Monday, January 16, 2012

A Bit Discouraged!

Being away from home is difficult for me. During my journey, I've had several vacations and been pushed out of my routine many times and I've never come back this off track!

I am up 9 pounds. Is this possible in one week? For those who travel, do you experience this?

Of ALL the vacations I've had, I was the most focused and determined to stay true to my plan. I had two flying days and 5 vacation days. The flying days only having access to restaurant or airplane food and during the vacation we had access to a grocery store, but was unable to cook anything in our room. We had some fresh fruit and yogurt in our room. I am so thankful to live in Oregon, our fruit and veggies are so fresh and wonderful. Even in the winter. The fruit and veggies in Austin were not good! Well at least they were not good at the hotel.

Anyway, I did not have a whole meal the whole time I was there. I halved everything and my Hubby and I either shared or I had the other half for lunch the next day. And a lot of our meals were salads, or a meat with veggies. No sauces, red meats (except one time) and very little bread. I only had two desserts (half servings) and a little candy.

I exercised 4 of the days during the week, not including all the walking at the airport for two days. Of those 4 days, I spent 4 hours the first day, about 40 minutes the 2nd day, 2 1/2 hours the 3rd day, plus we walked another 4 miles that day in the park, then the last day I was in there for 1 1/2 hours.

I drank a lot of water.

I even ate off of small plates. Were my half serving sizes still too big. Did not always look like it to me.

(I did have alcohol each evening - I don't usually do that)

So what happened?

What would have happened if I did not do what I did?

Frequent travelers....any thoughts?

Really disappointed. I never wanted to see 213 again. NEVER!!

I'm back at it today, but not very enthusiastically....

I guess I have a little motivation to keep going. Because if being focused like I was did not help me, what would I be like if I just let myself go...Geez, this is frustrating!

Here's a little Nugget from my toolbox...

Before you can proceed on any great journey, you must have a dream. 

The promise of the dream helps you take the first step.

The hope of achieving the dream keeps you going, day after day, even when you feel too tired, too sick, disappointed, or discouraged to take another step.

Source: Becoming a Person of Influence

Keep focused...rah rah.....


  1. Weight that is gained quickly comes off really fast. Don't let this throw you. You're back in your routine, had a great vacation, and you weighed yourself so this is where you start. We can't let the "what we deserve, what we don't deserve" head stuff take us where we don't want to go. You are going to be fine. Take care.

  2. Joy, so sorry for the downer! And yes, as a frequent traveler, I can vouch for the fact that many factors work against you and unexplainable, unbelievable gains can happen. Water retention due to sitting, dry air conditions in hotels and airplanes, increased invisible sodium intake, alcohol, etc can ALL contribute to this. It is almost impossible to fly and live in a hotel for a week without gaining weight. Hang in there, drink as much water as you can stomach while eating as lightly (yet nutritiously as you can)and at least some of that will disappear as rapidly as it came.

  3. I agree with Sharon, most of that is just water weight from the salt and from flying. I would add to what she said - drink warm water with fresh lemon squeezed in it a couple of times a day. Not something to do all the time necessarily, because it can be hard on your teeth. But it's great to help with water retention! You are amazing and I know you will come back from this!! Don't stop - like you always tell me - keep focused!

  4. Here's the thing though.. One lb is roughly 3500 calories (just google it and you'll find a lot of references). In order to have gained 9lb in a week, you have had to have a surplus of 31500 calories. That is, after your body has had what it needs to just live.

    So you haven't gained 9lb. ;)

  5. Nine pounds can't possibly be for real. Was it the same scale? In any case, it'll come off when you settle into your routine. Trust the process - sounds like you did a lot of things right.

  6. I read the title and wanted to comment right away (but I did read the rest of the post). Do not be discouraged! Period!
    My take on being away and eating out is that while you might have gained some weight, most of it is probably water. Restaurant food is often very salty and that translates to water retention.
    I might be repeating what others have said but right now I don't have the time to read comments. Just wanted to reply before I have to run.
    Cheer up. You'll see, those # coming off really fast.

  7. Hi Joy. The scales don't tell the whole story, sometimes they are mean and unfair and they even lie.

    You know how well you did. Success is how you behaved not the number on the scales.

    I do hope you see the magic drop as you return to your normal routine. This looks like a travel blip to me and you should be a few pounds less after a couple of good night's sleep.

    I find I retain fluid on road trips now. Almost anything that takes me out of my home routine messes with me.

    So hang on it may not be as bad as it looks this morning.

    Keep your focus *smile*


  8. Early commenters covered the bases...just know that your frustration is justified...who could easily shrug that off?

    But...recognize that you are doing the right things and your body will respond correctly...don't throw the baby out with the bathwater...stay focused on your goals this week.

  9. Joy,
    I am so sorry. I know that discouragement and I have felt it so many times. I'm not a frequent traveler, but I have definitely had your experience. It is incredibly frustrating to deny yourself and then see a gain.

    I wonder if your body is like mine. It just overreacts to the simplest thing since (I think) it is used to the good stuff. Such a large gain in such a short time, has got to be a fluke somehow. I have a feeling if you just get right back with your program, you'll see those 9 pounds practically melt away.

    Hang in there!

  10. I don't travel that much, but I also gain / don't lose any weight while I am traveling. I guess, the willingness to try food the place has to offer and not being at home - not having the access to my video workouts, plus the merry making with friends or family hinders me to lose weight.

    You will lose that weight again, I am sure.

  11. Oh Joy...don't be discouraged. You are probably retaining water from the travel...give it a couple of days and weigh again...I am sure the results will be better :) Hang in there friend :)

  12. I love to travel, but even when I eat small portions, I usually come home with a bit of extra weight. I think it's mostly water, from extra salt, carbs, and fat that is in the foods. The foods are usually prepared to be richer than what we eat at home, so even smaller portions may add up to water gain. Just get back on the wagon, and it will definitely come off. There is no way you could have actually gained 9 pounds in that time period--it's water!! Hang in there!