Thursday, October 12, 2017


Since I'm back at this plan to go from Fat to Fit to Fat to Fit again.....I better get this out there. I am 239 pounds...

I remember when I got started with my health and fitness journey at 274 pounds...and when I hit 239 pounds. I was delighted!!

Well I am here again and you know I have a decision to make about that number. I can either whine, complain, cry, be disgusted, unhappy or whatever, or I can decide to embrace right where I am.

I am not dead....I think that would be a great reason for all of the above emotions.

Fantastically I am way better off than that. Woo Hoo!!

So I am Re-Thinking about my attitude and Remembering that I am on my way!  I am embracing where I am right now. I appreciate that I can still move, that I have not gone beyond return. I did not gain back all the weight. I am pretty darn OK!!!

And I am delighted to be 239+ for the last time!!!

Now I get to find the fun in how I'm going get this off. I am going to enjoy the journey and love my life. Because you know......there is so much more to life than feeling sorry for myself.  I've got great positive things to do for my health and it's exciting to see new progress each day!!

I'm doing this!! Once and for all!! Are you with me?

Keep moving!!

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