Sunday, March 27, 2011

Feeling the Momentum!

You guys are soooo inspiring!! I've been reading your blogs and I can feel your momentum!! Are there bumps along the way? Oh yeah, but you are fighting through...Nothing is stopping you!!

I feel the same way! I've blasted through a couple fears last week. It's amazing how it has propelled me to want to tackle more. Who knew that could happen? Anyway, I am encouraged!!!

This week I will  have a more willing heart to press on. I will say "YES", instead of  "no" I'm too scared!! I'm breaking down the wall of fear!!!!

I'm willing to work hard in the gym, eat what "I'm supposed to eat and drink my water. I'm propelled to help others, pray more, give a lot and hug when I can.

That's what reading your blogs does for me!!! Love you all!!

Keep focused!


  1. Love you too, Joy. Keep at it and keep inspiring us along the way. We'll return the favour. XO

  2. How cool that we can encourage each other! What an encouraging post!

  3. I've been blasting through fears too, it's amazing how much we can do when fear is no longer in the way.

    I'm so glad we're doing this together Joy! You've been such a great friend to me and we've never even met! I love you friend!

  4. I have really missed you and am so glad I found you again! As much as I have wanted to give up, I've been just hanging onto a knot and waiting...and I think I might be ready to start the climb up the rope again - I'm proud that you have kept going!

    Pam : )