Monday, May 14, 2012

I DID IT!!!!!!

It was the most beautiful day you could ever ask for!! Cool, bright, crisp, sun shiny Oregon day. I was rested, fueled and excited!! It was amazing, I did not have jitters. I was simply on a mission to get this done. At first, I tried to make friends with someone and try to pace with them....but I finally came to my senses and decided that I needed to make this journey on my own.

The gun went off and thousands of us ladies hit the pavement.

It was so fun, even with the large crowd I was able to spot my Hubby and he gave me the biggest smile and thumbs up as I passed by. So encouraging!!

I did not have the first mile aches and pains, which I was so grateful. You see, I struggled with foot pain since my last 10 miles run, the Sunday before the race. My plan of action, was to take it easy the week before the 1/2 Marathon. Ice and Ibuprofen. stretching, and rest was what I did. This plan worked, because my feet did not hurt me at all during the race!!

Around the 5th mile, my Hubby caught up with me and was waiting on his bike. It was so fun to see him and I loved his encouragement to keep going. Tears were flowing for sure!!

I ran for 11 miles before I had to walk. I really, really, really wanted to run the whole thing without stopping, but I was experiencing some leg pain and frankly I was fatigued! I walk~ran for about a mile and when we got to the Luna Bar station I got a little fuel and that help me so I could run into the finish.

I have to tell you. on that 11th mile, it took a lot of praying and thinking about Margene at Believing It's Possible, to get this race done. I was praying to the Lord, but also saying to myself. If Margene can do hard things.....SO CAN I!! 

That's what got this done!!!

Anyway as I ran into the finish I saw my sweet Daughter, her Hubby and my two grand baby girls, and then I spotted my Hubby and my son. What a wonderful sweet sight to see!!!

So I did it! I don't have the official time yet, but I did it in 3 1/2 hrs. It's a slow pace.....But I got it done!!!! It was just an amazing thing to do. I am proud of myself for setting a goal and really reaching for it!! So much fun!!

Thanks for all of your well wishes and prayers. Believe me, I could feel the power!!

How about you...Have you pushed yourself lately?

Keep focused!!


  1. Oh my gosh! This post made me cry!!! I'm SOOOO proud and happy for you! I wish I could have been there. You did amazing. And to see your family at the end was probably so euphoric. You pushed through all your obstacles and did it. You truly are a force to be reckoned with. I was thinking about you all day Saturday!!:)

    I love your number bib! That is the year my hubs and I got married. A very cool number, indeed!

    Much love... Cheers from Utah for you girl!!

  2. SOO Amazing!!! I thought about you this weekend, knowing you were running, and sending you good vibes. You are truly inspirational!! Congrats!

  3. Congrats!! :) You inspire me!

  4. Good for you!! You know what they call the person that graduates last from medical school? Doctor.

    It doesn't matter when you finish. It matters THAT you finish. You did.

    I am so proud of you I am crying right now and can hardly see to type.

  5. love this! Great job Joy! You have come soooo far!

  6. WOOHOOO!!!! Way to go!!!!! I knew you could do it!

  7. Well done.
    For a bit of light relief, you might enjoy this Cartoon

  8. Congratulations! Such an awesome accomplishment.

  9. congratulations!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! So very proud and happy for you. BTW-welcome to the half club!!!!

  10. Congratulations. You are proving to yourself and the world you are an athlete.

    Hope you have a quick recovery. I'm impressed by the way you are learning to look after your body too.


  11. I am so proud of you! Talk about a great race!
    So when do you start training for a full marathon? This is a very serious question.

    Congrats! Pat yourself on the back.

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