Friday, December 6, 2013

Revving Up For The Weekend!!

OK, for me, it officially begins this weekend......parties, gatherings, dinners out, food, food, food.......everyone is celebrating with.....FOOD!!!!!!!!!

Crept' me!!!

Even though it's the holidays, I'm still working my plan.  I have my goals of reaching optimal health and fitness in front of me. Do you?

I'm running into 2014 with a plan and I'm not letting anything stop me!!!  This year I'm going to reach New Year's Day feeling great instead of feeling fat and defeated.  Knowing that I have to re-lose weight that I just lost!!!!  I'm not doing that again. 


Let's make this the best and most fit and healthy holiday season ever!!!!!

Work you plan. Eat healthy foods and fuel your body with good things.....not SUGAR!!!! Drink your water, exercise and most importantly, get your rest!!!

We've got this!!!

Have a fit day!!!


  1. Hi! Just saw your comment on my page thank youfor checking up on me :) I am doing very well and im maintaining at 168 and feel amazing! I hope you are doing well and have a wonderful blessed Christmas!

  2. Just the posted I needed! I have felt "blah" and "ugh" because of all the crap I have been eating lately! I need to kick it into gear...thanks Joy!