Thursday, July 26, 2012

Not the last one in!!!

Just got back from a week of fun....camping, boating and hiking!! We had a blast and now...I'm so thankful to be home....Lots and lots of highlights to share ~ We had a blast with our family (Daughter, Son-in-Law and two grand-baby girls) and friends. I wake surfed and swam a lot. Did pretty well with my food, I weighed in tonight and I was up two pounds....Bonus ~ it's evening time (I usually weigh in the morning) and it's hot ~ I know I'm retaining water. So I should not be too bad!!

The other bonus and the one I'm most proud of is we went on a hike and I was not the last one in. I came in first!!! This is where we were going....Now mind you, I'm at our base camp looking up!

We started off with one mile just getting to the base of the mountain. Then it was one mile up to the ridge.. Straight up with tiny little trails...You know the ones where you step on them and the little rocks roll down the hill. SCARY!! Once we got to the top, we had to walk another mile until we could see our camp. Here it is:

The pictures don't really show how high we were. I think we climbed 600 feet!

Then once we got up on the ridge, we had to take some pictures!

I was a happy girl to be there!! After a little rest we ran/walked another 3 miles and then it was back down the skinny trail.

Here's were I get excited! I ran the whole way down. Except for a couple of rocky places I made it the whole way. Oh, ahem....except for the time when I fell flat on my face. I was not running then. Thankfully I made it out without any pain or problems, except for two tiny boo boo scrapes on my elbow. The best part was I made it back to the bottom before everyone else. I was not last!!! Then we hiked back another mile and got ready to go on the boat.

All in was just 8 miles, but I did it without any problems making the distance and climbing those hills. It was a blast!!

While we were walking this woman came running by us ~ Super fit, sweaty and running fast and I told the group....That's what I want to be! And for a tiny moment....I was that woman!!

How was your week? Are you making stuff happen?

Stay focused!


  1. Woohoo for you! You really are a new person.


  2. I love posts where families are spending time OUTSIDE! Congrats on the hike - believe me, I know that euphoric feeling when a hike gets accomplished that marked how much progress on has made since previous year's efforts! Keep it up! If it felt this good now, think what you'll be able to do once you reach goal. You go, girl!

  3. Wow!! I'm very impressed with your accomplishments! And being only two pounds up, and in the evening, probably means that you did not gain at all! Loved the photos too...

  4. Hoooray for YOU!!! You look so AWESOME by the way!!!! Seriously, you are SOOO cool!!! Love ya