Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holidays are here!

OK are you feeling the holiday pressure yet? I was starting to feel it take me down. But instead I decided to get my self together and get focused!

In the past, this time of year, would give me license to do and eat whatever I wanted! Most of the time I would be totally out of my normal routine and out of control with everything....too tired, too stressed, would eat too much and of course spend too much! Over indulgence, in everything, was the recipe for this time of year!

Not this year!

Already I've got my plan in place....

First of all I have my holiday "To do" notebook. The book has two sections for November and December. Each section has a page for each day. Each day I add my list of things to do. When planning my schedule, I make sure that the list is manageable and that I can get each item done that day. I only reschedule an item one more day and I make sure to get it done. If I can't, then I evaluate if the item is necessary to get done at this time. If not, I either reschedule it for a much later date or eliminate it all together.

Part of my daily plan......I put the most important things on the list first!!!

I make sure that I read my Bible, exercise, journal my food, drink water and blog (either writing or reading).

I also make sure that I plan my food out daily and stick to my menu. That way, if I "CHOOSE" to have a holiday treat, I can work it into my calories for the day!

Just because it's the holidays, does not mean that I have license to blow my health and fitness plan!

Also, the other important thing I need to do is get ~ REST!!!

No movie, TV show, book or whatever, is worth not getting my rest. Without it, I am not worth much the next day.

Sooo instead of being frustrated and stressed.....Get busy and sensibly plan your holiday festivities. You will be so happy you did!

Keep focused!!


  1. Great plan. I am a huge fan of lists and notebooks. They help me function so much better.

  2. I second that... great plan. Looks like you have your priorities in place too, I love that first things first you read your bible. :)

  3. ahhh it is REST THAT IS KEY.
    sometimes I get too sucked into reading and lolling I forget :)


  4. I am so looking forward to the holidays this year. Last year was odd as we were just moving past FIL's death and the first season without him. In planning how to help MIL, most of normal traditions got temporarily shuffled around and we missed them. So yes, I've planned and we are so excited to celebrate the season and truly embrace its meaning.

  5. I am with you on this post. No need to let it all go for the holidays. Your planning book will do just the trick to keep you focused. Have a great week! Michele