Friday, May 18, 2012

What are you thinking?

All week long my mind has been other places. I'm thinking about things that are on the dark side. Bad things....things I should not be thinking about Like......

  • Candy
  • Bread
  • Being lazy
  • Fast food
  • Yes stay up late
  • Sleep in
  • Waste your day

It's like I have a very large mouth screaming at me in one ear about all of the bad things I want to do and in the other ear, I have this faint little voice saying......

  • You should be stretching
  • You should be eating more veggies and fruit
  • You should drink your water
  • You should push yourself
  • You should get to the gym
  • You should run an extra mile
  • You should!!!!

Where should my mind be?

Well I'm training for another 1/2 Marathon ~ it's June 9th....My mind should be focused on that. I should be preparing my mind and body for this event. Not straying off and wandering around the dark side.


Obviously I'm off track.

So today...I am focused on my goal...Because I AM AN ATHLETE!!!

How about you...What are you thinking?

Keep focused!!


  1. Candy and carbs are on my mind lately too and I'm battling it. It doesn't always win but I'm giving it a good run for its money.

    Good luck to the both of us to stay focused. Have a WONDERFUL weekend.

  2. Hi Joy!

    I think this post just proves that you are HUMAN.

    Yes, we have thought of you as SUPER HUMAN AMAZING ROCKSTAR JOY -- and you ARE, but like all of us, you get tempted too.

    Even our Jesus Christ got tempted.

    So... it's what we do with that.

    Those items you listed... how will it make you feel and where will it bring you? You know it won't make you feel good so it's about how to push them out of your mind. (not always easy)

    PERSISTENCE is key!! You got this girl! You've ALREADY kicked butt and you will continue to. You can do HARD THINGS!!! :)

    You are an athlete!!

    Love ya,

  3. I know that feeling. It's hard to "forget" everything that I used to enjoy, however unhealthy it was. I just take it day by day really.

  4. You ARE an athlete! And even athletes have "off thinking" sometimes! We are human! Maybe being kind to yourself - yes, pushing for some of those "shoulds" on your list, but maybe getting extra rest should be in there too - it could be your body really needing it! :-) You rock!

  5. hugs! Great thing can pop back on whenever you want..sometimes we get tired...then we get back on track. It doesn't change who you truly athlete.

  6. I hate those battles that go on in my brain like that. :) Stay focused on the prize. You will win this battle!

  7. Lately I have thought about how this journey is for life. My life. I can not go off e wagon or cheat like I could in the past.

  8. I am thinking of how to ignore my Achilles tendon issues.

    Now you need to crank up your little voice's some. I mean it. Stand in front of the mirror and yell that you are an athlete, that you are strong, that you will beat any negative monsters in your head and then just go out the door and run.
    C'mon girl, move your butt. You have a half marathon to train for!!! Move it!!!
    Love'ya. :)