Friday, July 13, 2012

There does come a time, in the journey, where decisions needs to be made. Right now, I'm at a crossroad. I have a decision to make.

One - I could abandon my journey and go right back to the way I was before.

Two - I could stay right where I am.

Three - I could quit messing around and get to my goal.

Well the number one option is out. So there's no big decisions to make's the number two option that has me stuck!

You see if I did not do anything different and stayed right where I am today, it would probably be OK. I mean, I'm in a place where without going any further in my journey, I could really just live my life, do what I want to do. I have all of the mobility I need to do the activities I want to do. I can walk, run, cycle, water ski, swim, row, and so much more. My blood pressure & cholesterol  is normal, I feel great, my clothes look good on me, I can buy them in regular stores, I don't look bad,  just a little chubby yet, but for the most part....I feel normal.

So the motivation to move toward my goal of 150 pounds is lacking a little. 

I have to ask myself......

Self to me: "What is your motivation to stay right where you are?" And, "What are you getting, what is your reward, out of not moving forward?"

There is a REASON why I CHOOSE to stay in this place!!

SO what is it? motivation to stay in this place is.....Because it's easy! I would not have to change one thing and I would be able to maintain the weight I'm at, I could do all the things I want and I would look normal.

I'm asking myself. Why would I want to settle for this, when I could have so much more. What is my REWARD for staying in this place?

I feel like if there wasn't a reward or some benefit for my being here...I would be somewhere else...right?

So what is it?

Can you tell that I'm working this out as I write?

I am thinking the reason why I stay here, is because I can make all of the motions of appearing to move forward, because that's what I should do, but secretly, I'm holding off because I'm too afraid of what lies ahead...Of what this will really mean, to me, to reach my goals.

I mean, if my life is this hard, this busy and this crazy now....When I've reached my goal....what will it look like then? What will I be expected to do?

I'm am actually weighing out if I want to take that chance!

I guess I sort of do want to see it. I feel like I'm daily sticking my toe in the water, I kind of like what I feel, but then I get scared and pull it right back out.

So I guess, for me, it's decision time.

Am I happy.....right where I am?


Am I READY to go to the next level and reach my goals?

More to follow.....

Are you at your crossroads?

Keep focused!!


  1. I've been in a similar place for the last six months. I'm very comfy where I am though at least in my mind I have a ways to go yet. I believe if it's important to us we will make the effort to get there, if we really are comfy here, then perhaps it's not so bad. Whichever choice you make, you can DO it!

  2. I feel like I WAS at a crossroads. Except, I KNEW what I wanted, I just wasn't buckling down and taking the correct actions. I had to make the decision to do what I really needed to do to make my goal happen. I feel like I am really doing that now!

  3. Interesting place to be.

    This is a bit of a cliff hanger. Hope you let us know your decision ASAP.

    There comes a moment when we have to decide where our point of satisfaction is. I know I would love to be able to put on my wedding dress but I'm realistic enough to know what I might reach a point of satisfaction before I can fit into that dress.

    We all have to make our own choices.


  4. I can understand exactly where you are.

    I have lost 43 pounds, feel great, do lots more than I ever did. But. I still have at least another 30 to lose. It was a long road for me to get to where I am. I know it is longer still to lose the other 30 or more.

    For me it help to imagine where I have been and what I could not do. It keeps me going. This is for life. Our lives. I know I will not be at my healthiest until I lose that extra 30. Keep strong, Joy, no matter what you decide.