Monday, May 28, 2012

OK ~ Enough is Enough!'s been over a week since my last 1/2 Marathon...Have to say, I've spent this entire week....healing and....feeling sorry for myself!

Doing two 1/2 a week was, should I say...a little hard on my body! OK a lot hard on my body!  I think most things on my body hurt and if hair could hurt, then mine did!

My knee was the most troublesome part. It was just achy and sometimes even had some pretty good pain. Then my feet and calves just hummed with pain....if that's ever happened to you, you know what I mean. Just a constant reminder all week of the punishment I caused myself.

The feeling sorry for me part was.....I am just disappointed once again, that I'm dealing with injuries. I know most athletes experience injuries, but I'm feeling that I've had more than my fair share! I'm tired of it!

Even though my legs were definitely hurting and sore last week, I still went to the gym and did what I could do. Monday it was rowing and upper body weights. (Don't know why rowing did not hurt my knee, just glad I could do something) I did a couple of days of walking....2.4 speed on my treadmill, slow...but at least I did it. Water aerobics one night and and another day of upper body weights. All week long I did my stretches and iced my pains.

Finally today, I feel back to normal and I will start my training again tomorrow. The other thing is I've readjusted my attitude and I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I'm feeling strong and ready to go!!

How to you handle injuries?

Keep focused!!


  1. Injuries suck, for sure. But what a great workout schedule you created while you were healing! Good for you!
    Have you tried Epsom salts? I think they are great for achy muscles. Nice warm bath and the salts - ahh!
    Also, there is this stuff called BioFreeze that is supposed to be amazing (recommended by my trainer). I'm having shoulder issues myself, and she told me to use that. Haven't been able to find it yet.... Rub it into sore muscles - supposed to be great.
    :-) As always - inspiring!

  2. aww.. Sorry about your aches and pains. They will go away soon enough.

  3. Two half marathons in one week?!?!?! Isn't that pretty much like doing a whole marathon??? I think you owe your body some rest and recovery time.

    Don't be too hard on yourself. You've come such a long way.

  4. Joy, I am sending healing vibes your way. Make sure you recover well before you push it again. I've been guilty of not following my advice and paid dearly for it. I am still paying...