Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Are you waiting?

Are you waiting for the New Year to get started on your weight loss and fitness plan? Or maybe are you coasting on your plan until the New Year or are you even thinking about quitting your plan until then?

Now is not the time to quit!! Now is the time to focus!

Even though my schedule is packed, my list is long, and my to do's are many I not waiting for the New Year to keep going on my weight loss and fitness plan.

The worst thing for me would be to wake up on January 1st and have to face pounds added back on. I would hate that! I'm striving to have a loss! I lost weight during Thanksgiving...I can do it again during Christmas!

I am working my plan in spite of everything else I need to do. I'm not stopping! I'm still exercising, keeping my calories at 1600 (using my small dishes - they work!!!), drinking my water and keeping a positive and joyful attitude.

You can do it too!!! I encourage you to make this December the best one ever! How cool would it be to wake up on Christmas morning smaller than you were last year? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!

There's still time to get this done!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Keep up the good fight and stay focused my Friends. Lets end the year with results!!

Keep focused!


  1. My exercise is still on target, but I am being a bit more lax with the diet...I wasn't losing anything I am mixing it up. I am not going crazy by any stretch of the imagination, but I am enjoying a few holiday treats.

  2. I'm not waiting at all...been workin' the whole time. I've missed you sweet friend, and so glad you're still at it.


  3. great post joy! You need a new photo up....I have a feeling You don't look like the Joy of 2010. Just a thought. Stay focused!

  4. Having to 're-lose' lbs you already lost is 10 times worse than losing them in the first place. I have only had to do it twice over the last 4 months and that was 2 times too many.