Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yesterday I had a great day with my Daughter and Grand Babies. We spent the day shopping and had lunch together. When were we at the store my Grand Daughter picked out a treat she wanted. It was a cup of Mini Chip Ahoy Cookies. They were a dollar, so I got them for her. I thought, what a great "treat" for her.

I have been working on keeping my diet clean and I was doing well until we got home. It was kind of cold and dreary so I decided to make a pot of coffee ~ In the afternoon ~ I never do that. As I was sipping away, I decided that one of those little mini cookies would go great with my coffee, so I got one out and popped it into my mouth. Before I knew it my Daughter was coming after me....telling me to spit it out. And I'm like "No WAY!!!" and I'm running from her ~ Cup "O" Cookies in hand. She gets me cornered and she's literally going to do the Mommy thing and scoop that cookie out of my mouth ~ Like you do when a kid is eating poison. By this time, I was laughing so hard, that she almost got it, but I was a little more determined to eat this mini....

In the mean time, I still had the Cup "O" Cookies in my hand and she gets it away from me and I'm chasing after her. It's all fun and games....or is it....and the race is on. Finally she takes the cup and flings it up in the air and it lands on top of the cabinet in my kitchen. WAAAY out of reach. I mean I will need a step ladder to get it.

LOL!!! Is that support or what?

I think the cookies were 15 calories a piece, well at least I think they were. Could not tell you because the cup, with the calorie info, is still up on the cabinet. My Daughter saved me. Not only did I get my cookie, but I wore the calories off in all the running around the house. She also saved me from eating more!

I'm keeping the Cup "O" Cookies up there on that cabinet. They are out of sight to everyone else, but I know they are there....and they are a reminder to me that even 15 calories in a tiny cookie are not good for me. They are also a super reminder that my Daughter loves me and she wants me to reach my goals. She was willing to do what ever it takes to help me make the right decision. I am learning that that's what I have to do every time I'm faced with temptation. I need to be willing to fling it away!!

How cool is that?

How about you....Will you go to any lengths to avoid a 15 calorie cookie?

Keep focused!

Monday, August 29, 2011


This weekend I have been inundated with the word that we are fat in America. I got snippets of information from the radio, Internet and seems every body is talking about it. So I decided to Google, "How many obese people are in America 2011", and the very first article came from CBS News. They say that, "Two-thirds, more than 190 million Americans are overweight or obese".

Then I Googled a little bit more and found....

The CDC says that,

Trends by State 1985–2010

During the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States and rates remain high. In 2010, no state had a prevalence of obesity less than 20%. Thirty-six states had a prevalence of 25% or more; 12 of these states (Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia) had a prevalence of 30% or more. 
Oregon came in at 26.8%


As all of this information was swimming around my beady brain, I decided to check out what obesity looks like in my town....At the grocery store, I saw some thin people, many over weight and some very over weight people. I also saw this family of stick people. They were very cute...everyone of them were super thin, I mean really thin ~ BUT FIT!... They were all dressed in athletic clothes...Dad, Mom, and 2 kids. Adorable!! 
I checked out the carts of the obese people verses the stick peoples....What I saw does not surprise me at all. In the obese carts I saw chips, cookies, candy, prepackaged foods, and some fruits and vegetables. 
In the stick people's cart I saw...Lean meats, Fruits and Vegetables.....That's it!!
Then I caught two snippets of conversations....
#1 ~ This very large lady was moving through the dairy section and I heard her say, "I'm on vacation, no way am I eating yogurt!"
#2 ~ This very large guy says to the cashier, "Don't go grocery shopping when you are hungry, look at this, I splurged on Pop Tarts." Then the cashiers says, "Well at least there is some fruit in them." His cart was full of chips, cookies and prepackaged foods - not a veggie or fruit in sight. Then he held up the line, waiting for the cashier to get a carton of cigarettes....filtered of course.....!
As I was waiting to check out, I realized that the 5 of us, in my lane ~ including the cashier were all over weight. All of us. 5 out of 5...That's 100%!!!
This is not an epidemic for others. This is an epidemic that I'm right in the middle of....I see it everywhere and I'm part of it!!!
I am part of the problem...
I am ONE (1) of the 190 million Americans who are obese!

I am ONE (1) of the 26.8% of Oregonians who are obese!

ME.....Yeah me....GUILTY!

Well...I am not taking it anymore. I'm certainly doing my part to change the statistics, to change the face of my City, State and Country. I want a better statistic. I want to be on the side of the healthy, fit and thin statistics. I'm doing my part. I'm changing and I am working hard to get there!!

How about you....Are you working hard to change the face of your statistics?

Keep focused! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm an athlete!

Well at least my trainer says so....And I believe her!!!

So with my new attitude and belief that I'm an athlete, I decided to really push myself at the gym. You see, I can do it. But I will only do it for someone else. Example: I will push myself to my limit and beyond for my Trainer, at my water aerobics and stability ball classes ~ WHEN PEOPLE ARE WATCHING!!! But I refuse to do it when I'm on my own. Which is a total bummer, because I do a lot of exercise on my own. So if I'm not pushing myself....then....I'm wasting my time! Wasting a great workout!!! Stalling my progress!! ACK!!

So this week, I did it...I pushed myself. Every time I worked out I was a sweaty mess. I bet I was even sweating in the pool, just could not see it!! It was an amazing week of exercise. It was especially amazing because of all the stuff we went through with my Hubby. Sadly, I could not exercise every day, but the days I did were amazing!!

The best and funnest day was yesterday. I decided to go to the pool and lap swim. I have swim fins that I use...Seems like I'm cheating, but I have to tell you, that if I did not have them, I would only last about 2 minutes. Yesterday, I swam ~ hard ~ for 45 minutes without stopping! Here's where my athletic, competitive spirit comes out. So....I'm in my lane, swimming like a wild woman and this guy gets into the next lane. I'm swimming away and all of a sudden I realize he's pacing with me. Each time we get to a wall, it's a race to see who will get there first. (I know he's pacing with me, because at one point, I held off to see if he would just keep going, but it seems he waited for me and we kept at our little game). 

When this all started, I had already been in the pool for 15 minutes and then my new challenger and I were swimming our hearts out for another 15 minutes. At one point, I look up and see him exiting the pool. I totally smoked him!! I even went on for 15 more minutes. I'm the winner!!!

Soon after the challenger left, a new lady came in and tried the same thing. And I'm like, "Oh no, you're not beating me." She soon left too. 

Funny thing is....these people did not even know they were in competition. They don't even know that I won, I beat them.....I'm the winner....HA HA HA HA! I'm a goof!

Anyway, it was was great pushing myself beyond what I usually do. It was fun feeling like an athlete....feeling the competition. I loved it!!

OK - Now for another competitive thing. I started a Fitness Challenge with Jessica at See How She Runs. This is my first week. Below please find my stats:

Today Weight: 212 (Up 4 pounds - ack!)

Workout Summary:

Monday: Total 70 minutes
30 min Treadmill
25 min Elliptical
15 min Planks, push ups, squats

Tuesday: Total 60 minutes
40 min Treadmill
20 min Weights & Abs

Wednesday: Total 35 minutes
35 min Treadmill

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest 

Saturday: Total 45 minutes
45 min Lap Swim
Plus I cleaned the house for 4 hours, but don't know if that counts for exercise in this challenge.

Weekly Total:   3.5 Hrs   (210 mins)

Work Out Reflection
This week I worked my butt off when I could. A little disappointed that I did not get 1 more day in. But with all that's gone on this week, I am happy with what I DID DO!!

Work Out Goals for This Week
I am on vacation this week, but I plan on working out at least 6 days this week. I am planning a lot of walking, bike riding, water aerobics  & stability ball class and maybe some swimming. I'm feeling a little competitive :)

That's it for me....Would you like to join our Fitness Challenge?

Keep focused!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Benefits of a Rockin' Attitude

Yesterday I had a ROCKIN' ATTITUDE!! It was a great day! It was the last day of a very tough week and the last day before our two week vacation. Just by that was a great day. The other reason it was great, was because of my attitude. My circumstances were still the same, but because of the new attitude, I handled the whole day differently. I was joyful, I handled some difficult situations, was very productive at work and home, went to the doctors, had dinner and went shopping with my Hubby and had a great food day! It was an awesome day!

I heard something the other day on an old Dr. Laura radio program. I thought I wrote everything down word for word, but it looks like I only got the highlights from her conversation. She was talking about giving into your bad thoughts.....She said,

"Stop thinking you are a beggar." (To me, I heard, stop taking what just comes along, get what you want) Have you ever heard the old saying, "Beggars can't be choosers"? I think that if you take what you get, you can't choose what you want!!!

"When you see that you can't, then you can't!" (I have told myself so many times that I CAN'T!!! I have not accomplished many things because I think I can't. So sad!!)

"So much of what we do in our lives is a mind game within our own heads. If you think you can't, then you will not behave in a manner that will make it happen." (That word behave is screaming at me!!!)

"If you believe that you can't get healthy ~ you won't believe in a way to reach your goals." (Believe is another word itching to get into my brain!)

"The war is in my head!!!"

You think?

I have thought and said many times, that if, "I could only get my mind out of the way...I could do...."

I cannot tell you how many times, that I have not done things, because I told myself that ~ I can't....

I've forgotten how to BELIEVE in myself and I certainly have not BEHAVED in a manner that would bring success.

Well I'm changing that today!!

How about you do you believe and behave in a manner that brings you success?

PS: Went to the doctors yesterday. The med tech took my blood pressure and she used the "normal" sized blood pressure cuff instead of the extra large one they usually use. I got all excited and told her what happened. I told her how much I hated that huge extra large cuff and said how excited I was that I got to use the "normal" one.  We both celebrated, with whooping and clapping. Yeah....we did cool!!

Keep focused!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Attitude that Rocks!

You know when you are trying to focus on something. I mean really've decided that once and for all, you are going to change something in your life. You've made all the preparations, you've got your tools in place,  you've surrounded yourself with the right people, you've made your mind up ~ you're going to do it!! It feels right and so good. You know that no matter making it happen.......Nothings stopping you.....

Then a whole bunch of crap hits the fan and blows you off of your plan.....

This almost always happens....Let me re-phrase this....This is what always happens to me!!!

I want to know...who brought this fan...lets kill it and get rid of the blasted thing....It messes with everything. Geez!

Yesterday, not only did the crap hit the fan, but I also got waves of frustration, along with a storm of BS, which all combined, made my day almost unbearable. I forgot my wonderful plan of changing my attitude ~ With all that went on, I forgot what I was supposed to do and my attitude stunk it up the whole day.

Now some good things....even though it was a bad attitude was not a bad food day. So I did not turn there. That is good. Did not exercise or drink enough water. So not so good. But I did not overeat, eat candy, junk food or fast food. For me...that is good.

Today I could so go back to that same ole crappy attitude. I mean nothing has changed today...I will still have to face the same ole stuff, but what I can change is my attitude!!!


No matter what is dished out today, I'm looking to my Lord, I drawing from His strength, I going to work my health and fitness  plan, I'm going to have a great attitude. I'm going to smile like I've won the lottery (a big one), I'm going to give out, work hard, love and embrace every challenge that comes my way and most importantly, I'm taking back my peace and joy! I am going to ROCK THIS DAY!!!!!

How about you....ARE YOU WITH ME?

Keep focused!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Riding the Waves.....

Seems life lately has been up and down. I don't remember...ever...feeling like this. I'm sure when my kids were growing up, life was like riding the waves....I'm sure we had our ups and downs. But now, as I get older, these ups and downs, these waves can mean life and death.

When I was younger I never thought about the decisions I made, never considered what those decisions would mean for my future. Never knew what the bags of candy, fast food and horrible food choices, would do for my body now. Never thought of it. If only I had known that living a sedentary lifestyle would result in my not remembering how to do jumping jack, skip rope or even how to squat. Yeah, I forgot how to do that....

If I knew then, that it was OK to be my own health advocate, maybe I would not have jumped into so many of the surgeries I had. Did I really need to get a hysterectomy, carpel tunnel and bunion surgeries. Could I have made a better choice? (Like losing weight, getting fit, and making better choices)  Looking back....most of the problems I had, that resulted in those surgeries, were linked to obesity. Had I made better choices then, I may have not needed to go there....

Today, in light of all my precious Hubby is going through, I realize how short and precious life is. I mean...2 days ago, we thought he was having a heart attack. Thankfully he is doing better, all his tests were normal...and he's feeling better. Don't know yet, what really happened with him. He's going to the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully we will learn more of what's going on.

Anyway I could be making a decision today, that will effect my life in the future. I am feeling more urgency to get this weight off and to stay healthy. I don't want to ever put myself or my family through an ER situation where I'm laying on a hospital gurney, waiting for the doctors to tell us what is wrong. I don't want to go through THAT kind of physical and emotional pain! I don't want to go there. Especially if there is anything I can do within my power to keep me from going there. If there is.....I'm doing it!

So I'm willing to suffer through the pain of exercising and stretching my muscles to get strong. I'm willing to suffer a little pain when I have to say no to something yummy and get my calories under control so I can lose and one day maintain my weight! I'm willing to suffer through whatever it takes to get and stay healthy for the rest of my life. Now I'm willing to help my sweet Hubby to get healthy so we don't have to go through another episode like we did this week. So scary!

Life is too short! It's precious!! And it's worth going through everything needed to be healthy, so it can be lived to its fullest!

How about you...Are you ready to suffer?

Keep focused!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blessings Never End!

Yesterday was a life changing day! I got a call from my Hubby and he said he was feeling terrible and needed help. His symptoms....Pain, numbness & tingling in his back and neck. Extreme headache and weakness. Then chest pains & tightness in chest and pain in his left arm, nausea, and he was sweaty.

I immediately went to get him and we went to urgent care. They were unable to help him there and sent us to ER. So that's where I was until 10pm last night.

During the night they did a C-scan, MRI and blood work. This morning I found out everything was NORMAL!


He still has a hard road ahead, but I'm optimistic! He's in pretty good shape now and I think it will only take a little bit and he will be in great shape!! We will work on this. Now maybe he will be willing to jump on the Health and Fitness bus!! Finally!!!

Another Blessing!!

All through the ordeal, I have had a peace....really, I've been quite serene! When it all started I just had to give it to the Lord and let Him do the work.

A great Blessing because it's not up to me what happens...everything is in His hands. Whew!

It was such a crazy day! I had not had much to eat, except for a couple of nuts, since noon. By 10:00pm I was starved! We were going to go out to get something to eat, but we decided to just go home. When I got home, I got things ready for today and had an English Muffin, fruit and some Silk Milk. My whole calories for the day was under 1500 ~ Even under stress!! YEAH!

In the past events like this were always a recipe for disaster!! Fast food would always be my first choice. I thought about it yesterday...I really did, but quickly put that one to rest and never thought of it again! Whew!


Then today, I was up at my normal time, got in my exercise, Bible reading and had a great breakfast. I'm now going to get beautiful and go see my sweet Hubby in the hospital.

I just know he's going to be OK and I can't wait to get him home!!!!

So the point of this is to say....You will have OBSTACLES, BUMPS, PUSHES, PROBLEMS, FRUSTRATIONS, and HITCHES in your health & fitness journey ~ Life Happens!! But just because things happen, it does not mean you have to jump out of your plan. YOU KEEP ON FIGHTING FOR YOUR HEALTH ~ NO MATTER WHAT!!!

Are you looking for Blessings today? They are out there!!

Keep focused!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No More Stinkin' Thinkin' for me!

I'm getting this...ever so slowly!! Yesterday, I so wanted to go there again, start back to the whining and complaining, but I stopped myself. I rose up out of the muck and mire and got my sass back!

I told you, I'm taking it back, I'm going to have a great and positive attitude and I'm not letting it go again! NO WAY!!!

I was telling a friend yesterday, about my attitude turn around and he said that he too was struggling with his attitude. He is getting ready for a missions trip to Haiti in November and he is already feeling under attack. I told him that's how I feel every time I do something that I need to do....something BIG that I'm focusing on. I get bombarded with things that bump me off of or distracted me from my plan. He said, "Well you know, that when you have something big to do, these things, bad things....distractions, always happen." And I sat there and thought about that for a while and this thought came to my mind.

Maybe so, but I don't have to accept them. I DON'T HAVE TO LOOK FOR THEM. You know the negative stuff. I decided that I'm not doing that anymore. I'm looking for the positive.....The lucky breaks....Success.....The miracles!!! Because they are out there and I going to get them. They are there for the taking and I'm taking them!

So I'm on the look out for my next positive thing that's going to happen. I'm excited and anticipating for it to come. I am positive and expectant! It's going to happen ~ Every Day!!

How about you...Are you positive today?

Keep Focused!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Attitude Killers

My computer is down again! I have a quick opportunity to get this post out!

To all of my brave attitude changers.....if you took my advice yesterday and decided to change your attitude.....and now you've been hit today with Attitude Killers.....stick with me!!

Don't let these attitude killers bump you, blast you, shove you, and/or propel you to drop your new attitude. You fight and keep your attitude positive. NO MATTER WHAT!!!

I went from elation and a positive attitude yesterday, to today with a series of small events, my attitude began to plummet. Once that started happening, I went to my old stand by attitude and began to slide back into my old way of thinking....Like...."What was I thinking, good things don't happen to me"....."It's no use to be positive because bad things always happen"....."I'm too tired, too grumpy, too sad to pull out of this mood"!! I was falling into this line of thinking....I could have sooooo gone there!!

But instead I decided to rise up out of this old behavior and keep my eyes on the Lord, and trust Him to help me get through this and I changed my attitude.

So right now...even though nothing has changed....I could still be in a bad way....I could  still be having a bad day...BUT I'M NOT!! I am EXCITED!!!! I got my good attitude back. I TOOK IT BACK!!!

This is what I came into today...It's a great message and I see it every day. But today....I really saw it and I'm putting my focus here instead of the dumps where I was headed....

Are you Doing This....

Energy matches energy in this world. It’s a law and I’m sure you’ve heard about it before – it’s stated in many ways.

• Like attracts like!

• What you focus on is what you get!

• What goes round, comes round!

• As ye sow, so shall ye reap!

You are an extremely powerful person, whether you have figured this out or not. And you are always using your power - use it wisely!

So there you have it.....We all have a choice to make. We can be negative or positive. For me, being negative does not help my health and fitness plan. I have to put my energy and thoughts into my plan and stay positive. It works for me!!!
So if you are anything and everything you can to get your attitude turned around. YOU CAN DO IT!!
Keep focused!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


When I started this journey January 2011 I really did not have a clear plan. All I wanted to do was start a weight loss and fitness plan and keep at it for a year. Oh and I set a goal to lose 60 pounds by September of that year and I said I would not have fast food or soda for the whole year....January 1st came and I started my food journal and got exercising. That's it, that was the plan. Well that year I lost 50 pounds.

January 2011 came around and I decided to stay on my health and fitness plan. Only this year, I got smarter and more focused! Started really counting calories, increased  the intensity of my workouts, drank more water, and I got more activity in everyday.....and I've lost only 16 pounds so far....It's August already ~ the year is almost over......And I'm not where I want to be!!!

With increased fitness and less calorie intake, shouldn't I be further along by now? Well what's the difference?

After a lot of thinking today, I believe the difference is....My ATTITUDE!!!

When I first started, my health and fitness plan and things were really happening, I remember being less stressed out about the whole process. I mean January a long way to September and I just did the best I could do ~ everyday....And the weight began to drop off. Then February through July went by and I just kept at it ~ enjoying the process. Then around August I began to freak out that I was not going to make my goal and of course I stalled out. The scale did not move again until around January 2011. The new year always gets me re-focused and back on track! So things started happening again!

Then feeling the pressure around April to get more weight off for summer, I stalled out again.

I'm always looking to the future, instead of focusing on today!!!

Instead of changing my attitude, making this journey fun again and getting the job done, I fretted and cried and whined and stressed and berated myself and beat up myself (probably the same thing) and tortured myself and on and on....

Instead of really enjoying the moment of where I am today ~ 66 pounds lighter, able to move, able to sit in any booth ~ theater and airplane seats, shop at regular clothes stores, wear other thin people's clothes, surf, wear a bathing suit without hiding myself, wear a tank top, feeling normal....Instead of all that, I'm stressing about what I don't have!!

I'm going to stop this and stop it right now! I'm changing my attitude! I'm making this fun again and I'm going to like challenging myself. I'm going to start exploring the world again (I stopped this for some unknown reason ~ makes me very unhappy that I did that), I'm going to start expecting results,I'm going back to thinking this journey is fun and easy ~ because it can be! I'm going to reward myself for progress (not with food), I am going to embrace my imperfect self and enjoy who I am! I'M GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN!!

Hey Friends, are you with me on THIS ONE? Are you ready to change your attitude and get this done? LET'S DO IT!!

Keep focused!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Real

The other day, I met a lady at the pool. We were getting ready for our water aerobics class and she proclaimed that this was her first class ever. So being the helpful one that I am....I gave her the low down of the class, told  her she could work at her own pace and most importantly, I asked her to come back and try it again.  

During our conversation I asked her why she was taking the class ~ was it for fitness or weight loss (I did not want to presume her purposes for being there). She said, "Well obviously I need to get weight off, but I am looking for fitness." I encouraged her and asked her what she was doing to get the weight off. And she said, "I don't eat very much, so I don't know why I'm so heavy. I was just thinking if I added some exercise that maybe that would help."

FLASH BACK.....How many times did I say those same words? How many times......When in reality, I would not have ever gotten to the size that I was, at 274 pounds, if I ate like a bird. The reality is, I did eat TOO MUCH!!! And the wrong types of food. I wonder why we think this way ~ minimizing the truth?

At this point, I let the lady know that I've been on my journey for a while and have lost 66 pounds. She asked me how I did it and I said, by tracking calories and exercising. 

Then I gave her a little challenge. I asked her to just write down every thing she eats every day and look up the calories for each item. She said she did not know how to do that and I referred her to the Internet and let her know there are many calorie counting options available. I said just do it for a week and find out just how many calories she is taking in. Then I let her know I did that and once I found the amount, I simply ate 100 - 200 calories less and the weight started to come off. Oh, I forgot to tell her this, the other big thing I did was stop eating fast food and drinking diet soda. That helped a lot!!!

Once the class got started we kind of got mixed up in the crowd. For a time, I was thinking I may have come off a little too stern in my explanation and enthusiasm for lowering calorie intake. Especially when she did not think this was her problem. And maybe she's right, maybe she really does eat very little. I can't be sure. But I just could not help sharing what I believe is the truth about how "I" got fat. Because this bird ate more than it's fair share of food and I got fat! 

I hope she took in some of the information and will be back to the class. 

I'm still working on this calorie thing. If I get them down and keep them down, I lose weight.....if I don't ~ I gain or maintain. For me...exercise works for a while, but the reality, for me is, I have to get my calories down and keep them down, consistently, to lose weight.

How about you...what works for you?

Keep focused!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Are the Stars all Aligned?

What has happened....seems thing are in place for my health and fitness plan. Oh my goodness, it's been a long time....a long time of frustration!!

First my computer started giving me troubles. (As you know, I need it....well OK I don't need it, but it is really helpful for this journey - For tracking food, my Bodybugg stats and for Blogging). My sweet hubby got it fixed last week. He also got my Bodybugg system working. (What would I do without him!!) I've been working on my new food menu each week and I'm into it now and really like it. My body feels good and ready to work. I had an AWESOME time in the pool last night. My Stability Ball instructor taught the water aerobics class. She totally rocks!! I wish she was the instructor all the time. I got a great workout. Another thing I did, was I got to bed on time last night, so I feel really refreshed today! I was able to run 20 minutes without stopping! It's been a while since I've done any running at all, so I'm happy with that! I got a lot of stress out of my life, so I feel hopeful again! And finally I got my blood pressure meds. I ran out and had to wait for them in the mail. Probably should not do that, but I'm on two so hopefully the other one kept me together....The sad thing about blood pressure meds, this one....if I don't have it....puts on about 2 pounds. Boy could I feel them!! Yikes!! If I am ever able to get off of this medication I will definitely have to plan to keep those pounds off.

Kind of amazing how all these little things can kind of throw me off of my plan. Kind of like a football coach without his clipboard or whistle! I need my stuff to be successful!!

I'm ready for a great day...a successful day...a focused day!!! How about you?

Stay focused!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Toxic People (Cont)

First of all...thank you to every one who left a comment yesterday regarding Toxic People. I honestly thought I would get slammed with negative comments about how cruel and mean I am, for wanting to rid myself of toxic people in my life and to instead focus on me and my health and fitness. (To free myself from these life sucking people and finally, finally, focus on me and my health ~ for once!)

I never really, ever, realized how much your environment can influence you and how you live your life. No wonder people turn to food or other devices to cope. No wonder!

Why now am I just getting this.....I guess it's because I've had just a taste of what taking care of myself feels like and now when I feel that I've been pushed to far, it really hurts and I guess, I don't want to hurt like that anymore.

So anyway ~ Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement. I really appreciate it!!

Yesterday, I had to deal with someone who is toxic. It did not go well. I really wanted to help this person for a lifetime, give them some practical advise to help propel them for success. All this person wanted, was what they wanted today. This person did not care or want to look to the future. They pretty much threw a hissy fit with a wide range of emotions from Joy, laughing, confidence, anger, fear, sadness, desperation, defiance, then acceptance of what really had to happen. I was so saddened because I could not make it better. I just had to let go....

Part of me wants to blame and chastise myself for failing this person. (If this person, or anyone else who knows about this reads this post - I just want you to know that my intention has always been to help ~ always. They never wanted to hear or learn from what I had to say. At least I never saw any fruit of lessons learned) I keep thinking back to what else or more I could have done for them. But the reality is, I did all I could do. Now I pray that this person will take what they have experienced and learn and grow from the experience. I can hope for that!

After it was over, I just wanted to go home and eat stuff. I really did. But instead I called my Hubby and he said he would come home early from work and we would hang out together. We ended up having dinner on our patio, then worked on his resume. He's applying for a new position at work.  It's was our 24th wedding Anniversary.....

Not the greatest day for celebration....we get to do that this Friday. We both have the day off and will be going water skiing in the morning, til mid afternoon, then maybe a bike ride, then we will get ready and we are going to a beautiful restaurant that is 30 floors up in the city. Every seat in the place is breathtaking! After that we have a new movie we want to see. That will be a day of celebration!

Got to get to work! Have a Blessed Day!

Stay focused!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Toxic People

I've got some toxic people in my life right now. Both in my professional and personal life. I can't get away from them!! Bugs me soooo bad.....They make decisions in their lives...bad ones. Then when their lives fall down and they are in trouble, then they want me to fix it!?! Huh?

They blame...they look to me to fix it...they call...they cry...they beg...then one day they are up and the next down. It's a freaking roller coaster!!! And they want me to get in the car and ride the dang thing with them. AND I'M NOT GOING TO DO IT!

First of all the people who are toxic in my life....did not ask me first before they made their stupid decisions. You know....get help BEFORE they destroy their lives. Then how come, when their decisions don't work for them, then, why do they come to me for help? They want help ~ when it's too late....Like I can do ANYTHING for them now. I can't!!!

And I refuse, once and for all, to take on their burdens, their problems, their troubles on my shoulders. I'm not doing it!!!

THIS IS SOO HARD!! Because being a Christian, I struggle that if I don't give in and sacrifice for them, then I'm not doing the right thing in the eyes of the Lord. I struggle, struggle, struggle......struggle with this!!

However, here's the difference for me......I am wiling to help others and I do it all the time. I volunteer at the Rescue Mission, give money to Missionaries, give money to my church. We have given groceries,  money and even cars to family members in NEED.

Where the struggle is are the people who are always hanging on, always draining you, always in crisis ~ because of their stupid decisions, always out there with their hands out......wanting!!

I just can't do it anymore!

The reason why I'm not helping them, why am I doing this now? Because some of these people having been doing this my whole life and I'm not giving any more of my life to them. So far, it has not done any good, so what's the point? The other thing...if I'm giving myself to a lost cause, then that means I'm taking away from what I NEED in my life.

These people have affected my family, my health (mental health ~ because they make me crazy and depressed & physical health~ because in the past, what they do to me, makes me want to eat!), and they have affected my life...and not in a positive way. And I'm not doing it anymore!!!

From this moment, I am limiting my interactions with these people. Once a month wellness checks, birthday and holiday cards and that's it. I have caller ID on my phone and I don't have to take their calls. I can delete their phone and email messages. I don't have to be subjected to their drama, their crisis, their problems any longer!!

I so want to delete this.....because it sounds sooo MEAN!!!!!!!! I hate that I feel this way with the people I love, but I really can't do it anymore. I can't move on my with my own health because they are pulling me down. I so try not to let what they are doing affect me, but I can't seem to stop them from wearing me down. In the beginning, I thought I could help. I had resolve that I could do this, but they have pushed too far!!

Now I do feel like I'm on the roller coaster.....only I'm going down....If I stay on many more times will I get a chance to do this life for me? It's always been about them....But it's my time right now!!

If I can't do this for me now....I will die. Then what good will I be to anyone?

Do you have toxic people in your life? Are you ready to get rid of them and take care of yourself?

Keep focused!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Making changes in your life can be hard. Even if the changes you want and/or need to make are good and beneficial to your life. Changing is still hard to do!!

I was talking to someone today, who if they made some changes, small ones, it would enhance their life, maybe open some doors, and maybe it would lead to something significant in their life. Making these small changes ~ COULD BE, FOREVER, LIFE CHANGING!

As we were talking I could see the flicker of hope flash in their eyes for just a moment and then it was as if I could see their heels digging in, the flicker died and the excuses started coming in.


All I was suggesting were small changes. That's it!

Then all of a sudden, I started thinking about me.....the small changes I need to do to make this weight loss and fitness thing work.

HEY!!! I was not talking about me.......was I?


There ARE some things....OK some changes I need to make in order to reach my goals.  Lets just list a few.

  • Stop thinking you deserve food as an award ~ YOUR REWARD IS REACHING YOUR GOALS!
  • Stop fudging and trying to get a little bit more food ~ YOU ARE NOT EATING FOR LOVE, ACCEPTANCE OR ANYTHING ELSE, YOU ARE EATING FOR FUEL!
  • Stop procrastinating ~ GET THIS DONE!!!
  • Stop thinking you are going to get an injury ~ PUSH YOURSELF, YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH!
  • Quit being ridiculous in how you think about yourself ~ STOP IT, YOU ARE OK!!!
  • Stop setting yourself up for failure. (I've almost given myself the freedom to over eat in the evenings. Somewhere in my beady brain, I think it's OK, I'm mean I'm eating good food, JUST TO MUCH OF IT, and I'm pushing myself past my calorie goal) ~ STAY FOCUSED.....ALL DAY....GET DISCIPLINED!!!
Those are my simple changes I need to make. These changes could enhance my life, they could open some doors, maybe they could lead to some significant things, adventures, opportunities, in my life. IT COULD BE, FOREVER, LIFE CHANGING ~ If only I would quit digging my heels in and get this done!

THAT'S IT! If I ask for someone else to make some changes, then I had better be willing to make some changes of my own.

Enough said!

How about you....are you digging your heels in....are you avoiding the changes you need to make to reach your goals? Join me today and lets get this done. ARE YOU WITH ME?

Keep focused!!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to normal

Well I'm back!! I lost my hard drive on my computer....With that, I lost my way and my desire to keep pushing on with my weight loss and fitness journey.....For just a minute!

So many of the things I needed to work my health and fitness program were tied to my computer. Isn't that amazing how we rely on these things? Oh yeah, I could do it all manually, but this losing weight process is very time consuming as it is and without my computer, I was just not able to keep up. I have just felt lost!

I was able to get on to the Bodybugg system and record my food (at work, with limited access), but not my activity level and steps. Without my computer, I could not look up calories, get help from my blogger friends and of course I could not blog. Anyway, I just need my tools. So happy I'm back up and running! I think the biggest thing was, it bumped me off my schedule and I spent so much time trying to make this thing work. The whole thing just added to my stress! Augh!

OK I'm finally going to listen to my daughter and abandon my 7 Month Focus Challenge. She has been telling me that that time frame is just too long. I get that now and of course, I'm feeling bad, that I've pretty much stunk it up for the past couple of months. I hate to give up and not try to reach this goal. I hate giving up.....I've done it so many times in my past.


They say if you don't have a plan, you are planning to fail.....
Oh and of course
If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else. ~Lawrence J. Peter

So I need to make some sort of short term goals. So here it is...
I need to lose 5 lbs this month!
That's it.....I know what to do to get there.....I just need to do it!
Hey I just thought of something......I'm not abandoning my 7 Month Focus Challenge. I'm still going to Exercise, get my 10,000 steps in, keep my calories at 1600, record my food, drink water and blog. I'm still going to do that. But now, I'm focused on getting results!!
Are you with me? We can do this!
Stay focused!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 113 ~ 7 Month Focus / Having Fun!

God knows what you need when you need it. This morning I got up and was doing my thing on the treadmill, going at a pretty good pace and all of a sudden the power goes out. Well that really bummed me out because I needed to get my morning workout done. So here's the fun part....

Side note: Preparation is so key for this journey. If you don't prepare or have a plan, then when life hits you, you will get bumped off the plan. Moral of the ready!

Here I am ready to workout and I can't make anything work. Then I get this bright idea to continue my exercise "OUTSIDE".  (I'm brilliant...I know) So I take my bed headed self outside and strut my stuff for all to see. Could not have been pretty, but hey, I'm on a mission and I don't care what they think!! So while I was out there, it just hit me how beautiful the morning was. The air was crisp, the sky blue and the birds were chirping everywhere! On my way back home I got to see a snail. You know the kind with the little shell on its back. I never see cute! Isn't it just like God to get me out of the house, give me new perspective and an enjoyable time! So awesome!

Next challenge was getting ready for work without electricity. I contemplated not washing my hair. I know gross right? Especially after working out...not a pretty sight. So with a great sense of peace, I decided to go about my normal routine as if nothing was wrong. I ate my breakfast (thank goodness for gas stoves!), I showered and washed my hair and I got my make up on ~ the whole while, I was praying and talking to God about how I knew he had a plan for me and all would work out. I totally had a peace about the whole situation. Cannot tell you how many times I tried to turn something on...geez, I was making myself crazy! Anyway, I got everything done, except for my hair and that's when I made a "NEW" plan...I would simply take my hair stuff to work and do it there. Again, this would not be pretty, but what are you going to do? So I gather everything up and I'm headed toward the door and just before I get the door opened the power came back on.

You see He knew the plan and I trusted He had it under control. That's where the peace came from. He did come through.....not fast enough for me.....but just in time. I was able to get my hair done and walk out the door all put together....right on time!

Isn't He good!!!

Have to say that I'm having a blast with the new food thing. Again, with planning from yesterday, I had my printed out schedule of what I was going to eat today. So when putting my lunch together, I just followed the plan. I am so excited, because of the variety of things I'm eating and bonus....I get to eat about every couple of hours. Can't beat that!! And I'm staying within my 1600 calorie range. Do you know that if you don't have a lot of high fat foods, you can really eat a lot. I'm telling you, when I put it on paper and eliminate the highest fattiest food, I can load the day out with more veggies and fruit, hummus (which is delicious!), low fat string cheese, pretzels (just a little) and other stuff. So cool.

Today, I was getting ready for my lunch and I got an important phone call. So I put everything aside to take my call. After it was over, I moved my lunch back into place and ate it. After I was done, I was feeling a little hungry, but I thought....well this is what you are supposed to have, you just need to drink water and chew some peppermint gum until snack time. So I get back to work and turn around in my chair and I see the other half of my lunch sitting, waiting for me to eat it. Everything is so new, that I forgot what I was supposed to eat. So cool. So I ate the rest of it and was full. Almost, could not eat my snack, not quite hungry, but did it as I'm off to water aerobics and I will need the food for energy.

That's it for now. Still working on my Bodybugg  - it's not working so I can't get all my stats. Once it's up and running, I will  start posting my stats again.

What are you doing today that makes you proud?

Keep focused!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 112 ~ 7 Month Focus

I think it's day 112. I might have 3 day 9's. Geez, I can make things so complicated!

Anyway, yesterday, after the cereal incident and the craziness with the berry, I got to work and made my food menu for today. It's funny, when you are too high in the fat department and you eliminate the things that put you over, you can fill it up with a lot of veggies. The menu I planned had 27g of fat and came in close to 1700 calories. I need my fat grams at 20 and calories at 1600. When I deleted the fat items and got the number around 20g, my calories dropped to 1400. Hummm ~ You mean fat has more calories.

Well I guess doing all of this research and finally being willing to look at this stuff, I'm starting to see some things I need to change. And best of all, not only do I need to change things, I know how to do it!

It was really a lot of fun grocery shopping yesterday. I made such good choices. No junk what~so~ever! I was so proud of my cart, I sort of wanted to parade myself around the store, pointing at it like Vanna White. I mean it was pretty!

I am really excited about the soy changes I made. I have to admit, now publicly, that I can not tolerate milk products. The minute, and I do mean the minute I have dairy, my stomach begins to churn and hurt, then the big D (diarrhea ~ Shhh!) happens. All that just so I can have some milk or yogurt or cheese. SO NOT WORTH IT!!! OK the cheese might be worth the pain, but I'm getting to where, even that does not work for me anymore. "Sniff!"

Anyway, already off to a great start today. I had my water, a banana and a couple of almonds ~ BEFORE I worked out. Usually I do it on an empty stomach. Then I put in 40 minutes on the treadmill, ran about 15 of those minutes. I like that! Then I just had my oatmeal with a couple of blueberries and Almond Breeze. Can I say YUM!!! Happy tummy - no pain!

Got to go to work! Keep up the great work and stay focused!