Saturday, November 19, 2011

What I Focus On...

I'm very visual, so if I can see it, then I can make it happen.

Example: When I was younger, I wanted to snow ski. I got everything I needed ~ Ski's, boots, poles, warm clothes and my lift ticket and I was ready to go. I looked like a million bucks, all decked out in my new duds! Without having a lesson, I went on the ski lift, not knowing that the area I was going to was for intermediate to advanced experts! Ah...that was so not me!! I had no business being up there because I was still struggling with the rope tow!

My friends that I went with skied before and they soon left me crashing and burning on the side of the mountain. I finally gave myself a break and tried to look pathetic enough for search and rescue to take me down the mountain. Unfortunately no one came to my rescue so I had to fend for myself.

After exhausting myself, I plunked myself into a snow bank and I began to watch the other skiers. From as far up as I could see them to as far down, I watched the movement of their body. I watched how they approached the moguls, how they bent their knees, used their poles, where they positioned everything.

Before long, I began to feel the "rhythm" of snow skiing. Once I got that into my head, I kid you not, I got up out of my snow bank, pointed my skis down hill and I was skiing!!! True story!!

So that's how I work!

Looking back I can see I've used this same technique in other areas of my life. Just never really thought about it. And unfortunately I kind of forgot about this, until recently, when I looked up one day and noticed my Focus Board!

I made this when I first started my weight loss and fitness journey. These were all of the things I wanted to add to my life. Some of the things I've never done before.

  • The athletic woman - That's how I see myself. Strong and fit!
  • The Dare to Dream - Is a reminder to me, that dreams can happen!
  • The picture of the bust and paintbrush - I so want to get my creative self back!
  • The words in the middle - Are just affirmations words about me!
  • The words about God - It says, "Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think about yourself." Romans 12:2
  • The butterflies - Well God spoke to me one day, using butterflies. This is my reminder of his promise to me!
  • The woman in the row boat - I still have the dream of rowing in the Senior Games (Olympics for old people) I'm of age now......
  • The women with the hat - It's about being a Woman of God!
  • The pen and the hand - I want to be a writer!
  • The woman on the ski - I so want to water ski again!
  • The word "Legacy" - I want to change my family tree and create a lasting legacy for my family....
  • The Sun - My mom always called me sunshine and to me the rays of the sun remind me how far I want to tough others. To the far reaches!!
Funny thing about this poster is, my Grand Daughter looks at it and says that the pictures of the women are me. She says, "That's you, Baboo!" (Her name for me!) She points to each one and says the same thing. So she's already seeing me there!!

I too see me there and some of these things are already happening! 

  • I am starting to see that athletic body!
  • I am dreaming!
  • I am getting my creative flair back!
  • God is transforming me!
  • God is keeping his promise!
  • I am a Woman of God!!
  • I can so see myself rowing!
  • I am writing!
  • I can see myself skiing!
  • I am building the legacy!!
  • And I am reaching other!!!!!
What I focus on is powerful!!! If you notice...nothing on the poster is looking back.....everything, shown, is pointing forward. Nothing negative.....ONLY POSITIVE!!

I'm on my way to making these things happen!!

How about you? What are you focused on?

Keep focused!!!!


  1. I love this post.
    I learned how to ski only 3 years ago. I think I need to sit on the side of the run and spend some time watching other skiers. :)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Joy.

  2. Hello. I popped over from Sharon's blog this evening and am glad I did. Your focus post is quite positive and something important to remember during the holidays -- a time when focus on taking care of ourselves often takes a backseat to holiday parties, family time, etc.

    I'm focused on remembering that the conduct I engage in today determines what my life will be tomorrow. It helps me make better choices.

  3. What you focus on is what you will move towards. great post Joy!

  4. Great post. Great focus board. And I love that your Grandbaby calls you Baboo :) too cute!!