Tuesday, June 5, 2012

4 Days and Counting........

Just 4 more days to my next 1/2 Marathon.....

Can't believe it's here already! Can't say I'm as prepared as my first one. That first 1/2 Marathon was  a dream for me. I was totally ready, physically & mentally! I had tons of support. I was fueled and rested and the weather was perfect! Could not have been better!!!

This one....not so much! Physically, I'm still recovering from a sore knee. Probably not smart running two 1/2 Marathons in a weeks time. Thankfully it's been 3 weeks from the last race and I've rested, stretched and iced this thing a lot. So it's better! I was able to run 6 miles last Sunday with no problems, but it was not the mileage I had hoped to get in. I did not really want to push it! Mentally....I'm working on this.....Seems the momentum is building and I'm starting to get excited! Support...still got that for which I am thankful. But the weather....supposed to rain. That really dampens my spirits. Pun intended :-P

After this event....It's time to refocus and set some new goals.....

  • 5k Run on 4th of July. Want to beat my 44 minute time!
  • Get back to regular weight lifting and cardio
  • Bike to work 2 days per week (18 miles round trip)
  • Row classes in September
  • Train for 1/2 Marathon in October
Just some things to do to keep me out of trouble!

Hope you are doing well!! Are you focused!?!?!?!?!


  1. Good luck on the next half marathon. Do you have a 13.2 (or whatever that number is) sticker on your car????

  2. You do well at keeping out of trouble. *smiles*

    All the best for your next half marathon ... in case I forget to come back closer to the run.


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