. Since I have started, I've only hit this number a couple of times. Usually I come in around 1800-1900 calories. So then, last weekend, I reread my blog and I realized that, last year, when I was losing weight a lot faster, I noticed my calories were at 1600 or less. So with that news, I decided that I now needed to change my 7 Month Focus goals from 1700 calories to 1600 calories or less. Kind of a dumb thing to do, since I can't even reach the 1700 mark. But yesterday, I announced that it was my turning point day!!!! I said I was going to focus and I did. I did not quite hit the 1600 mark, I came in at 1687. So close!! But what I'm excited about, is I did it, and I was not in control of my food last night. I just tried to make the best of what I was given. Not too bad!

Then I have wanted to get my steps to 10000 per day. Yesterday, I did mini walks. About every hour, I got up from my desk  and moved!!! I delivered papers around the office, got a drink, went to the bathroom, walked around the building. I tried to count my steps as I went and on some of the longer trips I logged in over 700 steps. The amazing thing is, with adding more activity, I still did not meet the goal. I came in at 7371. Close!

The rest of my goals I achieved - no problem!!!

OK so I'm getting closer!!! A little more tweaking and a lot more focus and I'm going to get there!! Today is a new day. It's going to be hectic and crazy and a lot of things will be out of my control, but I'm just going to keep focused and make my goals happen!!

How about life happening?

Keep focused!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 28 - 7 Month Focus

I am calling today my Turning Point Day. Last time I said that, I ended up having what we first thought was a stroke. After many tests and doctors visits, I was finally diagnosed with Hemi Facial Spasms. Not as serious as having a stroke, but life changing anyway. That whole incident got me started on my weight loss and fitness journey.

I am writing this to encourage anyone out there who is struggling with setbacks. I have found over this past year and almost a half, that each and every setback that I encountered just set me up for the next level of my journey.

Example ~ I had my first facial spasm and the first thing doctors start talking about is weight loss. At the time, they did not know what I had, but if I did have a stroke, being overweight and unhealthy was not helping me. To reduce the chances of having another one, they wanted the weight off. Well I did not have a stroke, but it scared me enough to get this done.

Another example ~ I had 4 over use exercise injuries this past year. Bummer? Yes!! And very time consuming (doctors visits and physical therapy) and expensive! But if I did not get the first one, I probably would not have gotten my trainer, who because of how she helps me, I am still on my journey. Without her prodding, pushing, challenging and giving me the "Jillian" look, I most likely would have quit many months ago. SHE IS AWESOME!!!

Maybe just one more example ~ If this journey was and I got my weight off in a nano second, without my troubles, depression, setbacks, disappointments and all I have struggled with during this time, then when the tough stuff happens, and it will, I would not know how to or be able to cope. Because of what I have experienced, I have learned so many things that have helped me get through these difficult times without turning back to food and without abandoning my plan. I'm still here, fighting through, and getting closer to my goals everyday.

So don't be discouraged if you are experiencing a setback. Embrace it.....learn from it.....and keep pushing through. Don't let ANYTHING stop you!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Yesterday, things got a little out of control, too busy, tiring, out of my comfort zone and crazy! I actually took a slice (a small one) of cake and went to my desk with a steaming cup of coffee. I was going to enjoy me some sugar!! Anyway, I took one bit and the cake was dry. Thank goodness. In the trash it went!! Anyway, what was I thinking? I don't need cake!

Missed the mark on my focus goals yesterday....not enough water, too many calories (not a ton, but more than I want) and I missed my steps.

Today is a new day, my turning point day and I will focus!!!

How about you? Is this YOUR turning point day?

Keep focused!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 27 - 7 Month Focus

Not sure why I'm going through this....but I have really struggled with low fatigue and depression. I am still able to function, but I can feel this dark cloud, looming, just on the edges. (If you know what I mean?) I have also noticed that I have been swinging from the lows to the highs and back again, quite often. When I was in a high peak, I did something that really helped me during this past low time. This is what I did.

On a good (high) day, I created a letter to myself. I left a copy of it on my home and work computer. Because somewhere in my beady little brain, I knew I would be low again. So this letter, is a pep talk to myself.

It kind of goes like this......If you are reading this letter, you must be feeling low.....Then I start talking about all of the things I need to do to stay on track.

Surrender your life to the Lord

o Pray daily on your knees
o Pray the Lord’s Prayer
o Pray your Armor on!
o Pray continually through the day for His strength and guidance

Remember your health and weight loss plan
o Exercise daily (at least walk a ½ hr) – weights 2-3 times a week
o Calories should be at 1600 average per week
o Water intake should be 102 oz
o Journal food

Attitude (If in a funk)
o Turn on praise music

Blog daily – Even if it’s ugly!

Surround yourself with positive people

Do something nice for yourself
o Pedicure
o Manicure
o Get your hair done
o Visits someone
o Read a book
o Craft
o Give to others

Read Inspirational Messages

The more you surrender to the Lord, the easier the scary stuff seems and the more you get done!

Then I have my 7 Month Focus plan listed, as well as other inspirational things that I have found.

Yesterday, I was pretty low and thankfully I remembered to look at this list. And you know what? It lifted my spirits and really helped me turn my day around!! IT WORKED!!!!

The other part of this is....I set my calender to revisit this list every month ~ it helps me keep on task and keep reaching for my goals. And all through the month, I'm adding new things I come across.

It's kind of like more storage for my brain. So when it's not working too well or I'm confused or stressed or whatever, I can go some place that shows me my plan, reminds me of my goals and helps me work out how to get out of my funk.

Do you have a fall back plan when you are in trouble?

Keep focused!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 26 - 7 Month Focus

Feeling a little frustrated with myself. I want to add something new to my life, but I'm not done with what I've got.

Personally, due to my medical condition, I am not someone who can over stress or cause fatigue for myself. So I have to be real careful when adding new things to my life. I went to my first writer's workshop last night and had a blast! It was so fun being in a room full of creative people. Our speaker was an author who has written many books. She came loaded with helpful hints and ideas on how to get started with writing a novel. (You know...I have a novel in my head, but I can't get it out!). Anyway, she gave us some guidelines and information on how to layer the story with the details and how to bring in a finished novel. Fascinating!!!

So now....I'm want to go in that direction. Author here I come!!!!

Well...except.....I am still on my journey to health, fitness and weight loss. Should I really take on a new project at this point in my journey? Can I do both? If I can't do both, can I abandon one for the other? What should I do?

These are questions I need to mull over. In the old days, I would have just plunged in and see what happens. Most of the time, when I did that, I would fail miserably and quit everything. This time, instead of just plunging in and seeing what happens, I want to be careful, measure all the facts and really make sure I can fit something new into my life.

In addition to writing, I would still like to check into rowing.....that would be another thing...However, rowing would be more in line with my health, fitness and weight loss goals. Plus this is something that I can do for the Spring and Summer months and  maybe I can start my writing process in the fall.

No matter first goal and obligation is to myself and getting fit and taking this weight off!! I have to make that happen first!!!

Now that I feel better, I find that I want to do everything and I'm finding it hard to fit it all in! Does that happen to you?

Keep focused!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 25 - 7 Month Focus

Rough coming out of a holiday weekend! When I first woke up, I wanted to go right back to sleep. It's raining....AGAIN! And not just a little, it's pouring. AUGH!!! Then....I have not exercised in 3 days, my body feels sluggish and still sore from my fall. Got on the scale and I'm up 2 pounds. Not surprising with having ham.

So sad, I don't exercise for 3 days and have a little different foods and I gain 2 pounds!!! Which will take me all week to lose. AUGH!

Not off to a great start. It's usual though, as I have something fun to do tonight, something for me. That is how things start out when I do something for myself.

Instead of going back to bed and calling in sick for the day, I got myself up and faced the was ugly...but it is what it is! Then I got myself onto my treadmill  for 30 minutes and burned 200 calories. Not a stellar workout, but I did it ~ begrudgingly, but I did it!!! Had a great breakfast, prayed, read my Bible and now I'm writing to you!

Not feeling too bad right now! Whew!!! Glad I made the right choice in choosing to do the right thing, even though I did not want to!!!

I am ready to try something new today....something that pushes me past my comfort zone. I am really excited! The writers workshop will be amazing!! Can't wait to share tomorrow.

Stats for the weekend. I did pretty well considering it was a holiday. I got everything in except for my steps and exercise. Calories were even OK. Amazing!

Do something today that pushes you past your comfort zone!! Would love to hear about it!!

Keep focused my friends!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 24 - 7 Month Focus

Still recovering from my fall. Feel like a freight train ran over me twice! My body is so sore! Still reeling from my Wednesday night stability ball class and then the fall. Just too much for this old body! Yesterday I found more booboos while in the shower. Yikes they hurt. Today they are forming scabs, so you can see them!! My right hand has 4 road rashes in a perfect line, all about the size of a dime. Nice! The other sores are small. Geez!

Random stuff....

1.) I think it's good....real good to reread your blog. Yesterday I did that and found some revealing things. One....I am progressing.....BUT....Last year my calories were under 1600 and I got great results. This year, I'm focusing on 1700 calories...why?   Crickets Chirping!!!! I guess I will be modifying my 7 Month Focus to 1600 calories instead of 1700. It worked then, it will work now!

2.) When shopping with my daughter the other day, at Nordstrom Rack - was there! Can't believe it. Anyway, I saw this awesome jacket and tried it on. It totally fit, I can zip it and it looks great. Now I don't get how these new fangled stores work, so I did not realize that I was in the "JUNIOR" section!!!! I fit in a junior XL! Woo hoo!!!

3.) I'm home alone on Easter. I'm OK with that....kind of weird though!

4.) Yesterday it was warm and sunny...beautiful 70 degree day.'s cold and rainy. Is there somebody sitting on the crummy Easter weather button? How come every Easter it has to rain?

5.) My computer crashed yesterday and it looked like I lost my hard drive. It's OK today - thankfully!! I am now aware that I am really attached to this thing. Geez!!

6.) My heart is hurting today for some of my blog friends. I see so much hope and desire to get the weight off and they are stuck. I wish I could really help in some way.......I have struggled too...I know what it feels like....Such a crappy place to be. Friends.....KEEP FIGHTING and MOVING FORWARD!!!

7.) Going to my writer's workshop tomorrow with a new friend. Can't wait.....sick to my stomach....excited.....scared to death....diarrhea (why does this happen to me?)....anticipating.....hopeful....curious....expectant...........exhilarated!!!!

8.) Really want to join a row team. Too scared just yet. I've Googled the info.....I have the info sheet in my bag.....I don't have the money  (it costs $160).....Well I do have the money, but I don' you get that? Fraidy cat me!

9.) So in love with my hubby. He's working today....It's Easter....I miss him!

10.) Can't wait to plant flowers in my yard. Too cold yet. Had frost last week. Is spring coming?

11.) Still super focused on my challenge. Funny life throws stuff at you to bump you off.....But I just keep getting back to it. Thank goodness!!

12.) I so love my kids and grand kids. They bring so much joy to my life

13.) Finally, I am grateful to the Lord for all He's given me. I am thankful for what He did on the cross for me. He died for my sins. I can't even imagine that kind of love! I am truly Blessed!!

Happy Easter my friends!!

Keep focused!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 23 - 7 Month Focus

OK it's 2:00pm on a beautiful Saturday. THE SUN IS FINALLY OUT!!! And I'm still in my PJ's!! I had a nightmare last night that I had written things in my blog about people, thinking they would never read it, so I would be safe to say what I wanted to say. And some of the things I said were not nice (Now, remember, I'm dreaming this!) Anyway, I wake up today in a panic and I find that I need to read my blog from the beginning to see if I really did write bad things about people.

So I start with post  one.....I've been reading for hours! And thankfully I found that I did not write mean things about people. Whew!

I have read blogs where the writer said they reread what they've written on their blogs and found it helpful, fascinating, exciting etc. I have never thought to reread anything I've written on my blog. For me, that's old news, I don't want to go back and rehash anything!

Well I am so thankful for my nightmare, because I really enjoyed rereading my stuff. It's amazing how far I have come. I see a lot of growth. I also read some of this stuff and thought, WOW that was insightful, who wrote that? Well I did. Who knew I could think like that? Some of the posts made me cry. And I laughed many times. Cinnamon bears.....that one got me.

Anyway, so glad for the journey, the growth, the longevity, the friendships, the support and love!! So grateful!!

Yesterday, we had our Easter with my kids and grand kids. We had a wonderful, full day! I planned my food to my calorie mark. I did well, except I did not anticipate the length of time between lunch and dinner. Got too hungry and had extra snacks. I mostly consumed carrots and celery with some dip (just a little) and did have a couple chips and dip, but did well. Because of my extra reading this morning, I did not get the final calorie tally yet, I am sure I was over my calories for the day, but not too much! I did not exercise, except for a walk to the park with the grand babies. Got my water in, journalled my food and don't know about my steps yet.

I was up 1 pound. Makes me crazy......probably the salt!!

Anyway, I'm back to it today. Had a healthy breakfast, no lunch yet. Really, I'm got lost in all this reading and can't believe it is now past 2:00pm.

No exercise today. Unfortunately, while we were walking home from the park, I was carrying my grand baby. And I took a fall with her in my arms. All I knew was I was walking and enjoying my day and the next thing I see if my grand babies head hitting the concrete. I FREAKED OUT!!  I was so concerned for her and her injury, I did not notice my own. Funny thing was, my daughter was not freaking out about her baby, she was all concerned for me. I was so confused. I guess when I fell, I did a good job in protecting the baby. Yeah, she fell and hit her head, but I guess it could have been so much worse. Had I not had the strength, I most likely would have fallen on her. I guess I kind of held onto her until I hit my elbows and then she hit the ground. She got a little bump on the head, cried for a minute and was fine. I did not do so well. I have 5 road rashes on my right hand. My left elbow and knee hurts and has road rash and today my whole body hurts. Who knew at my age I would have skinned up knees and elbows? Needless to say, no exercise for me today. I'm lucky I can walk!

Before the exciting trip to the park and my injuries, my daughter and I went to the clothes store. It was so much fun shopping for the same store. We had a blast!!

How about you? What new with you??

Keep focused!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 22 - 7 Month Focus

Things are really starting to happen now. People are talking again! When I first started losing weight, people noticed and made comments. Then I think they got used to my new look. And then there was a time when I went through the plateau where things stayed the same. Now... my clothes are getting baggy again and my looks are changing. Even when I look in the mirror, I don't recognize who I see. So weird!!!!

I had a great day yesterday, I exercised, Blogged, drank my water, journalled my food and Blogged. Don't know about my steps or activity, as my Bodybugg ran out of battery. Geez I look at it every day and should have noticed, but did not. Bummer, because I was all over the place yesterday. Oh, well, my body does not know that the steps and activity were not counted. It's still in great working order!

Went to Applebees last night for dinner. I had their Teriyaki Chicken (under 550 calories). While we there, I noticed this family come in. The mom was really over weight and she had 2 small children who were over weight as well. I have never seen this before, but the woman ordered a dark cola, have to think it was Coke or Root could have been a diet...anyway...she put 2 packets of sugar in the drink. Oh my goodness!! Then I noticed the girls. They both were served blue sugary drinks and had chicken nuggets with fries. Made me want to cry.

Mostly because I was there at one time. I ordered junk for my kids, thinking I was showing them love. I remember thinking what a great mom I was, because I treated my kids to fast foods and other unhealthy foods and sweets. I wish I knew then what I know now. Fortunately I get a second chance with my grand babies. So far, I have not once, been tempted to enter a fast food restaurant with the girls and it's been 3 years now. I hope I don't ever do that to them!!! (I know you can make healthy choices there, but I don't think I would be able to deny them, once we were there - just best not to go!!)

I don't want to show my love with food. However, I'm still kind of doing that at the holidays. Easter for one! For my kids, I gave them gift cards to restaurants and candy. See I'm still trying to show love with food. Dooiinnnnggg!!!! I get it, I'm still doing it. Fortunately for the grand babies, I gave little toys and put my time into making them little stuffed bunnies and matching tote bags. Can't wait for them to see them. I'm learning!!!

Well.......this post has been most enlightening. First I wanted to blast the mom I saw last night for showing her love with food (and contributing to her kids obesity) and here I am....I am that same mom! Instead of blasting her, I'm praying she will see what she's doing and make changes in all their lives!! For me.....I'm going to blast myself a bit and then.....I'm going to change how I show love!!!

I will be rethinking the holidays in the future. I am going to find other ways to tell my kids, hubby, family, and friends that I love them. Maybe instead of food and sweets, maybe I will give them my time!!

Just a thought!

How do you share love to others?

Keep focused!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 21 - 7 Month Focus

Totally rocked it yesterday!!! Activity level at 2863 - calories at 1734 = 1129 deficit!! Got all my water in, exercised, Blogged, journaled my food and got in 7827 steps.

The only goal I did not make was my number of steps. But for me....that's OK, because I had an awesome time at my stability ball class last night!!!!

Last year I went to this class a couple of times. They use a stability ball and weights to help strengthen and build core muscles and they pretty much try to kill you!! It's a tough class for a beginner for sure. My first class, I could barely do anything, let alone balance on the ball. I was all over the place and left feeling really defeated. I can't remember why I quit going ~ probably because it was too hard for me and I did not want to push through.

The other day, my trainer advised me to step it up and go to a class. I was not really paying attention to what class it was, she just said, "I want you to take the class on Wednesday night." So I said, "OK!"

When I got there and saw the instructor, I realized what class this was....It was the dreaded...killer...stability ball class!! At this point, my usual attitude would be to go in already defeated. But I decided that I was not going to do that this time. Besides, I'm not the same woman I was last year!! I am in shape and a lot stronger!

So we get going.....and right off the bat, the instructor comments on how much stronger I am then last year. Well that just fueled the fire and I really got into the class. I could do everything and only struggled a little bit with some of the moves.

The best part was. Last year she had us do a move, that I could not even attempt. It's where you put your hands on the floor and you balance, on the stability ball, on your shins. Could not even do that last year. This year...I could do it with no problem. Last night I found out that that was level one. Then she showed us level two. Same thing...hands on floor, shins on the ball, balance....then you raise yourself up onto your toes. Think it's easy? Try it!! Well I did and I can do it. Many times.


Level three. Once again, hands on floor, shins on the ball, balance and then you raise one leg in the air. You do all this without falling off of the ball. And I did it!!


This was my first class in over a year. The instructor kept saying, it can take months to do these things. I was feeling kind of like a show off, because I got it on my first try!!

That's what dedication to health and fitness gets you! All my hard work is paying off!

I have to tell you...I feel great!!

Another belief barrier gone!!! I am a lot stronger than I think and I can do what I thought was impossible!!

How about you? Are you pushing yourself to your best?

Keep focused!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 20 - 7 Month Focus

Has your "D" fallen off? Mine has....I have this word on my wall in my home gym. The letters are wooden and they are adhered to the wall with this blue sticky stuff. Each letter has 4 globs of this stuff on the back. I've had these letters on my wall for well over a year. And every few months my "D" falls off.

I guess it's a good thing....because if you are like me, when you see something every day, it just becomes part of the scenery. Most days, you don't really see the thing, unless you have a reason to look at it.

Well every time I lose my "D" it forces me to look at the word and the word is.....



Good thing it's just the letter that falls off and not my real dream. I definitely have a dream, in fact many of them. They are fully intact and waiting to become reality.

When the "D" fell again today, I was thinking there must be something about the word REAM that I  need to explore. For me this word can be used in a negative. "To ream out!" Negative!! I'm just not going there.

Instead of thinking negatively, I chose to think this is a positive thing. I think this happens to remind me of my dreams. Helps to keep them fresh and it motivates me to push a little harder to reach for my goals. I'm glad my "D" falls off!

I'm running this race!! Not gonna stop until I hit the finish line!!

 How about you? Are you with me?

Stats from yesterday. Calories out 2514...calories in 1897...deficit 617. Got in only 6441 steps, drank my water, blogged, exercised and journaled my food.   The scale is moving!    Oh, downward...thought I should add that part~~~YEAH!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 19 - 7 Month Focus

Finally!!! I had a fantastic day yesterday!!! Never in my life have I exercised 3 times in one day! NEVER!!! But that's what happened yesterday. I got up for my regular treadmill time and burned 200 calories. Then I met with my trainer...we did 15 minutes on the treadmill - burned 130 calories, did my weight routine and then 30 minutes on the bike - burned 200 calories. Then I got home and hubby and I went for a walk. Did I hit my steps for yesterday - YES I DID!! Woo hoo ~ I logged in 14733!

Calories were still a little high - My Bodybugg recorded the following: 2941 activity calories minus 1988 calories consumed with a deficit of 953 calories for the day! Success!

Also drank my water, Blogged and journaled my food.

OK now the tough stuff!!! My trainer is really trying to help me go to the next level. As you can see, I do put the time in at the gym or on my treadmill, but I'm not really maximizing my time. My trainer is determined to get me to hit 300 calories burned everytime I do cardio. She thinks I can do it in 30 minutes. Well, I did not think I can do this!! So she has challenged me. While I was on the treadmill last night. She bumped my incline to 7.5 and 3.8 speed. Guess what, I did not die!!! In fact, I did it and I did it well!! Was I sweating like a pig when we were done? Yes I was, but that's just the way she likes it.

Since we broke one of my belief barriers that I was not capable, the challenge is on!!! I can really push myself! I can go to the next level. The only thing stopping me ~ IS ME!!

So this morning. I joined the 5:00 club and I was out of bed. I got in 35 minutes on my treadmill and I reach 310 calories!!! I did intervals of increased speed and incline. I did it!! ME!!

So what I've learned is ~ If you say you can't you can't. If you say you can and then try it. You might just find out that you've got what it takes to get the job done.

So are you with me? Are you ready to break down some belief barriers. Are you ready to go to the next level. Decide you can and LETS GO FOR IT!!

Keep focused!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 18 - 7 Month Focus

As I was parking my car in the North Forty (means the farthest space in the parking lot) of the Library parking lot, I saw this woman in her car circling around for a parking space. I quickly parked my car, and walked briskly to the reserved book rack. After searching for some time, I finally found my book and went directly to the automated check out machine. Yeah I know, brave for me, as I usually can't make anything electronic work, especially my own TV. Anyway, I struggled with it for a while and it finally checked me out. I immediately started back in the direction of my car and as I was driving out, I saw that same woman that was circling her car. Apparently she could not find a space close to the Library, so she had to walk a ways to get there. She was walking ever so slowly....she was well over 300 pounds!!!

Not only does being over weight stop you from having fun, doing what you want, wearing the clothes you want, being able to fit in a booth,and many other things, but it also steals your time!

The poor woman, she obviously needed a closer spot, but none were to be found. She circled and circled the whole time I was in the Library only to end up walking anyway. It was good for her, but it stole her time. If she were healthy and fit she could have already been in the Library, found a book and been out the door to do something else. Sadly, her time was spent on just getting to the door.

Everyday I am motivated to keep going with this journey. Even though, most days, things don't go how I like. The point is, I try each day and I do focus. Unfortunately I am seeing a lot of things I still need to change. I am willing to do it!! Please pray for this woman. Unfortunately I don't know her name,  and it does not matter, God knows her. Please pray she will get her health in order. I want her to want to beat me to the farthest spot in the parking lot, instead of circling around to find a close one.

Do what you need to do every day to reach your fitness and weight loss goals. Are you with me?

As for my goals for yesterday. Lets just say...I took the day off!

Keep focused!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 17 - 7 Month Focus

Good thing my focus is personal, because if I put the same focus in to doing surgery, I would kill someone! Geez, yesterday was just as bad, as the day before. And that was with a new and energized focus.

I am wondering, what's it going to take?

Now in my defense, I lost my brain yesterday. I don't know what I was thinking, But I thought I had 600 extra calories to eat. My Bobybugg said I was at around 1100 calories. I thought I had the extra calories, so I ate them. Well, I was looking at the wrong info and overate by 600 calories for the day!

This morning I was reading Proverbs 18:1-2. An unfriendly man pursues selfish ends; he DEFIES ALL SOUND JUDGEMENT. A fool finds no pleasure in UNDERSTANDING but DELIGHTS in AIRING is OWN OPINIONS.

I am not sure if this is what the Bible implies, but this is what I read into it. To me, I'm reading that I am pursing my selfish heart - not listening to the sound judgement of my focus challenge or God. Like I don't want to understand, but delight in going my own way ~ even if it is harmful and detrimental to my health. This is totally my own thinking....probably not what the verse implies. But the words "Defies all sound judgement". That is totally me right now!

I don't get it. I really don't!! It's like I need a keeper to keep me from doing the wrong thing.  Anyway, yesterday I got my water in, Blogged, journaled my food, and exercised . Missed the goal for my calorie intake and steps. Only reach 5664 steps for the day! AUGH!!!!

On a more positive note....Yesterday, I went to a wedding. I saw this woman I have known for years. It's been a while since we've seen each other. So I go up to her and I'm smiling and say, "Hey, J, so glad to see you." I can totally tell, she has no idea who I am. After an awkward moment I say, "You don't know who I am do you?" She said, "No". At this point, I told her my name. I first said my first name and she still did not get it, I had to give her my last name and then she finally got it. I guess I've really changed ~ a LOT!

Other cool thing.....Went to the clothes store yesterday. A regular one. I need a lot of everything, but I was looking for something to wear to the wedding. I bravely, well after a couple bouts of stomach cramps and diarrhea, entered the store. (I obviously have anxiety when it comes to shopping). Anyway, I did not try to find the woman's section, but went right to the regular size racks. I was looking for 16's. I found this very cute wrap around blouse, size XL. It fit great and I think will be a good purchase for the next size down, since it is adjustable. Then I was trying to find pants. I did find some Capri's, size 16 that looked great. But since it just above 40 degrees around here, I wanted long pants. Unfortunately, they did not have a huge selection of black ones, so I took a 16 of one brand and a 14 of another ~ just to see if it would fit. And you know what? I got the 14's on, zipped and buttoned. They were a smidgen tight. Just a smidgen!! But I was too scared to buy them. Isn't that dumb? Can you even imagine being scared of PANTS? I think it was the size that was freaking me. (I've heard this before, where the size of things can be really hard on people, I used to think.....WHAT???? Don't be afraid, REJOICE!! Well I'm there now and I get it. I mean I don't get WHY it happens, I just understand that it does.)

A.N.Y.W.A.Y......I shopped and lived to tell about it. ( was kind of fun!!!!) It's great & disturbing having so many options. I'm a nut, what can I tell you?

So I'm off to an OK start today, Exercise done, good healthy breakfast and CANDY. I know, what AM I THINKING ~ I know...defying SOUND JUDGEMENT...AGAIN!!!!....But I am aware now and I will focus the rest of the day. I am determined to make my GOALS!!!

How about are you doing?

Keep focused (Joy I'm talking to you!!)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 16 - 7 Month Focus

OK I'm going to rant at myself for a little bit - Please don't read this post!!! And if you do, don't comment and say anything nice to me! I don't deserve it!!

I'm mad at myself!!

How in the world can I reach my goals and/or help anybody with encouragement, by asking them to focus, when I can't even do it? Is that fair to anybody? Does that help anybody? I don't think so!!

Part of the reason why I don't like to publish my goals, is because I have not be able to reach them. So I figure, why bother? Right? Who wants to read about that? There are so many people out there who say they want to do something and a lot of them don't do it and I guess I'm one of them. I don't like that about myself.

I want to be a woman of my word, when I say I'm going to do something, I want to do it. So far with my 7 Month "FOCUS" challenge, I have only hit all of my goals 3 days out of 15. Does that sound like someone who is focused? Nope, doesn't to me either. Kind of sucks if you ask me!

Yesterday was the absolute worst day ever!! So embarrassed to even share, but here are the facts......

  • Did I exercise - Nope!   
  • Did I deserve this day to be a rest day - Nope ~ Already had one this week!!
  • Did I get in my 10,000 steps - Nope ~ Only got in 5839
  • Did I reach my calorie goals - Nope ~ I had 2373
  • Did I track my food - Yup ~ Big deal!
  • Did I drink my water - Yup ~ Anybody can do that!
  • Did I Blog - Yup ~ Of course I did...that is the fun & easy part of my challenge
So I messed it up! Royally.....Makes me soooo MAD!!!

So what am I going to do about it. RE...RE...RE...FOCUS!!

For crying out loud ~ WOMAN GET HIS DONE!!

So I'm off to a good start today. I did a little crying and procrastinating, but I got my exercise in (Treadmill and weights), had a great breakfast, and now I'm Blogging. Two goals done and it's only 9:30am. So today, I will hit my goals. No MATTER WHAT!!!!

Talk to you tomorrow!!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 15 - 7 Month Focus

To reach my goal, I need to hit my 7 Month Focus challenge goals every day. So far, I have not been able to do that. I have had a couple of great days and a then a couple days where I miss the mark. Even though, I am getting deficit numbers between daily activity accomplished and calories taken in and the scale is moving, that is just not good enough for me. It does not matter. I want to hit my goals!!

For me that is the main objective of my challenge. Yes I want to lose weight, but what I really want is to be a woman of my word and do what I say I'm going to do. I have a very simple plan, it can be done daily, and with the right focus, I can do it more days than not. I don't like that I accomplish my goals just shy of the mark. I want to hit them every day!

If you've noticed, I've hit the easy goals each day ~ no problem! It the tough ones that matter and will make a difference in my weight loss! It's just not good enough, for me, to fudge on the important goals. I need to put much more focus on them and reach my goals!!!

I guess what I'm saying is....It's time to REfocus and make this stuff happen!!

Yesterday I exercised, Blogged, drank my water and journeled my food. I was over again, on my calories, I came in at 2076  (ended up with 602 deficit for the day) and missed my steps (only got to 5205).


How about you? Are you ready to refocus and reach for your goals? Are you with me?

Keep FOCUSED!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 14 - 7 Month Focus

Yesterdays stats were OK. Out of my 6 goals, I Blogged, got my water in, and journaled my food. Missed my exercise, calories came in at 1957 and  I got in 6161 steps. Thankfully that day is over! Today I am already off to a great start!!

59 pounds ago, I would have never done this...

Last week while looking at my email, at work, I saw this woman's name that just beckoned me. I was prompted to call her. Not just an inkling, like it would be nice to talk her. No, it was CALL HER NOW!!! Well this woman is not a favorite among the office. She causes a lot of extra work for many of us and every time I see her name I would bristle. Lets just say, she's not my  favorite person! Anyway, I said to to the voice in my head, "No....I'm not calling HER!"  Well the urge just kept coming, the intensity was pushing me to make the call, an intensity that was making me very uncomfortable!

So finally I said, "OK...OK...if I still feel this way in 1 hour, I will call her!" Well guess what? One hour later, I'm calling her....

I said, "Hey this is Joy, from...., this is going to sound dumb, but you have been on my mind a lot today and I just wanted to know if you are OK? She kind of giggled on her end and she said, "Yeah, I'm OK." I said, "Well good, I don't know what came over me today, but I just had to call." Then she said, "Hey, do you want to go to lunch sometime?" To which, I said, "YES!"

What in the world???

Anyway the lunch was yesterday, we had a great talk, I learned a ton about her. After hearing her life story, I thought, I really do need to pray for you! Anyway, she's a little over weight, so I shared some of my tips that have helped me so far. After about an hour and a half, we leave. As we were walking to the car, she says, "Hey, why did you call me that day?"

Then I told her that I had, had this overwhelming urge to call her to see if she was OK. I asked her if she ever got that feeling before that she needed to do something. She said she did. Then I said that I had just gotten the news that my Sister In Law was told that she does not have long to live. I told my new friend, that that's what really prompted me to make that call. That I no longer wanted to let life pass me by, that when I get the urge to reach out to someone, I'm going to it. I'm not guaranteed tomorrow and I don't want to miss out on anything or waste another minute. Then I told her that I did not want to miss out on making a new friend. Then she said, "Agreed!"

Next big fear that I'm going to tackled is going with a new acquaintance who is a Christian author. She's taking me to book writing workshop. I don't know if I've shared this before, but I have a book in my head and I can't get it out. We are both hoping this will ignite me and get me started on my journey to author!

How about you? Are you prompted to do something, but stop yourself from doing it? If so, the next time it happens, take a chance, do it and see where it leads you. It just might change your life!!

Keep focused!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 13 - 7 Month Focus happens! Geez no matter what great planning I do, things just happen. Yesterday, I was so sore from my workout on Monday, I hardly moved. I got in only 4629 steps. Not even half of what I need to accomplish in a day. I did get my water in, Blogged, journaled my food, exercised and the calories came in at 1678. So a lot of good things happened. I had success!

My frustration is and maybe I'm waaaay too hard on myself, but I wanted another day like I had on Monday. It's no longer good enough to just barely do what I need to do. I want to hit my goals every day!!

Sadly, this morning, I woke up and found that I'm just as sore and tired as I was yesterday and I did not get up until 6:30am. So no exercise today and no chance of getting a workout in. Frustrates me.

I have to remember.......I don't have to be perfect.....I don't have to be perfect.....I don't have to be perfect!!!

Just focused....Consistent.....Diligent.....and stick with it!!!

I will make my goals!!!

How about you? Doing OK?

Keep focused!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 12 - 7 Month Focus

On the way into the gym yesterday, I over heard a mom and son talk about his swim lessons and about the next thing they had to do on the list. She was over weight and he was slightly overweight. I heard her tell him, "Sorry, we can't go home right now, we have to go to....." Then she said, "We will just pick some fast food up to eat." Then he said, "Ah....again....Mom I want something healthy!"  Wow! I remember being that busy mom, always rushed and on the go! I remember one time I told my kids that were were going to McDonald's for dinner. I thought it was a treat! Then my son pipes up and says, "Mom I just want vegetables!!" I about fell off of my chair. I thought, "Who is this kid?" Little did I know then that we really need a good healthy balance of food, real food that is healthy, to help us feel good. My son knew that and he was little! Thank goodness I'm learning this truth now!!

I had a blast with my trainer last night. First thing she says is, "I'm going to kill you tonight ~ you aren't going to like me!" I simply looked her in the eye and said, "Bring it on!!" Got on the Elliptical and did 15 minute intervals of regular and super fast speed. Then she had me doing walking lunges with 10 pound weights. Do a lunge...lift the weight. I am sure she was ready for me to fall all over the place as I have not been the most coordinated person lately. Nope I lunged and lifted like a pro. Only wobbled a couple of times. Something kind of happened and I could feel this fluid motion and got into this rhythm. It just helped me do this exercise without any problems. Then we did leg presses. I now press 80 pounds! Lat pull downs at 62.5 pounds, bicep curls at 20 pounds and triceps pulls at 30 pounds. Then we did Scorpions (I can't explain what these are - but it looks really funny when you do them), then planks and push ups. Ended the night with 30 minutes on the Elliptical Bike. The cardio part I burned over 400 calories - no idea how many I burned with the other stuff. I left a sweaty mess, but I felt great!!! I saw her raise an eyebrow a couple of times. I think I'm finally showing her what I've got!!

Yesterday's stats....Overall I burned 2867 calories, took in 1740 (40 calories over my goal), with a deficit of 1127 calories. Besides the gym, I did a half hour on the treadmill in the morning, I logged in my food, drank all of my water and then some, I blogged and got in 12850 steps.

Successful day!!

How about you. Was your day successful ~ Are you working your plan?

Keep focused!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 11 - 7 Month Focus

Can't believe 10 days have gone by already ~ Time is flying!!  I had a pretty good day yesterday, very restful! I did get on the Treadmill for an hour, calories were 1660, water, food journal and Blog done! Missed my steps - only got to 4940 steps for the day. I'm OK with that!

The focus for today is ~ Do Your Best!

I am always looking for perfection. I get so down on myself when I can't achieve it. Well nobody can! Today, I'm going to do my best! I'm going to be the best employee, the Best daughter, Mother, Baboo (as my Grandkids call me), I'll be the best student with my trainer, the Best wife to my hubby and I'm going to be the Best person to myself. I am going to reach for my goals and make them happen. I'm giving today my Best!!

How about you? Will you give this day your Best?

Keep focused!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 10 - 7 Month Focus

Have you ever had days where nothing works out quite like you had planned? I know I've had many....and I just had another one yesterday.

I woke up out of time!!!

First thing right off the bat, I was late! Got up too late to get my workout done. Was rushed to get ready and ran out of the door without my Body Bugg. Oh that really bummed me out!  It's the first time I'd forgotten it since December. So already, the hopes of tracking my activity and steps was out the door. I did not get back to it until after 4:00pm. In the mean time....Because I was late, and really tired, I forgot my water bottle. So I only got in 50 oz of water instead of 100 oz. I did get my Blog done, recorded my food and good news ~ I did reach my calorie goal ~ I came in at 1622. Whew!

So far, I am pretty pleased with my 7 Month challenge. Eleven days ago, I had no idea, really, what I was getting done. I was really inconsistent in what I was doing. Could not quite get all of the pieces of my plan together. Since I started my challenge, I have had 3 days with all my goals reached. The rest of the time, I got the majority of things accomplished. (Yesterday - not so much!) Over all, I did OK. At least I was focused!

Now for the next week.....I hope to increase my focus and accomplish more! Seems anytime I start something new, it takes me some time to get in the groove of it all. I can't be too hard on myself for what happened last week.'s over now, I can't do anything about it anyway. The only thing I can do, from this moment forward is to.......

ReFOCUS!! Push through the hard stuff and MAKE SOME STUFF HAPPEN!!!
How about you? Are you with me!! Lets get this done!!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 9 - 7 Month Focus

Having some fun with my 7 Month Focus. It's really  hard to focus...but very rewarding if you keep at it!! I get all the math that comes into losing weight. I get it, but my imperfect self wants to rebel a little bit. Which can be frustrating when you hit 5 of  your 6 Most Important things that need to be done. Unforutnately I keep missing one ~ And it's the most important one. Calories!

Up again yesterday. My goal is 1700 calorie intake. I came in at 2049. For the most part, I made really good choices, except for one and that one pushed me over the edge! Yesterday we had a little bridal shower for this gal at my work. And one of the wonderful bakers, in our office, brought in these amazing cupcakes. Fortunately it was early in the day, so I figured in a cupcake into my calories for the day. All went well, I got past the cupcake incident and then lunch time...I'm doing good...And then I go into the Cafe again and there they are. Beckoning me! More amazing cupcakes!! I think I even saw some flashing lights and arrows pointing to the delicious goodness. I may have even heard tiny voices saying, "Pick me, pick me"! OK that's not real....or was it?

A.N.Y.W.A.Y....I lost my brain and had another one for my afternoon snack! Augh!

Then my sweet hubby cooked an amazing meal, that I also could not pass up. Not too high in calorie and if I would not have had the extra cupcake, I could have had the meal without any problems and still made my goal. But I did not!! I missed it by that much!!!


Other stats....I got in my water and then some, I tracked my food, I Blogged, I exercised and got in 14278 steps. Plus I had a great attitude yesterday! Bonus!! Even though my calories where out of line, with the extra exercise I did, I still had a calorie deficit of 953. Can't beat that!!

Last night I went to give blood for the American Red Cross. The intake technician who got me signed in was very, very heavy! I think her name was Stacie. Anyway, as I was sitting with her, she was sweating (the room was very cool), and she emitted a familiar smell that made me want to cry. It's that smell that you get, when the folds of your fat are infected with rashy, open sores. I've had that happen to me many times. For me, it was because I did not clean myself well enough and those areas were a great place for bacteria to do its thing. I remember one of the last times that happened to me, it was on Christmas Eve just before I started my health and fitness journey. I was so depressed!!! Here I wanted a day where I did not have to think about me being so fat and I had a lovely reminder the entire day, that not only was I fat, but so fat, that I could not clean myself properly. I felt like everyone could smell it and would know my ugly secret!

Anyway, back to Stacie. She was taking my blood pressure and it came out at 127/77, which for me is awesome!! Stacie let me know that she too had high blood pressure and she was on a low dose of medicine to control it. I told her that I too was medicated and I've been trying for the past 1 & 1/2 years to lose weight and get fit so I could get off of the meds. She let me know that she recently had dropped about 12 pounds. I congratulated her, as I know how hard it can be to lose weight. She said, that she had to lose weight as she was 5 months pregnant with gestational diabetes.

Poor thing!! Here she was already really large and pregnant too. She was so large, she did not move very fast. She totally did not feel could see it in her eyes.

Please pray for Stacie!!! Pray for a healthy birth...pray Stacie will work on her health and get fit and raise her family in a healthy and fit home. I hate that she is experiencing this wonderful time of new life and she is in such poor health! Please pray!!

How about you? Are you doing every thing you can to reach your goals?

Keep focused!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 8 - 7 Month Focus

Thank you so much for your comments and prayers for my Sister In Law. I spoke with her yesterday, she has a great attitude!  One of the things she said that impressed me so much is, even though the doctors says, There is no hope, she says, "I hate statistics, I have hope, I want to beat this!" Don't know if it's possible, but with God anything is!! So I'm believing with her!! We need a miracle!!

Yesterday was not so hot! It was a rest day, so no exercise. However, I did walk around my office building and got in extra steps where I could. Logged in 5677 steps for the day. Everything else was done, except I missed my goal of 1700 calories. I logged in 1897. Darn Easter's getting the best of me. Normally we don't have it around the house, but with the grand babies here, we have little treats for them. Ahem....

OK I'm having fights with my dinner napkins. When I was 274 pounds. I had the best napkin trapper ever!!! To keep track of them, I would always wedge my napkin between my large protruding tummy and my leg. It was awesome! My tummy was sooo big, at times, I would have to really search for my napkins, as they would get lost. So recently I could not figure out why I was having so much trouble keeping track of them. Most of the time, my dinner napkins, are found on the floor. Last night, I tried to put my napkin in my napkin vault and I found that I don't have much of one anymore. My tummy just does not hang over my legs like it used to. Woo hoo!!!

Now I have to retrain myself to sit like a lady and simply lay my napkin over my leg. Weird!

Anyway, are you finding you have to retrain yourself now that you are thinner?

Keep focused!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 7 - 7 Month Focus

Yesterday was tough! Got a lot of curve balls thrown my way ~ it was crazy!!! Life happened!!!

At the end of the day this happened...
Received a call that my sweet Sister In Law, who has been battling brain cancer for over a year, found out that the cancer is back. It's in a different place and embedded deep into her brain. It is inoperable and she has 4 to 6 months to live. She's in her late 40's, married with 2 teen aged boys. She is an Oncology nurse who has a heart of gold and a passion to help others. Our family is devastated and in shock! We are praying for a miracle as this world needs her and so do we!! For those who pray...please pray for a complete healing for Tracy.

During the middle of the day this happened...
I was totally Blessed by my employer who offered everyone in the company a 15 minute chair massage. I have never had any kind of massage before, so I was really excited. A new thing has come to my mind that I realize I do to myself. Whenever there is something good for me, a Blessing to be had, my body reacts with stomach cramps and diarrhea. I don't know why I can't allow myself some fun and indulgence without going through all of this pain to get there. Anyway, I will be exploring this matter latter. So I finally get my chance to go get my massage and the first thing I do is talk. Talk talk talk talk talk. Another thing I do, is I feel it is my duty to make everybody else comfortable and entertained. Finally, I had a thought that this was my treat and I was going to shut up and enjoy it....Which I did. It was fabulous. I think I am going to have her do a 1/2 spa day with me on my 50th birthday. Doesn't that sound like a wonderful treat?

This is what happened first thing in the morning....
So I walk into our cafe at my work and there on the table was a plate of my most favorite cookies in the whole world (No Bakes). And the person who made them is a fabulous baker, so that makes them all the better!! Anyway, I walk in and the first thing that happens, is I am going right toward the cookies. I was going to eat one. Thankfully my good senses kicked in and and I made an about face and went back to my office. On the way back, I was really disappointed that I could not have this treat. My mind was totally trying to re-figure my daily food intake, so I could finagle a cookie in there somewhere. I thought to myself, if they were still there by mid morning, I would do it....I would have my cookie.....

In the mean time, a gal who works for a upscale clothing store, walked around handing out sale brochures to all of the ladies in the office. All the ladies, however, who are small enough to wear to the clothes in the clothing store. With that slap on the face, I realized I would not be welcomed in that store. I'm still too big.

After that happened, it was a huge reminder of why I could not have that cookie. Eating stuff like that will not help me be the woman I want to be and it certainly won't get me an invite to a skinny girl clothing store.  Thankfully when I went back to the cafe....all the cookies were gone, so my problem was solved!!

Last night before receiving the news of my Sister In Law, I was down 4000 steps, with only hours left to go. Instead of eating my way through my sorrow, my hubby and I took our dogs for a walk. This morning I checked and I clocked in 9396 steps. Not bad under the circumstances!  I ended up 69 calories over my calorie goal, I got in all of my water and exercise and I blogged and recorded my food.

Over all and despite what happened during the day, I think I did pretty well.

How about you....Are you still trying to hit your plan....even when life happens?

Keep focused!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 6 - 7 Month Focus

Tougher day yesterday. Was really hungry!!! Went over 296 calories on my goal ~ which bums me out. At least they were healthy calories and not junk!!

On with the positive. Accomplished 11060 steps, exercised, drank all of my water, tracked my food and blogged. I hit 5 of my 6  Most Important Things. I feel good about that!!

Also, my body feels really good, well not the sore muscles, but everything else. My pants are getting really baggy!! Got to love that!

Speaking of sore muscles. While watching The Biggest Loser last night, I heard something that I had not thought of before. One of the contestants (can remember his name) got an injury. The medic said, that he should keep "moving"! Do what you can. Wow...every time I get an injury or experience pain, I want to STOP!! Sometimes those stop times turn into years! I can't do that ever again! This morning my body is really sore and I have a hitch in my hip. But that did not stop me. I still got on the Treadmill and put my time in. I went at a slower pace and I reached my calorie loss goal, it took longer, but I got it. So I moved slower...big deal. I got the job done!! The most important point is....that I MOVED!!

On a sad note. I had a Mammogram yesterday. (I just hate that test) Anyway, the technician was the same one I had last year. She had written down that I had lost over 20 some pounds at this time last year and wanted to know how I was doing this year. So I told her that I was down 59 pounds. As I was telling her my story, I noticed that she too had dropped some pounds. So I asked her what she was doing. She told me, that last year, she was diagnosed with "Pre" Diabetes. Her doctor told her she needed to lose weight to possibly ward off the onset of this disease. Well she did not listen and a couple of months ago, she got bad news. She now has Diabetes.

She said that she is so frustrated with herself. She was pre-warned, she knew she needed to do this, but didn't. Now she's suffering the consequences of her poor decision to stay fat. NOW she is motivated and determined to beat it and reverse the damage that she has done.  

Let's not wait for a devastating ailment to motivate us to do the right thing. Lets do it now!! Are you with me?

Keep focused!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 5 - 7 Month Focus

Another successful day!  Was busy from the time I got up to bedtime. Don't really like days like that, but at least I have the stamina for it!!

Exercise - 30 Minutes on the Treadmill in the morning. Then in the evening, I had weight training with my trainer and then 30 minutes on the bike.

Steps - Logged in 13431 - WOO HOO!!!

Calories - 1419 (little low for my goal, s/b around 1700 - but I will take it!)

Water - 100 plus ounces!!

Also had a great attitude. I shared my 7 month goal with my trainer last night. She could tell that I had a new attitude!! Talk about excitement in the room. Nothing pleases a trainer, than her student having attitude!!! Attitude with attitude - if you know what I mean!! We kicked some serious hiney last night!! Kind of funny, she had different size weights out and we were doing my routine. When I got done with one, she said, oops - wrong weight.You should be lifting 12.5 here and I was using a 15 pound weight - no problem!!!

Attitude....It makes a difference!!!

How about you....How's your attitude? Are you making things happen?

Keep focused!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 4 - 7 Month Focus

Had another good day. Super packed with things to do, but also, a lot of success!! Calories came in at 1675, I walked a 5k ~ plus some, got my water in, but struggled with getting my 10000 steps. When I did my walk, I added more time and thought it would help me with getting extra steps in. I even tried going up and down the stairs with one item so I would get in more steps. I planned my day carefully and I knew that I would be at the  mission until 9pm or so, so I wanted to make sure that I would make it to my goal. I also knew that I had to walk, a ways from the parking garage and back which I thought would help.

When I got home @ 8:30pm, I clocked in at a little over 8000 steps. ARGGH!!!! Even with careful planning, I missed the goal!

So I got ready for bed, kind of dejected and thought...You know I have time.....I have some energy left.....why not jog in place for 20 minutes or so and see what happens. So I did. I actually had the TV on and as I was turning around ~ while trying to bust up the monotony ~ I noticed that the light from the TV was reflecting my shadow on the wall. So I thought....lets shadow box. So I did! You know, that is a lot of fun!!

So I'm jogging, I'm singing to myself and I'm boxing, having a grand ole time. And as the 9:00 hour hit....I raised my arms, Rocky still, and hummed the theme song from the movie. I really felt triumphant. I did it! I put in the effort and did what I could do!

At this point, I'm too tired to recheck my stats on my Bugg. I thought, it is what it is, and whatever I get is good enough for me.

Well this morning, after the stat check, I clocked in at 10036 steps!!!! I hit my goal!! SO AWESOME!!!!

I made it happen....I actually did!! Me! Amazing!!!!

It's amazing what you can do when you set your mind to something!!!

Now on to another topic.

I really can't wait to sit in church, and when the topic of gluttony is preached, I can't wait for the day that I don't feel like hiding under my seat. Every time the Pastor talks about gluttony, I can feel my face turn bright red and I get all squirmy. I am sure I stand out like a sore thumb! Guilty!!! Guilty of over indulgence and gluttony. Unfortunately, I can't hide what I've done ~ I wear it on the outside. I hate it!!

One day, I will get to listen to a sermon about gluttony and instead of feeling guilt, I will feel accomplished that I over came that sin! Nuf said!

How about you ~ Are you working your plan?

Keep focused!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 3 - 7 Month Focus

Well another successful day in the books! Almost perfect....however I missed one of my goals by a hair.

You see planning is the best thing to do while trying to get fit and lose weight. I thought I had my day planned out well. Exercise was done, my blog was done, I had my calories figured out and I had enough water in me I could hear barge bells!

The unfortunate thing about my Body Bugg is I can't see my stats until I plug into my computer. (I know you can do it with a smart phone, and I have one, but I'm not smart enough to keep up with all of their updates and I can't figure out how to make it work with my Bugg)

A.N.Y.W.A.Y.......So my plans were changed just a little. Instead of going right home from church, which is around 9:00pm or so, I instead went to my daughters house to wait for my hubby to get done with his ministry at the church. He did not get to her house until 10:30 or so. Of course we visited for a while and before I knew it, it was midnight. We finally got into our car and rushed home!

At 12:30am, because I am super FOCUSED on my plan, I needed to plug my Bugg into my computer to make sure I hit the mark on my stats. When everything tallied up, I found that I missed the mark on the number of steps I needed to get in. I made it to 6894 instead of 10,000!

Because of this new determination to make my goals, I was willing to get on the Treadmill, even at that hour, to make up the numbers.

But the reality of the situation hit me and I realized that I had already missed the mark for April 2, 2011 and there was no way to make it up. TIME RAN OUT!!!! And besides, I am a woman who needs her beauty sleep and them some and with the reality that is was after midnight, I knew that I could not get on the Treadmill and make that much noise. I was really bummed!!!

Not to focused too hard on the negative, I did log in 2821 calories burned and had 1585 calories intake with a  deficit of 1236 calories for the day. Not too bad!!!

So the nugget of this story is...Be prepared...Think ahead...Plan for the unexpected!!

Tonight, I'm going to the Portland Rescue Mission to serve food. I need to make sure I get my steps in ~ So I walked a 5k and then some this morning. I have my food and water planned - exercise is done! Also, I know I will be getting home around 9:00pm - so I will have everything done for tomorrow before I go. That way, when I come home, I can get ready for bed and hit my bedtime ~ 10:00pm!!

My friend Kimberlynn is setting her goal for April. She wants to walk 110 miles...This will be more than she's ever walked before in one month!!! Check out her blog today. She has a lot of celebrating going on over there!! Get to know her, she is a wonderful person, who is full of wisdom, love and joy!! She's been an awesome friend to me. I love her and so will you!!

OK are you ready to set some goals? Lets do it!

Keep focused!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 2 - 7 Month Focus

First of all - Thank you so much for your love and support. I really appreciate it!! It helps propel me to move forward!! I am grateful for you!!!

Day 1 of my 7 Month Focus plan was AWESOME!!! For some reason, something inside me kicked in. It was like all the pieces of everything came together. The clouds parted if you know what I mean? Anyway, it was a great day!!!  

I was able to get my chart done for tracking. I decided that I would focus on my 6 Most Important Things I need to do daily, that will help me achieve my goals.

1.) Exercise (Cardio and/or Weights)
2.) 10,000 Steps
3.) Calories - At or under 1700
4.) Food Journal / Record information into my Body Bugg
5.) Consume 100 oz of water
6.) Blog

My thinking is I can only focus on so many things. I decided that the 6 items I selected are things that I can really accomplish in a day. And if I do them, I will success and achieve my goals!!

Yesterday I hit all of my goals and then some!! Not only did I walk over 2 miles yesterday morning, but I also added some more. After work I plugged my Body Bugg in to see how many steps I had taken. It said around 6000. I immediately went to my hubby and said we need to go walk, I've got some steps to make up. In my mind, (which was still a little fuzzy yesterday), I thought I need to make up 6000 more steps to make my 10,000 steps for the day. Well 6 and 6 makes 12 not 10. Don't know what I was thinking!! Anyway we set out with a Pedometer on my hip, I wanted to see how far it would take to get in 6000 steps. So we set off. We walked and walked. When we finally got home after 4+ miles, I plugged my Bugg in and found we hit 16136 steps for the day. EXTRA CREDIT!!!!

Don't know what I was thinking. Anyway, I got it done!!

Yesterday was a great success and I'm off to a great start today!!

One thing I want to share. I noticed that it does take a lot of effort to make these goals happen. With so much effort going out, the last thing I wanted to do was cheat with anything!!! There was some candy in the house, my FAVORITE!!. But I was not going to mess up my perfect day for candy. NO WAY!!! Besides, with all of the exercise, good food and water. I was not hungry for it. AMAZING!!!

Well that's my nugget for the day.

Are you giving your plan your all? Lets do it today!!

Keep focused!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 1

This is day one of my plan. I have been planning for this day for a couple of weeks. I was hoping to start off fully prepared and ready to go. As I usually do, I'm not ready. Even with my best intentions, I'm not where I want to be. Once again, I could not even get myself fully prepared to get started. I have some things in place, but I'm really not mentally ready to tackle this goal.  Normally I would blow off my "big" plan and wait for the next opportunity...You know Monday's are always a great day to start. Or I will start on May 1st, I may need a little more time to prepare! What if I start when purple pigs are flying across the moon. That sounds nice!! See for me, I can make up the best excuses ever!!!

Well not today...Prepared or not, I'm starting!!

I have my goal in sight.....

I have my food journal....

I have my blog.....

I have an exercise plan.....sort of

Things left to do....

Get a solid meal plan....

Get my charts and graphs done - Kind of comical that I need this stuff!

Get my head in the game!!!!

Ready or not.....I'm starting my "7 Month Focus plan" today!!!

Do you know how frightened I am announcing this? You have no idea....Can I just say, I have a tremendous stomach ache and diarrhea as we speak. (Sorry I hope you were not eating your breakfast!!)

Anyway, does not matter. I'm on it!!!

So far I was up at 5:30am, got in 40 minutes on my treadmill, I've had my healthy breakfast, I've read my Bible and I'm writing to you....all by 7:15am. It's a great start for the day!!
How about you? Are you ready to set a goal and reach it?

Keep focused!!