Monday, December 12, 2011

The Easy Fix???

I have found a wonderful weight loss tool that has really helped me. The sad thing is, that every time I share it, I get the deer in the head lights look. I can almost here the thoughts....Yeah, that works for you, but I'm not trying that. Nope not me!!! I have not had one person even say they were interested.

I bet though, if I would share a fun and easy fix to this weight loss problem, they'd be all over it.

I have been doing this new thing since the first of November and I've lost 10 pounds and maintained my weight through my Birthday, my Grand Babies birthdays, 2 Thanksgiving meals, several restaurant experiences, I've been exposed to sweet and goodies galore and I've even made some mistakes. And I'm still on track.

This is so working for me and I would love for someone else to at least try it. I would love to see if it will really work for others.

Anyone out there willing to give it a go? Any brave souls out there. Anyone want results?

This is what I did.....

  • I got two sets of beautiful small plates and bowls. See prior post..
  • On  my plate, I fill half of it with veggies and fruit, a quarter of the plate with protein and a quarter of the plate with grains. I allow myself a small portion of dairy.
That's it! 

I'm telling you, there is something about eating things from small dishes! I've even had terrible food choices served to me, but if I follow the order of the plate...veggies/fruit, protein and grains, I have not gone wrong!

I've tried this before. I used to eat my regular serving of oatmeal in our regular soup bowls. You know the size, it could fit 3 cups of cereal and milk before it overflows. Of course my oatmeal serving is not that big, it's the 1 serving size. Anyway, I put that one serving size into the regular soup bowl and there were times that I would get done eating that serving and I wanted more. I probably could have had at least one or one and a half servings more to be satisfied. 

Now I take that same one serving of oatmeal and I put it in my one-cup bowl and I'm telling you, that I have trouble eating the whole thing. Every day I struggle and sometimes, I just can't do it.

Every day after that meal I go away quite satisfied and you know what, I'm not even hungry for my 10:00am snack. I blast right past it to lunch. I'm just not hungry!!

Before I'd be eating my snack by 9:00am and by lunch, I would have eaten my whole lunch, plus my 3:00pm snack and I still would be hungry!!
Now I eat my lunch on my little plate. It looks full and delicious and I'm always satisfied. 

That's how I ate my Thanksgiving dinners. On my small plates. I actually lost a pound the day after Thanksgiving!!! I could not believe it!

Even at my company Christmas party, I asked the server for a small plate. I actually pointed to a saucer and she brought me a salad plate. I told her what I wanted to do and even she could not fathom what I wanted to do. Anyway, my meal came and I slide half of it onto the small plate and the other half into a to-go container. I had my meal and I was satisfied. I EVEN HAD DESERT!! Half of it hit my plate and the other half went home with me. I bet I still had 1000 calories for that meal. It was so heavy with cream and sugar. But the good thing is....I did not have 2000 calories!!!

I challenge you to at least try this. I really want to see if this helps others. I know it has changed my life!

Let me know if you are willing to give it a go. 

Keep focused!


  1. I have no doubt that works. Most people are cued to eat visually. I mentioned before about how small my grandmother's dinner plates are. We'd call them salad plates today.

  2. I would join your challenge, but I have been eating on smaller plates for years and it WORKS! It did however take putting the right foods on the plate before I lost any weight! Veggies! Not a whole (little) plate of pasta with creamy Alfredo sauce.

    Eating a variety of foods (and lots of veggies) is what curved my cravings the most. And limiting WHITE SUGAR!

    Everyone in the family eats on small plates now... My husband will go back for seconds and thirds. But on the small plate :)

  3. love this joy! and I get it, It's all mental. It always has been. And the smaller plates just prove it. Stay focused!

  4. I love this. I've been half heartedly looking for smaller plates with designs that please me for a while now. Time I put more effort into looking.

    And more consistency into using the smaller plates I do have.


  5. Hi there! I think its a great idea! I am doing Body for Life and have learned to have a protein and complex carb with a veggie 6 times a day. Its kinda the same concept and its amazing how something so different yet simple works! I am glad you shared!