Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Workin' it!

Are you working hard? Are you doing everything you know to do for your health? Are you putting you first? Are you seeing results on the scale?

For me....Yes! Yes! Yes! ~ Ah.......NO!!!

Many of you are probably in the same boat as me. I working my plan hard, I'm eating right, exercising, keeping my head in the game. But that ole scale is not moving. In fact, I'm up a couple of pounds.

Great extra pounds for all my efforts.....

But you know what? I'm not discouraged. Even though...that scale does not reflect my efforts are showing on my body. Every day someone asks me if I've lost more weight. My clothes feel different. I feel great!!

So even though the scale does not say it....

Keep up the great work!!

Stay focused!!!


  1. I've found with marathon and half-marathon training my body responds (usually) by gaining weight once my mileage hits a certain amount. You may be one of those people too. And maybe not, this could all be a fluke. Either way, you're doing great!

  2. Dear Joy I've been reading a lot lately about people who are doing everything right. Counting their calories,making sure their fat intake is right and doing lots of exercise but not seeing the reward of weight loss you would expect. I am not one to advocate people change their diet plan but I really think you should look into the evidence around limiting grains, especially wheat. The science is blowing my mind and it's not new just under the radar.

    Two places which could start you off are and It's worth the study and then you can make up your own mind.

    I'm finding my weight loss has slowed to a temporary stall so I'm having to be more mindful of what I am doing at the moment.

    You are a good example for me.


  3. And the good news about this is that for those of us who have been at this for a long time, we know that once the scale starts moving again, it'll move pretty quickly! At least for awhile! Hang in there!

  4. We all have up and down weeks. The key is not to get discouraged. Some of the scale problems can be water retention or just growing muscles.