Sunday, August 25, 2013

Short Term Sacrifice...Long Term Goal!!!

It's been so long since I've been on my Blog that I forgot my password...Geez!

I've not Blogged, for a long time, because....well you see....I did not have any Nuggets of Truth to share. Well I guess if I could have written that taking my focus off of my "original" goal of losing weight and putting my focus running events, not really watching my food intake, suffering with injuries and wasting time...Well then my Nugget of truth would be....That these things have not helped me reach my goal of losing weight!! In fact, I gained a few back!

So now...I have to put these distractions on the back burner, because now it's time to get this done!!!
  • No more extensive crazy strenuous rowing, no crazy biking and no more long running events. Now it's time for moderate exercise ~ Running, walking, biking and weight lifting.
  • No more calories in the plus 2000's. Now it's back to low calories ~ low carbs and fat - - nothing but protein, some fats and fruits & veggies!!
  • Water....yeah lots of it!!
  • Injuries - I'm going to listen to my body. When it hurts, I'm not pushing through...I'm going to take care of it. Lots of stretching in my future!
  • No more excessive weighing. Yep it's just once a week for me!
  • No more obsessing and frustration about how bad I'm doing. I've got a postive attitude and my eye's are on the goal!!
I'm putting my focus on the next 10 months!! My goals.....
  • To lose 65 pounds
  • Train and participate in the Shamrock run in March. Just a 10k - That's moderate for me! 
  • Be ready by June 2014 to....Water ski, run 1/2 marathons blasting past my prior pace times, row, bike, horseback ride, and tons of other stuff!!!
I'm willing to sacrifice today and each day until June to get this done!!

So far.....because I've already set this thing in motion....I've lost 6.4 pounds in one week!!!

I've go this!!

How about you? Are you ready to sacrifice today so that you will be able to reach your long term goals?

Keep focused!!!!!!!


  1. hmmm...looks like we are each at the same weight.....and I need to make some sacrifices myself today so that long term I can reach my goals. good to see you back...of course I've not been bloggin feverishly myself...anyhow...will you consider being my accountability buddy? or should er to lean on? Not that I need someone to "poo poo"on but someone to say "yeah that didn't go so well but i'm alright"....

  2. Great to see you here with renewed focus. Since you are talking about low carb I'd like to reccoment Jimmy Moore's website..

    I find a of encouragement and information there.

    I feel great these days but really want to lose around 44 pounds. It's coming off very slowly these days.


  3. Good to see you back. We all have those times when we don't perform like we want to. Good luck with the renewed focus and goals.

  4. I'm glad you have a renewed focus. The only thing I hesitate at is your phrasing of sacrificing today to lose weight. You don't have to sacrifice your day or your life to lose weight, you just have to change some of your choices... and really, that's more about embracing your life, not sacrificing it.

    Now, if you meant cheesecake or ice cream, sacrificing them - absolutely. :)

  5. So good to see you back!!
    Focused and ready to share and receive nuggets of truth!!