Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lost my way...

I'm in the weirdest funk that I've ever been on this journey. While I'm not doing EVERYTHING I KNOW I NEED TO DO....yet still maintaining my weight loss...I find myself kind of lost and unsure where and what I need to be doing. Still eating healthy, for the most part. I'm drinking water, barely journaling my food, exercising, running mostly, but just the bare minimum to be able to run my race on the 21st of the month.Obviously I'm not blogging like I should....I'm not even reading anything, well anything that would be helpful for my weight loss and fitness journey.

I know those who have been with me, all this time, are wondering what I'm up to.

Just like when I look at someone and see potential all over them. I want to say, and sometimes I do, that if they would just focus, just do what they need to do, and be consistent, then they will be the person they were designed to be.

I'm sure my loved ones are thinking the same thing for me......If only she would get this done......

Things have changed, my employer is no longer paying for my trainer. Though the trainer costs are reasonable, I still am not able to pay for it. Since I lost my trainer, I've not lifted weights. I'm taking a row class, which takes 2 nights away. It's exercise, so that's good, it's just different and out of my ordinary schedule. I've been super busy at work and even had to work late many days. That throws me off and makes me tired. Wah wah wah.....There's so much more going on. Lets just say, right now, I have a serious lack of motivation, time and money. Nuf said!

Anyway......even though I have all of these woes. It does not and should not matter. That even though...whatever it is...I still have other options and things I can do, for my weight loss and fitness journey, until my schedule is normal again.

My lack of motivation!!!

Until I read a post from Choosing Joy. Do you know her? If not, I recommend you get to know her. Talk about Nuggets of Truth. She's got them and she unloaded a truckload of truth today. Her post titled "If you want to be great, act great" spoke to me in ways, that even I don't quite understand. Let me just tell you....That it fired me up!

And it's true. I have the power to change my attitude right this very minute. Ten minutes ago, I felt defeated and frankly, I felt like a big fat loser...not in a great weight loss way, but just a loser in this journey.

Now because of this post, I'm reaching to be great....not just thinking about it. But I'm going after it!

You can to!! Do you want to be great? Act great!!

Keep focused!


  1. I think we all go through these lows and lacking periods. :) It's ok to drop back a bit, as long as it's more of a breather and then carrying on! Which you clearly are doing! :)

  2. Sometimes it's about just keep pluggin' away... then our "2nd high" kicks in... if we keep pluggin' away. You are a rockstar girl!! You will pull through, I know it!! You do hard things! :)

    Love ya,