Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just because you can...Should you?

We had the best Staycation ever!! I was off last Wednesday - Friday. And we filled our time with fun stuff. Wednesday we did the 5k with our family and friends, then the rest of the day was food, friendship and fireworks! So much fun! Thursday, we got up and got things rolling and went for a 23 mile bike ride and ended the evening hitting golf balls at the driving range. Friday morning we were off bright and early and went water skiing, then we came home and got ready for the Blues Festival. We stayed there until 10pm. Then Saturday we got up early again and met our friends at the farmer's market. Love summer when you can buy your fruits and veggies outside!! After that I spent 3 1/2 hours in my yard, pruning, fussing and laying 4 yards of bark dust. Sunday....Well Sunday, I did not do a thing!! I needed a rest!

Anyway we had a great time!!

While at the Blues Festival I did a lot of people watching. Seemed the average age was 50 to 60 years old. A lot of old hippie types hanging around and along with that I saw some pretty interesting clothes. One lady stood out to me. She was probably 65 or a little older. She had long salt and pepper hair and wore a bunch of necklaces. She was thin. She wore a tube top and a long skirt. My thought was.....Just because you can wear stuff like that....should you? In her case, it was not a great idea. She looked awful. It was just not fitting for her age or body. But to her, she felt she looked great so she went with it. Good for her!

This got me to thinking about things we think we can or cannot do. Oh we say, "Because I'm so fat, I will not wear shorts" or "With this body, I'm not wearing a swim suit ~ no way!" or "I can't do that because I'm out of shape", or "I can't go there because I don't know anyone and no one will like me." or "I won't try that new thing because I afraid." 

Have you said any of these things?

Oh....I've said them all and many other things that have kept me from doing things I want and should do. 

Something has happened to me recently that I have decided that I'm putting all of those old thoughts out of my mind and I'm doing some stuff. Things I thought I had put behind me because I've been too fat, too out of shape and too old to do.

I'm not holding back ~ Not anymore....I'm doing some stuff!!

This is me!

The last time I was on water skis that long was over 20 years ago! Woo hoo!!! Next up ~ Slalom Ski!

So no matter where you are in your journey. Set aside your old thoughts about what you cannot do or should not do, but put your thoughts and determination on what you can and SHOULD DO!!

Are you stretching yourself?

Keep focused!

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  1. So cool!

    I doubt if I've been water sking since I was twenty ... well maybe I was 24 or even 34, so long ago I can't remember.

    Even if I was game I doubt my legs would hold up. I remember getting the shakes last time.

    I love reading about your new found freedom.