Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's not what it seems....

We live in the country. Sort of....We are 1 minute from farm lands and about 10 minutes from the mall. We recently got new neighbors. They live in the old farm house behind our house and they have about an acre of land and I can see their comings and goings from our upstairs bedroom window.

Yesterday morning, it was kind of a fall like morning. Kind of hazy and foggy and cool. There was really a delightful feel in the air...all crisp and fresh. I happened to look out at my neighbors farm and I saw...through the fog...what I thought was a deer.

It's a rare thing to have such a sighting and I was delighted to get the opportunity to view wildlife while standing in my bedroom.

This little deer was majestic and really beautiful with the silhouette of its body standing strong in the fog. I was reveling in the moment and enjoying all of my senses experiencing this amazing time. The sights and smells were truly over the top and really hard to describe!!

After some time of watching my deer friend, I realized that it did not move for quite some time. I thought, hummm is it hearing something and getting ready to take it sighting some delectable  yummy somewhere... What could this beauty be doing?

So after a considerable amount of time watching, I regretfully had to get ready for work...all the while thanking God for such a beautiful sight and thinking how lucky I am to be living where I am able to see such a thing.

I hurried to get myself ready so I could spend some more time watching nature through my window. I could not get done fast enough!

Soon I was back at my window, perched on my chair... and I realized that that deer still had not moved and it had been over a half hour since I last saw it. Humm...I wondered...what could be up?

Then suddenly....I realized it was a lawn ornament deer!!!!

No wonder the dumb thing did not move!!!


Now I had a choice to make about this situation....

  • I could chalk it up to just another dumb thing I got myself into.
  • I could have allowed it to ruin my day.
  • I could have beaten myself up for not realizing the obvious.

I could have done a number of things to discount that beautiful thing that happened that morning.

Just like our health and fitness journey.

We can go through this journey....doing all the right things and the minute we get on the scale all the good things, happy feelings, accomplishments, goals, success, happy times, and determination can go right out the window, because of what that scales says. We choose to let that happen. We choose to let that scale tell all. If we lose, well we are awesome.....but if we don't, then we are........







Self Hating


and on and on.....

We can allow that thing to tell us all that. Or we can remember that that scale does not tell the whole story. Just because that number did not change, it does not always mean that you're a failure or a loser. It's just not what it seems.

If you are working your plan and staying true to what you know you need to do. Then you need to remember that other things are going on. If you are working out, you are getting stronger, leaner and healthier. If you are keeping your calories at the fat burning range, you will get thinner. If you are doing all the right things to get healthier. Then it will happen. You will see success!!!

So don't allow the scale to tell the whole story. Just do what you know to do. EVERY DAY!!! Don't give up and keep pushing through!! You keep focused and your will reach your health and fitness goals.

Are you with me?

Keep focused!!


  1. I am so excited to find a fellow christian in blog land! I have to tell you I kind of chuckled at your story because a very simalar thing happened to me driving home from work on day..... I was on the freeway on my way home, I had my windows down cause it was GORGEOUS outside and I was enjoying some quiet time, as I prayed and worshiped the Lord. I began to smell a very refreshing, beautiful scent and thought to myself "Lord is that you?" I hear of people smelling the presence of the Lord when they are in prayer and I was so excited and began to worship harder and really enjoying my time wit Jesus....... WELL....... soon the traffic in front of me started to clear and I noticed a flatbed truck hauling a bunch of port-a-potties.........yah....... that smell I was smelling was the air freshner in the clean port a potties!!! BAH HA HA HA!!!!!! I laughed so hard and I swear to you I felt Jesus laughing with me, it was hilarious and now I have a funny story to tell people to make them laugh. ha ha..... so yea, it kind of reminded me of your story. Now you have something funny to tell people to make them laugh. Its a blessing in disguise. ;-)

  2. LOL there is a house here on the main high way that used to have a wooden moose outside, and people would stop ALL the time to take a picture of it, realize it was wooden, then take the picture anyway so they didn't look foolish. It's funny how we can be fooled sometimes! :)

  3. You really had me going there, Joy, until I realized it was either dead or a lawn ornament - too funny! If you don't mind, I think I'll share this on FB.

    You look amazing, by the way. Keep up the discipline - I'm right there with you in the struggle.

    ~Nancy Jill Thames
    Author of the Jillian Bradley Mystery Series
    Christian fiction for mystery and dog lovers alike.

    1. Awesome. Let me know when you post something.

      Thanks for the compliment. I'm working it!!

  4. It was foggy, so most people would have been fooled by it. It gave you some time to praise God for his nature and that was genuine.