Thursday, March 17, 2011

Urge to Rush!

I think I have all the time in the world to get get this weight off and get fit. Every day I lumber through, make pretty good choices and do just the bare minimum required to lose weight. It's happening, ever so slowly. I figure what's the rush?

For quite a while I've known that I need to do something with my life. Something so outside my comfort zone, something that needs a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Something that needs me to be fit and thin. So really in order to be successful at my something, I need to get this done. But what's the rush?

As you all know we have been experiencing a lot of natural disasters, where life, for the people affected has changed forever. Some have even lost their lives. Stuff happens to us every day. Just the other day, I was driving on a side street, minding my own business. It happened to be a dry that day (probably the only one this month!) and I was going only about 20 miles an hour. Something caught my attention and I happened to look at my left, for just a second, and the next thing I knew, the car in front of me had slammed on the brakes and I was going to hit them. I tried all I could to stop my car. Unfortunately, the road was sanded (tiny rock were everywhere) and I slid into the car in front of me. Thankfully, I was going pretty slow, so there were no injuries or damage. Thank you Lord!!!!

But the point is, things could have been changed in just a second. I could have been going faster and caused a lot of damage or I could have killed someone. In just one second!!!

Every time I hear of a disaster or of someone dying on the news. I always think....."The morning before all this happened, they had no idea that their life would be changed forever!!" They ran out of time!!!

Ack! This morning could be my last!! What if I only had 3 more months left of life and I'm just wasting it because I think I have time?

If I got really busy right now.....worked really hard to get this weight off. I could be at my goal weight by, this time, next year. (If I lost only 5 pounds a month) Now granted, if I only had 3 months to live, I would not hit my goal, but if I don't get started and make this happen, it will take me years to get there. I don't want to waste anymore time!!!

Another thing....I live in an earthquake zone. They are talking about (and really have been talking about this for a long time) that we are due for the "Big One". What if we had an earthquake, as big as the one Japan had, and everything around me was destroyed? Would I be fit enough to withstand being trapped for a while? Would I be fit enough to live with an injury until help arrives? Would I be light enough for someone to carry me to safety? Would I be fit enough to walk anywhere and everywhere I needed to go. My job is 9 miles away, could I walk or ride a bike 18 miles a day if I needed to?

I better get busy!

I just don't want to miss anything that life offers and I don't want to run out of time.

I feel the urge to rush....How about you?

Keep focused!


  1. Such good food for thought. I often have thoughts just like this. How short and precious life is and how it can change in an instant. I want to live with no regrets. I lost my mom 18 years ago and I struggled with regret on wishing I'd treated her better and cherished her more. That is a tough lesson to learn and it makes me want to live more "real" and express every positive thought and spend more time uplifting than complaining. I am a natural complainer so it takes work!

    I think we do need to think about these things - try not to worry and have anxiety over it, but work to be prepared and live our best, most healthy life. The rest is up to God. I love how thoughtful you are in your posts and I can feel your strength, Joy! Take care and God bless!


  2. Great post, Joy! I try to make the best of every day - that's all we really have anyway is RIGHT NOW. So imagine that you are at your goal weight right now - what would you be doing?

    I like to play this little game with myself sometimes - if I imagine that I'd be doing something really different at goal than what I'm doing now, I can't help but wonder what's stopping me from doing it NOW.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. me too Joy! i have two months left till my two year blogiversary. I want to be 135. Because i do. I have increased my fitness exponentially. And I am so glad I did.
    Go Joy Go! lol @ allan.

  4. "I just don't want to miss anything that life offers and I don't want to run out of time" - I totally understand this, Joy, especially since every thing we've experienced during Shawn's skin cancer battle. We always try to make the most of every breath we're blessed with.

  5. Wow! We are clearly of similar mind set!

    Yes, keep cracking. Life is short and we have no idea how short it is.

    Great post, Joy!

  6. Yes, I feel the same rush. It's hard for me knowing I still have so much to lose. I just want to be where my heart already is!!! But I also know that there is much to learn on this journey and I can only take one day at a time doing my best each day.

    You have been such a wonderful and supportive friend to me Joy. Thank you! It has meant the world to me.