Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So much fun!!

My party was a blast!! We had a great crowd, great food, funny speeches, a beautiful facility, decorations and cake!! I had a wonderful and memorable time! My Daughter did a fantastic job with the planning of the party. It was a huge success!

Here we are. Isn't she beautiful?

As you can see, I still have a lot of weight to lose, but I felt great in my new outfit. Everything I wore is a stretch for me, but I think I pulled it off quite well!

Other highlights of the party....My guests brought me presents.....lots of them!! I got....

A Luxury plush blanket
A black cap
2 Jackets
2 Flannel Nightgowns
74 pairs of socks
10 tubes of toothpaste
Shave Cream
5 Toothbrushes
Plus $95.00

All for the Portland Rescue Mission!!

I can't wait to take everything to the mission. I am sure they will be Blessed!

On the weight loss front. Here it was my birthday and part of what I needed to do before my party was to go to the gym. Before I met with my trainer, I put in time on the treadmill, getting in a 5k (walking & running). Then my trainer came in and we did my whole weight routine, push ups and planks, in intervals of 45 seconds each, ending with 10 minutes on the Elliptical....Then I got to do it all over again. She kicked my butt!!! I reminded her that I was now 50 years old and I needed a break. She literally laughed at me and pushed me harder! Two hours later I left for my pedicure, which was wonderful!

I did my small plate thing during the dinner at my party and ate a small piece of pizza, a little bit of salad, one bread stick and two chips with dip. I did have a small piece of cake, but I did not eat it all. Wow who knew I could do such a thing, even on my Birthday?

I have to say that I've never been in a gym on my actual Birthday. I have to say, it was pretty cool. So glad I did it and very glad I kept my calories under control for the day. I actually lost .4 pounds the next day. Woo hoo!

Have you ever been in a gym on your Birthday?

Keep focused!

PS: I actually was able to down load the pictures from my new camera all by myself....Amazing since I can't even turn on my TV!! I'm a big girl now!


  1. That picture is STUNNING! I'd have that enlarged and framed in a New York minute! You look terrific and your are right, your daughter is gorgeous.

    Yeah, I've tried using the "now I'm 50" also and found it gets me nowhere! LOL! But I will tell you this...I'm now 56 and life just keeps getting better. Grab it and enjoy it for all its worth!

  2. That is a great picture. You should use it for your blog.

    I must admit special events like birthdays are the hardest for me. I think I should be able to indulge consequence free! Good for you for striking a difficult balance for the day.

  3. OH MY WORD! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!! and so does your daughter! That is such a great picture! I am glad your party was a success and that you collected so much for your charity. Sounds like you did have an awesome workout!

  4. I agree - YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! The first thing that struck me was "who is in the picture?" "it must be her daughterS"!! You look so much younger here than in your sig pic! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!