Friday, April 3, 2015

The Finish.....Day 2 & Day 3

Tough day.....tracked my food, but was over my calories. Forgot I was going out for dinner and did not plan well. Sometimes eating out for me, right now is not a treat. Even if you choose salad, you can  go over your calorie allotment. And the sodium....they must just load it up on everything.  I feel so bloated!!!

Did get my exercise in, and most of my water. Of course I did not blog yesterday. I worked all day and then went to my class until 10 pm. So when I got home, I was pooped!!!

Today, Day 3 is jammed again. I need to get our tax stuff together this morning then we are getting them done at 1pm. Then it's off to the grocery store, dinner out, again with friends....ACK!!!!' Then I'm going to a prayer event at our church from 7pm to 11pm. Of course there will be food and candy there.....for some reason our church LOVES candy!!!!!

So here's my plan. I'm fueling my body with good food all day and I will eat some protein before I go to dinner and then have a salad. And then for tonight. Should they have breakfast items, which they usually do. I'll have some eggs. And if they don't I'll drink a protein drink.  And I WILL be drinking a ton of water all day and night.

Eating events are tough and it seems when I'm trying to focus. I get invited to them....lots of them. I guess it comes down to planning and focus.

Wish me luck!!!!

How do you set yourself up for success when faced with social eating events?

Have a fit day!!!!


  1. Good luck!! I know how eating out can really blow a plan. I used to get anxious when I was invited out. I am just now beginning to relax about eating out or special situations. It isn't the end of the world not to have the food.