Monday, January 2, 2012

Crossing the Threshold...

Do you have something you want and need to do?

Are you at the crossroads?

Is it either put up or shut up time!

If you are at that place and you're ready to cross the threshold and take a hold of life. Then let's do it!!

I'm am so inspired by those who overcome amazing things in their life and who succeed ~ no matter their circumstances.

I want to be one of those people!!!

And yet...I've refused to cross over ~ to take a chance!

Yeah....I've put my toe in the water, I've put my neck out a ways, I've opened the door....just a crack ~ only to jump out of the water, reel my neck back in and I've slammed the door ~ HARD!!!




Because why Lord?

I'm afraid!!!

Are you afraid? Are you afraid to take that tiny baby step toward an amazing life. I am....

Why Lord?

I'm afraid of failure.....

Are you afraid of failure too?

Lord how do I over come this?

Trust me first....And BELIEVE you CAN!!!!

Are you willing?

I'm willing!

Lets make this the best year ever!!!

Lets finally live the life we desire...lets try, lets be willing, lets take some risks (legal and healthy ones!!), lets reach our goals, touch lives, make a difference!!

We can do it!!!

Keep focused!


  1. We can do it! And we will do it together! I am here to be your cheering section with pom-poms and all!

  2. Just go for it! There are no failures, there are only stumbles.
    This is going to be a great year!!!

  3. WE CAN DO ANYTHING WITH HIS HELP. I am here to cheer you on Joy, and to be beside you as we do this. This is the year we shall succeed.

  4. STAY FOCUSED and let's kick some rear joy!

  5. I heard many years ago that when we get rid of the fear we are well on the way to success. Weight loss means so many changes from the pathetic but probably expensive new clothes to learning to live like a slim person.

    There is nothing more worthwhile than success and we are successful everyday we refuse to lie down and give up.

    We can! We will!


  6. yes yes yes yes IT IS ALL A CHOICE.

  7. Failure has become a habit with many of us and we fear it happening again so it is safer not to try. Why do we want to lose this weight so badly and then do the very things to prevent it from happening? That is something we each have to answer for ourselves. The fat is serving some purpose or we would get rid of it. You know by now I am all about behavior changes. The weight will come off, it has to, if we create a new normal - 64 oz. min. of water a day (nothing threatening about that), exercise 3 - 5 times a week (nothing threatening about that), wait for true hunger before eating - clear to the growl if you can (it's hard though) - eat what you want in small amounts, then wait for the growl again. It means giving up control because we don't know when the growl will happen. You can plan your eating so the growl comes around when you want it to or you can "save" the growl if you have growled a little early and just wait (new concept for many of us :-)It's working for me. It is hard to wait for the growl (keep busy, busy, busy) and I sometimes eat when I am really feeling "hollow" and empty but my goal is to wait for the growl because then I know it is true hunger and not some emotion prompting me to eat. Your metabolism will not slow down and you will not burn muscle as some like to advise. The body is not that touchy. Long term hunger will do those things but not just waiting for a growl for crying out loud. However you decide what works for you, be consistent and committed and good things will happen. Take care.

  8. Of course you can do it. Take that first tiny step.