Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good Health is Important!!

Before I got myself under control, I had no problem with eating fast food. I remember thinking, well a hamburger is just bread, beef and veggies and fries, well they are just potatoes with a little oil. Oh and soda, of course the real thing is bad, so I would have diet. How bad could this be?

Well.......It's bad!!!!!

Yesterday, my son passed out. He was fine one minute with no pain and the next thing he knew he was waking up in an ambulance with severe pain in his stomach.

He's a big guy, maybe fifty pounds over weight and he eats primarily fast food and lots of soda and its not diet.

He found out that his gall bladder is enlarged and it's due to eating high fat foods.

He's 30!!!

I've been telling him for years that he needs to change his diet. He tries for a while, but gives up because it's just not convenient to eat healthy.

Now guess what....he gets to eat bread, rice, crackers and applesauce for now until he sees a specialist. He feels like his world has fallen....and he's not sure he wants to get up!

Anyway, at this tender age of 30, he gets to dive into the world of health care to try to remedy the damage that he has done to his body.

All of this because of convenience and bad choices.

He's known for quite some time that he needs to make a lifestyle change. I figured it would take a life changing event to get him into action. Hopefully he will listen to this one and make some changes!

He's just like me and maybe many others.....we waited until something drastic happens before we made a change. So sad that we did not make our decisions before damage is done.

So....He's off to the specialist today. Hopefully he will hear that this is repairable. Hopefully he will hear that he needs to make some changes. Hopefully he will make those changes!!

Our lives are so precious. One day you are out doing what you do and the next thing you know, you're laying in a hospital bed. I rather be there from some epic accident while running or rowing or having fun, than to be there because of the foods I eat or the carelessness of my choices.

Anyway, are you waiting for your wake up call???? Or are you ready to get your health in order today?

Lets do it!!

Keep focused!


  1. It wasn't my son I was so concerned about - it was my husband for many of these same reasons. He wasn't overweight, but he sure existed on a horrid diet. Thankfully, he has come around and we are now in this healthy eating thing together as partners. What a joy that has been. I will remember your son as he tried to make changes that won't be easy!!

  2. That is scary... what a wake up call. I hope it is repairable and that he can feel that is doable! It's hard to change one's mindset.

    Eating healthier and making those changes could have saved my mother from an early death from heart disease. If I had the program THEN that I have been on NOW, I wonder if she'd still be here with me. That was almost 20 years ago.

    Life is precious! But it's worth it!
    Thanks for sharing Joy. Miss you girl!! Good luck with your run! :)


  3. I hope your son feels better! Health is definitely priceless in my book!

  4. You and your son are in my prayers. I know it is difficult for both of you. I'm glad you're able to look at the bright side of the situation. That helps so much.

  5. Prayers for recovery!! And for a life change!!

  6. Wow, sorry to hear. It's such a low feeling to see your child struggle with weight. But you have been a good role model for him through your improvement efforts. Best wishes.

  7. Joy, I just posted a reply on my blog to your post:
    No Joy - this isn't aimed at anyone at all -- it's just meant to voice my thoughts that being stalled and yet accountable is better than going down the slippery slope of being AWOL!
    I do miss bloggers who stop blogging. We become a community and it's sad when one falls off the wagon and can't get back on.

    Hope that clarifies!!
    Sorry your son is going through gall bladder issues. DH had his removed a year ago and he's not a complainer but he was in soooooo much pain. He had only one stone but it was 2cm in diameter so there was no way that it could be passed - they even had to cut it in order to get it out to remove it before the gall bladder! It was a relatively simple surgery but it's much better to avoid surgery if possible. Gall bladder issues can be very serious.

  8. That is quite a scare for your son. I hope he takes his health seriously now.

  9. I hope he is ok, shame that it takes something like that to make him take his health seriously

  10. Good luck to your son. Thanks for sharing your story. Your site is really great. Good luck on the turkey trot (maybe your son can do it with you). I am doing my first one the same morning. Then I've to come home and cook dinner with my wife for 20 people...