Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

This year, is probably the first year in my entire adult life, that I have not had Halloween candy...not one bite!!! The great thing is, is I don't miss it. I have not felt like I've been deprived of anything. How did I do it, well first off, properly fueling my body has helped. The other thing is, I've been busy making things for my friends and neighbors. Instead of my usual "language of Love" - making sweets or goodies, This year, I painted little wooden pumpkins for the adults....and well I did give a little bag of candy to the kids. Could not help myself. At least it was little, unlike other years when their bags would be stuffed with goodies. I think the hardest thing, for me, is trying to figure out what to to show love...without using food.

Instead of candy, my goodies have been.....veggies!!!
Love them!! I've noticed since I have not had sugar in my system that my moods are more even keel and I not plagued by cravings.

Seems before, my brain was so consumed with how and when I was going to have my next sugar fix. Now, I have clarity of mind and a whole lot more energy!! I've been more creative and active than I have ever been since starting my new plan.

I really want to live life and live to its fullest. I'M HAVING A BLAST!!

Taking one healthy step at a time!!

How are you doing this Halloween?

Have a fit day!

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  1. I know what you mean about not giving sweet treats as gifts. That was one of my love languages as well. My family totally understood when I told them. Now the sweet treats are rarer and all the more valuable to them.