Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grand Prize Waiting for YOU!!

If you knew ahead of time that you could easily earn a GRAND PRIZE would you do what you needed to do to earn it? What if the prize was something so amazing, a real life changing thing, would you go for it? What if this prize would change your life and the lives of everyone you know...WOULD YOU DO IT?

What about the prize, what one thing could you earn (not a possession) but that one thing that drives you each day to get out of bed. You know that thing that's stuck in the back of you head, that gnaws you. It rises up once in a while, beckons you go try to grab it. You know that thing that gets you all excited and revved up!! Come on, don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about. It's that THING!!! (Well if you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm sorry, I'm real know you were created for more and there is something you should be doing, need to be doing....something you need to stretch for. It's there for the taking ~ if you're willing to take it).

Maybe you think, that going for the prize is too hard. You feel trapped and captive to this body that is burdened with fat. You don't have the energy to even try to reach for the prize. You don't have the stamina to do what it take to get there.

I get it, I do, been there done that. But no more for me. I don't want to wait around any more. I don't want to waste any more time. I've got something I want and need to do. My prize is waiting. I need to get healthy and get this weight off so I can claim it.

And my prize is life!!!!! Life to its fullest!!!! I've got something I need to do and I've known it for years. I have tried my best to hide behind this wall fortress of fat, so I'd have an excuse why I'm not achieving my prize. My fat helps me to not even try. My fat helps me to keep pushing down the prize and to not do ANYTHING. The fat used to be stronger than the prize. No longer, life is beckoning me. I want to live it more than I want to sit on my butt, being the best, fattest, TV watching, game playing, procrastinator I used to be. No more....NO MORE FOR ME!!

Are you ready for the chance to win. To win this GRAND PRIZE, then lets do it!!!

Here's the game plan.

  • Make good and healthy choices? Not just with food - what are you watching and listening to on the TV, the computer and  the radio? What are you reading? Do these things bring you up or tear you down?
  • You body ~ what are you putting into it? Drugs, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fat? Or are you putting fresh,  whole grain and healthy foods into your body. What about vitamins. For those who are taking prescriptions. Are you taking them because you need them to stay alive or do you take them for "other" reasons?
  • Moving ~ Are you doing it? Everyday?
  • Your mind - Are you using it? EVERYDAY? Not to be funny, but are you doing things to keep your mind active, are you stimulating your creative juices? Do you listen to good music? Look at art. Read?
  • Water - Are you still drinking soda? Yikes do you know what that stuff does to you? No really are you getting your water in? It is so beneficial!
I'm starting to win my prize. Each day, I get a little bit more of it. It's not good enough for me to stay where I am. I want more....I want it all!!! I don't want to be trapped in my body any more. I want to be set free!!

How about you? Are you with me? LETS DO THIS THING!!!!
Keep focused!


  1. AWESOME post!

  2. GREAT POST, Joy!! You are always so inspirational and I needed this today. Thank you!