Saturday, August 31, 2013

Not Gonna Lie....

During the Labor Day Holiday we will be having a week of family and fun! Yesterday we did the food shopping for the week and nothing but good stuff landed in our cart. No sugar or "yummy" goodness found its way into our grocery bags!!!  We purchased nothing but good meats, some fruit and veggies. That's all!!!!

 I'm not gonna lie and say that I wasn't feeling just a tad jealous when looking at all the other Labor Day shoppers.  Geez, in their carts, all I saw were chips, cookies, candy, beer, beer, beer....did I say beer?   I also saw people buying donuts and bread and ICE CREAM  and  soda and cake!!!!!!!!

Not gonna lie.  I wanted some.  OK I wanted a lot of it.  Oh ICE CREAM!!!!!!

Fortunately my good senses kicked in and I realized that I'm not deprived. I have excellent food to eat and some sugar free snacks. I REALLY AM SATISFIED with what I have. To get over that yucky feeling, all it took was that I stayed focused on my shopping list, I persevered and got out of the store. And very soon, all was well!!!

Bonus part is.....If I just keep focused and not lose my head I will see a significant weight loss on Monday.  Imagine.....losing weight even on a holiday!!!

How about you...On holidays, do you just do what you always do and buy your traditional goodies and yummy goodness? Or do you stay focused on your health and fitness plan during a holiday?

How about this year...we stay focused!!!!!

Are you with me?!?!?!?


  1. Since I'm allowed one day a week to eat whatever I want, I usually choose saturdays. My husband I I thought over Labor Day and whether we wanted to switch to then, but the truth is that a BBQ is EASY to make healthy! So, we're going strict and healthy on it, and our fun day was yesterday. :) We're grilling steak and fresh veggies, etc.

  2. I love ice cream too!!

    I am beginning to understand though, that I need to give my body the good stuff to get good stuff from it. That works most of the time. Others, I still want ice cream...

  3. I agree!! I came home with chicken breasts for the grill and a bunch of green grapes and fugi apples!