Sunday, June 8, 2014

I am still alive!!!

Cannot believe the last time I posted was December 31st. Where has the time gone???

You might be wondering......

Did she fall off the wagon??

Did she gain back her weight and is too embarrassed to say so....

Did she back slide......yikes!!!

Nope none of that!!!  With my new found energy. I find that I want to do EVERYTHING!!!  And with only so many hours in a day and so much to do. I've found I let some things...important things slide. One of those important things is keeping in touch with you!!

My apologies my Friends!!!

What have I been up to?

  • Have not lost anymore weight, but have maintained 180 pounds for months. I'm feeling good!! 
  • I started putting more focus on fitness in January.  Got the Shamrock Run (5k),  Hippie Chicks 1/2 marathon, Great Place to Run (5k), Hillsboro All Comers (5k) and Helvetia 1/2 Marathon done!! 
  • I have one more 5k and then I will complete my first sprint triathlon Mid-July.
After that. It focus time on weight loss. I think I need to lose about 35 more pounds.  Seems so daunting....even though I have lost 96 pounds already...35 more pounds seems like a lot. It really should be a piece of cake.....right?

Here's a picture of me. I'm in red :-) Wish it was a better picture...

Tomorrow I'm going to share my progress info.

Hope you are doing well!!

Have a fit day!!


  1. Welcome back. I am glad you are enjoying life.

  2. Impressed with all of the events you completed. Good for you. I, too, am working hard on my next 35 pounds. ENjoy a beautiful summer!

  3. I was wondering what you were up to, Joy. I think I've published another book since your last post - :)

    I say, "Do your best and forget the rest." You're enjoying life and that's what it's all about.


    ~Nancy Jill

    1. Hi Nancy,

      You have soooo been on my mind and I could not find your info to ask how you are doing? (Probably easy to do, but I've been a little nuts lately) Anyway, I hope you are well!!! How are you doing with your health? What's new? How can I pray for you? Let me know :-)

  4. Hi there friend!!! Wow...I'm so proud of you. You've done an amazing job. I miss you and our wonderful talks!!!

    1. Hey girl, HOW ARE YOU I hope you are well. I've missed you!!! I hope to call soon and catch up!!

  5. I don't know if this will post or not...I've already tried twice before, so if this is just a repeat I apologize. Anyway, I just wanted to you to know how proud and encouraged I am by your progress! You've come a long way. I miss our talks and I've missed you!!!

  6. I'm so excited for your SPRINT TRIATHLON! You are gonna rock it!