Sunday, December 30, 2012


In the past 2 months, I've had 4 significant falls. One just today. First time I fell off of a step ladder. I thought I had all four legs on the driveway...instead I had only 3 legs on firm ground and with that I fell off of the top step, onto the concrete, landing on my elbow and ribs.

Next fall...I was walking down the stairs at work. I just let go of the handrail and I fell from the third stair from the bottom. I fell on my right knee, onto concrete again!

Next fall....Again I was on the top step of a step ladder (you'd think I would be more careful) and I just took a step back and fell right to the ground. This time, not on concrete, but I took a hard enough spill.

Then today, I was innocently on my way to put some bird food out and I took a step toward the stairs on my deck and I did not realize how icy it was and I fell down 3 stairs, landing with my back crashing into the stairs.

I tell you all of these falls hurt....a lot!!!! But you know what? I did not get hurt. No broken bones or permanent damage. Just a little aches and pains!!

I also know that if I were not in good shape and as heavy as I am here....

I do know that I would have had some serious injuries!!!

SO if nothing else.....getting fit and thinner helps in more ways than just what shows on that scale.

Keep up the great work my Friends. We've got this!!

Stay focused!!


  1. I don't know. The extra fat might have let you bounce a bit and cushioned things. Just kidding! Glad you didn't get hurt but be careful for crying out loud. :-)

  2. I'm so very sorry about your falls! I'm grateful you were not injured though beyond bumps and bruises.

  3. Oh my... what a difference. I don't think I have seen a before photo of you previous to this one. No wonder you are so excited about losing weight and being fit.

    Falling at the besy of times is a shock to the body but when overweight is a horrible experience.

    I've been stuck at the same weight for so long it almost seems normal but a little reality check shows I am barely half way to goal. Hopefully I can be skinnier by this time 2013.

    Wishing you a wonderful fit and running 2013 and No More Falling down or over.


  4. I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself. You're right that you would have been more injured if you were not in good shape. I hope you don't have to prove to yourself once again by falling!

  5. holy crow woman...resolution for yer step! lol. Glad you weren't hurt.

  6. Hi I would like to just say that you are such an inspiration and thank you for your blog.