Thursday, December 8, 2011


I have had my share of computer problems for sure. Finally I got it back! I've had limited access to a computer, which has been frustrating!! So hopefully, this......Huge Piece of junk will continue to work. :-) and I will be on my way.

It's amazing how I've learned to become dependent on this thing for my weight loss and fitness journey. I track my calories & activity level, blog, and research things. I really need this resource!!

Health Update!

Doing great!! Finally broke through my plateau! I had gained 7 pounds back over September/October. It's amazing how fast that can happen! Looking back, I was struggling with the latest back injury during that time. Anyway on November 1st, I adopted my small dish routine and you know what? It's working!

For the first time ever I actually lost weight during the month of November. At the first of November, I weighed in at almost 215 pounds. On Thanksgiving day I weighed in at 205 pounds. Can you believe it?

I wish I could tell you the total calories I had for each day, but without my computer and Bodybugg, it was just too difficult....OK it was time consuming to calculate manually, so I don't know exactly how many calories I took it, but obviously a lot less!!

At Thanksgiving, my plate was 1/4 smaller than every one else! I did not walk away from the table hungry or unsatisfied. My clothes still felt great! I even had pie....It was just about 2 tablespoons worth, but in my little cup, it looked like a lot more!

Oh and the best part.....I had two Thanksgiving meals in two days and still lost weight!


Right now, I'm holding at 205. I had this brilliant idea......You know Pistachios are everywhere right now and I thought it would be great to get some.....And you know....Costco has this jumbo bag for just $ I got a bag! Well come to find out.....they are not just nuts.....but they are coated in salt and pepper! AND THEY ARE AMAZING! A couple of days ago I had some. The next day, my mouth felt awful and my body felt like I had gained 40 pounds. Of course....that did not stop me from having some more the next day. Not quite so many, but just enough and days later, I'm still struggling with the bloated feeling. So I'm drinking lots and lots of water. Hopefully things will get back to normal and I will start losing again!

Well I have so much more to say, but no more time!

I hope you are doing well and I hope you are reaching for your weight loss and fitness goals!!

Keep focused!


  1. Glad you are back! I missed you :) And congrats on your loss :)

  2. I have just come through some computer problems - cost me $600 to clean up my desktop and laptop and get three years of unlimited tech. support plus I can call once a month and they will do a manual clean up. Since I pay credit cards and other bills online and do banking I figured I needed to be as safe as possible. PEOPLE WHO WRITE VIRUSES SHOULD BE SHOT!!! Without my internet access I would miss all my blogging friends - can't have that. Glad to hear you are doing well. This is the silly season when it comes to eating and drinking and many of us will be getting back to our senses and some of us have stayed in control. We will be there for each other either way.

  3. I'm so glad you're doing so well. I always wonder when folks disappear. To lose 10 pounds in a month is great. To lose 10 pounds in November is super. To do it without the tools you usually have is phenomenal. You rock, girlfriend!!!

  4. Isn't it amazing how attached we are to our computers? Not that long ago, it seems to me, I lived my entire life without one, and now a day without a computer borders on disaster.

    Congrats on keeping your diet under control. Holiday season can be a disaster for many.
    Nuts are my (not the only one) addiction and I LOVE pistachios. I guess I'll just stay away from COSTCO. :)

  5. glad your computer is fixed. The holidays are a difficult time to lose weight, period. But doing it was great. I love pistachios. 1/4 of a cup is about a good serving (unshelled) for me. NOt so many calories and a good way to quell a salt craving. Stay focused!