Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Are you doing your best? For you?

I recently heard some things from others that I find interesting....A couple of people have shared that as they are trying to make changes in their lives, the people who surround them are telling them with their words, that they are there for them, they will support them and they are excited for the changes that are happening, but then....

Their actions prove differently.....

I've heard....

There are spouses out there who will lure their loved one into to eating things they shouldn't! They stop them from going for a run or going to an exercise class. And/or they will bring home a favorite treat for a surprise.

I  also heard that there are some BFF's out there, who at lunch would say, "Oh, you must have so and so, oh and please have another drink, I can't be doing this without you?" Oh and here's a good one. "Oh, you are getting waaaay too skinny!" (Personally, I can't wait to hear that one!!)

How about at the office....This happened to me, someone brought in their grandma's best recipe for chocolate cake, and a co-worker practically shoves a bite into my mouth. (Sadly, a little made it in and frankly......it was not that good - wasted calories!!!)

Or here's a good one.....Do you, yourself sabotage your own journey....Do you fill your day so full of things, that you just have to put everyone else ahead of your own needs? Oh and because you are so tired, your kids beg you to go through the drive through...just one more time!! AND YOU DO IT!!!!!

If so, none of these things will help you reach your optimal health and fitness.

You are holding off your best because of something or someone else!!

Don't let it happen.....Don't let others tempt you.....Don't let them bump you off of your health and fitness goals. Don't you allow yourself to do it either!!

We have a lot of work to do!! We are important and we need to get this done!!! Stand up for yourself today and boldly ward of ANYTHING that gets in your way to your optimal health and fitness!!


Have a fit day!!


  1. The thing I HATE the most is when someone says c'mon live a little! Ahem I'm doing this so I can live a LOT!

  2. Nice one, Joy. I think if somebody wants to make some changes in his life he must tell this to his close friends. They will remind him of his decision and make his plan alive by poking him. Hehe.. that's what I do.

    Finn Felton