Monday, September 2, 2013

Almost there!!!!

Yesterday I was at my daughters house.  First time I went somewhere where the food was out of my control. ( I did have my secret stash of appropriate foods.  Just in case) We had gotten to her house around 5:00 and I found out that my daughter and Son and Law had eaten a late lunch. So they were not quite hungry. But I was starved. So we scourged around her fridge and I found some chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and some fat free salad dressing.  I was good to go. Sad thing was there was only enough for one so I got the good stuff. Everyone else had grilled cheese sandwiches.  

After dinner we got the kids bathed and settled down with a snack. I had both of my granddaughters on my lap and they we chewing on two gummy Starburts and a tiny cup of Gold Fish crackers.  They both kept saying you want one Baboo?  That's what they call me. Anyway I kept telling them no thank you I'm good.  But they kept asking.  At the time I was both wanting some and repulsed by the smell of them.  Thankfully I opted out and did not spend any calories on that!!

This week I was down 2 pounds. 11.6 in 3 weeks.  Almost to wonderland!!!!!!

How are you doing?  

Keep focused!!!


  1. wow you had a scale and a non scale victory this weekend! that's wonderful!

  2. Nice job! I made it through the Labor Day BBQ with no problems too. :)

  3. Good for you!! It is so hard to resist those sweet faces when they want to share.

    Congratulations on the loss.