Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm focus!

Looking ahead for the day....I'm prayed up...I've got my food is ready, got the water bottles full, my attitude it in check and, today, I'm ready to make stuff happen!!!

This has been my attitude for the entire month of November. At the first of the month, I was logging in at 214 pounds tipping almost to 215 ~ Yikes!!

Focus, determination and just plain hard work is getting me closer to my goal. Today, I finally got back down to 208 pounds. I feel like I'm on my way again!
You know...if I work really hard and stay focused...I could almost be in "wonderland" by New Years!!!!Wouldn't that be awesome?

How about you ~ are you focused?

Just do it!!


  1. Good job!!! Are you patting yourself on the back? I hope you are.
    Fall is not easy. I think we are programmed to store fat for the winter. I keep telling my body that here, in CA, it really does not have to but... :)

  2. Keep at it Joy! I have Onederland in sight too. We WILL get there.!

  3. Focussed here too! :)
    180's here I come!

  4. You GO Girl!! There is no more fear in your voice. You know what you want and your going to go get it! :)