Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Check In

Whew....It's been a whirlwind week!! I was so happy to go back to work yesterday so I could rest. Ahummm.....

Still working my plan!! I was down 1/2 pound, even after a holiday, which included, 2 Thanksgiving meals, all the stress, weariness and inactivity. Even with all that, the weight is still coming off!

My whole goal was not to gain anything. So with a 1/2 pound loss...I was thrilled!!

For the first Thanksgiving meal, I chose steak, mashed cauliflower, with low fat gravy and veggies. I did get to have a See's Candies Truffle, which I thoroughly enjoyed! Then on Sunday, we had another meal with turkey, mashed potato etc. I just had a very small plate. Also, my appetizers were veggies with low fat dip.

I did not feel deprived at all! I had plenty to eat and still felt like I was involved with the festivities!

So far, I've been able to avoid the holiday goodies at work! Sometimes it can be a struggle....especially when the canned popcorn comes in. I love that stuff!!

How did you do? Are you strategically planning for the next weeks of food and fun?

Lets make this the best December ever! Be sure to eat healthy meals every day! Drink your water!! Exercise!!! And get plenty of rest!!!!

Lets enter into 2014 healthier and fit!

Have a fit day!


  1. God job with Thanksgiving eating.

    My greatest danger time has been between Christmas and Jan 5th. Summer, holidays, lots of good food and too many left overs.

    We have changed our eating pattern so much that left overs are limited. Sugary desserts rare so that sneaky holiday gain is under control at last. It has been traditional to have bowls of chocolates and other sweets, (candies), nuts and dried fruits on as many low tables as possible for nibbling our way through Christmas .... all this and celebratory meals as well. We knocked the sweets and chocolates on the head. In fact we don't put out those bowls any more. We do have sweet desserts but now that we're a small family we make individual servings instead of huge family dishes. It's quite a mind change. Left overs are almost a thing of the past if you don't count cold meats and garden salads :)