Monday, September 24, 2012

Don't ever quit!!

Sometimes things happen or your circumstances change and it makes it harder to press on with your journey. These things can make the journey too hard, too frustrating, to discouraging....making you just want to give up!

I would encourage you not to do that.

Because sometimes things are not what they seem!!

When I ran my last 8k, I truly felt like I could go no faster. I tried soooo hard to stay with the fast pack and they just blasted past me. For so long I was running by myself and with nothing other than the pavement to think about, I started thinking about why I'm doing this?

I'm not fast enough to keep up and I'm slower than snot!! I could not see how my training was helping me when I can't make this body do what I want. And then when I came in and checked my time, I saw that I had an 18 minute mile, I really struggled with why I'm doing this. This race had the worse time ever!!! (I mean I could walk faster than that!!)

I struggled all day to hold back tears!! I so wanted to fall off of my running plan. I mean why keep training, why keep pushing my body to exhaustion, why waste my time anymore on something when all I'm doing is going backwards? So frustrating!!

I had to sit with this for a couple of days, until the race final results came in.

So I'm sitting on the edge of my seat and I open the website and found that I came in at 13 minutes per mile. NOT 18 miles per mile!!

I think that's one of my best, if not the best race time ever!!!!

I knew I was working hard, for me, and I knew I could not give any more. To work that hard and think I came in at the worst time ever was tough, but to come in with the best time ever is so encouraging!!

So here's the thing......Even if I did have the worse time ever.....That is no reason to quit!! Even if my circumstances change, things get harder, more frustrating...whatever....That is no reason to quit!!

Do you allow your circumstances or situations to bump you off of your plan? If you are tempted....don't do it. Because a Blessing is just around the corner!! Keep fighting!! Keep pushing!!! And never EVER GIVE UP!!
Keep focused!!!


  1. I love this post!! Congratulations on your 13 minute pace!!

  2. Awesome 13 minute mile!!!! You are AMAZING!!

  3. So right - if we just push on through, the victory will be ours. Well done! Take care.

  4. That is awesome that it came in at 13! What a fun surprise for all your work!! You're right, we should never give up. Our workouts and eating will go up and down, but the key is to not just give in when we do poorly.

    Thanks for the good message and for your note on thinking about me. I'm working my way through a slump right now since I'm done with my half marathon and kinda lost my running buddy... I've got to get my mojo back!!!

    Take care, my friend!
    Love ya!

  5. GREAT mantra!!
    And congrats on the great run!!

  6. How in the world did you get 18 from 13? lol. I am so glad you didn't quit. Maybe your mind couldn't believe it and so substituted the number..and you are absolutely right...that is no reason to quit, because we aren't doing this for n umbers..we are doing this tobecome who we WANT to be, not who we settle for. Great post.

  7. A very inspiring post and awesome pace!

  8. A very inspiring post and an awesome pace!

  9. You are right. Things are not always what they seem. Good for you for hanging in there when you thought you had a bad time. I am so proud of you for that. More proud that of you getting a personal best.

  10. AMAZING!!! sometimes our minds can play with us, tell us lies. Just one thing I try and remember always!!! no. giving. up.... PERIOD