Saturday, January 5, 2013

Who Stole Yours?

When I first started losing weight and working on my fitness. I was having a blast ~ It was fun!! And you know with my new enthusiasm and success. It was!

Then a so~called friend told me that losing weight and getting fit is NOT fun, and that, I too would soon learn that this was true. She said, "Oh you just wait!"

You know....she stole something from me that day. Because since that day, this journey has not been as much fun...I have not had the enthusiasm I once had. And you know what? I've not had the great success I had when I thought it was easy and fun!


Then the other day I heard this on the Dr Laura Radio show. She was talking to a caller and I wrote down everything she said....except I changed the wording as if  I'm talking to myself...

Deciding something in advance usually limits me.
My decisions limit my body and my mind.
If I decide I’m not good enough or I can't do something.
Then I will prove myself right!

If I decide that this is something I want, like it's my next breath…
then I will push toward it!!!

When I first started my health and fitness plan...I had decided that is would be would be easy and I would have success. When I thought that way....I proved myself right!!

When I let someone steal my good and healthy idea about this journey away from me, then, I started thinking about what she said and then I decided it was hard and frustrating and I would never make it to my goal. And guess what!!!! Right now I'm proving myself right!! I stuck in a frustrating plateau, I'm not having fun and this is not easy. And I'm definitely not feeling very enthusiastic about my journey!

So I'm taking it back!!

I've decided that this journey is is easy and fascinating!! Do you know if you look at this like a scientist and keep trying and testing and doing and going forward...You will find the right mix for you and you will have success. I've done this in the past. I've lost over 60+ pounds (used to be more but I was listening to my defeated friends advise and I was going backwards) NOT ANY MORE!!!!

Losing weight and getting fit is something I want. I do want it like I want my next breath. And I am pushing towards my goals....EVERY DAY!!!!!

How about you....Did someone steal something from you.  Something you need for your success? If so, take it back. TAKE IT BACK NOW!!

This years mantra.....NO FEAR!!!!!

Now get out there and lets get this done!!

No Fear!!!


  1. That is a great attitude to start 2013 with! :D No fear :D

  2. I have my up and down days. But for the most part I remind myself this is me! I am healthy, I eat healthy, I am athletic. This is who I am. I like it when my friends say. oh she will not eat that, it is not good for you. They are right!

  3. Love love love your post! More power to you!

  4. good job joy. I had a similar thing happen once. I used to shot put in high school..I was doing fab..then one day before a meet, a lady said to me "You don't look like a shot putter'..and that was it...I allowed doubt to creep in and didn't do as well as I normally fact, I did terribly. I will never forget that. Don't ever allow someone else's perceptions to become yours...glad you got your own mojo back.

  5. OMG you are so right...I'm not sure what happened...but I slipped and it wasn't fun any more. I've been struggling all year trying to regain that "fun" I felt.


    I cannot tell you the number of people that constantly try to hold me back, tell me that I'm having 'way too much fun' with exercise and weight loss.

    YES!! TAKE YOUR JOY BACK GIRL!! and don't ever let anyone try to limit you.

    This is an awesome FUN journey and that's what is keeping me on it.

    Love to you...

  7. YOu go girl!!! This is your journey! Have a blast!!!

  8. Congratulations on losing over 60 pounds! That's amazing and it sounds like your attitude is right on track.